Hulk Hogan, Silvan Shalom: One Is Eliminated Because ‘Race Joke’ In Private, The Other Isn’t For Public ‘Race Joke’

Hulk Hogan’s sudden elimination from the WWE information base due to him using the word ‘nigger’ PRIVATELY has opened several cans of worms.  One is, the man eliminating him for using that evil word happened to have done this himself, in PUBLIC no less and hasn’t been punished for this.  The second is, even as American citizens are punished severely for ‘racism’ Jews are exempt and even obvious racist actions by Israeli ambassadors to DC are allowed to make racist jokes about our President and nothing happens to them, either.



Last month while I was in the hospital and not reading the news, we  have this story being resurrected by a black editorialist:  How Israel may be damaging the alliance between blacks and Jews – Colbert I. King at The Washington Post:


“Do u know what Obama Coffee is? Black and weak.”


— A June 21 tweet by Judy Mozes, wife of Israeli interior minister and vice prime minister Silvan Shalom.


Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes, a well-known Israeli radio and television personality, deleted the tweet and later apologized after drawing criticism for what she called a “stupid joke.”…


After briefly mentioning other racist remarks aimed at Obama by Israel’s foreign ministers to the US, King writes:


It has come to this: racially charged affronts to the president of the United States from, of all places, Israel…There is a larger concern. While the jury is still out, the argument over the Iran deal could well stress the long-standing and largely fruitful political alliance between blacks and Jews in this country.


The only reason Jewish lawyers, writers and Hollywood people supported and worked hard for civil rights was…Jews WERE very heavily discriminated against in a number of ways and they wanted, rightfully, for civil rights just like I desperately wanted this, too.  I was discriminated against due to being a female.  I celebrated the passage of the Civil Rights Act by filing a lawsuit against my school system for sexual discrimination.  My lawyer was the head of the Tucson ACLU and my next door neighbor who I baby sat for.


We won!  I was denied the right to take classes like auto shop, just for example.  There were a number of courses and actions I was denied due to my sex.  So…women who wanted equal rights worked alongside black leaders and Jewish big shots to pass the Civil Rights Act.


But I recognized from day one, my support was due to my status as a subhuman.  I wanted these rights for myself, first of all.  It was my honest position from day one.  I was happy everyone else also got more rights, one other group that got some rights at last were the disabled!  And they had to fight just as hard AFTER the act passed, like myself, via the courts, because the discrimination didn’t disappear immediately, each change had to happen after a lot of hard struggles.


The alliance between Jews and blacks was cynical…for the Jews.  I had a father-in-law who discriminated against me for being a non-Jew within the marriage and didn’t recognize me as a family member except the last week of his life as he lay dying.  He also hated blacks.  But would try to hide this when around black people but at home, talking Yiddish, he was, like many Jews in Israel today, openly racist.


All this takes me to this story.  Hulk Hogan’s daughter defends father after he was fired by WWE for racist rant | Daily Mail:


She urged fans to go easy on the pro wrestler and forgive him for his remarks
He admitted making a string of racist jibes on a sex tape filmed in 2012
At one point he says: ‘I’d rather if she was going to f**k some n****r, I’d rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n****r worth a hundred million dollars’
His lawyer says he will ‘bury’ website Gawker if it leaked the transcript


Black people openly call each other ‘nigger’ all the time now.  It is ‘hip’.  They love using this word while screaming murder if anyone does the same.  I have called this business to be a form of black racism for they are baiting everyone to say ‘nigger’ and this is why I don’t censor myself when writing this word since black leaders in their culture love using it so openly.  They resurrected this word and have to take responsibility for it being used by anyone and no one can be condemned for using this word since it is OK to use it if you are a black person being insulting to each other!


Hulk Hogen, talking privately, even approves of his daughter getting married to a black male so long as he has money.  Which no racist would ever say about their own daughter, obviously.  It gets worse.


WWE boss Vince McMahon who fired Hulk Hogan for racist tirade once used N-word |▶ Vince McMahon Says Nigga In Front Of Booker-T,Cena – YouTube

So, the man who is persecuting Hulk Hogan for saying in private what HE has said in public…is he being erased?  No, or maybe he will be erased by the corporation that will fire him.  If so, at least they will be consistent.  I wonder if this news will appear in the US media?  Time will tell.


ESPN cuts Colin Cowherd for comments about Dominican MLB players because he said the Dominican Republic isn’t known for its production of highly educated people, just baseball players.  So even a remark this oblique means annihilation?  Things are getting out of hand, obviously.  But also backfiring.  Coling Cowherd is now being hired by FOX TV which is owned by some very rich ahem…Jewish guys.


