Refugee Crisis Due To Religions Forbidding Birth Control

We (husband and I) have now lived on this planet for over a half century.  I had two children.  My friends who had children generally had one or two, also.  Across the first world nations run mainly by Protestant-derived religions have seen the swift rise of family planning.  My mother had seven children and we hated each other a great deal.  In Muslim and Hindi regions we have out of control births unlike say, China, which has rapidly moved into the ring of first world nations after getting its massive population under control.  The places where it is illegal or impossible to have birth control such as Catholic controlled nations, are also feeding this out of control population boom that is now assailing the first world as excess population struggles to survive while the underclass in first world nations also give birth frequently since this increases welfare payments.



The harsh truth is, the earth isn’t this eternal entity that can handle a doubling population of any creature to eternity.  There has to be limitations.  These come in various forms, generally, population collapses like the sort which hits rodent populations during wet, warm years which collapses during cold, dry periods, for example.  No living entity can go forever reproducing endlessly.


Humans have conquered many diseases like the infamous Black Plagues which wipe out a third to half all humans in its path.  With modern vaccinations, huge swaths of third world areas have enjoyed massive population booms with the occasional epidemic killing less than 10% of the population at any given time.


Europe is being overrun with refugees whose ultimate reasons for fleeing is due to collapsing political situations which existed on the edge of the population sword especially formerly socialist countries like Syria, Libya and Iraq all of which provided seriously well-run health and welfare systems that caused huge population increases unlike much of Africa which has little to no services.


The Catholic nations south of the US border have the exact same situation with several socialist-leaning nations producing many children due to lack of birth controls thanks to the Vatican who wants infinite humans to die and go to Heaven and which actively plans for all humans to be finally annihilated via the Apocalypse which they do everything to encourage.


The US won’t push for birth control nor will Europe turn and face the out of control nations that have no excuse for overproduction of children they can’t feed, care for or help.  Instead of using modern methods to provide a better life for fewer offspring, they make it deadly dangerous for any woman to control her womb, they will murder women who try to control their production of children rather than free them to live full lives and have a sensible number of children to love and nurture.  Instead, they are worked miserably to death (I nearly died having my second child!) and they die young, worn to the bone, with unhappy children begging for the barest things to survive.


The UN should address this.  But cannot thanks to all the miserable, evil god created by humans these death gods being delighted in murdering us periodically or annihilating us entirely.  Who could possibly love these creatures?  Not I.


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19 responses to “Refugee Crisis Due To Religions Forbidding Birth Control

  1. Melponeme_k

    This mass relocation is exactly what swamped the Roman empire. I don’t believe it started with guerilla warfare banditry. It began like this with massive population surges toward the fully developed cities within the Roman empire. As the central hub disintegrated, it could no longer provide proper services to the populace. A massive population of male aliens unable to make a living within the empire THEN began to turn to crime.

    That is what we will see in Europe. It is already happening in the USA.

    The blow back will be Hitler style ethnic cleansing. And people will turn the heads away because it will seem that there is no choice between that or societal collapse.

    As before the elites will get away free and ready to enjoy the return of feudalism. A life where we are all in mud huts with a million children (who will mostly die before their 1st birthday), unable to read or write.

  2. Petruchio

    Hi Elaine! And welcome back. First, I’m not so sure it is a lack of birth control that causes the population explosion in Catholic influenced countries. I think it is more about the Church Doctrine which tells people to have big families. Second point: I don’t know what the Asian population is in your area of the country, but it is high where I live. We have THE largest Hmong population in the country, for example. And I can tell you this: many–not all of course–come to this country (legally or otherwise) and IMMEDIATELY start to create families of four and five (or more) children. I think that is a primary factor for people to leave their native countries: go to a country where they can make more money AND have multiples of kiddies. And of course, the VERY generous welfare benefits afforded these people–be they here legally or not–is most certainly a factor as well. Also: I think a HUGE part of the refugee problem isn’t so much about lack of birth control. It is about peoples’ native countries getting bombed like crazy! That makes them want to move. When you have had your home “visited” by a cluster bomb or a drone strike, it’s hard to “stay put”

  3. Jim R

    Remember Ebola?

