US Orders Russia To Not Interfere With NATO’s Destruction Of Syria

Labor Day Weekend where we celebrate the death of unions by goofing off: fun times!  As the socialist systems of the EU which depend on birth control and steady state economic conditions leading to exports being greater than imports, is now under assault from the Middle East as the region continues to blow itself up and nervous Zionists grind their teeth realizing that the chaos could explode in their own faces as the Palestinians who are treated like Helots by the ancient Spartans, may rise up yet again.  The US fully supports total suppression of Palestinian Muslims as does Europe’s rulers but both claim we must weep for Syrian victims of NATO policies undermining leaders living near Israel’s borders.


So today, US warns Vladimir Putin against dangers of aiding Assad’s Syrian regime | Daily Mail Online


Russian government have long acknowledged that it sent advisers, specialists and weapons to the regime of Bash al-Assad, but denies that its soldiers are taking active roles the country’s battle against various rebel groups…


A statement from the State Department said that Kerry told Lavrov, that a Russian build up in Syria ‘could further escalate the conflict, lead to greater loss of innocent life, increase refugee flows and risk confrontation with the anti-ISIL Coalition operating in Syria.’ 


How on earth is Russia going to increase civilians fleeing?  It seems that 99% of this is happening because the US and Israel decided to overthrow various successful governments that protected their own people more or less.  The US has a high internal death rate for black citizens thanks to out of control inner cities filled with unemployable black males.  One was shot last night in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, for example.


The populations in the US that are fleeing the Deep South came to the dying industrial cities seeking welfare support and got it but brought self-destructive behaviors along which makes it highly dangerous for other citizens to venture anywhere near say, most of Newark, Detroit, Ferguson, St. Louis, etc.  Huge parts of NYC which has enjoyed a strong economy, are highly dangerous for outsiders to venture due to the high murder/crime rates there.


Meanwhile, we are chastised for not taking in thousands of foreigners coming from a highly violent region due mainly to religious warfare, the one thing neither Europe nor the US have any need.  That is, this warfare will follow in the footsteps of the people coming in, just as taking in endless numbers of people from crime areas brings in more crime, not less.


Our illicit wars are going very badly and far from changing things, has made everything much, much worse in Iraq and Afghanistan:  American Special Forces defend ex-British HQ in Afghanistan as Taliban close in.  When Russia left Afghanistan, tail between legs, the US jumped in with both feet after 9/11.  Osama made it crystal clear, even telling us openly that his wish was to lure the US into attacking Afghanistan which is why he parked himself there and he obviously laughed himself to death with the wonderful scheme working perfectly.


Tremors are felt by the average European voter who don’t make the news while the liberals who are reckless demand open borders to millions of enrage Muslims.  I see the next elections going very strongly to the right wing, closed borders leaders.  Moroccan teen handcuffed by Spanish police for recruiting women to ISIS and they walked her through the streets, in full Saudi garb showing only her hands.


Swiss police fire rubber bullets during pro-refugee protest in Zurich (VIDEO) because innocent young people who have no memory of the past think Switzerland should surrender too.  This will never happen.  I am part German yet when I irritated the German government too much, they deported me.  And I wasn’t committing any crimes!  Just making speeches.


In England already politicians are getting pretty anxious about demands that foreigners, mostly men, are going to go to the front of the queue pushing aside citizens waiting for housing:  Geldof’s promise of shelter for refugees is ‘pie in the sky’, says local government chief | World news | The Guardian


David Simmonds, chairman of the LGA’s asylum, migration and refugee task force, which coordinates councils’ integration of newcomers to the UK, said it was easy to say that “something must be done”, but that the costs attached to taking in more people had to be recognised.

He added that the offer from the rock star Bob Geldof to put up families in his homes in Kent and London was “pie in sky”.

“If Bob Geldof is willing to make that offer, I’m sure his local council, which will already have a lot of people on its housing waiting list, will be very happy to bring them around this afternoon.”

The rock star has zero intention to take anyone in though it would be very amusing to see him take in 100 young, strong Muslim males who have no jobs and lots of energy and time on their hands.  Of course, this rock star didn’t give one quid that many Brits were begging for decent housing and would love to move into his pretty mansion.  And since he didn’t volunteer to house them, he is revealed to be a faker, a cynical creep trying to make news so he could buff his image while doing nothing.


Pope Calls On Every European Parish To Take In One Migrant Family says the Huffington Post.  All the liberal media features pictures of only women and small children illustrating this story even though they are less than 15% of the ‘refugees’ who are virtually all males of military age.  Most pictures used to tug at heart strings are completely devoid of these males, any men shown are grandfathers.


The Pope lives in the biggest palace in Europe if not the world.  He has plenty of room for a few hundred angry young unemployed Muslim men.  They are handsome guys, too!  Should be no problem for the clergy.  Which migrant ‘family’ is he going to house in his own apartments?  He jet sets all over the place so he can live at an airport instead.  Saves time and money this way.