The deluge of hate piled by liberals on Trump is also backfiring:  Donald Trump has higher approval numbers among vets than John McCain | Daily Mail Online


Donald Trump’s lead among GOP primary voters continues to grow, according to a poll from YouGov and The Economist
Trump leads the Republican field with support from 28 per cent, double the number posted by second-place finisher Jeb Bush
Veterans are divided on the feud between Trump or Vietnam War POW and Arizona senator John McCain, with Trump earning more of their approval
But Republicans seem to be enthusiastic about Trump to spite themselves: they see Bush as the ‘most likely’ presidential nominee


The reason GOP voters think Bush will be the candidate isn’t due to supporting him at all, it is cynicism.  They know the Bush/Clinton Bilderberg gang have a death grip on our election system due to very, very rich lobbyists who are bankers, gambling kings, Hollywood giants, free trade gangsters, etc all love the Bush/Clinton gang and are pouring money into the coffers of these two nasty families.


And this is greatly resented.  I notice Democrats are lukewarm towards Hillary, too.  Indeed, enthusiasm for her is dropping, not rising.  The same goes for the latest Bush candidate.  Will money win in the end again?  We shall see.  Will the US public revolt?  That would amaze me but this signals the end of the US as a nation as our federation folds under debt burdens we cannot afford exactly like Europe will fold, too.


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11 responses to “Hulk Hogan, Silvan Shalom: One Is Eliminated Because ‘Race Joke’ In Private, The Other Isn’t For Public ‘Race Joke’

  1. mike

    translate the newly passed and secret ballot passport control laws voted on by senate and house this week in relation to 2016 and its 20 percent health insurance cost rise in compound addition to 2015 and its 20 percent rise and 2014 and its 16 percent rise and 2014 and its 12 percent rise and 2012 and its 8 percent rise……..thinking of compound costs in opposition to compounding interest making people rich…..and that these law the lawmakers exempted themselves from and now unescapeable for those trying to prevent their bankruptcy from health care insurance that will stop them from having cash enough to afford the ever increasing in quality foreign health care procedures and services………..

  2. mike

    compound cost make people poor…………

  3. mike

    in a world where the hills of the hillbillies are now owned by the toadies of revenuers, i ask for translation from a proponent of bullets in the back of fleeing people, and with inquiry perhaps even to those with the nerve to flee fascism..? perhaps it is i, to far out in the woods…..

  4. mike

    and i assume you to be very mainstream politic…………………..

  5. mike

    see google lew rockwell…yesterday the us war on your passport…

  6. Seraphim

    Jews are intrinsically racist. They cannot hide it, however hard they try.

  7. Petruchio

    Of course, the US Oligarchs couldn’t care less if the voters like Jeb Bush or that hideous sociopath, Hillary Clinton; those two puppets WILL be the candidates. And if the voters don’t bother to vote, the elites still win. Change is going to happen ONLY when the voters , starting at the grassroots level, DEMAND change. It will be a tough battle. The criminals running the US government are making ALOT of money and they won’t give up their wealth sources easily.

  8. Lou

    SCM site,

    There is a saying that goes ‘you learn something new every day,’ and I have just learned that the Jewish state of Israel has erected a memorial to the Red Army in Netanya.

    The reasoning for the memorial they say, is to thank the Red Army for ‘putting an end to the holocaust.’ So they erect a monument in honour of the most brutal, barbaric and murderous army known to man, and use the argument that it is to thank them for stopping the ‘holocaust.’

    The Red Army, led by the Jew Leon Trotsky (Bronstein) from 1917, and later becoming a murderous tool of Stalin, is responsible for the deaths innumerable millions. They persecuted and massacred ethnic Russians and Christians in Russia, they murdered political opponents and the intelligentsia. They slaughtered the peasantry.

    They orchestrated the genocide of millions of ethnic Ukranians through forced famine in what came to be known as the Holodomor. They brutally murdered and mass raped millions of German women and children after the Jewish Communist Ilya Ehrenberg instructed them to do as they rampaged across Germany at the end of WW2.

    The Red Army already had the blood of millions upon its hands before WW2 even started, it was a well known fact. However the allies sided with this brutal regime knowing what a threat it posed to Europe at the time and having had numerous opportunities to make peace with Germany and oppose the Red menace. The reason this didn’t happen is because Jewish influence in Britain and America saw to it that war with Germany happened.
    The Israeli government who erected this memorial also knew of the crimes of the Red Army. Yet they proceeded to eetc.

  9. Seraphim

    Those who massacred millions of Russians were not so much the army, but the Cheka/GPU/NKVD, teaming with Jews also, of course.

  10. wellwell

    What you have to understand is that Jews get a pass because they are responsible for everything intelligent and good in the world. For example, here is an article written by a Jew in The New Yorker showing that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s genius was because he was acquainted with a Jewess later in life, and because he occasionally ate Jewish food:

    You see, the Jews are splendidly isolated in this world, and many many articles by Jewish writers prove this, you ignorant goyim.

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