French Farmers Set Fires On Highways To Stop Eastern European Farm Goods That No Longer Go To Russia

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Ouest-France on Twitter: “Crise des #eleveurs Barrages aux frontières allemandes et espagnoles”: farmers set fire on highways and stop truck traffic to prevent farm goods from mainly northern and eastern Europe to enter France.  They are protesting EU open border policies.  Their farms are no longer making a profit thanks to the open borders plus the EU attack on Russia leading o the boycotts means many things must flow to western Europe.  The EU is a confederation of many states that have a long history of hating each other.  It will collapse in the end.



All my life I have been against free trade.  I am a protectionist.  Big time.  Way back under Clinton when he opened the Free Trade doors, the value of my very valuable exotic sheep fell swiftly from $250 a head to $50 a head in just one year as the EU and United Kingdom states like Australia poured sheep goods into the US.  My mountain and the surrounding areas are excellent for sheep raising.  This utterly collapsed, I belonged to this huge sheep cooperative back then.


We had fairs, sales, parades, dinners, meetings, etc.  We all opposed the free trade acts.  Our politicians stabbed us in the back.  Much of the grazing lands including my own are now reverting back to forest because all the sheep are now long gone and this is a tragedy.  Please remember that this new regime of shipping sheep all over the planet while spewing CO2 was instituted by the exact same Bilderberg gangsters who are now screaming that consuming CO2 is evil.


Stuff moves all over the planet in planes and ships spewing CO2 like crazy.  I don’t hear a peep from the global warmists about stopping this except at the far end of the ‘green’ spectrum who are against this business.  But they have no say in world affairs, they are just useful fools to be used as a tool to tax everyone.  Now on to our ‘ally’ Japan.  Japan to propose 70,000-ton tariff-free import quota for U.S. rice: Japan exports over 30,000 tons to the US.


Making even the smallest deals with Japan hits brick walls since Japan only wants to export to the US, not let in even a tiny stream of imports.  This has run on endlessly for decades now and it is destroying Japan within and sucking the US dry, piling on unmanageable trade deficit debts.


Trade Liberalization and Rice Farming in Japan and Heilongjiang China(FFTC Agricultural Policy Articles): back in 2,000 the rulers of Japan decreed that 45% of all food consumed in Japan must come from Japan. Then Fukushima shattered a major farming district and the tsunami destroyed many coastal farms, too.  So it remains below 40%.  Japanese farmers are literally dying off.  What hasn’t been fatally polluted to death is falling back into nature like the farms where I live.


IMF warns Japan must avoid over-reliance on weak yen ‹ Japan Today:  The average American loves the strong dollar because foreign goods are cheaper.  But this is a deal that breaks the camel’s back.  This is very bad for the US as a nation but then we are not a nation anymore than the EU is a functional state.


The global lender also warned that while inflation is seen accelerating to about 1.5% over the medium term, hitting the Bank of Japan’s 2% target remained “challenging.”


The BOJ must stand ready to expand stimulus to meet its target, though further easing without bolder structural reforms and a credible fiscal strategy could lead to over-reliance on yen depreciation to reflate the economy, it said.


“Abenomics needs to be reloaded so that policy shortcomings do not become a drag on growth and inflation,” the IMF said in a statement after Article 4 consultations with Japan.


Every year the IMF says this and Japan ignores this.  Instead, with US leader’s blessings, we are rearming Japan who has now set out to infuriate all its neighbors who it invaded during WWII.  This has a very bad ending.


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2 responses to “French Farmers Set Fires On Highways To Stop Eastern European Farm Goods That No Longer Go To Russia

  1. Old Pueblo friend, Melissa

    In SW France, 8 wheelers full of Spanish milk were drained onto the tarmac, plus chicken parcels and other items were piled up. Hate to see it, such waste! However, French farmers feel they are the losers in Europe, and they are probably right. They have a lot of regulations on 40 hectare and larger farms. There are subsidies, but they are ridiculous and force farmers to chase growing and raising things that might give them a tiny profit for a while.

    Remember the votes on Maastricht and Schengen were nearly 50 – 50 in France, pitting the rural community against the urban? Urban France thought it was well set up to benefit from larger Europe. Some of it has benefited. Rural France knew they would be undercut, and they have been. They were undercut by competitors but they also had to pay lots of French social charges, to help pay for European improvements, to pay to bring themselves up to new European norms and rules. It costs a lot to live in the country, as you know. You need cars, gas, your choices are all far from you. Not like in the cities.

    I feel squeamish when winners of a 51% to 49% vote proclaim they have a mandate to go forward with zeal. For me, such a vote shows confrontation, not a mandate. These French farmers have been let down. I feel pretty supportive of them.

    Not long ago, the French government mounted 8 and more cameras on overpasses, positioned so that they could take pictures of license plates of large trucks. Hauliers revolted, and they got plenty of support from anyone who saw them along the highways. They won. The cameras are still there, but unused. They look like European Big Brother. On the road, it feels like a victory!

  2. Floridasandy

    it’s always interesting to see what is happening in other countries, and how often it predicts future problems here in America. federal tax collection is a mess because bad presidents can divert money on their own whims. Look at all the money Baltimore got and wasted in the no shovel ready jobs stimulus. We certainly have American big brother here now, with media participation. The list of things we can’t say, can’t eat, can’t have, and can’t fly seems to be growing, although I am seeing a little bit of “jam it” coming back on it now– which Is encouraging. We can only have local victories with this now, but it is something.

    Good point about close votes being confrontation, not mandates!

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