Back To The Hospital

I believe I have an autoimmune disease.  The pain is incredibly bad now.  Even pain medicines no longer stop the raging pain.  I got in an argument with doctors yesterday about this and was sent home but today it is obvious now the only place I can get treatment is in a hospital because of the pain.  Now we just have to figure out which of the literally 100 different autoimmune diseases there are, match my symptoms.


Will update everyone when possible!  Thanks for all the previous encouragement from everyone.  I really appreciated it greatly.


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36 responses to “Back To The Hospital

  1. Xerxes

    Good luck! positive vibes ….

  2. Sunger

    elaine- check the tick-borne illnesses. These things are literally exploding along the east coast and the symptoms can dodge and weave and mask themselves by the day.

  3. Maddie's Mom


    Best wishes for a speedy diagnosis and treatment.

    Whatever it is, kick it to the curb! 🙂

  4. Petruchio

    Elaine: I will be thinking of you and sincerely hoping for your speedy recovery. Petruchio out.

  5. Old Pueblo friend, Melissa

    Be well, Elaine. I hope you will soon find out what the problem is. I have an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s, that is easy to deal with, taking a pill a day. It took a while to discover that I even had something wrong with me, as I myself didn’t see any pattern to the symptoms I showed.

    If you look at this thread and you can watch this film, please do. You will enjoy it, I know. Hal makes comments a few times and so does his friend and Sub Genius partner, Ivan Stang. It’s a film about Jack Chick and his tracts, and is really watchable. Maybe you have already seen it, I don’t know.—The-Comic-Crusade-of-Jack-Chick


    ELAINE: Dear soul sister: I have an autoimmune disease. Possibly triggered by exposure to poison ivy. Thanks for the video link.

    Get well soon, Elaine!

  6. Shawntoh

    Elaine, I hope it goes well dealing with the doctors/hospitals and you receive a good healing ASAP.

    I’d like to encourage all of the Reiki practitioners who are readers of this blog who do Reiki long distance healing to send lots of healing energy to Elaine at this time until she recovers.

    If you know a Reiki practitioner, please find a way to get them to send healing energy to Elaine.

    If you believe in the power of prayer then please put Elaine in your prayers at this time. If you don’t believe, fine, just focus on the positive and wish for Elaine in your thoughts and feelings to have a complete recovery ASAP.

    Every little bit helps and we can do this for Elaine, please!

    Thank you and–


  7. melponeme_k

    Stay Well Elaine!

  8. JimmyJ

    Hope you can get to the bottom of this quickly, Elaine.

    A friend had diverticulitis bad enough and long enough it eventually created a fistula with his bladder and fecal matter could be detected in his urine. All the while Drs ignored what he was telling them and didn’t test properly until it was obvious by urine clouding and odor. By that time he had to have an ostomy. This in the so-called nirvana of BC Canada’s optimal health system.

    Keep yelling till they solve it!

  9. Rob

    What goes on in the gut can cause this too. Stop the wheat and dairy, a short fast, and try Paleo (whole fruits, vegs, and fish or grass-fed meat for protein. But with all your outdoor activity, Lyme disease is my guess too.
    Get well soon!

  10. ems

    I doubt it is wheat. The problem may be ‘Round up ready’. I stopped wheat for 2 years. That didnt solve my problems.

  11. bill child

    my prayers are with you

  12. bill child

    and the doctors are bright enough to find the cause bless

  13. Vitali

    Get well soon, wish you all the best.

  14. ziff

    lets see what science says,,

  15. e sutton

    Don’t worry about the mixed up, crazy world. We’ll keep a watch on it for ya! 😀 HAH! As if we could top you! Anyways, pay attention to your instincts, they’ve served you well. We’ll be sending all the positive energy on Earth your way. Get yourself well, dammit!!!!!!!! Don’t be comin’ round here unless you’re in the pink!!!! Love ya!!!

  16. Gurrker

    I join in wishing you a speedy recovery from pain and illness! Take care of yourself and I hope to see your return to good health happen quickly. Until then you will be in my thoughts and I will greatly miss your insights and comments regarding the world we all share.

  17. Christian W

    Get well soon Elaine and take good care!

  18. dick

    A couple of suggestions:
    Put as much info up as you can…lots of people know lots of things…might be able to help…cross post to other sites, etc. Let all the readers sho have benefitted from your efforts return the favor.

    You may have heard of rick simpson oil…if not, chdck it out. A supply can be arranged to be sent to you.

