Back From Hospital AGAIN

I have a long story.  Can’t write yet due to weakness and nausea.  Will post a lot later when my hands cease shaking. I do have a diagnosis finally and meds that cost $300 due to it must be hand-made.


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8 responses to “Back From Hospital AGAIN

  1. Ken

    We’re all anxious to hear your story. But take your time and get better first.

  2. Maddie's Mom

    Yes Elaine, your health and well-being, first.
    No place like home.

  3. mike

    if they try to transfer you to a care center, know they have murdered you……and want to keep the death records away from the hospital and doctor…..

  4. Jim R

    Of course, inquiring minds want to know — surgery, or stone-dissolving medicine?

    But seriously, take care, and let your family take care of you.

  5. Meagain

    Your husband should volunteer to type your planned post while you dictate it to him.

    Actually, that would be viewed as a welcomed opportunity by many devoted and caring husbands.

    ELAINE: My darling husband was, during a pay dispute with his boss, nearly killed by same boss when someone shut off the ventilation system and nearly killed Chris. Chris fell unconscious right at the bottom edge of the door and this saved his life but he is very much brain damaged and we won in court and instead of a cash settlement, I demanded life support systems for him because he was only 35 years old when this tragedy happened way back in 1992. So far, they have been forced to spen over $5 million and he is now still not at retirement age and I intend to keep him alive till he is at least 100 years old. Damn it!

  6. Meagain

    On previous stays at home you said you ate a lot of Jello … and soon had to return to the hospital,

    Be aware (and beware) of what you eat …

    ELAINE: I couldn’t eat any soup, consume soup. I basically at NOTHING. Lost 25 lbs in two weeks. I had the most delightful organic soups this last three days and am slowly returning to normal.

  7. Old Pueblo friend Melissa

    Glad you know what the problem is and can’t wait to hear what it is. Gallstones and gall bladder? After reading the comments here, I have looked up some cures and cleanses and may do one. Can’t wait to hear about you and what $300 bespoke medication is all about.

  8. CK

    You are assuming a mutuality where none has been evidenced previously.
    Maybe he does not agree with her assumptions or her prescriptive arguments. The street runs two ways, maybe she would never consider imposing upon him to do work that he might not find fully appropriate nor believe in.
    It is obvious that she loves and supports him in his long illness and that he does whatever he can to support her in her times of trouble.
    In other words, they seem like a happily married, comfortable couple that understand each others boundaries and do not attempt force or ism upon the other.
    You on the other hand appear to be ready to force another woman’s spouse into whatever contortion reinforces your agenda.

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