No Birth Control Countries Flood First World Socialist Countries With Refugees

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The flood of refugees are all coming, whether it be from Central and South America or the Middle East or Africa, due mainly to population pressures connected directly to policies, mainly religious, forbidding birth controls of any kind.  This flood of humanity is going to rapidly swamp the birth control friendly countries where families voluntarily or in the case of China, involuntarily keep birth rates low.  I am a baby boomer born the year just before the peak and I had to go to school during ‘double sessions’ meaning I had to get up at 4:30 am to catch the bus to school at 5:05 am and college classes were packed, jobs were very hard to get, etc.


There is this huge push to force all the first world nations to suck in all the excess population of the world which continues to explode rapidly in size due to lack of birth controls and this will eventually annihilate all first world middle class lives as all social systems collapse under this flood of humanity most of whom are bringing huge social and religious problems that are not easily solved by mere assimilation. 51 Percent of Immigrant Households Receive Welfare Payments:


• “In 2012, 51 percent of households headed by an immigrant (legal or illegal) reported that they used at least one welfare program during the year, compared to 30 percent of native households. Welfare in this study includes Medicaid and cash, food, and housing programs.”

• “Welfare use is high for both new arrivals and well-established immigrants. Of households headed by immigrants who have been in the country for more than two decades, 48 percent access welfare.”

• “Welfare use varies among immigrant groups. Households headed by immigrants from Central America and Mexico (73 percent), the Caribbean (51 percent), and Africa (48 percent) have the highest overall welfare use. Those from East Asia (32 percent), Europe (26 percent), and South Asia (17 percent) have the lowest.”

• “Many immigrants struggle to support their children, and a large share of welfare is received on behalf of U.S.-born children. However, even immigrant households without children have significantly higher welfare use than native households without children — 30 percent vs. 20 percent.”

• “In the four top immigrant-receiving states, use of welfare by immigrant households is significantly higher than that of native households: California (55 percent vs. 30 percent), New York (59 percent vs. 33 percent), Texas (57 percent vs. 34 percent), and Florida (42 percent vs. 28 percent).”

• “Illegal immigrants are included in the SIPP [the Census Bureau’s Survey of Income and Program Participation]. In a forthcoming report, we will estimate welfare use for immigrants by legal status. However, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of immigrant households using welfare are headed by legal immigrants.”

The US already has this huge underclass which occupies many of our former manufacturing cities all of which were thriving before NAFTA and other open border trade deals which killed much of our native industries.  Places like Detroit are now hell holes filled to overflowing with idle populations.  FOUR THOUSAND sleeping on New York streets with beggars making $75 a day 


  • Police in city say up to 4,000 people are sleeping on the streets and that there are at least 80 homeless encampments – a quarter of them so permanent they have furniture
  • Ultra-liberal mayor Bill de Blasio under fire from his tough predecessor Rudolph Giuliani for failing to clean up city’s problem
  • Daily Mail Online has spoken to homeless beggars who say they can make $70 a day – as much as an eight-hour day on city’s minimum wage 
  • Arrests for crimes like aggressive panhandling, exposure and public urination have collapsed
  • Many homeless are taking cheap drugs, with heroin going for just $10 a bag and one expert saying: ‘There is an epidemic.’


The Democratic mayor has suddenly decided to clean up some of the biggest camps used by addicts.  This happened in the 1970’s when the city went basically bankrupt but kept all the systems running in place except for things we needed to keep things civilized.  So all the subsidized housing towers filled with idle young men who spent their extra time getting money via crime remained and were kept running while the subways, highways, bridges, security in the streets all collapsed.  I fought this tooth and nail and had to organize street patrols when we had one murder and ten attempted murders in one year on our one block not to mention several dozen muggings and one arson attempt and other nasty things.


Once we began our mainly at night armed street patrols where we made certain all the criminals were being closely followed literally, our crime rate dropped to zero.  We were celebrated by the Daily News as the safest block in New York City and the liberal response was to attack us for being armed and obvious in public.  The fact that our tactics worked impressed a number of neighborhoods who demanded the right to copy our patrols and I encouraged this.


Many Obstacles Are Seen to U.S. Taking in Large Number of Syrian Refugees – The New York Times complains which is funny since this paper is owned by Zionist Jews and anyone who mentions the wrong thing about Zionism is banned for life!  The last thing Jews want are Syrian refugees who hate Jews.  Imagine ten thousand of these religious Muslims moving to say, Queens!  There are huge Jewish enclaves in NYC that don’t practice birth control and which live off of welfare quite openly and outrageously so the men can pray all day and hiss at lewd women on the subway.


