Back from the hospital…again

I am still too drugged up to write well. My sickness is still UNDIAGNOSED but I am closing in on what is wrong. Will explain later.


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25 responses to “Back from the hospital…again

  1. Christian W

    Good to hear from you Elaine. Got worried already.

  2. Ken

    Welcome back!

  3. willy77

    Great to hear from you, Elaine!

  4. e sutton

    Lord have mercy on us all! Sending up some prayers for you, babe, even though I’m an atheist at heart! Irish Catholic raised, though, so hopefully that counts for something!(?) Don’t up and die on us!

  5. Xerxes

    We need you, it’s going to start to get interesting soon.

  6. dick

    Avoid immunizatiins going forward…and ask that the pharma gods spare your life

  7. Maddie's Mom

    Great news that you’re home, Elaine.

    Whatever this adversary, it’s no match for you!!!

    Wishing you a speedy and permanent recovery.

  8. Tono

    Hopefully you get well back to the old days , before your illness.
    We need your pen back again thera are too many issues open (chinese depreciation,4 days in the dark because of sun dim , etc ,etc)

  9. Jim R

    Nice to see you back 🙂

  10. JimmyJ

    I’m grateful you’re back home again, Elaine. Hope you mend up well enough to take care of late summer chores.

  11. Petruchio

    Glad to hear you are closing in on a full recovery, Elaine. Petruchio out.

  12. TSC

    I hope you’ve been able to keep up-to-date on the hype of the Sanders “Revolution” (which, curiously, has many of the hallmarks of a typical CIA-MOSSAD-manipulated “color” – “revolution”. And then, on the other hand, I hope you’ve also been able to follow the trajectory of Trumps thumps across the political landscape.

    When weaned off the drugs (hopefully soon), I’d be most interested to know your opinion on the covert forces behind Sanders “Revolution”? And whether or not you think Trump would succeed in accomplishing anything beneficial for America or for the world as a whole (or as a hole) if The Donald added the White House to his collection? (Do either have much of a chance? .. (I think Sanders doesn’t, but trump might.)

    P.S. Lotsa liquids, plenty of sleep.

  13. melponeme_k

    I’m glad you are getting close to an answer regarding your sickness. Keep resting!

  14. CMcB

    Wishing you well Elaine.

  15. napi

    Stay strong Elaine.

  16. Moe

    I recall your testament to being struck by lightening more than once. Could that be a factor in your illness?

    I miss you…(sniff..).

  17. Meagain

    This graphic shows many of the symptoms you describe. (click to enlarge). Hmmm, maybe a factor?

    This condition is extremely common in Americans and “modern” Anglo- countries. And it is EASILY and ALWAYS cured by a proper low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet (w/ 1000 mcg B12/day & ground flax seed for Omega 3.).

    BTW: Cholesterol levels are set too high in U.S. .. for good health, T.C. should be under 150 … the lower, the better (REF: McDougall, Esselstyn, Greger, Ornish, etc.).

    I hope you begin eating an OPTIMAL very low-fat vegan diet and regain excellent health soon.

  18. Lou

    The huntress on a vegan regime???

    / vegan diet and regain excellent health soon.

  19. emsnews

    Thor throws bolts at me regularly. It doesn’t fix anything except make me very sensitive to static electricity.

    True story: when I was hit by a bolt on Kitt Peak at 11 years of age, I could NOT turn on or off lights in Tucson without getting a nasty shock. I started wearing gloves to prevent this from happening!

    I am still quite ill but no known diagnosis. It was probably triggered by poison ivy where I was chopping up weeds but this is an unusual reaction and lasting way, way too long.

    Diet: I can hardly eat anything! I cannot eat vegetables at all. I mostly eat fruits and jello (which has proteins!). My dream world has gone whacky lately.

    Last night, in order to sleep, I did mathematical calculations in my head which turned into weird hallucinations based on 100+digits. I would classify this under the heading of ‘nightmares’. Heh.

    I hope to feel better by afternoon so I can talk about China. I had a LOT to do with China going ‘capitalist’ thanks to my father’s friendship with top Chinese rulers way way back when Kissinger went to China for Nixon.

    Some of the people running China today (governor of Shanghai, for example) actually LIVED with ME! When going to school.

  20. SJM

    Elaine, hoping for the best for you. Missing you alot.

  21. Marko

    Hi Elaine
    FYi and amusement, here is a link to Owsley Stanley’s (LSD chemist) “The real human diet is a totally carnivorous one”.

    Also a supporting 1956 Arctic adventure book by Vilhjalmur Stefansson

    If one path is not leading to health, try something completely different. It is like the raw meat and bones diet for a sick dog.

    Please become a health nut for awhile,

    all the best! have a quick recovery!

  22. Lou

    What about powdered amino acids for protein?

  23. Jim R

    About the China thing, Ilargi had this to say over at The Automatic Earth:

    The perhaps most pivotal importance of China is that it was the world’s latest financial hope. The yuan devaluation shatters that hope once and for all. The global economy looks a lot more bleak for it, even if many people already didn’t believe official growth numbers anymore.

    Because we’ve reached the end of the line, the game changes. Of course there will be additional attempts at stimulus, but China’s central bank has de facto conceded that its measures have failed. The yuan devaluations, three days in a row now, mean the central People’s Bank of China has, openly though reluctantly, acknowledged its QE has failed, and quite dramatically at that. They just hope you won’t notice, and try to bring it on with a positive spin.

    Central banks are not “beginning” to lose control, they lost control a long time ago. The age of central bank omnipotence has “left and gone away” like Joltin’ Joe. Omnipotence has been replaced by impotence.

    For us this was clear years ago. It was never about the timing, it was always about the inevitability. Back in the day there were still lots of voices clamoring for – near-term or imminent – hyperinflation. Not so much now. We always left open the hyperinflation option, but far into the future, only after deflation was done wreaking its havoc. A havoc that will be so devastating you’ll feel silly for ever even thinking about hyperinflation.

    As for today’s reality, the Chinese leadership has been eclipsed by its own ignorance about economic systems, the limits of their control over them, and the overall hubris they live in on a daily basis. These people were educated in the 1960s and 70s China of Mao and Deng Xiaoping. In the same air of omnipotence that today betrays all central bankers. Why try to understand the world if you’re the one who shapes it?!

  24. Charlottemom

    Thinking of you! Be well

  25. emsnews

    The EU is already falling to pieces so they…screwed around with Putin concerning Ukraine. DUMB.

    My parents knew, personally, Deng Xiaoping and…hehe…MADAME MAO. She was a total freaky monster. Maybe I should write about the fights she had with my mother with Mao slapping her down. That is, Madame Mao slapped down.

    China’s ruling elites are NOT UNIFORM.

    I lived with the governor of Shanghai for a year. But he is now retired and look at how careless and stupid the replacements are.

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