FINALLY Solved Health Problem: Gall Bladder Hell

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I am about to go off again to confirm this and may end up under the knife today.  The problem was not solved by any doctor, all they did was confirm what was NOT causing my problem.  I talked to gppd friends yesterday about all the tests and where all my pain episodes first began, etc. and we looked at a picture of the internal organs  between the collar bones to the pelvis and the exact size and location of my most severe pain episodes was…the gall bladder!  To test this, we looked up the diet for someone with gall bladder problems and it coincided with the only food (oatmeal being the chief ‘diet’) I could eat this month without throwing up!


So I am off to get this confirmed and fixed…I can barely type because my hands are shaking too hard, eating is difficult, any food on my spoon (I have eaten only liquid-type food all this month) shakes off before I can get it to the mouth and I am in very bad shape right now.  Weak as a kitten is the phrase used by Victorians for this condition of weakness which always puzzled me as a child (I was raised by 100+ year old Victorians, after all) because kittens are very energetic and active.  Wish I was like a kitten right now.


Will write more later.  I think about posting without correcting the mistakes my hands make to show how severe this is .  Every other word has huge errors.


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27 responses to “FINALLY Solved Health Problem: Gall Bladder Hell

  1. we are glad you are finally ok

  2. Ken

    Just incredible. And you had to figure it out yourself.

    If you had not determined that the problems were being caused by your gall bladder the doctors were going to start removing body parts (starting with your reproductive organs) to see if this fixed things.

    For all of the advances in medicine, the field is still very primitive.

  3. Peter C.

    My sister had her gall bladder taken out…is this more common for the female of our species?

  4. ziff

    uumm , thats a basic question , where does it hurt? and classic for gall bladder

  5. Graywolf

    You need to forget about posting, or anythng else tht doesn’t directly affect getting better.

  6. Petruchio

    Very happy to hear the news, Elaine. Hope this means a speedy recovery for you. Petruchio out.

  7. JimmyJ

    I’m glad you got it pinned down. I had a laproscopic cholecystectomy in 1998, after years of pain. Damn near died when a gaul stone blew back into the pancreatic duct which shares the bile duct at one point. The blocked pancreatic duct pushed enzymes that would normally digest food into the blood to digest my organs. Very unpleasant.

    Now that you’ve fingered the cause this may be what happened to you, Elaine. Only worse that even what I experienced. I suggest you do lots of testing on the pancreas as it might have been badly damaged by the length of time you’ve been suffering.

  8. JimmyJ

    I should add that giving opiates to gaul bladder attack patients can dangerously drop blood pressure. This was known but my hospital gave me morphine before they diagnosed me and my pressure crashed.

  9. Anjan

    I’m amazed they hadn’t done CT/ MRI/ USS, liver function tests and screen for sepsis that would have picked this up and/or demonstrated the need for wrap. When my father was admitted last year in an NHS hospital, they diagnosed biliary sepsis due to a benign growth obstructing the bile duct outlet, within 5 days of admission.

  10. Anjan

    I meant ERCP, not wrap.
    Damn iPhone autocorrect

    Good luck Elaine!

  11. Jim R

    Good news, indeed. I was afraid it was something very un-treatable.

    But I’m surprised your crack medical team didn’t figure that one out already. It sounds like Hugh Laurie on House, puzzling over blood test results, and making random guesses as his patient dies in the other room.

    A sad testament to the state of affairs in medicine these days, I guess. . .

  12. Melponeme_k

    I’m glad you have a good indication on what was making you sick. I’m hoping it will be cleared up very quickly.

    In a macabre funny way, you will now get to hear everyone congratulate you on your weight loss and tell you how good you look.

  13. CMcB

    Keeping you in my prayers – wishing you restored health

  14. emsnews

    I can barely eat and had to go all afternoon with no pain meds due to the tests I had to have done.

    I just stopped screaming and crying and can sort of type again. Yes, I am furious that the doctors (sic) were so bad so far in diagnosing me. Now we are on the right track due entirely to my beloved husband, daughter and John S. a great friend…and this will be solved!

    We still don’t know how to exactly fix this but at least it is now on the general right track.

    Million thanks for all the support here. Much love to you all.

  15. Moe

    I used to have severe gall stone attacks for about seven years, but for the last two years those attacks have stopped. My interpretation is that this cessation resulted from either or both of diet change and potable drinking water change (we moved to a new town 4-1/2 years ago).