No Muslim country is practicing birth control.  They have zero desire to do this since, like Orthodox Jews or the Pope or any other religious fanatical operation, they depend on indoctrination of helpless children into the faith and the main road to victory lies in having as many babies as possible to the point of literal infinity.  So…we have this hysteria run by our own government that humans are destroying the earth and causing ‘global warming’ and we have to cut back, stop consuming, etc. while at the same time we should have a vibrant economy except we are doomed and at the same time, we are told we can take in all the excess Catholic and Muslim populations caused by their determination to consume the entire planet totally.  And who have made it crystal clear, they have zero intention of stopping this mad reproduction rate because they want to do this and we have to pay for this including eliminating ourselves.


The Jewish owners and staff of the New York Times all live in privileged neighborhoods that don’t allow riff raff to enter or operate.  They live in high towers and hog most of the police protection services and the outer edges of the city and the dying industrial cities which have become the main collection points of this excess, unwanted, unruly population which riots periodically and burn down their own neighborhoods, never Wall Street or Central Park, etc.


Cops fire 84 shots at robbery suspect, hit him once: police – This happened in Bushwick, a NYC neighborhood nearly totally turned over to the violent, idle class which lives nearly entirely off of the working class taxes, running wild with guns with cops who can’t shoot a brick wall without missing.  This is right back to the wild, wild East when I organized armed street patrols.  I still don’t see any Black Lives Matter marches in NYC in Bushwick or Bed-Stuy and I bet none will ever happen.  We did have black leadership who defied Al Sharpton and join my push for street patrols by citizens.  Al called us the KKK which was hilarious since the bulk of our patrols were black males all of whom had jobs and paid taxes and were married.


Today, Al Sharpton is on TV and has access to city hall and I don’t.  Says a lot.  The weeping and wailing about refugees is all Theater.  Our very rich hate the Syrians, etc.  A great deal.  But the temptation to destroy the middle class overrides this, they know they can hate the Syrians after the refugees come here and cause problems, the NYT will tell the rest of us, the rich can’t stop this mess of yet another crime wave/ethnic warfare, it is all the fault of the middle class, not themselves, the very rich.


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14 responses to “No Birth Control Countries Flood First World Socialist Countries With Refugees

  1. Petruchio

    Well said, Elaine. I think the elites here in the good ol’ USA are thinking they can go the route of the wealthy in a country like Venezuela. The elites in Venezuela literally live behind prison-like walls with machine gun towers spaced every hundred yards or so. I don’t endorse or encourage violence, but I HAVE wondered what the elites’ response is going to be when (not if) one of their own gets physically attacked. Sooner or later, someone or some group is going to think they can take on one of the elites, security or no security. The elites’ deep and bitter hatred of the American Middle Class will, in time, be their undoing, imho.

  2. Lou

    Here’a a question.

    In those hundreds of thousands of Muslims making the trek into the heart of Europe … are there any ISIS fighters?

    You have to hand it to the western media, the way they manipulate popular opinion. Photos of the two little Syrian boys drowned in Greece made prominent around the world, under the text its Europe’s fault; the elderly couple who got their throats slit in Italy in a home invasion by an Eritrean illegal, the same day, hardly mentioned.

    Germany and Austria have a lot of work ahead of them, what with converting thousands of Catholic and Lutheran Churches into Mosques. (France is in the process of converting 5000 Churches into Mosques already)

    Safe to say, against popular opinion, religion will be making a comeback in western and central Europe. I hope these washed out Euros enjoy the call to prayer!

    That’s how its done, folks.

    How do you like it now, Gentlemen? [this is a comment at]

  3. Lou

    EMS, theres a rumor that Israel was ‘in on drown boy.’


    ELAINE: Impossible.

  4. Lou

    There are huge Jewish enclaves in NYC that don’t practice birth control and which live off of welfare quite openly and outrageously so the men can pray all day and hiss at lewd women on the subway.

    Spoken like a gal who has been there. You worked, they hissed.

  5. Lou

    and / Israeli helicopters transport ISIS terrorists injured in Syria battlefield: Report

  6. hblinken

    No Muslim country is practicing birth control.

    in Iran the Persians are becoming a minority, since most couples are now highly educated, the birth rate has been in steep decline. you see it is not just birth control it is education that matters more.

  7. Narciso

    Europe and the US want to start up the looting expeditions due to the coming collapse of our debt bubble. The whole refugee thing seems to be a propaganda syops to prepare the population to bomb syria.

    Not sure why elaine thinks no birth control is responsible for the decline of population growth rates since its clear that the biggest variables that cause birth rates to decline is education of girls and public health services that lower child mortality (people have to be confident that their children will survive before they choose to restrict the amount of children they have).

  8. emsnews


    Vaccinations is what changed things. Childhood diseases in the third world has declined tremendously ever since vaccinations began. But it is ILLEGAL AS HELL to use birth control in Muslim nations.

