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Obama Goes To Cold Alaska To Announce New Policies For Another Ice Age

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Like King Canute on the Seashore, Obama is going to Alaska to tell them all, do  not worry, it will never get warmer there, instead, he decrees that he will bring back the good old Ice Ages again.  Yes, this is evidently the plan.  We are at the tail end of this present Interglacial which turned small, foraging naked apes into human beings who have to wear animal skins to stay alive.  Here is one warmist website claiming we will NEVER see another Ice Age again thanks to the magic of CO2: Are we heading into a new Ice Age?


It can therefore be concluded that with CO2 concentrations set to continue to rise, a return to ice age conditions seems very unlikely. Instead, temperatures are increasing andthis increase may come at a considerable cost with few or no benefits.

Basic rebuttal written by Anne-Marie Blackburn


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America Is Tired Of Hillary Clinton

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This is a picture of my grandson visiting the hospital last week.  I am very happy to be home but still am not out of the woods.  I seem to have a problem with my diaphragm of all things.


Now on to politics: Hillary Clinton has been all over the Democratic Party for many, many years now.  Her tenure as Secretary of State has been as bad as the Bush SoS.  The mess in Iraq has spread across the entire Muslim world with Egypt repressing liberals to total chaos in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc.


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I Ended Up With A GOOD Doctor And Have Again, Managed To Escape The Gates Of Death

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I painted this picture before I had any children, way back in 1969, in Tucson, Arizona.  This was to commemorate my earlier escape from the Gates of Death for I was one of the THREE first Americans to get the Hong Kong flu and I nearly didn’t survive that ordeal.  At one point during the night as my temperature rose above 104 and the nurses of the Free Clinic where I worked part time were covering me with ice to bring it down, one of them said, ‘Our coffee machine broke!”


I came out of my coma and said, ‘Put the coffee on me.  I can heat it up.’  This startled everyone.


At 3:am I came back to the surface and turned my head to the doctor standing over me and sighed, ‘If a bird lands on the bush by the window, and sings the dawn song, I will live.’  Went back to the Gates of Death which lies in the setting sun and then, a few hours later, the dawn came and a small sparrow alighted on the bush, the staff opened the window just in case a bird came…and it lit into melodious greeting to the Eastern Sun who keeps all of us alive.


I woke again and sighed, ‘Now I can sleep’.  I was turned from a active, hardworking very strong mountain climbing 19 year old into a skeleton but I cheated Death again!


This visit this summer at my familiar stomping grounds, aka, the Gates of Death, was not as dire but has harmed me.  I did lose a lot of weight.  I had sufficient insurance to spend a total of 6 trips in an ambulance or car and around three weeks in hospital.  But the medicine that is fixing my internal organs is very expensive: $300.  And it had to be made by a chemist.  But the minute I started drinking it, the stabbing pains ceased and I generally had only 3 hours sleep a night, now it is still annoying to sleep but I get at least 7 hours a night.  Only the last three days have I eaten solid food.


My fingers are still numb and my hands shake and I am sadly easily confused because the Watchers, if you visit the Gates of Death (they are basically Vultures of the Gods, ask Promethus about them!) messing with my brains.  My memory is coming back bit by bit and I am still very very weak and typing is torture due to the many mistakes,tiring.  Will talk tomorrow after I have another day of restoration.


Love you all, Elaine Supkis


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Back From Hospital AGAIN

I have a long story.  Can’t write yet due to weakness and nausea.  Will post a lot later when my hands cease shaking. I do have a diagnosis finally and meds that cost $300 due to it must be hand-made.


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Hospital Hell: I Get To Sue One! HAHAHA

Yes, it finally happened.  I have had to deal with incompetence and young doctors who have no idea how to think on their feet.  But now one stepped right on a land mine: I went to St. Peter’s to have an IV put in my arm this morning.  The nurse attending me came in and with the harshest of violence, proceeded to tie my right arm up extremely tightly and then jabbed the needle straight into the main nerve running from the thumb and forefinger to the brain.

Screen shot 2015-08-21 at 7.00.13 PM

I screamed.  Loud.  It was amazingly painful.  I screamed, ‘You hit a major nerve! STOP!’  The nurse gave it a hard push and said, ‘This doesn’t hurt so bad.’  This pain was such as I seldom have.  I yelled at her to stop.  She refused.  Then she stuck on the blood sample phil and I nearly fainted from the pain.  Even when she stopped and taped it up if I moved even an inch, I would scream out of control.


“Take it off!’ I screamed.  She refused.  ‘If I take it off, you can’t have another IV,’ she threatened.  The doctor came in and I yelled, ‘Are you threatening me?’  He told her to take it off.  She yanked it off and I nearly fainted from the pain.


‘I am going to take you all to court,’ I announced.  She left in a huff. The doctor tried to calm me down but I said, ‘In the past I have taken hospitals to court for malpractice.  You saw how tortured I was.’  I demanded a pen and paper and began writing everything down while my daughter took photos.


I fully intend to sue them all.


I once shut down Cumberland Hospital in NYC when they nearly killed me.  I can do that here, except it wasn’t life-threatening enough to make such a drastic move.  More later.  I am still in a lot of pain and can barely write.


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FINALLY Solved Health Problem: Gall Bladder Hell

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I am about to go off again to confirm this and may end up under the knife today.  The problem was not solved by any doctor, all they did was confirm what was NOT causing my problem.  I talked to gppd friends yesterday about all the tests and where all my pain episodes first began, etc. and we looked at a picture of the internal organs  between the collar bones to the pelvis and the exact size and location of my most severe pain episodes was…the gall bladder!  To test this, we looked up the diet for someone with gall bladder problems and it coincided with the only food (oatmeal being the chief ‘diet’) I could eat this month without throwing up!


So I am off to get this confirmed and fixed…I can barely type because my hands are shaking too hard, eating is difficult, any food on my spoon (I have eaten only liquid-type food all this month) shakes off before I can get it to the mouth and I am in very bad shape right now.  Weak as a kitten is the phrase used by Victorians for this condition of weakness which always puzzled me as a child (I was raised by 100+ year old Victorians, after all) because kittens are very energetic and active.  Wish I was like a kitten right now.


Will write more later.  I think about posting without correcting the mistakes my hands make to show how severe this is .  Every other word has huge errors.


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Mystery Diagnosis: Back To The Hospital AGAIN

Dear, patient readers: every test comes up with nothing but question marks but while I am on an IV feed, I get stronger and feel better. Then they send me home where I deteriorate more and more rapidly.


This cycle has been by far the worst.  I am running a fever now and instead of odd pain stabs here or there, they are MASSIVE and very much more painful.  I was going to resume publishing yesterday because I felt OK in the morning but by afternoon, it was all down hill on a ski jump slope.  Last night I had to double my pain pill doses and they lasted not 6 hours but only 2 or less hours.  So I must be put back on an IV feed until someone figures out what is going on.  I haven’t eaten a real meal in a month, for example.


I will look like a fashion model at this rate…YUCK.  I like doing hard construction work and had set up a summer’s worth of carpentry and cement making…all down the tubes.  I want muscle, not skeletal starvation looks!


I really appreciate all the kind comments and am taking my computer that I use to post things with me this time in the hospital so I will resume writing by tomorrow, I hope.


Elaine Supkis


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