New Hysteria About Frogs in Washington State: They Will Die Due To Hot Weather!

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Are Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy married? – Muppet Wiki

Yes, the money for ‘global warming’s studies is flowing like the Mighty Mississippi and every possible graduate student and professor is jumping aboard the global warming Good Ship Lollipop to write ‘studies’ that prove with zero proof that someday in the future everything is going to roast to death and die and that this period of time is the warmest time in earth’s history which is utterly insane since we are in the middle of the Ice Age era and all eras before this, for the most part, were far warmer than today and frogs and toads evolved way back before dinosaurs and survived a number a major extinction events to croak at us today in mockery.

Claim: Climate change could leave Pacific Northwest amphibians high and dry | Watts Up With That?

“We’ve seen that the lack of winter snowpack and high summer temperatures have resulted in massive breeding failures and the death of some adult frogs,” said co-author Wendy Palen, an associate professor at Canada’s Simon Fraser University who has for many years studied mountain amphibians in the Pacific Northwest. “More years like 2015 do not bode well for the frogs.”…

…According to the study, more than half of the intermediate wetlands are projected to convert to fast-drying ephemeral wetlands by the year 2080. These most vulnerable ponds are the same ones that now provide the best habitat for frogs and salamanders.


Here is my comment:

About frogs and toads: I grew up in the Arizona deserts at Kitt Peak.

When rains come, suddenly there are zillions of tadpoles in every puddle and pond including in rock depressions on the mountain itself. We used to collect some of these to put in our own ponds to watch them turn first into tiny frogs and toads and the grow rapidly in less than two weeks into adults who mate and deposit eggs in the ground for the next monsoon burst of rain.

THIS IS A DRY DESERT! Yet the noise of these creatures croaking and chirping during the evening is very loud and strong. Drought years: they don’t happen. The 50 year drought during the Little Ice Age, when it ended, the same desert toads and frogs reappeared as if nothing happened.

Anyone studying any amphibians in the West should know this basic information for it is true for all Western amphibians.

Aside from this, the fact that amphibians which once ruled the land masses, and grew to immense size, and were croakingly happy dominating the entire earth before the dinosaurs arose and attacked them so viciously…oh my.  Now they are generally smaller to evade predators.  BBC Nature – Amphibians videos, news and facts

Screen shot 2015-09-07 at 6.28.33 PM

Good lord! The gigantic amphibian which lived in a much, much warmer world, was bigger than the biggest crocodile, another critter that managed to evolve in the hot world, survived the destruction of the dinosaurs and so far has thrived during all the Ice Ages and the Interglacials and they eat humans and other large mammals.

Is there a study going on now predicting that turtles will be killed by warm weather, too?  I bet there is!  The only reason various Ice Age huge mammals went extinct is due to humans killing them off but again, not all.  The cattle and horses were domesticated and are very much still with us.  The gigantic mastodons didn’t survive.  I often wished they did but humans were responsible for this just like we are killing wild animals in Africa at a frightful pace.

I want nature preserved but not being silly about it or manufacturing total lies about how say, amphibians, react to natural conditions.  Without the slightest doubt, amphibians worldwide much prefer warm weather.  True, some managed to evolve so they can hibernate where it is very cold but all the poor frogs living in Canada and parts of the US all died when mile thick glaciers covered everything for 100,000 years at a time!

All frogs living above the Ice Age glacier line are newcomers living there only in the last 10,000 years or less.  Note that these fake ‘scientists’ don’t mention this important fact.


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26 responses to “New Hysteria About Frogs in Washington State: They Will Die Due To Hot Weather!

  1. Jim R

    Those amphibians are more likely to die from the array of bizarre toxins being spread by “civilized” agriculture practices, and from concrete.

    They may be able to breed in the desert, but they don’t do so well when there is nothing but pavement.

    And, those desert frogs are really something! It’s amazing how adaptable life is. Even if we render the planet uninhabitable by humans (which is also pretty unlikely), there will be life!

  2. Jim R

    And, it’s nice to see you back to blogging, Elaine! ❤

  3. JimmyJ

    Amphibian dieoffs are predominately in North America from habitat loss and various widespread infections ala the bee colony collapse disorder kind of thing. Amphibian invasive species are rapidly gaining a toehold too. As usual climate change religion overlooks the complex for platitudes.

  4. JimmyJ

    Sorry, that was a knee jerk troll after a long day hiking in the dry NW forests around Vancouver today.

