Another Painful Surge In Autoimmune Disease

I didn’t do a story yesterday due to feeling worse and worse and last night I again ran a fever, had piercing and dull pain all across my chest and all the usual symptoms.  Luckily, I am seeing a specialist in this sort of disease today!  Hopefully, we will finally get a good diagnosis and there is a medicine for this situation.  The pain is unbelievable and pain killers, outside of morphine, barely affects it.  This is why I have to go to the hospital each flareup.  I have a very high pain threshold but this is one of the worst pains comparable to giving birth or being stabbed repeatedly by Jack the Ripper.


It seems this condition fades for two weeks and then flares up again for this is the third time it has happened to me.  I am rather scared now.


Hope all goes better today!!!!


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32 responses to “Another Painful Surge In Autoimmune Disease

  1. melponeme_k

    I hope this new doctor will help you get rid of this disease. Stay well and rest!

  2. bill child

    EM I pray you get a top notch doctor….

  3. Ken

    We’re all pulling for you!

  4. JimmyJ

    Yes we are!

  5. Christian W

    Please take good care Elaine. Listen to the wisdom of your body. I can’t help but think you have been in stress and fight mode for far too long without the necessary rest at times.

  6. Marko

    Hi Elaine

    Please consider changing your gut microbiome with “natto”, homemade sauerkraut, kefir, probiotics, prebiotics, brine fermented pickles. kombucha.

    all the best for a quick recovery

  7. ziff

    yes this does sound like an episode of ” mystery diagnosis”, most of those stories were pre-internet so it was hard to get info , glad you have a specialist already.

  8. Rob

    And just a reminder, with all your outdoor activity, it could be Lyme

    “Lyme is known as “the great imitator,” as it can mimic many other disorders, including multiple sclerosis (MS), arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, ALS, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s disease.16 When nothing unusual shows up on blood tests, some patients are even told their problems are “all in their head,” and may be referred to a psychologist.”


    If left untreated, the disease may progress to muscle spasms, loss of motor coordination, and even intermittent paralysis, meningitis, or heart problems. For a more complete list of symptoms, refer to the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance. has also created a printable Symptom Checklist.

  9. emsnews

    I always use pro-biotic food. Now, I CAN’T EAT. I can drink still and have mixed some concoctions to keep up my strength.

    I don’t have Lyme disease. My doctor yesterday looked at the graph I made showing how the pain points shift suddenly over time and said, ‘Just based on this alone, you definitely are having an immune attack on your body.’

    I said, ‘Quite literally, I feel like a sword is plunging into me each time it attacks some organ or another.’

    After reviewing the previous tests, the doctor said, ‘This is one of the strangest cases I have seen so far. You are in perfect health except for these violent attacks!’

    She is very interested in this case now and admitted I am a very prime example of ‘mystery diagnosis’ and she is now running a bunch of tests to pursue further what antibody is doing this to me.

    I am very nauseas right now which makes it hard to do stories. This is so boring a ‘disease’. Can’t do anything, anywhere which annoys the hell out of me.

    At least I can type today. Yesterday, I could barely type.

  10. Ken

    Another off-topic entry.

    Climate scientists have re-written historical studies which compiled information on the number of sun spots observed over time. Their new number retroactively shows that (contrary to prior data) sun spot activity does not fluctuate with changes in temperatures on Earth. Instead, sunspot activity has now been deemed to be constant for the last 400 years. As a result, the sun has been ruled out as source of climate change. Leaving only human activity as the cause.

    Kind of reminds me of the recent re-working of historical data on temperature readings around the globe.

  11. Petruchio

    Sorry to hear of your relapse, Elaine. As always, I’m pulling for your speedy and permanent recovery. Petruchio out.

  12. Christian W

    I really do hope it is not some chronic autoimmune disease. I had a friend who had Crohn’s disease and he had to get strong opiate based pain killers (Oxycontin) at times since the pain was horrendous. All the best Elaine.

  13. Henry

    Elaine, have you considered the possibility that you are being poisoned? You are a strong critic of certain groups the do not like to be criticized. These people are completely ruthless and feel justified in doing anything to get their way. Yes I’m wearing my tinfoil hat, but this is something that should be consider.

  14. Lou

    Henry, I do not discount that possibility.

    EMS, what ya think?

  15. Ken

    The video about hidden messages in US currency is amusing. Instead of hidden messages what I think this really shows is that humans are hard wired to see patterns in their lives, even when they may not be there. Anyone who looks at clouds and sees shapes is doing the same thing.

