Many of the World’s Most Expensive Mansions Are Right On The Beach: No Fear Of Oceans Rising!

Obama went to roaring hot Alaska where the people need to be moved further north to avoid the astonishing heat there while the rest of us are moving the Kansas to avoid drowning due to the oceans rising.  The very rich who own much of the most expensive oceanfront real estate in America are fleeing their homes which have lost value…note how the houses below in Miami, for example, have plunged in price!  Now, at bargain prices of $67 MILLION.  Cheap!  Oh, how frightened our rulers are of rising oceans!

Miami and South Florida’s Most Expensive Homes

$67,000,000 – Coral Gables, FL

  • 1 CASUARINA CONCOURSE – Coral Gables, FL 33143
  • Price: $67,000,000
  • City: Coral Gables
  • Beds: 9
  • Baths: 10
  • Type: Single Family
  • MLS ID: A2116600
Community: Remarks: 1 casuarina, a 3.6 acre mediterranean-inspired est

$55,000,000 – Key Biscayne, FL

  • 775 S MASHTA DR – Key Biscayne, FL 33149
  • Price: $55,000,000
  • City: Key Biscayne
  • Beds: 6
  • Baths: 8
  • Type: Single Family
  • MLS ID: A2001951
Community: Remarks: greatest property in south florida – ever. captiv

$55,000,000 – Coconut Grove, FL

  • 3551 MAIN HWY – Coconut Grove, FL 33133
  • Price: $55,000,000
  • City: Coconut Grove
  • Beds: 9
  • Baths: 8
  • Type: Single Family
  • MLS ID: A2020601
Community: Remarks: la brisa is a rare opportunity to own miami histor

The panic is spreading rapidly.  Global warming is making life in California and Florida impossible for the very rich so they are selling their mansions, cheap.  Hurry, hurry, buy them while you can briefly enjoy them before the mighty warm oceans wipe these places out!


The 9 Most Expensive Oceanfront Homes in North Coastal San Diego


All 9 are over $5,000,000. With some record breaking sales last year, 2015 looks to be another great year for the ultra luxury home in San Diego county. Del Mar and Solana Beach have some spectacular ocean front properties. Carlsbad has only one right now since the massive custom on 5305 Carlsbad Blvd was removed from the market for personal reasons. It was hovering between $28 Million and $29 Million. Del Mar oceanfront has really picked up steam in the past few years. Last fall a home on Sandy Lane in the Colony sold for $16,000,000 with 2800 sq.ft. Solana Beach is right down the road but almost half the price of Del Mar. For example a few months back a beautiful oceanfront home with a little more than 2400 sq.ft. on 509 Pacific closed escrow for $8,750,000.


See?  Cheaper than Miami!  Only $29 million for a doomed property.  Of course, Obama also has prime Hawaii oceanfront real estate too but he is willing to hang on for a year or two before it, too, is swept away.  Look at how he is so anxious to save the Alaskan natives from being swept away from their beachfront Arctic properties.  Well, look at all the super rich equally endangered, poor dears.


But taxing the air we all exhale will save all these expensive mansions!  Just imagine, as you suffocate, that this is doing the world great good since we don’t want those darling dears to wet their feet in their living rooms, do we?  So we must tax our breathing to save these poor people from losing their mansions!  We must send Neptune packing and insure that no ocean troubles such as poor King Canute and the waves that he couldn’t stop!  Think of wet kittens!


We should have a fund to move all the very rich to Antarctica where it is still frozen solid.  Some might move to the east shore of Greenland which isn’t melting at all.  Make sure they have plenty of blubber to eat.  The Inuit can show them how to prepare a blubber meal that is quite delicious, a delicacy.



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9 responses to “Many of the World’s Most Expensive Mansions Are Right On The Beach: No Fear Of Oceans Rising!

  1. melponeme_k

    The only thing the elites fear is being forced to share dwindling peak oil resources with the masses. That is the heart of it all. Heaven forbid they have to give up their private jets, huge mega-mcmansions and yachts so that everyone will have access to heating during the winter. How they hate to share.

