Obama Wants Money To Give To Alaskan Natives Because It Is Too Hot There For Them


Obama, Visiting Arctic, Will Pledge Aid to Alaskans Hit by Climate Change –it is too hot for them now.  Why, permafrost is heaving lately.  This news surprises me because the natives that do go ‘hunting’ are in the minority who do it for ‘extras’ because…Alaska has highest rate of welfare recipients in the U.S., Census says | Alaska Dispatch News claims.  Yes, the welfare rate in Alaska is much higher than the rest of the US.


I grew up mainly in the Southwest deserts.  It is hot and dry there even when we go through planetary cool cycles, it still is hot in Death Valley, for example.  Is Obama going to all the hot places with this same promise to give away vast sums so they can avoid the heat?  How hot is it in Alaska in winter, anyways?


I had a brother-in-law who lived for a number of years in Alaska and he couldn’t wait to escape…the cold!  Not the ‘heat’.  It was colder than Upstate New York which, even last winter, was terribly cold.  Below zero weather happens regularly up where near the Canadian border.  He didn’t come back here, no way!  He went to coastal Oregon, a place where global warming features winter skiing in the mountains and no winter below, ever.


Now Kansas: I bet a lot of people there would love to move.  I went to the University of Kansas on a scholarship when I was just 16 years old.  It was hot and humid in summer there back in 1967 and I was oppressed by the heat being used to Arizona dry heat.  Talk about sticky!  Then there is New York City back in 1974.  We had one hot summer back then.  I lived right on the edge of the ocean in Coney Island.  No one suggested saving me from that hot summer.


Then there is the Dust Bowl Years.  That was hot. Even the natives of Alaska had a hot time of it and somehow survived and they didn’t even  have welfare money back then.  Where is our dust bowls?  I don’t see them.  I do see a bunch of ‘hippie’ types in Death Valley having lots of hot fun.  They love it.  It is certainly not killing them as they run riot there during the Burning Man Festival.  Why isn’t the National Guard going forth to save them from the hot, hot, hot Death Valley?


If they tried having ‘Burning Man’ back when I lived in Death Valley after WWII for the bomb testing, they would expire pretty fast.  One child went outside without shoes back then and had his little feet roasted to the pavement and the medics had to free him and my kindergarden teacher scolded all of us: ‘Do not go outside without shoes and stand with your back to the sun or you will suffer a lot of pain.’


I always wore a hat and made sure my shadow fell on my toes or they would curl up and roast inside my shoes.  Many people alive today were not alive back in 1955 and even fewer were in Death Valley that very hot year.  Our preacher prayed for rain and my youngest brother thought the world was coming to an end when it did rain and we all ran outside screaming and jumping because we finally had some rain.


The deranged need to pretend this year is the Hottest Year Evah which now finally has an el Nino event which means no hurricanes of any note yet again in the Atlantic, all I can say is, this isn’t remotely as hot as 1955 nor was 1955 hotter than 1935.  My grandparents told stories of the Great Dust Bowl Years because many refugees from that came to California where my grandfather’s family had lived since the Gold Rush.  My granddaddy talked a lot about that time.


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5 responses to “Obama Wants Money To Give To Alaskan Natives Because It Is Too Hot There For Them

  1. melponeme_k

    Of course the real problems with the Alaskan Native community are welfare, gambling, and alcohol/drug addiction. It was the Inuits who used to hunt in arctic conditions. In the past they followed the ice. Go further up north, build sustainable but temporary housing…no problems.

    However since the government benefits, native companies and land deals, the wandering tribes were encouraged nay forced to stay in one place. You have to be in a tribe to get native american aid from the government. To be in a tribe, you have to have the proper amount of blood purity. Its a horrid business. And what did they do with the land deals? Build casinos. The gambling is very bad with Alaskan Natives, the same as other tribes.

    They are so intent on keeping their “heritage”, they have never stopped to realize that their way of life is relatively recent. Only since the last ice age and that is a mere eye blink in earth time. If Alaskan Natives were really serious about keeping their ways, well then they should ask the US government for assistance to resettle in Russia or call for the sale of Alaska back to Russia.

    I am Alaskan Native. I’m not a part of a tribe and to prove my blood purity I would have to open all kinds of adoption paperwork. I’m not interested. Whatever I’ve accomplished has been on my own abilities. No one can say I took aid. And I’m proud of it.

  2. emsnews

    Like the tribes in the US who took up running casinos to make money, the downside is destructive. I grew up inside the O’odham tribe at Kitt Peak and saw this evolution first hand.


    Extremely nice people now being undone by booze, which was illegal to sell to them when I was a child, and the corruption of culture. Very sad. They survived the Great Dying of the long drought which happened along with Columbus finding the New World and the terrible destruction of the native populations due to European diseases and outright murder.

  3. Melponeme_k

    According to your link, the tribe is also on the front line of stemming the massive illegal alien invasion. Neither the tribe or Arizona is being reimbursed for their activities.

  4. Lou

    Cold winter 2015-16?
    Almanac is predicting a cold 2016.

  5. John

    Obama will use any excuse to spend taxpayer money, because his real goal is to bankrupt and collapse the United States of America. Once the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are officially rendered null and void, the biggest and most effective obstacle to the psychopathic Pharisees and their delusions of deity will be removed.

    There are two choices for a system of government: the rule of law, or the rule of man. America’s founding documents establish the rule of law as taking precedence over the rule of man. This thwarts the neo-feudal ambitions of the psychopathic Pharisees.

    It is the supremacy of the rule of law which makes a capitalist system possible. It is capitalism which thwarts the delusions of deity of the psychopaths. Marxism is the religion of psychopathy. The only true goal of Marxism, in any of its forms, is to destroy the impartial rule of law, thus leaving the populace helpless and at the mercy of the psychopaths.

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