Hospital Hell: I Get To Sue One! HAHAHA

Yes, it finally happened.  I have had to deal with incompetence and young doctors who have no idea how to think on their feet.  But now one stepped right on a land mine: I went to St. Peter’s to have an IV put in my arm this morning.  The nurse attending me came in and with the harshest of violence, proceeded to tie my right arm up extremely tightly and then jabbed the needle straight into the main nerve running from the thumb and forefinger to the brain.

Screen shot 2015-08-21 at 7.00.13 PM

I screamed.  Loud.  It was amazingly painful.  I screamed, ‘You hit a major nerve! STOP!’  The nurse gave it a hard push and said, ‘This doesn’t hurt so bad.’  This pain was such as I seldom have.  I yelled at her to stop.  She refused.  Then she stuck on the blood sample phil and I nearly fainted from the pain.  Even when she stopped and taped it up if I moved even an inch, I would scream out of control.


“Take it off!’ I screamed.  She refused.  ‘If I take it off, you can’t have another IV,’ she threatened.  The doctor came in and I yelled, ‘Are you threatening me?’  He told her to take it off.  She yanked it off and I nearly fainted from the pain.


‘I am going to take you all to court,’ I announced.  She left in a huff. The doctor tried to calm me down but I said, ‘In the past I have taken hospitals to court for malpractice.  You saw how tortured I was.’  I demanded a pen and paper and began writing everything down while my daughter took photos.


I fully intend to sue them all.


I once shut down Cumberland Hospital in NYC when they nearly killed me.  I can do that here, except it wasn’t life-threatening enough to make such a drastic move.  More later.  I am still in a lot of pain and can barely write.


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20 responses to “Hospital Hell: I Get To Sue One! HAHAHA

  1. Moe

    Fucking incompetents. Sue their asses off.

  2. ziff

    nurse ratchet

  3. CK

    Immigrant nurse?
    NAM nurse?
    Affirmative action nurse?
    Gay male nurse?
    Saying “a nurse” is the equivalent of saying “youths”.

  4. CK

    Is this St. Peter’s in Troy?
    If it is, you might enjoy reading about something good that is finally happening to Troy after decades of progressive sloth and deterioration

  5. Petruchio

    Here’s to wishing you the best of success in your legal dispute with the hospital. I think a lot of people assume that the folks working at hospitals all have this advanced education and this saintly devotion to healing people. That IS true for some of them, but most DEFINITELY not all of them!! Imho, we have the kind of hospitals we have because our political class has seen fit to allow unrestricted immigration to this country. And so we have medical professionals who do not speak OR understand English very well–because it isn’t their first language. No matter, says the bought-and-paid-for political wh#res.

  6. Maddie's Mom

    What a nightmare!

    All the best to you, Elaine, in getting through this ordeal.

  7. Judy Phillips

    Are they going to operate on your gall bladder? Please be nice to the doctors who are going to be your surgeons

  8. Judy Phillips

    At least before the surgery.

  9. JimmyJ

    Reminds me of my young asthmatic daughter in Emergency and the nurse who said “I’m the best at this”, while starting to look for the vein for the IV. Four tries later, with the nurse ever more embarrassed and determined to prove herself right, with my daughter screaming in pain I told her to stop. She phoned our GP to get her to give me heck but a short talk on the phone with our GP and she agreed the nurse would stop the vain search for an IV site and switch to aerosol meds.

    Some nurses are great, some are incompetent. But some are sadistic.

  10. Dick

    shouldn’t be posting here if you intend to claim pain and suffering..

    No other damages available and you’re demonstrating that you really weren’t in that much pain if you were “blogging”

    Take a week off then you have someting to go on.

  11. Lou

    Hospitals kill. Ask an abortionist.

    You probably have no idea of how many people die in hospitals who went in with non critical illnesses.

  12. paul

    will chinese economic pain be as severe as what you just felt.

    get well soon

  13. Jim R

    Chinese economic pain is somewhat overrated by western media. Only a small minority of Chinese were invested in stocks, and China still has all the machinery of central planning in place from the Mao era.

    China will abide.

  14. Sunger

    There’s a lot more going on in China than a few yellow-skinned Richie Richs losing some stock market gains.

    *A massive export manufacturing center that is now being idled as global demand is collapsing ie like the US in 1929

    *massive environmental problems with polluted air, mercury and other pollution from coal-fired generators, polluted surface and ground water, death of honey-bee pollinators, etc etc

    *Big malinvestment in many areas- prominently residential building

    *Big big credit market imbalances in the Chinese system

    *China’s one-child policy has produced a generation of spoiled single child boy children- known as “little emperors” who will assert themselves in the coming decades.

  15. Jim R

    Yup, all true. I think I read somewhere that China’s storied multi-trillion dollar cache of US treasuries has dissipated somewhat as well. Supposedly they have a lot of gold, too, but that factoid is largely irrelevant to the global economy. It would have probably been important in the 1500s.

    What you should know, is that this is a global deflation event, which isn’t over yet, and it will eventually come to a neighborhood near you.

    China will re-assert central planning. China will trade with Russia. Its stock market can go to zero. And it may well move people into those now-empty cities it has built. Hard to say how that will work out. But my guess is that China will abide, and with a bit more panache than the “West”.

  16. Maddie's Mom

    Trump uttered the word “depression” last night.

  17. Jim R

    Trump should seek help for that. I understand there are some pills you can take for depression.

  18. Sunger

    We will see just how irrelevant China’s 30,000 metric tons of gold are when the Wall Street-London-Tokyo financial crime syndicate is immolated in it’s own trash paper fire.

  19. Sunger

    As for Trump, he makes me really depressed that the USA cannot produce a better presidential candidate than a private-sector pirate like Donald Trump.

    You do know that Trump has stiffed his creditors multiple times. And each time some or many people lost their jobs just so Trump could pursue a parasitic business strategy. And you what? Trump surely knew that firms would go bankrupt and people lose their employment and he didn’t give a crap.

    This country has produced leaders like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Paine, Lincoln, TR, FDR, Eisenhower. It’s just so sad seeing the American people respond to such a embarassment as Donald Trump.

  20. Maddie's Mom


    Not sure there are pills for what he meant.


    Not a Trump supporter. Yet. Will be interesting to watch this unfold. I have my suspicions.

    On the other hand, bought-and-paid-for politicians make me want to throw up. You surely can’t believe any of them are going to fix this mess of a country.

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