    This innate skill has tremendous survival value, and undoubtedly has been selected for over millions of years. This is also why all of the efforts to convince the police not to “profile” certain groups is destined to fail. The police are human and they will naturally notice patterns among groups of people. They can’t help it, no matter how politically correct they try to be..

  16. TSC

    1.)Have you had an coronary angiogram done? That should be at top of the list. Especially when “stabbing” pains occur, so, it must have been done, and must have been fine.

    2. ) In the days preceding each episode of painful attacks, you have eaten FOOD. Autoimmune reactions are typically reactions to food that has been ingested. Milk and dairy are common culprits. An “elimination diet” (as described in the preceding link, is an obvious step to take, immediately upon a return to eating. It is safe, simple and logical.

    Sounds like fibromyalgia. If so, there is an obvious “treatment” .. = “Cheryl M. Lambert: Cures Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

    I hope you recover soon.

    Your continued political analyses are much needed.

  17. Jim R

    Many decades ago, a forestry expert demonstrated some of his knowledge and prowess by _eating_ some tender young poison ivy shoots in the spring. Said it rendered him immune to the rashes. But he didn’t recommend it to the public for obvious reasons. I was young and impulsive, and followed his example; it worked for me, though I had to renew the ‘treatment’ once in a while. And have not recommended it for the same obvious reasons … but interesting, none-the-less.

    So, I wish I had some folksy wisdom, like “eat some dirt from the compost heap”, but unfortunately I don’t. And wouldn’t advise any such experiments at the present time. . .

    Take care, and I hope your doctor can unlock the combination. The immune system is only second in complexity to the brain. Some might say it is more complex. It saves our lives every single day, from the vast kingdom of the microbes.


  18. melponeme_k

    There is a new tick borne virus called Powassan Virus. Did you get checked for it Elaine?

  19. Ken


    Everyone is worried about you. Can you send us a short note telling us how you are doing?

  20. Richard

    wish you well

  21. tio

    I hope you find the right medical help, I think about you and worry. Please take as much time as you need to get your strength back before doing anything else.

  22. Jim R

    An article in Nature about the sunspot record. I’ll just leave it here for later discussion. 🙂

  23. Ken

    Jim R.,

    I also attached a copy of the article, under comment 13. Looks like we read some of the same material.

  24. CMcB

    Elaine – you okay ? Praying for you.

  25. Jim R

    Ken, I didn’t notice. Ha, the same article — yours from AAAS and mine from Nature, but the same. Revisionist sunspot history, good one.

  26. e sutton

    negroes out of control once more. Elaine, we need you! Bernie Sanders has a solution. Quit putting negroes in jail, ya racists! They din do nuffins! All hail the African princes and princesses! There is no crime they can do because of the turbul, turbul legsee ob dah slaybuhree! Gnome sane? over and out, bitchez! Bernie Sanders 2016! Let’s make it happen, fellow white libs! Suddenly it’s 1964 again! Groovy!

  27. Silverado

    As someone who lives in a cannabis freedom state and took pain pills for…too long (we’re speaking in terms of years here) for back injuries, I can tell you that a high CBD variety of cannabis oil will put down pain that the narcotic variety of pain pills won’t touch. And because it’s lower in THC which is what get’s one “high” when using cannabis products there’s little to none of that either. Undoubtedly you’ve heard of Rick Simpson and his cannabis oil from Canada? If you haven’t he’s the one who’s brought it back to the pain relieving forefront with his outstanding video on the subject which I’ll link to here:

    I hope you find relief…with whatever you try for whatever ails you.

  28. My wife has an auto immune disease: the doctors refuse to do – IMHO a proper diagnosis: they have her on steroids (yuk). Recently she is now have shortness of breath (never smoked). I think it could be COPD or asthma: the docs just refuse to do a diagnosis along those lines. they tell her to get more exercise, etc,etc-blah blah. I shall have her see an alternative medicine doctor/ or at least an MD that is OK with alternative treatments,etc. The auto immune system is a black box it seems to the lay person- and apparently to the so-called “doctors” Get well soon! Worried about you (and my wife) 🙂

  29. emsnews

    Pot is the best solution but I live in a backward state. Maybe time move.

    Thanks for all the advice! I am still trying to figure out what is wrong.

    About rewriting climat history: they killed the Medieval warm period so of course they have to kill the Maunder Minimum. Galileo is laughing at them right now.

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