    Your episodes seemed MUCH harsher than mine, which typically lasted about four hours each time. JimmyJ’s comment on bile duct blockage sounds more probable.

  16. David


    Wife and I have experience with gall bladder. Wife had the problem when we were in our early twenties, and she was determined not to have surgery, but ended up having it anyway when her gall bladder was about to burst.

    What happens is your gall bladder fills itself with gallstones, usually made by your liver out of cholesterol, the bladder bile assists in the breakdown of fatty foods, but wrong chemistry causes the formation of these gallstones, usually when someone eats a diet with fatty foods.

    However, personal chemistry is the cause, because some people can eat fatty foods and never get gall stones.

    The solution is to have the gallbladder removed. Also, the surgeon will have to make sure that there are no stones lodged in the bile duct coming from the liver to the gallbladder, because if a stone forms and clogs that duct it can cause another attack.

    Attacks are triggered by the release of gall, but with the gall bladder ducts to the digestive system clogged, and this causes excruciating pain.

    Wife’s pain center for this was just under the point of her right shoulder blade. She pulled off all of her clothes and had me sit in bed and she put that spot against my knee and pushed as hard as she could to ease her suffering. She ended up drinking sweet tea and eating fresh tomatoes as the only things she could keep down without the pain flooring her.

    When she had the surgery, there was a long scar, but nowadays, the operation has been perfected to a much smaller cut, and you will probably go home in a day or two afterward.

    After the the removal of your gall bladder, you will have to limit your fatty food intake, especially when in restaurants, because you might have to go to the restroom immediately if you eat a fatty food.

    If the gall bladder diagnosis is correct, do not hesitate, because a ruptured gall bladder can contaminate your system, and cause a long hospital stay.

    Hope this helps, and I wish you the best with this problem.

  17. Floridasandy

    Sometimes a surgical solution solves everything.

    Good luck with your surgery, and a speedy recovery.

  18. Maddie's Mom


    Yes, gall bladder problems can be WICKED bad.

    Hope you have hit on the correct diagnosis and it will be resolved very soon.

    Be well, and in the meantime, I agree with Graywolf.

  19. DM

    Yes, it does sound like a long time to get a diagnosis on a common ailment. Hopefully they can treat this swiftly.

    Meanwhile – why doesn’t everyone post a some light-hearted comedy. Here’s one to get started:

    July could have been the hottest month in 4,000 years, climate scientists say

    I wonder about the smug supercilious journos like the one who penned this tripe. I guess he is ‘typical’, so my only response is ‘whatever ..’. They will believe whatever they want to believe until hell freezes over.

  20. Jim R

    I am glad to read that you have family there to help you. I was afraid your only support was us, the motley lot of readers of your journal, with our wacky assorted homeopathic recipes 😉

    I believe there are some dietary practices which can prevent gallstones, such as eating more green vegetables. But when it gets to this point, the only cure is surgery. And it shouldn’t be too bad, as mentioned in some of the previous comments — they use a much smaller incision now (with laparoscopy), healing time is much quicker.

  21. Meagain

    In response to this video on Gall Stones by Dr. McDougall::

    This comment, was posted there, (and is good to read):
    Michael Weisensee 8 months ago
    Back in 1990, my mother had surgery to remove kidney stones after years of painful suffering and many pills/procedures. Later that year she was diagnosed with uterine and ovarian cancer and again had surgery. She was 41 and married to a doctor, so she had free access to the best that western medicine could provide. This prompted me to do my own research as a biology major at Carnegie-Mellon. September 1990, I switched to a whole-food, plant-based diet and have never looked back. That winter she was facing ANOTHER surgery, this time for gall stones. Luckily at this point she had enough! She was open to the idea of switching her diet. It took less than two months for her stones to completely disappear! Twenty-four years later, she still has her gall bladder.

  22. Chad

    FYI, Everyone. I’ve done it several times and am happy with the results. My barber was complaining of pain in the area of his gallbladder and I suggested he do the flush. He did so and his pain disappeared; he have me a free haircut afterwards.

    P.S. You can use prune juice instead of the epson salts when you wake up in the morning. Other than that, follow the directions exactly as written.

  23. Lou

    I have done the flush –If I recall, 2x. Some think the ‘green blobs’ are the olive oil.

  24. Lou

    I didnt find it amazing.

  25. Chad

    Hello Lou,
    That’s too bad. Did you follow the directions exactly? Did you have a colonic both before and after the flush? I have done it about 8 times and have found it very helpful.

  26. Lou

    Colonics flush good away w bad, so no thanks.

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