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News — RT News from Russia.  Even the NYT is reporting this illegal march by thousands of mainly male Muslims marching to Germany to take advantage of Germany’s socialist system.  Most are coming from socialist Syria and this invasion is due 100% to US/NATO conspiracies to overthrow all the SOCIALIST Muslim leaders like Gaddafi and Assad as well as Saddam, etc.  They are not attacking the kleptocracies of Saudi Arabia, etc. The liberal German magazine, Der Spiegel, chastises Germans about these mostly male ‘refugees’: Dark Germany, Bright Germany Which Side Will Prevail Under Strain of Refugees?


Neo-Nazi Arsonists Officials Concerned by Growing Far-Right Networks in Germany as the country notices that an army is now set itself into forcible entry and occupation.  Supposedly, people are not supposed to oppose illegal invasions, in the US was are ordered to not call ‘illegal aliens’ exactly what they are: illegal aliens.  The name has to be changed so it is de-facto legalized which means many more millions will now force their way in.


Right wingers are burning down hostels set up to be occupied by the wave of invaders.  This looks more and more like Rome around 250 AD. Security guard punches Latino man during protest against Donald Trump …but the headline doesn’t mention the man was an illegal alien.  Trump is supposed to be evil because he didn’t bow to this alien and say, ‘Yes, it is wrong to control our borders.’


Trump has a high chance of winning this election if this keeps up.  Mexicans who like Donald Trump & Anti-illegal immigration protest – YouTube shows a pro-Trump Hispanic raising fury with anti-Trump demonstrators in Arizona.


US tanks in Europe will be repainted green because of growing Russia threat now that Israel got its wish and all the socialist dictators are overthrown and their lands laid to waste, now is time to teach Russia a lesson in destruction.  Unfortunately, Russia has a very long history of defeating crazed invaders who can’t take the harsh landscape.  This insanity has amused Putin:


“Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that there are attempts in Europe and Asia to promote “distorted interpretations” of the history of World War II and denounced some countries’ moves to “exonerate war criminals” as “an outrageous flouting” of the postwar Nuremburg and Tokyo tribunals to prosecute them.” according to the Kremlin.

Here is our ‘ally’ in Asia:  “In announcing his statement commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the war, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said last month whether or not Japan’s action constitutes “aggression” should be “left to discussions of historians.””  Look, the Japanese elites are basically saying they had a right to invade everyone in WWII and committed no war crimes.


I warned the US leaders (deaf and dumb as they all are) that this was Abe’s plan and the US should have punished him when he began worshiping his war crime ancestors.  But the State Department went stupid and this was ignored and it is NOT ignored by the Chinese who are furious about this and are now openly displaying their displeasure with blessings from the Kremlin.


A thing about wars: accumulating enemies is a great way to defeat.  The US wants the desultory, disputative, multi-lingual and filled with hate with each other going back 1,000 years that is Europe as an ‘ally’.  Some ‘ally’!


We have to rescue them from themselves and their huge hatreds over and over again.  Unity??? Ridiculous.  Impossible.  The Muslims have been dumped into Eastern Europe which fought off the Ottoman Empire not that long ago and the last thing any of these countries formerly occupied by the Calif in Turkey is to have millions of Muslims take over again.  No way.


Germany doesn’t want them, either but the elites of Germany are anxious to appease the US and Britain so they are saying they will take a few hundred thousand aliens who are mostly adult males…HAHAHA…and do what with them all?


Easy to guess what happens next. In the US the newcomers are refusing to learn the main language and want their enclaves be dominated by themselves and this is how countries are conquered, this is how Europe displaced the natives of North America who are most emphatically not Hispanics, either, and there are precious few of these tribes remaining, overwhelmed by aliens.


Revealed: How the five wealthiest Gulf Nations have so far refused to take a single Syrian refugee and this is the last straw.  And now breaking news from Europe, concerning Syria: Who’s the real action hero? Putin meets Hollywood star Steven Seagal as he claims to have secured deal with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to call snap elections.  And thus, Putin gains the upper hand yet again using this thing called ‘diplomacy’.


And thankfully, Hillary’s popularity continues to fall.  Hopefully she and the Bush creature from the Black Lagoon of Florida will both fade away and we will be finally done with those two dopy dynasties.


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  1. melponeme_k

    Resurgent Neo-Nazi political groups for all. It won’t only be Germany this time.

    And the elites love it. The populace attacking illegal aliens keeps the eyes away from them. And it ensures that they have a supply of helpless slaves to work for them until they throw them to the mobs.

  2. Jim R

    It’s a good thing those refugees remembered to bring their shiny blue EU flag. They had to leave all their clothes and stuff behind, but they brought the flag along when they swam to shore.

    If they didn’t bring the flags, Europe might not know who they are and wouldn’t let them in.

  3. Mewswithaview

    Future generations of Israeli Jews may be the ultimate loser because of the Yinon plan in a few generations time. The region they occupy today has a history of conflicts over millennia aimed at subjugating it that ebb and flow. The problem the Jews in Israel will face is where are they going to go in the future? The descendants of todays refugees living in Europe will not share the same perspective that dominated post WWII Europe regarding the existence of Israel and I doubt by that stage the new superpower China will even care what happens to that country.

  4. emsnews

    Israel has nuclear bombs.

    The Apocalypse is very possible.

  5. Lou

    Israel has 300-400 Nukes and the ‘Sampson Option’ – look it up.

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