Another TV Personality, Kelly Osbourne, Is Whipped Mercilessly For Dissing Illegal Aliens Stealing US Jobs

The #1 reason the billionaire gambling boss, Trump, continues to rise in the polls is due to his stance on illegal aliens.  The media owners hammer him endlessly on this issue and after each hammer job, his numbers rise relentlessly.  The attacks on American citizens who mention illegal aliens in any negative way continues in the media with media personalities terrified they might say something to get illegal aliens angry.  This absurd situation is nearly out of control since the media owners control this and have some vested interest in hammering US citizens mercilessly, it will continue.  Earlier this year, the media giants conspired to eliminate the words ‘illegal aliens’ for example.


Here is the latest cowardly retreat from saying something ‘not nice’ but ‘fairly true’ since the idea abroad happens to be that illegal aliens do work ‘no real Americans would do’ because we consider ourselves superior beings who won’t get dirty or work hard…all of course terrible insults on all US citizens who do dirty jobs or hard works already and for the previous 300 years.  Here is the latest brew in the tea cup community:  Kelly Osbourne attacked for racist Donald Trump remark about Latinos on The View 

‘Then who is going to clean your toilets?’ Kelly Osbourne attacked for racist Trump remark about Latinos on The View before melting down during commercial break, sobbing backstage and apologizing.


Why didn’t she wear a pointy hat like the professors during the Cultural Revolution?  Parade her down the streets letting aliens illegally in the country pelt her with filth!  She is now on her knees begging for her job.  Why not give it to a better illegal alien?  American citizens are being punished for dissing aliens who come here under false pretenses.  I read elsewhere of a student punished for tweets making fun of illegal aliens, for example.  The fierce battle to bash down the differenced between ‘citizens’ and ‘all others’ is titanic and…my ancestors are so enraged, I expect them to rise from their various graves and pick up the black powder guns and go to war!


This is pure Bilderberg deliberate destruction of the concept of citizenship and citizen sovereign powers:  EU pays jobless migrants to come to Britain – Telegraph


It has emerged that the UK has taken a third of the young migrants involved in the “Your First EURES Job” programme.
Some 1,178 unemployed young people from the Continent have been found jobs, training or apprenticeships in Britain under the “jobs mobility” programme since it was set up in 2012.
That accounted for 34.7 per cent of the 3,387 jobs handed out so far, much higher than second place Germany, which has provided 659 placements. At the same time, just 25 Britons under 30 have found work under the scheme, less than 1 per cent of the total…


Jane Collins, the Ukip MEP who uncovered the figures, said the scheme was a poor deal for Britain. “It is a slap in the face to the young people all over the UK who are looking for work and whose taxes have been spent making their chances of employment less likely.”


All one can say is, yikes.  Instead of rewarding our own children, we are told we must take care of everyone else’s children first.  This has zero ability to work over time.  The destruction of the family runs along these same rails.  Yes, I am a divorced, twice married woman but we are all very close, all of us, ex-husband very much included, we all pull together all the time.  This is how things work in the real world.


Instead, we have the leadership encouraging broken families who depend on the State for mommy and daddy stuff which then tossed them all aside to replace them with foreigners.  The main victims of all this are the inner black communities which have been slated for self destruction.  Confederate flag supporters clash with civil rights leaders at Georgia rally as I predicted, the Southern whites are now in rising revolt and no wonder.


Puerto Rico Defaults on Bond Payment as the Misery deepens for those in Puerto Rico who can’t leave we can expect a flood of angry people from this colony held by our empire.  They will move to places like Baltimore.  Baltimore calls in federal agents to help homicide cops deal with spike in violence after the black leadership encouraged riots and attacked the police who are now in full retreat.  The rest of us must now pay for patrolling the mess which is stupid.  I used to wrangle with thugs in NYC for a number of years and the Black Lives Matter organization could easily copy me, I will even love to train them in how to do this including how to shoot accurately.


Of course, the Black Lives Matter is a destructive organization set up to destroy America.  They want to see our cities burn.  They don’t give a hoot about saving any young black males from early death or life in prison.  They want ‘revolution’ which would mean, whites would end up killing off all black people in dead former manufacturing cities.  This idea that a revolution would grow out of cities whose blood supply has been eliminated by the Bilderberg gang is pure insanity.  There is no ‘strike’ that would stop these cities from ‘functioning’ since all the ‘work’ has been already removed overseas!


These are dead end cities used as holding pens for alienated, angry, dysfunctional people raised by the taxpayers whose sole function is to malfunction and thus, keep the functional voters supporting the status quo.  Except the Bilderberg gang has no use for even these citizens, either.  They want foreigners infiltrating everything who support more foreign infiltrators who will also not act like citizens.  The death of the concept of ‘citizenship’ seems to be the goal.


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13 responses to “Another TV Personality, Kelly Osbourne, Is Whipped Mercilessly For Dissing Illegal Aliens Stealing US Jobs

  1. dick

    I’m REALLY getting tired of negroes

  2. Henry

    The United States is now a country of corporations. The corporations are the real citizens. Individuals who think of themselves as citizens are actually the property of the U.S government. They are tax donkeys. Don’t believe it? try moving overseas. The U.S. government will follow you to the end of the earth demanding forms filled out and taxes paid. It is very difficult to get free. You are their property!

  3. Lou

    The United States is now a country of corporations.

    FUNNY. Previously that read, ‘The United States is a land of immigrants.’

  4. Sunger

    Just to let you folks know- the next global financial crash is already in motion. 2009 was just the warmup.

    Brace for impact.

  5. melponeme_k

    I’m fully convinced we are going to see another rise in Hitler style Nazism but this time it won’t be localized in one area, city or country. It will be all of the first world countries. America included.

  6. Lou

    It will be all of the first world countries. America included.

    Such places have ‘hate crime’ laws, ‘hate speech’ laws, etc. and huge taxes.

  7. melponeme_k

    @ Lou

    Watch how fast those laws go bye bye. The elite won’t know what hit them.


    Japan rebuilt Hiroshima and allowed people to resettle in a zone that is no doubt still radioactive.

  8. Sunger

    Hiroshima was an air blast.

    Air blasts produce wide-ranging blast and heat effects but not much radioactivity.

    The big radioactivity events are generally ground bursts ie attacks on missile fields or hardened installations.

  9. Floridasandy

    Dick, you really should be most sick of illegal immigrants driving down wages, taking scholarships and endless handouts from this administration, sending money taken from US citizens to other countries (hurting our small businesses and helping theirs)

    Blacks and whites should be opposing illegal immigration TOGETHER- as should all other American ethnic groups.

    Divide and conquer doesn’t help any citizen

  10. emsnews

    Yes, it is divide and conquer time.

  11. Petruchio

    @#10floridasandy: gee whiz, sandy, you said something I agree with so much I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is and always has been a class war with the elites. Their objective has always been to destroy the Middle Class. You live in Florida, I believe? Remember the crime wave unleashed on the citizens of Florida during the 1980’s when Castro flooded southern Florida with Cuban refugees? The US Ruling Class would like to do this to EVERY part of the US.

  12. Dheep'

    “Blacks and whites should be opposing illegal immigration TOGETHER- as should all other American ethnic groups.”
    Absolutely. But Like total Fools, we are fighting amongst ourselves.
    I have(Had)Middle Eastern In- Laws. The Loathe & Disrespect America & Americans. 1st thing the Women does getting off the Plane every time they come back is Spit on America. Then She proceeds to the Doctor to get her FREE Medical Treatment for her Bad Heart. Ya, What a Terrible place eh Lady ?

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