NATO Overthrew Muslim Rulers Now Europe Is Flooded With Refugees

Europe’s leaders bring back border controls with free-movement zone on brink of collapse | Daily Mail Online has shocking pictures of hundreds of thousands of refugees who are pouring into Europe in a tidal wave similar to previous imperial collapses such as the fall of the Roman Empire.  The EU now has to close all internal borders as this wave of humans crashes into major cities.  The route now are the rail lines which will soon cease to function at all as trains fill rapidly with illegal aliens.  This sad flow of humanity has two sources: no birth controls while child survival rates rise thanks to modern medical practices especially vaccinations and Israel’s major plan of destroying any allies of Palestine such as the rulers of Syria, Libya and Iraq.  The NATO wars against these leaders were utterly and totally illegal and are war crimes on the same level as Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan’s crimes.


All the human suffering we see today is both self-inflicted by religious leaders in Saudi Arabia who run Mecca and religious political imperialism whereby Jews use the EU and US to do ethnic cleansing and internal destruction of Muslim rivals for the misnamed ‘Holy Land’ one of the bloodiest, nastiest pieces of real estate on earth.  Anyone reading the Bible can quickly see that way back in the stone ages, this real estate which connected Europe to Africa, has been a political hot spot and anyone settling there is assailed by others who want to control this regional key between two major continents.


Oddly enough, the Torah actually discusses the first ‘murder’ whereby the settled farmer, Cain, kills his wanderlust sheep herding brother.  The Torah goes on to chronicle endless disputes over land starting with the stone age and into the Bronze and Iron Ages to modern times.  The Jewish people have been kicked out of this area several times as well as a long line of various other tribal groups.  Sometimes, tribes from  the Holy Land would invade Egypt and overthrow the native government there, then be driven out.


The EU isn’t a country, it is a very weak collection of individual states all of which have a long and extremely bloody history in relation with each other.  These mixtures of languages, habits and tribal groups (yes, they are still very tribal) have spawned some of the most destructive wars in history and there is no real ‘unity’ today because of the crazy quilt of languages, habits and political systems.  The US has a national government, Europe has nothing but squabbling rivals with a very long history of extreme amounts of blood on their hands, ready at the drop of a hat to resume fighting ferociously again.


China, for example, has a long history of unity under various empires.  The chaos between empires is universally viewed there as evil times.  Some empires were quite vicious, especially when it was imposed by foreign invaders but over time, all of these became either ‘Chinese’ too or were driven out again.  But the concept of China as a unified empire is extremely ancient going back to the Bronze Age and maybe earlier, like Egypt.  Ethnic minorities in China who have different cultures and languages have little impact on the mass population which overwhelms all other groups and this is the glue holding China together over the eons.  In the US, we imposed English on all immigrants until recently where pandering to Catholics from Mesoamerica, the US has broken this once-iron rule and we will eventually collapse as an Empire due to language, ethnic and religious problems especially if one group refuses birth controls while demanding socialist welfare for many spawn while the working portions of the population are careful about family planning and thus, have to toil to pay for the babies of Catholic origin.


This will definitely lead to race and religious wars here in the future.  It happened in the past so it will happen in the future because the goddess of History loves cycles and knows that  humans only escape cycles of the past temporarily only to be tossed back into the caldron of history and boiled down to their bones.  This demographic problem of first world nations controlling births so the individuals can be richer and healthier will be overthrown by ethnic/religious groups that don’t care if things are utterly miserable or even impossible so long as they can toss off more children and send them forth to do whatever they can to survive including stripping the land of all food and water due to gross overpopulation.


The EU and US welfare systems, for example, encourage multiple births by families unable to sustain even one child.  The more children, the more money.  Further, mothers doing this get a secondary reward as they send their children into the streets to seize via criminal activities, as much goods as possible.  I saw this firsthand when I was poor living in NYC. We had one child and waited 8 years for #2 due to economic conditions, we had to both work hard to pull out of poverty and succeeded.  Meanwhile, all my neighbors in my previous slum popped out child after child, boasted that the City gave them new apartments for free and free food and they laughed at me for working so hard all the time.


Today, I have and have had for the last 40 years, my own properties, my own comforts due to hard, hard work and the ladies I knew back in the early 1970’s have chaos, dead children, dead adult children, filthy, noisy, dangerous homes and neighborhoods and life is now a grind against society as each generation is more and more incapable of functioning except as wards of the taxpayers and residents inside our bulging prisons.  Very sad to see.


And this is while the US has tried to impose language skills on everyone who comes here!  Which is now collapsing, bit by bit.  A million American poor go to expensive schools with very expensive teachers and defy them to teach anything at all and these schools are often so dangerous by high school, armed guards are posted to protect the staff from the students.  Outer city schools are thriving and inner city schools are dying and the politicians have no solution for this because it is rooted in the nature of the present state which has done little to fix the obvious problems mainly because the population that has figured out how to use the welfare state to live idle lives are very adept at this new lifestyle and actually (I lived in the slums of NYC for a number of years and know first hand) are quite delighted with this lifestyle, far from wanting to learn how to work and move up the ladder, they feel they are on top of the world, not the bottom.


The truth of this is obvious: they control the streets, the schools and all businesses in their community and enjoy this greatly for it also gives them lots of idle time, too, to be amused in various ways which pleases them.  Tell them they can get work and they will attack you.  I found, while working in NYC on political matters, the few ambitious people in the slums who wanted to exit that lifestyle, were motivated internally and very focused on this and usually had very strong mothers who would not give an inch to them for misbehaving or aping thugs.  These lucky children rose out of the slums rapidly and joined the middle class (taking Mom along).