    The author of The Hot Zone wrote that it is a ‘hot’ virus — spreads like a prairie fire in dry grass. And then, it runs out of fuel and just goes out.

    It was worse in those overpopulated areas of the planet. Last year’s outbreak was the worst on record. Seemed like the PTB were trying to get it to spread here, but it was already running out of steam by the time they brought in a few cases…

    In the end it didn’t make a dent. Something like 0.000001% of the population was affected. But, like you (and many others) have said, overpopulation leads to plagues. And the germs are developing resistance to our treatments.

  4. Mewswithaview

    There are several major migrations happening in the world. South and central America towards the USA and even Europe (Spain, Italy in particular). Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle east towards central Europe and the peoples of the former Soviet Union towards Russia.

    Here they all are:

    In the case of the middle East the driving factor for migration to Europe has been the destruction of the life support infrastructure in these regions caused directly by those that direct the American (and it’s allies) military industrial complex. Both Obama and Clinton as secretary of state continued the policies of previous administrations and made the problem much worse, not only that they wrapped themselves in a humanitarian blanket and called it right to protect (R2P) to justify their actions and the left antiwar movement swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

    The military industrial complex props up the Saudi regime, they sell oil and buy weapons in return (authorised by the American secretary of State), which they turn on their own citizens and rival regimes. Is it any wonder that people are strongly motivated to attack what they see as the beast directly such as September 11, Embassy bombings, military targets.

    The world bank lends money to countries to build huge dams cutting off the water flow down stream. Turkey has been doing that for years and now more Syrian and Iraqi dirt farmers can no longer farm, where are they going to turn – the only option is fight or flight? Modernity has been turned on these people, is it any wonder they turn to religion for guidance.

  5. wellwell

    Elaine, it is difficult to believe in a benevolent deity when one realizes the horrible carnage that has characterized life on earth. Exhibit A is the Great Oxygenation Event, caused by cyanobacteria producing oxygen through photosynthesis, which killed most anaerobic organisms and caused the longest snowball earth/ice age the world has seen, which itself killed most of the cyanobacteria and almost everything else:

    On the other hand, as a human being, it is hard to look at these images of a Syrian toddler washed onto a Turkish beach without feeling that something must be done:

  6. Ken

    The problem isn’t religion and birth control. These variables have remained unchanged for centuries. The biggest cause for the population boom is that western nations provide plentiful food and Medicine to the developing countries. As a result, the death rate goes down, and the population soars.

    But nothing can be done about this, realistically. The people of the developed countries would never sit still and watch thousands die of hunger and disease when it can be easily remedied. So food and medicine are freely given.

    Then, in a generation or two millions are at risk of death due to hunger and disease. The problem is worse, and all because help was given with the best of intentions.

    The cycle continues, with more and more food and medicine being given until populations can no longer remain in their home countries. With no place else to go, the billions of people kept alive with the best of intentions have no choice but to invade their benefactors.

    When the first world countries collapse under the invading hoards, the carnage will be massive. Many more people will suffer and die than if no aid had been given in the first place. Yet how can we be human and not help but provide food and medicine to our fellow man? Even knowing that it will ultimately lead to even more suffering.

    I see no easy solution.

  7. Jim R

    The toddler has a name. Apparently he was Kurdish.

    They are refugees because someone is bombing or invading or otherwise attacking their homes. If they felt safe in their homes, they would have stayed in them.

    Food and medicine and religion only go so far in defining this crisis. Foolish imperial attempts to subjugate the entire planet also figure in.

  8. emsnews


    Iraq was a SOCIALIST government which WE overthrew for zero legal reasons, our invasion was illegal and I said way back then, the President and Sec. of State should be put on trial like the Nazis.