German Customs Seize Fake Syrian Passports – Finance Ministry: most of the ‘refugees’ are seeking goodies and are from all over the place.  Since Germany decided to let them invade, they now are really all over the place and totally illegal and again, I was deported in 1968 for a speech I gave in Nuremberg at a big rally.  The German State Police went over all my paperwork most carefully, they were renown for being very strict and picky about foreign passports.  Now, they have no identifying papers and lots and lots of troublesome males with no sponsors and no connections roaming free inside Germany with zero border papers.  Teeth must be grinding all over the place as they contemplate the mess this will cause.


Keeping up the propaganda campaign about how we must reduce our lives or roast to death, the flood of refugees is blamed on it being slightly warmer in the Middle East than it was during the cold cycle of the 1970’s.  Climate Crisis Will Make The Migrant Crisis Much, Much Worse wails the Huffington Post.  Everything is now ‘climate change’.


Yes, climate changes…usually due to increasing cold driving people from the far north and steppes of Asia, cause mass population movements.  This mess has zero to do with ‘climate changing’ anything and a lot to do with huge explosions in births in Muslim cultures and political instability caused by NATO policies.


Annihilating Yemen is a story in Russia’s news feed that says the West is totally ignoring Saudi Arabia’s invasion of Yemen and how refugees from there are never mentioned, much less, Saudis helping even one refugee from any country at any time. 60 Saudi-Arab Coalition Troops Killed in Yemen while Four US Troops Among Six Injured in Sinai IED Blasts both of which are not front page news, it is back page or not at all while global warming garbage is all over the front pages of all the mainstream news no matter how ridiculous the connection.


While I was in the hospital, this happened a month ago:  Barack Obama aide Barvetta Singletary allowed to resign after assault charge | Daily Mail Online is making the news today.  She shot at her boyfriend nearly a month ago and wasn’t immediately fired.


Singletary was arrested after she reportedly confronted her boyfriend, a Capitol Hill police officer, about another woman he was seeing before grabbing his two cellphones and his .40 caliber Glock 23 service weapon, NBC reported.

When the officer refused to give Singletary his cellphone passwords, she took the gun and pointed it at him, saying: ‘You taught me how to use this. Don’t think I won’t use it,’ according to the arrest warrant.

Police said she pointed the duty weapon in his direction and fired one round.


Normally, the police don’t wait a month nor an employer a month, to do something about someone who attempts murder and she used a gun illegally to shoot at a cop, no less, and if her hand moved slightly in just one direction, the cop would be dead.  Her words are the words of a murderess.  She made it clear, she would kill him if he didn’t obey her.  Why she isn’t being held in jail for a trial is no surprise, her mother is a high politician as well as  her connection to the President so she is being treated differently from anyone else who would have committed this crime.


But then, black lives do not matter to hardly anyone except if a cop is dealing with them and one gets shot dead.  Then it is the end of the world and everyone has to get hysterical.  As NYC’s black neighborhoods look more and more like Syria and Iraq, will anyone do something about this?  Or will it continue to be ignored by liberals?  We know the answer to that question.


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11 responses to “US Orders Russia To Not Interfere With NATO’s Destruction Of Syria

  1. Mindy

    Great to have you back in such good form. One small correction: I don’t think you meant to say “Obama made it crystal clear, even telling us openly that his wish was to lure the US into attacking Afghanistan which is why he parked himself there and he obviously laughed himself to death with the wonderful scheme working perfectly.” Pretty sure you meant to say “Osama”. Easy (as well as funny) mistake to make!

    The insanity of it all is really amazing. The libs shout louder and louder for open borders, no accountability for black misbehavior, lowering of educational standards to accommodate non-English speakers as well as recalcitrant, destructive blacks in our schools. The end game is there for all to see.

    We Americans wonder why whenever we have to place a call for service, especially IT, we get forwarded to India, Pakistan, et. al. There we get to speak to polite English speakers who have manners. All the while our darker skinned brethren continue to burn down whatever’s left of America’s once great cities. I don’t think there is any doubt that our ancestors from one hundred years ago would have believed we whites would have allowed the senseless destruction and depravity to ruin this once powerful, great country. Truly tragic.


    ELAINE; YIKES. I am still rather ill and taking pills, etc. Not up to snuff.

  2. Mindy

    One other note: According to Daily Mail, the Pope is going to allow a few Refugee “families” into the Vatican. Hope those dark haired, handsome Muslim men don’t plan on dropping any soap in the Vatican showers. Just say’n.

  3. melponeme_k

    Liberals hide their own racism by hooking into the current politically correct platitudes. That makes them feel as if they are doing something. Unlike real liberals such as Elaine who want action and change on a host of social inequalities that are plaguing black people, other minorities even poor whites.