    Finally, see 8f you can get the medical hacks to give you an iv of vitamin c….10 grams or more slow drip.

    Finally, stay tue f7ck away from vaccinations and other medico offerings

  19. charlottemom

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!

  20. Floridasandy

    Hope you feel better soon’

  21. Jim R

    Here’s hoping for the best — I don’t have any folksy medical advice that hasn’t already been mentioned … vitamin C, sprouts, &c.

    I hope you can round up some good doctors who will quickly figure out what it is, and correct it. ❤

  22. nclaughlin

    This is disturbing. Something is making me feel you have been victimized by who knows. Hope I am wrong. Best wishes.

  23. KEN

    Just to echo everyone else, please get well soon. Everyone in your extended community misses you.

  24. The cure is a very low-at Vegan diet. But you are probably too prejudiced and misinformed on issues related to diet and health to heed the truth and wisdom of that very simple remedy to your malaise?
    ALSO, btw …

  25. emsnews

    Years ago I was chainsawing trees in NJ where huge poison ivy vines grow. I cut through on and it slapped me in the face and arms where i had scratches and entered my blood stream.

    I had to be hospitalized. My wounds oozed poison Ivy stuff for several weeks and I couldn’t touch myself or wear much clothing.

    I was exposed last month to poison ivy fumes and I think my body ‘overreacted’ to this and when there is no danger but the white blood cells thing there is a danger, they attack all the organs and skin which is why I suddenly developed this very hot red rashes, too.

    I am getting pretty good advice and help from the doctors but had to fight them for the diagnosis. I actually did the correct diagnoses well before they even wanted to consider it.

  26. Shawntoh

    Bravo, Elaine!

    It is amazing how pro-active we have to be these days and skeptical of the very people that are suppose to be experts at treating us. Yes, doctors, nurses, and other health care practitioners are human and I worry that much about these institutions that create problems instead of curing them!

    Hope your recovery is accelerated with this development.

  27. ziff

    experts , aargg!

  28. JimmyJ

    Glad to see you’re well enough to update us, Elaine. From personal and family experience I can say that auto immune illnesses are a pain to pin down and treat. I really hope you don’t get a relapse once this episode is passed.

    That’s interesting that you figure the poison ivy kicked this one off. Being from an area that doesn’t have it I long wondered what the worst effect could be. Now I know.

  29. wellwell

    Poison Ivy is a dastardly supervillain:

    She’s an eco-terrorist who probably believes in AGM. In other words, she’s a worthy adversary for you 🙂

    Get well soon, Elaine – we’re all hoping that you pull through!

  30. wellwell

    *AGW (although I’m sure Poison Ivy also believes in Annual General Meetings lol)

  31. Carlosjii

    Have u been tested for Lyme by IgeneX lab and for Bartonella by Galaxy Lab in NC?

  32. Floridasandy

    we certainly can’t afford to lose even one person willing to fight for this country. Education is key, and information is vital.

    My brother was a doctor so I hate to hear doctors criticized so much, but I do think the interns and residents are overworked, and we are getting a literal flood of doctors from other countries. I think healthcare would easily be remedied with doctor debt forgiveness for serving low income patients. It would be a win-win for both, but , of course, liberals think forced MANDATORY health insurance is a better option, with exemptions for connected people, and our politicians most exempt of all!

    How could our politicians benefit from a system that cuts them out of the loop, after all?

  33. I had a serious case of poison ivy when I was a child – It happened in La Salle, Illinois, near the river, where a neighbor was burning a pile of brush and wood. Clouds of smoke came from the fire and I ran through the smoke several times. The brush pile was full of poison ivy. We realized what had happened some time later. Other children had developed less serious cases.

    A few days later I got pustules over my whole body and was put in bed in a very weakened state. There was no such thing as health insurance at the time but the doctor did make a house call. He immediately recognized it as a very bad case of poison ivy. Little could be done. He prescribed Calomel
    Lotion – which I remember as a thick pink salve – and a soft diet – I was in bed for over a week and remain extremely sensitive to poison ivy.

    Hope you get back home soon.

  34. Lou

    Hope you get well.

  35. emsnews

    Paul, you will find it poison all your life. If you ever get mysterious symptoms of pain in the lungs and stomach and heart at the same time, stabbing pains, go to an immune specialist doctor because breathing in even cut up poison ivy (which an happen in a breeze) can literally kill you.

    Calomel works great on the outside skin, does nothing for the interior. You are lucky to be less harmed from your exposure. My sympathy! Hope you stay well.

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