    Ditto LIBYA. The messes we made are hitting Europe hard but Europe didn’t demand a trial of our criminal Presidents. Instead, they went along for the ride, it was NATO that attacked and Europe also has blood on its hands.

    Few people in the West understand the nature of Muslim Socialist leaders. I do understand them (via my parent’s work for the CIA in the past) the Chinese are still ‘socialist’ unlike under Mao which was an insane form of ‘communism’ which was rank totalitarianism especially with Madame Mao who was a total monster.

    Imagine if China had its socialist base destroyed by NATO. A billion people on the move!

  9. wellwell

    @Jim R, perhaps I am overly sensitive, but it sounded like you were lecturing me about the child having a name and nationality – and then you proceeded to pontificate from on high about causes and who should take the blame. I realize we are concerned about meta-causation on this site, and I am as angry as anyone that a revived just war theory under the guise of R2P has been used to destroy governments that offered a semblance of social programs to their populations, resulting in needless conflicts, populations on the move, and untold suffering. The Middle East is well and truly broken, and everybody knows it. But seeing a little boy’s lifeless body on a beach takes us to another moral space, beyond the justifications of being a truth-telling Cassandra. Our debauched and jaded civilization should meditate on this moment.

  10. Jim R

    No, I didn’t mean to lecture. Just bringing another piece of information to the forum.

    And damn those blue green algae, anyway! Stupid things, they poisoned themselves with all this incredibly toxic oxygen! And then they froze their little chloroplasts off! They got what they deserved!

  11. wellwell

    Jim R, you’re a gentleman – thank you for the additional information.

  12. Jim R

    I have outrage fatigue.

    And maybe I’m a bit racist as well. To tell the truth, it bothers me a lot more to see white Christians getting blown to bits for no reason in eastern Ukraine, than it bothers me to have something happen in Africa. So there ya go.

    The little Kurdish boy is infuriating as well. And to watch the ‘news’ media walking in absolute lockstep, ignoring the fact that this is a result of imperial hubris.

    Ilargi says we should send them all to Brussels:
    Give All Refugees A Free Ticket To Brussels
    , since Brussels is the nearest imperial capital. Let ’em loiter in posh hotels and clutter up the parks.

    Indeed, the whole of humanity is about to be bitten in the a$$ by Malthusian dynamics, but there is no reason to make it worse, and sooner, than it has to be.

  13. wellwell

    That little boy and his family should be in Canada right now. Because they were essentially stateless (as Kurds, they couldn’t get passports), our craven Immigration Minister wouldn’t take them. Their statelessness wouldn’t have been an obstacle several decades ago when the Vietnamese boat people arrived.

    This article shows a picture of Aylen and his brother in happier times:

    As for fatigue, who doesn’t have that?

  14. emsnews

    We are in a classic moment here: all the anti-birth control cultures have reached a crisis due to too many children surviving childhood thanks to vaccinations.

    So they have to take over the rest of the planet so they can reproduce at a mad rate. Eventually this, too, will fail and there will be planet-wide famine and a sudden collapse in populations done very violently.

    Rome once had a million people living in and around it and became a near deserted ruins in the space of 100 years of population collapse.

  15. Jim R

    Here’s another ilustration from Twitter. Yeah, I know, it’s Twitter. But it shows the relationship between the flood of refugees and ‘humanitarian bombing’…

    As you can see, those Malthusian places like Eritrea and Somalia are on the list, but the majority of these poor desperate individuals are coming from places where the imperial news talks about ‘regime change’ and ‘color revolution’. There’s Russia on there, too. Still an evil bureaucracy, but maybe not the most evil one any longer…