    In Saudi Arabia, importing birth controls means death penalty!

    The rich ladies get it, of course, due to being elites. They cheat. But the masses are forced to have births like crazy.

  9. Lou

    Vaccines, Hygiene, Food, Education.
    Infant mortality has gone from 50% to [?]. Yet in Africa, at least one nation still has 7 children as average family size.

  10. Lou

    from Paul Kerseys site,

    The globalist media (Pravda) is pushing the photo of a drowned immigrant child found washed up on a beach. The bleeding heart liberals of the world now want to open their homes to the poor suffering Muslims and Africans.

    What they should show are all those hundreds of bloody faces of those pretty white girls in Finland, Sweden and elsewhere. These women were raped and beaten to a bloody pulp by invaders from the Middle East and Africa. Thousands of brutalize women in Europe and England. Anyone who talks about it is branded a Nazi or Racist.

    I have spent a couple nights looking at film clips from Europe. The Africans are tearing the shit out of Greece and Italy. Mobs are roaming down the streets destroying traffic signs, smashing traffic lights, tipping over dumpsters and throwing rocks and trash through windows. Fires are being set and people are being attacked.

    All because they are upset about HOW THEY ARE BEING TREATED. They have RIGHTS and want money and fancy homes to stay in. Bleeding hearts are feeding them and they throw the food on the ground because some of the cans have expired sell dates. Hundreds of Muslims have TURNED DOWN FREE BOTTLES OF WATER because the bottles have a RED CROSS printed on the boxes.

    When food is brought to them they mob and attack the trucks and workers. The Africans are DEMANDING FOOD from their native country. They don’t like all that boring food from Europe. They also don’t like those tents they are FORCED TO LIVE IN. Millions of these cockroach’s are taking over Europe.

    Just saw a story about a trial in Sweden for eleven (seven convicted) Muslims who spent hours raping a white women they lured into a refugee camp. There are cities in Sweden where the local population live in fear and do not go out at night. The liberals are welcoming these savages into their countries. The Muslims have taken over whole towns and have formed criminal and drug dealing Mafias.

    It is obvious that war has been declared on the Anglo-Saxon people of the world. GATEWAY PUNDIT and SABOTEUR 365 have some really good coverage on what is going on overseas. England has become a lost country. These Muslims and African are just as violent, if not worst than what we are dealing with.
    I cannot imagine what it will be like after they move MILLIONS MORE of these people into the large black populated cities like they are doing with the Mexicans. We have a rigged election systems so I don’t really think the Internationalist will allow a CAPITALIST TO SIT IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Trump will be pushed out just like they did with Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul. Time will tell.

  11. emsnews

    Capitalists do run the White House. What do you think the Bush elites are????

    Reagan was their puppet. The religious right fell for the crap the Skull and Bones magicians created. It was sad watching all those ernest fools ignoring the news that their beloved Bush leaders were all criminals who worship the Devil That Is Death.

    Sheesh. I warned everyone as best I could.

  12. Lou

    Sheesh. I warned everyone as best I could.— I think you mean, ‘I tired to get the media to listen to me’. But who owns the media?

  13. Petruchio

    @#11, Elaine: about those Religious Right fanatics who gave their loyalty to Reagan and then the Bushes. Don’t you find it strange that the RR’s KEPT giving their allegiance to them even though in fact both Reagan and Bush did almost NOTHING to prohibit abortion?? I would argue that abortion was and is the Religious Right’s top issue. Even if one is in favor of abortion, you have to ask, WHY do they continue to support Republicans? I’m not buying the “Well, Democrats would be worse in the fight against abortion” argument. It is a mystery to me why the pro-life/anti-abortion segment of the GOP doesn’t DEMAND action on abortion AND link their continued support of the GOP to the GOP’s DEEDS not rhetoric on abortion. Every campaign, these religious fanatics are fed a dose of anti-abortion boilerplate–and that is as far as the GOP goes to “support” the anti-abortion agenda.

  14. Lou

    New Mexico is the least expensive Blue State because more than half of the residents are on Medicaid and are always on the prowl for bigger and better entitlements from the state and federal governments. New Mexico is also a de facto sanctuary state where the same freebies mentioned above are handed out to “immigrants”. Recently, A latino couple, high on meth and developing a taste for murder and mayhem were finally caught. Any mention of their immigration status? Are they natives? Are they illegal? Who knows? The local media won’t tell us. Would knowing if this couple were here illegally be important? Yes. If significant numbers of crimes are being committed by illegals, the citizens of the state could insist on closing the border with Mexico, making their cities safer.
    Instead, we are faced with a criminal hispanic couple, origins

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