    It was honest research and I respect that. The forest up here is pretty dry. The extra dry trees succumbed to a recent hard blow over a widespread area, their wood cells being less flexible due to extreme summer drought. But as much as it is dismaying that weather is affecting habitat, I’m more dismayed at my previous culprits than a dry summer.

  5. emsnews

    The Pacific NW has had many droughts. Ditto, Arizona. And wet periods. We know for a fact that much of Washington State except for a narrow corridor, was sealed in deep, hard ice for thousands of years during all the previous Ice Ages.

    The amphibians there since 8000 BC are all recent immigrants from much further south who moved their habitat northwards and ditto the trees, etc. All are less than 10,000 years old, pretty much.

    The lack of understanding how evolution works is so pre-Darwinian, I am sickened by this silliness going on.

    For example, Darwin’s understanding via visiting a group of islands that were recent geological entities with a variety of life forms living there for less than 20,000 years was the understanding that life forms, when they isolate themselves from their origins, undergo many genetic changes VERY RAPIDLY.

    All frog species north of where the glaciers were are all recent and their great variety is due to entering uninhabitable places that are now habitable but ISOLATED from the main body of creatures.

    Arizona was cooler and wetter during the Ice Ages and was exactly like the Pacific NW (look at the Petrified Forest!) and the frogs living there adapted to the drier climate with zero problems. They became a ‘new species’ due to the changes. But they didn’t vanish unlike the ones in Canada who were annihilated every Ice Age.

  6. Lou

    Fake Scientists, indeed. So many real problems but research goes to prove AGW to force Carbon scam in order to make the rich richer.

  7. dddddancetotheradio

    I met a toad years ago in the parking lot of a place I used to work at as a jack of all trades.
    I was sweeping up the parking lot and I just swished him along.
    Amphibians are the least threatening animals.
    No reason to kill them.

  8. emsnews

    Mr. Toad in Wind In The Willows was dangerous when on the roads! 🙂

  9. Melponeme_k


    And the attacks just keep on. Another family that should sue Cesar Millan, Natgeo, Animal Planet, the pet rescue shelter and anyone who has a hand in encouraging innocent families to adopt them.

    A ban needs to be put on this breed. Any owners with this breed should be FORCED by LAW to hold mega insurance on it for possible attacks. Any of them languishing in shelters should be euthanized PLUS shelters need to be forced to label ALL dogs that have any Pit Bull background AS Pit Bulls. Essentially those dogs will probably need to be euthanized as well since the pit bull genes cause psychological unpredictability.

    I swear it has gotten so bad, I wouldn’t trust any shelter to give me a safe breed of dog.

  10. emsnews

    The Huffington Post has a special Pit Bull section where these lunatics rave about how cute their ‘babies’ are and how evil people are to be scared to death of these monsters.

    The ASPCA should exterminate these things, not palm them off on the unsuspecting. Ditto, the Chihuahuas. Those were raised to be FOOD. Very antisocial yappers.

    There are virtually no other dogs up for adoption at the ASPCA or any ‘rescue’ group.

  11. Melponeme_k


    “There are virtually no other dogs up for adoption at the ASPCA or any ‘rescue’ group.”

    I took a visit to North Shore Animal League, all the dogs are either Pitt Bulls or mixes. The mixes are named anything but pit bull. But you can see that the mixes are indeed pit bull and the shelter tries to hide it by photographing the dogs at strange angles to hide their broad skulls/jaws or husky build.

  12. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Glad to see the ‘gods of the medical empire’ haven’t laid you low.

    Funny to see a headline about my homeland in Washington sate, [I was born and grew-up north of Seattle.] and know it’s varied beauty very well.

    One of my favorite day-hikes is the “Big Four Glacier”:

    which has remained relatively the same size for the past 40 years.

    Big 4 is significant to the “climate change” debate, because the elevation is at less than 2,500 and should be severely impacted by temperature rise. Yet, in my life-time thought Big 4 has waxed & waned, it has never disappeared. So, does this mean “global warming” or “climate change” ARE NOT what we are being sold?

    Regarding Kermit’s relatives in the ‘Feminist Soviet of WA’ – Since the 1980s they and ALL soft-skined newts & amphibians have died off in the urban areas of the Puget Sound basin from Olympia to Everett. The reason will shock you.

    Estrogens from birth control devices/pills.!

