Black On Black Murders In NYC Shoot Upwards Under Democratic Mayor Whose Black Son Has Bodyguards

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Man, 29, fatally shot in chest in Brooklyn: police 


Look at the Daily News story here.  A murderer with a gun is running loose in NYC and there is zero descriptions of what this clown looks like or speculation about his identity.  He is, by default, a black male as is the victim who is also not described. Smart readers look at the address of the killing and presume he is black, too.  Nearly all the murderers and most but not all the victims are black, too.  A cabbie was shot and he was Asian while the shooter was black and luckily for us, the cabbie had a camera that took pictures so everyone knows the shooter is black but the story for that murder in the Daily News makes no mention of the fact that the killer was a black male.  Under Bloomberg, black males were disarmed and they complained loudly about racism as they were randomly searched.  Hundreds of black males lived for another four years thanks to Bloomberg but they are making up for lost opportunity to gun down each other by going crazy with guns under the Democratic mayor who is married to a black woman and has a young adult black son who has body guards so he is still alive.


But not for long!  Cops wound Brooklyn shooting suspect in wild gun battle – NY Daily News: this happened the same night as the story above.  Gunmen who are not described in the story and who remain utterly anonymous, had a mass shoot out.  One of them shot and hit a cop car.  They were all lousy shots, unlike myself, if I aim at something (mostly vermin or deer for dinner) I kill.  These guys do the movie ape ‘spray bullets’ all over while holding the gun sideways which is dumb.  They did this in NYC back when I was dubbed ‘the Housewife From Hell’ and I went around organizing street patrols and was yelling at Mayor Koch to help me disarm these criminals.


The Daily News was the one that dubbed me Housewife from Hell and look at how it has changed!  Mealy mouthed stories with virtually no details about the shootings!  I blame the mayor for this deterioration.  He is destroying the black community which has lost control of its youth who are raised to con welfare money by impregnating young ladies and then abandoning their own children who are raised to be out of control criminals since no one bothers looking for jobs since the state pays for everything.


I know intimately how this works for when I had a child while going to school at my university, I dropped out of school mainly because my major was wrecked by changes in how universities require languages (basically, all the foreign language departments were eliminated except for the most elementary instruction in basic language skills taught by part time teachers) and I went to work to support my baby.  I lived in the slums of NYC and the black mothers made fun of me, they all lived off of welfare for life and popped out children randomly to keep up the payments.  I told them back then, ‘I will be moving up and out and you will be stuck here forever,’ but they really didn’t care.


In less than five years, I was on the up escalator and a home owner and a landlady.  Made money and did well and all the women I knew in the slums stayed nailed to the ground there and if they had male children, too many ended up in prison or six feet under and now they are surprised?  The majority of the killers in my old hood were, nearly 100%, raised by welfare moms.  The city spends billions of dollars over the last 60 years producing criminals.  This has done the black community no favors at all, it is destroying them.  The Black Lives Matter is a farce organization which is whining because cops don’t trust or handle with kid gloves black males who are on this destructive cultural war against not only the rest of us but EACH OTHER.


The dead silence from that goofy organization concerning all the gunplay in New York City this week and it isn’t the holiday weekend yet…is proof that the organizers are actually anarchists wanting to break down what is left of any law and order in black communities.  They killed an entire city this last year, Ferguson, MO.  It is pretty much ending up looking like Newark, NJ which was a dead zone for generations after the race riots there.  I used to operate deep inside Newark working with a group of fine outstanding black businessmen who wanted to do something about crime.  We organized a way of going to Rahway State Prison and selecting men to take out on probation who had to work with us and follow a list of rules and rule #1 was they had to marry the women who had their children.


If they ran off at night without permission from their wives, these women would call us and I and one of the business men would show up and tell the male he was now on the path to being put back in prison.  This kept them off the streets after we scared them by showing up after midnight!  The success rate was less than 100% but higher than 80%.  I doubt anyone is doing this now, though, this was back in the 1980’s.


Black lives don’t matter one bit anymore.  Black males have made this crystal clear.  The BS about how they are persecuted when someone tries to disarm them and persuade them to stop aping criminals and rap ‘artists’ has to stop.  Black ‘artists’ make tons of money pretending to be gangsters.  When Michael Jackson made gangsta music videos at MY subway station years ago, crime there shot up through the roof and it took forever to regain control of our train station, my husband was attacked by black teen gangs there which is why I put my foot down and demanded specific patrols for our train station thanks to kids figuring out where Jackson filmed his musical number.  It was pure nightmare for us.


