90% Of Illegal Aliens Will Be Legalized

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Most Undocumented Immigrants Will Stay Under Obama’s New Policies, Report Says – The New York Times: 90% are expected to be totally legalized thanks to our government thinking that a flood of illegal workers/welfare seekers are good for America’s lower and middle class.  All the Israel-First politicians which is 90% of our political leaders, also believe that closed borders and very strict controls on natives locking them into brutal ghettos…Gaza has again lost all electricity and can’t do a thing about this…is a wonderful thing.  But not for American citizens.



The demonizing of Trump roars onwards and until the McCain flap, Trump was double the other candidates thanks entirely to his position on illegal aliens.  Under the Republican President, Reagan, illegals were legalized in 1986.   I remember that event.  We were all promised our borders would be rigorously patrolled.  Then we had all these stupid wars, mainly with Muslims but also Eastern Europeans, South and Central Americans, etc. and boom.  Our borders were NOT patrolled.


It is ten times worse now and our borders remain far less protected than Israel’s borders.  We are told there is little money and personnel for this job meanwhile we increase troops all over the planet and the useless Pentagon that can’t protect us just like they stood down on 9/11 and did nothing, is sent on wild goose chases.


1.7million more children live in poverty today than during the 2008 recession and this is directly tied to the flood of illegal aliens.  American children who  have lower class families are seeing wages stagnate or vanish thanks to free trade and a flood of aliens stealing jobs.  22% of our children live with broken families and no hope of jobs now or in the future.  The majority of these children are black and Hispanic.

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The vast majority of aliens whose children end up in poverty live in hot places not cold except for NY and other states with large cities where huge swaths are rendered into slums.  The upper Midwest which is despised by many liberals as being too white and too conservative also happens to be the best off states. Let’s look at Chicago:  Curious City: Why half of Chicago’s white kids don’t go to CPS and why it matters | WBEZ 91.5 Chicago

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Look at how the ‘white’ students nearly totally vanished and Hispanic students are replacing them rapidly.  The number of black students is falling, too.

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Each former industrial/business giant city is being reconfigured and not in a good way.  This, again, is due to global trade deals made by the Bilderberg gang who don’t care if things go downhill otherwise they would be anxious about the Greeks, for example, instead of scalping them. This is why they don’t care about the mountain of debt they have dumped on US citizens nor the gigantic trade deficit.  Water off a duck’s back for them!  Makes them all a lot richer.


Head of national children’s leukemia charity paid himself over $1m a year | Daily Mail Online


The New York Attorney General’s office won a court order to shut down the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation. According to court documents, founder Zvi ‘Steve’ Shor pocketed up to $1million a year while only 1 per cent of donations went to kids with cancer.


The organization collected $13million between April 2009 and March 2013, but most of the money was spent on fundraisers. Shor has denied the allegations, saying: ‘We expect to be vindicated in court when the full story is explained’


A Jewish con artist at work.  A HUGE number of ‘charities’ supposedly helping poor children are scams.  Finally, I got this from Russian news:  Sydney ‘Reclaim Australia’ rally: ‘Spartans’ among protesters, ends in scuffles & arrests — RT News.  Anti-immigration Aussies clash with open border leftists.


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18 responses to “90% Of Illegal Aliens Will Be Legalized

  1. aashild

    Oh my.. i have seen many shocking things on youtube, but this was awful. A black gangsta woman attacking a young mother with a baby in her lap. What the hell is wrong with these people? Disgusting.

  2. vengeur

    If it were the other way around, HEADLINES across our fine nation. LOL

  3. vengeur

    Elaine hit HOME RUNS with her posts every day. Today was another factual, hard hitting post. Thank You Elaine!

  4. Lou

    You went from fan to ‘impeach’.

    Fundamentally ruin USA.
    Hope n Change.

  5. emsnews

    As if the Bushes were even slightly different.

  6. Floridasandy

    Are u still defending unions? Trump is trying to get people to focus on border security-LONG overdue- and the border patrol union backed out. I am sure that our fuhrer put pressure on them, but it is still wimpy. Do they want to address the problem or not?

    Trump is looking better to me every day, especially with the huge media pile on. 🙂 Loving that!

  7. Floridasandy

    I usually don’t watch those awful videos, but did watch the first post. Their parents should be forced to watch them terrorize a small child and administer swift justice to those little monsters. They have no humanity and zero empathy, but maybe they could learn to feel sorry for themselves after their punishment.

    If their parents don’t fix this, it won’t get fixed.

  8. ziff

    OT check this out, i did and confirmed larry wells died twice.

  9. Petruchio

    The Gates Foundation is another giant scam. The “charity” gives ONLY the absolute minimum it needs to in order to retain its tax-exempt status. Of course the Gates Foundation has HUGE amounts of money well above this minimum on its balance sheet. No criticism from the media of course.

  10. Petruchio

    “Most Undocumented Immigrants Will Stay Under Obama’s New Policies, Report Says – The New York Times: 90% are expected to be totally legalized thanks to our government thinking that a flood of illegal workers/welfare seekers are good for America’s lower and middle class.” No they don’t. The elites know FULL WELL how damaging this open border policy is to workers and wage growth. It is EXACTLY why they do it.

  11. Lou

    Petruchio, what Gates to me is Gates racism or bias.
    Who gets the charity money? Africa and Blacks in USA.

    The Gates Millennium Scholars
    The Gates Millennium Scholars
    Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, offers scholarships to students of diverse backgrounds.

  12. emsnews

    Correct. Both GOP and DNC allowed this flood to happen before 9/11 and then after claiming they would stop it after 9/11…IT GOT WORSE.

    Will the public figure this out?

  13. Lou

    Diverse = Anti White.
    Plus the H1N1? Visas.

  14. ziff

    check out the larry wells thing very remarkable doppelganger i think

  15. Floridasandy

    The public has figured it all out. We are just waiting for a truth teller to lead us back from the abyss, and it the usual assortment of liars we have had to put up with.

    I can’t believe that MSM says this country is safer with all the illegal immigration! Are we to believe them or our own lying eyes?

    Unless the Baltimore woman is a psyche case (don’t know).- she is probably disgusted with leaders who promise to protect and serve for their paycheck, and instead ENCOURAGE looting in the big cities. We should all be taking off our shoes to throw at our politicians.

    I am encouraged by the increasing public interest in politics and what is going on in the best country in the world.

  16. Petruchio

    @#12 Elaine: The public should have figured it out immediately after 9 11, when the ONLY people who were allowed to fly were members of Osama bin Ladens family. The government said this was because, of “safety” concerns about retaliation on the bin Laden family members. Are you serious??!! This is a government whose President proudly proclaims he is “good at” forming hit lists for his drones. I believe the flying restriction was for three days. The whole freakin’ country’s travel needs take a back seat to some rich, America hating Saudis! Unbelievable.

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