Obama Goes To Cold Alaska To Announce New Policies For Another Ice Age

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Like King Canute on the Seashore, Obama is going to Alaska to tell them all, do  not worry, it will never get warmer there, instead, he decrees that he will bring back the good old Ice Ages again.  Yes, this is evidently the plan.  We are at the tail end of this present Interglacial which turned small, foraging naked apes into human beings who have to wear animal skins to stay alive.  Here is one warmist website claiming we will NEVER see another Ice Age again thanks to the magic of CO2: Are we heading into a new Ice Age?


It can therefore be concluded that with CO2 concentrations set to continue to rise, a return to ice age conditions seems very unlikely. Instead, temperatures are increasing andthis increase may come at a considerable cost with few or no benefits.

Basic rebuttal written by Anne-Marie Blackburn

What ails all these global warmists?  I see them demanding another Ice Age right about when another Ice Age is due!  Note the words of this lunatic, Anne-Marie.  She claims that there is few to no benefits from warming, say, like when Antarctica had fern forests and dinosaurs roaming there, to being warmer!  Having both poles locked in deep ice is due to the last 2.5 million years of severe cooling punctuated by brief, very brief Interglacials.


Every event that is even slightly warm-related gets hysterical treatment by the press while cold events get the cold shoulder.  We finally had a somewhat summer here on my mountain off and on the last couple of weeks though it is so cool even on warm days, I don’t open the windows at night.  At no point in time anywhere on earth has it been consistently warmer than say, the Medieval Warm Period much less, the Roman or Minoan Warm Periods.


Instead, vandals work hard, on government contracts, to minimize how warm it was back then and elevate this feeble warming (probably the last gasp before the next Ice Age) into ‘Warmest Year EVAH!’  It is quite disgusting for I lived in the deserts of the Southwest during the 1950’s to 1960’s including a stint at Death Valley for the nuclear bomb tests and it is no where near so hot there as back then.


Yes, poor old California is having a brief drought after 30 years of unusual levels of rain.  The Great Drought that destroyed thriving Indian cities and farming communities of the Medieval Warm Period when it didn’t rain in parts of the Southwest for 50, yes, 50 years…this two to three year drought is nothing.  But it is being elevated to hysteria status.


My great, great, great grandaddy came to California during the Gold Rush.  He was a talented painter and ended up making his living painting Yosemite Park on great big canvases that were taken to NYC and Boston and Chicago.  So, my family has a long, long history in California and 99% of the people there today are newcomers.  The Spanish population there was very small back in 1848 and although Catholic priests entered California at the end of the Great Drought, they found few people to preach to because most of the natives died or moved eastwards to the Mississippi Valley to escape the dire drought.


My grandpa used to sit on his porch of his home built back in 1890, in his rocker saying to me, ‘Damn all these dratted newcomers!  They should go home!’  He was right in the center of the Los Angeles basin in Pasadena and was born out there back in the horse and buggy days.  He hated all the cars and smog.


Now we have millions of people moving to Florida, California, etc. because IT IS WARM!!!  Warm places attract people, cold repels.  The flow to the north was for people seeking a free ride on welfare or serious jobs.  When serious jobs are finished, famously, people retire in the deep warm south, as close to the equator as possible. They do NOT move to Alaska.


I have a brother-in-law who was given a great job in Alaska and boasted about living there and how tough he was, for he grew up in the seriously cold regions of northern New York.  But then after ten years, he suddenly fled to the south to Oregon instead.  Now his wife worries about the planet roasting to death.  I cannot make up this sort of silliness.  She really thinks it should be much colder!  This is the definition of insanity.  But she can’t get along with liberals unless she claims that Alaska is better than Oregon and a perfect world would be much colder.


As for fixing our climate in place so it never changes: Goethe in ‘Dr.Faust’ mentions that the Devil wins the soul of Dr. Faust only when he exclaims, ‘How perfect it is, I wish this would last forever!’




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14 responses to “Obama Goes To Cold Alaska To Announce New Policies For Another Ice Age

  1. Maddie's Mom

    But Elaine, they say the drought in California is “EPIC!”

    Can’t wait to see where the Obamas retire to in 2017.

    lmao at all of it

  2. Melponeme_k

    The drought that killed off the greater part of the Mayan empire lasted more than 100 years. So long that many of the water cisterns the Mayans built to withstand drought events ran dry. That is scary.

  3. Jim R

    Obama Goes To Cold Alaska To Announce New Policies For Another Ice Age

    … and to issue drilling permits to Shell, Chevron, Exxon, etc. for the arctic continental shelf.

    I hope you didn’t think he is serious!

    @Maddie’s Mom, aren’t they going to retire to Hawaii?

  4. Lou

    aren’t they going to retire to Hawaii?

    The last 2 dy-nasty s wont go away.
    The Bush and Clinton ones.
    I wonder if the ‘O’s will stay on in the public eye?

  5. Petruchio

    @Lou: Yes, the Bush and Clinton dynasties will not go away, but I do believe that the “O’s” as you call them will slither quietly away. Reason? The Obama’s were merely useful Negroes to the elites. The Bushes and Clinton’s are white. The elites will work with Negroes, but NEVER accept them.

  6. Lou

    Pet, Bush and Clinton dynasties will not go away,

    Bush family is now a 3 generation crime sin dicate so that is somewhat understandable.
    Clintons [a dynasty in one generation] is a new one on me.

  7. emsnews

    Three generations????

    Go further back in time. By the way, I come from Norman stock and the family tree goes all the way back to the Battle of Hastings. Now that is a clan that is very addicted to power.

  8. Maddie's Mom


    Retirees often end up somewhere warm, as Elaine points out. So yes, Hawaii is a possibility. Maybe not until the Obama daughters finish school though.

  9. Lou

    Three generations? Well, in the public eye that I know about. I dont know who or what that clan was up to in the 1800s.

  10. Global Warming leads to Ice Ages! Latest tacit admission from Daily Kos:

    You ain’t seen nothing yet! Northeast’s Next Winter Is Going to Be Freakishly Cold If you read further down the scientists expect this to continue for the next few decades.

    The consensus among the scientists is that this is being caused by Global Warming with our 480ppm CO2equiv. that is driving up the temps. Expect more snow each winter in the eastern US and Canada.

    So whaddya think is going to happen when we get tons of snow each winter? Ya think it’s all gonna melt away each summer? If it doesn’t eventually the albedo will override the CO2equiv heat trap and it’s ice box time all over again.

  11. emsnews

    They won’t be happy until mastodons come thundering down out of Canada.

  12. Uh, Elaine… they’re extinct.

  13. Lou

    Ed-M, Elaine… they’re extinct.

    Scientists are trying to clone from frozen tissue. Woolys, Mastodons, etc.

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