    We are exactly at the fall of the Roman Empire when hordes of newly conquered “barbarian” transients went on the move to take advantage of Roman infrastructure. This said infrastructure wasn’t funded enough to handle the explosion in population. That led to internal collapse and implosion. At the same time, opportunistic armies formed to loot undefended cities.

    I suppose we’ll see South American mercenary armies in the US. Militant muslim refugee bands in Europe.

    Its ironic. The Norns LOVE this kind of cosmic joke. The many centuries Europe and Eastern Europe fought against the Caliphate invasions. Only now to fall. The Muslims have NEVER forgotten that defeat. Another irony is that it will most likely be Russia that will be the last civilized place before the next dark age. The Constantinople of our time.

  4. Mewswithaview

    And here is the other side to western birth control – empty school classrooms and apprenticeship places in Germany.

    Dieter Zetsche: Daimler-Boss lässt in Flüchtlingszentren nach Arbeitskräften suchen –

  5. mike

    Wonder why the fascists have not bought law to force border crossers into the USA to pay health insurance for the time they intend to be here, or perhaps its more than most make in a years time, tho it seems they get health care procedures where they come from at levels rated with even greater successes in 46 other countries, .?……then Obamacare non payers or subsidy receivers have their properties looted while payers have their savings value destroyed by Obamacare printing up money to buy the thousand dollar aspirin , as part of the compound cost vrs compound interest expense prison state control of the public, bankruptcy and genocide, ruin of the country and people, non restrainable costs, tho it makes money for those whom exempted themselves from the law and collect inflation adjusted wages while creating inflation, as they pay pennies on the dollar for distressed properties..Health insurance costs up 20 percent again this October as last October, added to 18 percent the year before of the average 14 percent a year for 10 years… control and passport controls all into law at the start of the year 2016, forcing a lifetime of compounding costs withdrawable by the IRS from the captive accounts, containing moneys not wanted in foreign banks as citizens became troublesome from their governments demands of rulings, informations and controls……fascist prison state, by every definition of the word…..interior sabotage for the war on terrorism boogie man, only pennies today but wait till its 90 percent of earnings yearly, as like income tax grew to…or net worth tax… brought to you by the Republicans and Democrats, with Trump standing among the line of fascists or fascist puppet toadies…or goon enforcers………….Goonies…………..ha ha ha ha vote for “every things fine as long as somebodys arm is being broken”

  6. emsnews

    All this is being paid for via national debt. No one cares about it going upwards.

    It is HILARIOUS that the Pope has been embarrassed into taking in his own ‘refugees’. Questions abound. Will he support them fully? Including health insurance? Will he let them celebrate Islam in the Vatican itself? Can they have their mullahs visit and do various ceremonies?

    HAHAHA. Funny times ahead, actually.

  7. Mewswithaview

    It’s not only Muslims leaving Syria, there are long established Christian communities being forced out by the Wahhabi lunatics and their sponsors. It is perhaps ironic that the “Christian” US army intervention in the middle east has meant the end of Christianity in the middle east and the strengthening of Al Qaeda. Rest assured whoever the pope takes in will be vetted . . .

  8. emsnews

    We created al Qaeda. Used the guy named bin Laden whose family is very close to the Bush clan. This is all 100% due to US foreign policies by one of the stupidest clans on earth.

    Then there is Geronimo’s skull. It was a Bush and Cheney long ago who stole it and put it up at the Skull And Bones at Yale. They pray to it to give them ‘power’ and follow its instructions.

    I fought the Bushes over this damn skull years ago. But then the head of the Apache tribe in Arizona, Mr.Campbell told me the tribe is OK with the Bushes not returning the skull since they learned that Geronimo wants to stay there and destroy the US this way.

    I warned the media about this and the Bushes laughed it all off.

    By the way, they tried to fool the Apaches giving a CHILD’S SKULL from the Skull and Bones hoard and it was tested at the University of Arizona and then when it was not the Apache chief’s skull, it was returned to the creeps at the Skull and Bones.

    I fought with Kerry about this and he pretended to be helpless about stopping his stupid fellow Skull and Bones idiots and by the way, my ancestor, Henry Steele, was one of the founders of that insane club at Yale nearly 200 years ago.

    So here we are, in this immense mess that is annihilating so many innocent people and destroying ancient cultures and such and our leaders are 100% responsible and they practice black magic to do this. Sheesh.

  9. Lou

    It was a Bush and Cheney long ago who stole it and put it up at the Skull And Bones at Yale. / When?

    They pray to it to give them ‘power’ / Necromancy.

    Hitler was an occultist.

  10. Petruchio

    The founder of Skull and Bones, more accurately known as Numbskulls and Boneheads, was an OPIUM dealer. Yes, it was legal at the time, but still….

  11. melponeme_k

    Sesame Street is reduced to political propaganda as well as already being propaganda for the welfare lifestyle.

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