Europe has had a post-war socialist governing system that is the envy of the world, I lived in Germany for a year and saw this up close.  This system will now collapse.  So long as the new immigrants believe in endless children, it will collapse under the same stresses that is destroying so many anti-birth control nations.  This is exactly like how the Roman Empire collapsed as the Roman Warm Period faded and hordes of barbarians came howling out of the increasingly cold wilderness to seek warmer climes.


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11 responses to “NATO Overthrew Muslim Rulers Now Europe Is Flooded With Refugees

  1. Sunger


    1. Bomb and invade a small non-western country who has lots of resources

    2. Blow up electrical, sewage, communication, water systems etc so population is desperate

    3. Small groups form to attack the invader and reclaim their country


    5. Now we must ramp up for a decades long campaign against the terrorists with drones, secret police, increased military budgets. OMG!

    6. Population reacts with terror and hatred when overhead drones attack and citizens are arrested and brutalized by the puppet govt

    7. OH NO! The terrorists are gaining. OMG! we must react strongly to this threat to our national existence. Increase military spending right now.

    8. Rinse and repeat.

  2. Jim R

    I posted this twit-pic to the other thread, but I think it is relevant here, too.

    It shows the relationship between the flood of refugees and ‘humanitarian bombing’…

    As you can see, those Malthusian places like Eritrea and Somalia are on the list, but the majority of these poor desperate individuals are coming from places where the imperial news talks about ‘regime change’ and ‘color revolution’. There’s Russia on there, too. Still an evil bureaucracy, but maybe not the most evil one any longer.

  3. Jim R

    Also worth noting: the list does not show any refugees from Iran. There may be some, but they didn’t make the top ten list. All despite the fact that Iran is one of those funny countries that hasn’t welcomed the ‘west’, where they speak a funny language and practice a funny religion.

    Could this be because Iran has not yet been invaded?

  4. Lou

    Blacks in Africa now number a Billion. The population in Ethiopia has tripled [?] since 1985s, ‘We Are The World’ aid campaign.
    One immigrants quoted as saying, ‘Every Ethiopian wants to leave and live on the White mans welfare.’

  5. Ken

    Elaine, are you SURE that you’re a liberal?


    ELAINE: I am a realist. My father did tons of diplomacy and I did too, some Presidents (Carter above all) loved me, most hated my guts because I disputed policies with them. In very embarrassing ways indeed including at the UN.

    I despise right wingers because they want to destroy my own personal civil rights. To hell with them! My trans daughter is hated by conservatives, too. To hell with them! I am for many forms of civil rights…big time. And liberals are throwing this all away due to this infantile, stupid belief that we are going to roast to death tomorrow if not sooner.

  6. Petruchio

    “So long as the new immigrants believe in endless children, it will collapse under the same stresses that is destroying so many anti-birth control nations.” The solution to this problem is: 1.) Impose citizenship standards to qualify for Social Services benefits, meaning you must be a citizen of the country you seek benefits FIRST!! then you receive benefits. And of course, you do as Switzerland does: impose strict rules to qualify for citizenship! Not like the current system where if an illegal gets herself pregnant, BINGO!!! Instant citizenship for everybody! And second, you MUST, imho, do as China does: impose a ONE CHILD policy on immigrants. I wouldn’t go as far as China does with its forced abortions, but my rule would be: “have as many kids as you like; you only get subsidized for ONE KID. Imho, the government MUST take on the role of the parent, which is: “My money, MY RULES!! Don’t like it? Shuffle on down the road to a different country.” Of course, the elites will form phony “Human Rights” groups and fight these rules regarding immigrants.

  7. Lou

    ‘ My trans daughter is hated by conservatives, too. To hell with them!’

    So people have no right to hate? We must be ultra tolerant of freaks [my term for a trans gender]?

  8. emsnews

    I am a freak, so are you. Definition of ‘freak’ is dependent on thinking you are something special and good when you aren’t.

    All humans are…um…not exactly the nicest creature to crawl out of the ocean, eh?

  9. Lou

    All humans are…um…not exactly the nicest creature to crawl out of the ocean, eh?
    Some are nice. Dont judge the whole by a few.

    If someone wants to pretend to be of the other gender, I do not have to participate in that illusion. There is no such thing as a ‘sex change’ in humans. Fish, yes.

  10. Narciso

    “religious problems especially if one group refuses birth controls while demanding socialist welfare for many spawn while the working portions of the population are careful about family planning and thus, have to toil to pay for the babies of Catholic origin.” -Elaine

    Thats amusing considering that the Duggars and the rest of the “full quiver” cultist are all of protestant origin. The people demanding an end to birth control are also mostly right wing protestants that want to force white women to be baby making factories.

    Elaine wants to blame Catholics, Jews, Illegal Aliens while ignoring that the people in charge are overwhelmingly white protestants and white catholics.

    Birth control and abortion (abortion is more controversial) is something that almost all women want irregardless ethnicity. Right now the people leading the anti-abortion and anti contraceptives are all white protestants or white catholics. Elaine would rather pretend its the Pope’s and the evil minorities at fault for the attempt to roll back access to birth control.

  11. Lou

    Jews are in charge.

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