So long as black males are exploited as gangsta models to emulate, their illegitimate sons will all end up dead or in prison, too.  Whining about the cops while defiantly living an openly criminal lifestyle that destroys neighborhoods, destroys families, destroys people, is insane, disgusting and above all…stupid.  Everyone associates black males with criminal thugs and at this rate, even the law abiding middle class males who marry their children’s mothers will be shunned due to naked fear that they might be thugs waiting to kill us for no reason at all.  Utterly infuriating.  Meanwhile, Obama avoids the slums he represents.  When has he walked…WITH NO BODY GUARDS…in Bedstuy?  I have! I once challenged our mayor to walk with me, unarmed. He refused.  They all refuse.  Scared silly, they are.


MORE NEWS:  In Sacramento, California, there was another gun spraying killing at the university campus there.  A group of anonymous students got in an argument in the parking lot of the sports stadium and ended up spraying bullets at each other, several were injured but one died.  The description of the killer is all about his clothing…not a peep about what his ethnic identity is!  Not a word!  So…this killer who sprays bullets is still armed and very dangerous and we know the color of his shirt and pants and zero about his actual body.  No description at all.  This conspiracy to hide the identity of murderers is due directly to fears by politicians, police and reporters that they will be accused of racism if they mention anything that identifies the killers.  If a white man murders, they mention this fact especially if we citizens are supposed to keep an eye out for them but when it comes to black males, we are kept totally in the dark.  How insane and dangerous is this?


Obviously, it is very dangerous and I greatly resent this.


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8 responses to “Black On Black Murders In NYC Shoot Upwards Under Democratic Mayor Whose Black Son Has Bodyguards

  1. Ken

    This policy of not providing descriptions of criminals if they are black goes way back. When I was a college student in the mid-to-late 1970s at the University of Michigan the student newspaper, the Michigan Daily, implemented this policy. I don’t know if they originated the idea, but they were early adopters.

    Prior to the adoption of this policy the newspaper always provided detailed descriptions of the criminals. The university student body was small enough that this act of responsible journalism could increase the odds of catching the criminal and thereby make the university students safer.

    The criminals were almost always black. This embarrising fact ran afoul of a new liberal policy, however. It promoted negative stereotypes about blacks. The decision had been made by some liberal elites that blacks were not assimilating into society because whites believed the negative stereotypes. Something had to be done to eliminate the negative stereotypes. Then everything would be fine and racial harmony and justice would be achieved.

    There was only one problem with this plan. The negative stereotypes were true for the great majority of blacks. Studies have shown that stereotypes will arise if at least 10% of a group exhibit a trait – Swedes are blond, Italians use hand gestures when they talk, etc. With way over 50% of blacks exhibiting the negative stereotypes it was impossible to prove that the stereotypes were wrong.

    The only feasinbe solution was to prevent people from talking about or acknowledging these stereotypes. As a result, it is now politically incorrect to even mention or acknowledge that there are black stereotypes. Similarly, any reporting of facts which might reinforce black stereotypes is politically incorrect.

    Back to the Michigan Daily. The student newspaper was run by journalism majors, who then graduated and went to work for legitimate newspapers. As they moved forward in their careers I am sure that they used their new positions to promote the policy of not providing descriptions of black criminals. To do so would perpetuate black negative stereotypes. In the minds of today’s liberals it is better to put the public at risk than to perpetuate black stereotypes.

  2. Melponeme_k

    I once read a book years ago about a psychiatrist who worked with criminals on parole. He helped them establish lives away from criminality based on strict methods of psychological behavioral changes. He equated criminal behavior as a kind of addiction.

    He wasn’t successful with every criminal he sponsored but he said that the ones who established new lives worked hard for their freedom from prison and old ways of living.

    Many black criminals believe that guns level out the numbers game. That they will be able to fight back against a crackdown. But that will only work if one side (the largest side) remains unarmed. Once we get our quasi-demagogue in power, minorities will know true tribulation. I dread it. But I see it coming with no way to stop it.

  3. Lou


    This teen already had two children.

  4. Bring back Stop and Frisk.

  5. vengeur

    “…one day before starting community college”.LOL Why did the little nit-wit have a hand gun? To be a Gangsta, of course!

  6. Lou

    Mr-Ms Vengeur, the news reports is he ‘found the gun.’

  7. Maddie's Mom

    The truth hurts, and evidently, at this point in time, people can’t handle the truth and so it will be avoided and preferably, buried.

  8. Petruchio

    The Political Correctness extends beyond crime. If you have any degree of exposure to blacks in the workplace, you know a double standard exists there, too. If you criticize their work habits, you are a racist. Also: black males can spend all day flirting with the females while at work and don’t you even THINK about complaining about harassment in the workplace! A white male is given a MUCH shorter leash, rest assured of that. It is not about “equality” or “celebrating diversity” or Multiculturalism. It’s about letting social problems fester to the MAXIMUM danger level. The elites love all this. Keeps anger directed away from them.

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