    Apparently continuous use of Estrogens produces “Nano-Estrogens” which are flushed in a woman’s urine, cannot be seen much-less filtered at the sewage treatment plant, flow into the rivers and tidelands of Puget Sound, are absorbed by amphibians or their prey and cause “nano-cancers” in them.

    I noticed the extinction in the ponds and streams near northern Puget Sound in the late 1980s when I took my son and daughter frog hunting and found nothing within 20 miles of the urban areas.

    I began to understand what had happened when we lived in the Cascade foothills for several years and the kids regularly caught frogs-tadpoles and newts, which we released in our low-land ponds, never to hear a croak again. Something was in the water!

    So the females running the “Feminist Soviet of WA” actually promote ‘social policies’ that destroy the once pristine ecology of Puget Sound!

    Boy, if I was them, I’d conjure-up the biggest boogie-man I could for gender-correct politics and excellent cover!

    H.L Mencken had it right:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”


    PS Living now on the Eastern Seaboard and regularly got Emails from the ‘ole sod’ asking me ‘how much global warming fell on my lawn this week.’ during last winters exertions.

  13. Silverado

    This IS news to me. And I live here (within 50 miles of Seattle) and am relatively local events/news savvy and this is the first I’ve heard of it. I’m not saying it isn’t true just that it’s hardly even newsworthy. Oh there’s the fish in the rivers in crisis due to the drought and hot weather and LOTS of news about wildfires but frogs?? Not so much and (for me) only here…

  14. Lou

    The Huffington Post has a special Pit Bull section where these lunatics rave about how cute their ‘babies’ are and how evil people are to be scared to death of these monsters./ Yahoo News, now,

    California man killed, woman badly hurt in pit bull attack

    A 65-year-old man was killed and a woman seriously hurt when they were attacked by two pit bulls in Southern California, police and local media said on Wednesday. Riverside County sheriff’s deputies responding on Tuesday morning to reports of a dog attack in North Shore, a community on the shores… Reuters/

    and Huff Po sh-t, climate-change-deniers-

  15. emsnews

    HAHAHA…more than half of the comments at the Huff and Puff are from people who are explaining that ‘global warming’ isn’t happening anymore (and yes, we are in an el Nino event and in two years it will flip to a la Nina).

  16. Lou

    well, at least HP isnt censoring some comments.

  17. Lou

    Will this winter — for USA–be brutal?

  18. @Elaine: Well we’ve finished on the shortest Arctic Ice Melt ever, but what a doozy of a melt! We achieved the sixth lowest Ice Area ever up there, at 3.09 million sq. km.

    @Lou: Yes, of course. Worse than either of the last two years. With the Blob and the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge in the Pacific, and the stuck Jet Stream US Dipole (hot West, cold East) expect it to be bitter cold!

    Worse cause there’s fewer Sunspots.

  19. Ziff

    There is no blob ” it’s anomaly chart , comparison with some other time period chosen how? In this case1979 to 2000 I think but just try to find the data. I remember those years though and others there was usually a cold swirly in the gulf of Alaska .

  20. Lou

    The word “denial” is a clever deception that implies whomever questions an official narrative silently agrees with it but is lying about it just to get attention and be a jerk. This refers to “climate denial” as well as “Holocaust denial” and the inevitable “equality denial.”

    Philippe Verdier, France’s most popular TV weatherman, has been temporarily suspended from his job after releasing a book claiming that climatologists have “taken the world hostage” and that government-funded climate research data is routinely “manipulated and politicized.”

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

  21. Christian W

    The “climate change” in the Western MSM is just as much a proganda hot air front as the demonization of Putin is.

  22. emsnews

    You can’t lie about the weather for very long! Everyone gets to have REAL WEATHER wether you like it or not! So the last thing on earth someone should try doing is…lying about it being cold when everyone is shivvering cold.

  23. Kevin

    EMS, as a sky watcher, what will USA winter be like?

  24. Jim R

    Yup. The thing is, the financial fraud and global political power structure offered as a ‘solution’ for AGW is no solution at all, will accomplish nothing, and will make life miserable for millions and benefit very few. The global climate will continue to do whatever it does anyway.

    If that Meinel Minimum doesn’t get going pretty soon, we are in for a warmer, soggier planet in many places.

    But I have no idea whether winter will be cancelled on Elaine’s mountain. My guess is that it will not.

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