  16. Petruchio

    Of course the elites LOVE the sight of enormous hordes of refugees fleeing into Europe and other Western countries! The elites realize they can’t get rid of the Social Safety nets in Western countries, so they want to overload it so much it fails. It isn’t hard to arrive at the solutions to unrestricted human flight, whether it is a refugee flood or unrestricted immigration. For illegal immigration, you restrict social service benefits to LEGAL residents who have been residents of the USA for a period of time, say five years? This way, IF there are countries that have no problem with unrestricted baby making, THAT COUNTRY will have to deal with the problem of overpopulation. If China wants to allow its people to have families of 5,6, 7 kids, it is CHINA’s problem, NOT the USA’s problem.( China is just an example, because it is such a large country population-wise. I know they have severe restrictions on couples making babies.) Ditto for every other country that ignores or flouts sensible family planning. Sounds a little cold hearted, but there are really only two choices: allow unrestricted immigration and keep the current system of benefits–and watch it collapse, OR you impose social service limits on access to benefits. Of course, taxpayers could insist that every single PENNY to pay for social welfare benefits be paid out of the pockets of its wealthiest citizens, but success is imho doubtful.

  17. Narciso

    Elaine confuses her opinion with facts.

    “The places where it is illegal or impossible to have birth control such as Catholic controlled nations” -Elaine

    Birth control is legal in all of Latin America, Southern Europe, etc. Its amusing how Elaine thinks that Catholic nations are somehow controlled by the pope. Amusing how Elaine seems to believe that Catholics are somehow good little sheep that don’t have independent wills from the catholic church. Only in Chile are abortions still illegal and its clear that sooner or later it will be legalized there.

    Apparently only protestant nations allow birth control unlike those reactionary Catholics…

    “The Catholic nations south of the US border have the exact same situation with several socialist-leaning nations producing many children due to lack of birth controls thanks to the Vatican.” -Elaine

    Again Elaine seems to be stuck in the 70’s population bomb nonsense. All Latin American countries are entering a demographic transition and its only willful ignorance that that can make someone believe otherwise.

    Lol, Elaine is a product of her protestant indoctrination that Catholics are all controlled by the Pope. Christianity is collapsing everywhere due to people becoming increasingly secular and Latin America is no exception. Its why Pope Francis is trying to get ahead of the trend and softening church dogma to become more accepting of the huge social changes that have occurred in all catholic nations (education women has basically put them in charge of procreation and women are choosing birth control and small families instead of the “burden” of a huge brood of children).

    Demographic transitions usually go from people having 6-8 children, then their children having 2-4 children, and finally to the grandchildren moving to 1-2 kids. The whole process usually takes 60 years but can go on longer if countries don’t lower the death rate of children like Africa and the middle east that have high below 5 year old mortality rates.

  18. emsnews

    Ah, so the Catholic Church thinks birth control is good???? NOT.

    Ask the Popes!

    This link in Wikipedia discusses the huge battles in all the South American countries to gain access to birth control which is still a huge battle today.

  19. John

    #6 Ken – BULLSEYE!!

    You really nailed it, dead center. It is axiomatic that if you subsidize something, you get more of it. All that Western civilization has done, by pouring food and medicine into starving African nations, is to enrich the warlords while removing the biological pressures that kept inept populations from outstripping the natural resources.

    I realize that this is not a nice way to say it; however, it is the truth. Now, after decades of pouring “humanitarian aid” into these nations, we witness the fruits of these horribly misguided policies: the populations have doubled (or worse) – and they still cannot feed, care, or provide for themselves.

    If we really want to blame Catholicism for the problems we see plaguing the Third World, it strikes me that “unrestrained charity” is a much bigger culprit than frowning upon birth control or the doctrine of “be fruitful and multiply.”

    Any biological organism can only reproduce to the extent that the available resources will permit. By providing resources to a level that can never be matched by their natural environments, we have done nothing but guarantee that the resulting populations will be forever dependent upon handouts, which will only serve to further increase these populations beyond the capacity of their environment and their ability to sustain.

    It is a textbook example of a “vicious cycle.”

    When you add the parasitic machinations of the nationless oligarchy to this already tragic equation, the resulting horrific human suffering is absolutely inescapable.

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