  2. emsnews

    Yes, they are greedy bastards and our political parties are owned by them. The parties pretend to care for the voters and then do as they please when they win, throwing a few goodies they don’t want for themselves, to the masses to keep them quiet.

  3. @melponome_k: Thank you for getting it!

    Now for them, Global Warming would be icing on the cake, because they are also buying up property up north in Canada and down south in Argentina and Paraguay. Not so they would then sell or rent to farmers, but so they could keep the 99.99% OUT with an army of androids, so that we the masses will drown in the rising seas or fry in the new deserts (like Kansas).

  4. emsnews

    North of Canada? HAHAHA. How about Malibu Beach.

  5. John

    I’m seeing a lot of talk lately that there is no true shortage of oil. Nor is it a question of the available oil all being too expensive to recover.

    I’ve tried to do some searches on the subject, but when I type geologists say “no oil shortage” into Google, all I get are articles ABOUT oil shortage! This is because the progressives who run Google recently changed the algorithms, so as to factor their ‘progressive’ concept of ‘truth’ into the search results. Elaine, I believe, has discussed this before, with respect to AGW, and how sites like Watts Up With That?, which debunk AGW, get moved several search results pages back, because according to the ‘progressives’ AGW is a 100% established and proven fact.

    It’s the same with “Peak Oil.” The ‘progressives’ accept it as gospel, so finding credible sites that refute it with good hard science has gotten very hard. (Postings on Free Republic or InfoWars are not to be taken seriously, no matter how accurate they might be, and that’s why those sites aren’t buried by the new algorithms.)

    I suspect that the real truth is that oil is created by the effects of heat and pressure deep within the Earth, and then is forced to the surface by tectonic activity. This is why some oil fields have been observed to spontaneously refill themselves. The new oil isn’t coming from nearby reserves, and the exact chemical composition of it is always a bit different from the original deposits.

    And I suspect that the real problem the elites have with the masses is that, with billions of us here, we outnumber them far too badly for them to ever achieve their dreams of ruling over the entire human race like the Greek pantheon of old.

    I think energy shortage fulfills a dual function of allowing the Pharisees to strip wealth away from the masses via high energy prices, and also lays the groundwork for the eventual (contrived) exhaustion of energy sources, which of course will trigger the collapse of modern human civilization and result in a ~90% human die off.

    TL;DR version: it’s not that the masses use too many resources, it’s that there need to be a lot fewer of us, for the psychopaths to realize their dreams of total mastery over a neo-feudal global plantation.

    The only true problem caused by so many people is pollution, and if the Pharisees would quit stifling clean energy technologies (like an auto engine that burns salt water – ), the pollution problem would sort itself out, too.

  6. emsnews

    Oil is finite. Coal is finite. The planet is finite and so is the sun and our galaxy is going to be sucked into the Great Attractor eventually and nothing is eternal, and understanding this is vital.

    Humans have existed as fire burning creatures for only a very brief geological minute in the grand scheme of things. Sea slugs have existed barely unchanged for the last several hundred million years and other creatures of the oceans have also lived through many extinction events and massive planetary changes in climate, location of landmasses and asteroid strikes, etc.

    We, on the other hand, live on the precarious edge of the geological and evolutionary sword and are quite self-destructive far beyond any other living creatures. Ie: we are insane monkeys.

    This view of reality comes via my astronomer grandfather and his near neighbor, co-worker and friend, Dr. Hubble. They corrupted my brain way back when I was still a child.

  7. Marcie

    One reason the super rich buy mansions on the beach is flood insurance. The other reason is that these mansions are just their beach houses. If a hurricane comes along, they are going to be safe and secure in one of their other mansions.

  8. Jim R

    Elaine, I just had to look up sea slugs (nudibranchs) on Wikipedia, to see if there’s anything to your statement. It’s kind of tricky, since there aren’t fossils of them. The gastropods from which nudibranchs descended (we presume) first appear in the Ordovican ~450 mya. But the ‘sea slugs’ are obviously relatively new —

    Horseshoe crabs, on the other hand…

  9. Jim R

    — the pictures that I meant to show up there..

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