Pope Flies All Over Earth Screaming About CO2 From Jets

Pope visit: what is on board the Papal plane? – Telegraph

According to a host of powerful people living in multiple palaces and flying fleets of private jets and driving Rolls Royces, we are all going to roast to death due to exhaling CO2 and living in small houses and commuting to work, etc.  The Pope has joined the ‘Thou shalt burn in hell for being middle class’ army of rich people and he is flying his private jet fleet here to chastise us for our CO2 production via transportation, housing, etc.  Breaking news: Vatican Denies «fr Will Build Fleet Of Planes .  HAHAHA.



If the Pope is even slightly serious that CO2 is going to kill us, why doesn’t he just go on You Tube and tell everyone to never fly a jet again?  Practice what he preaches not that any Pope has ever done that in the past.  Pope Francis’ Visit to U.S. Is His First Ever, for Several Reasons – The New York Times


He is not opposed to all America represents. But he is troubled by privileged people and nations that consume more than their share and turn their backs on the vulnerable. 


Not only that, he is coming here to demand that the prelates STOP JETTING AROUND THE WORLD.  Yes, he if flying over here to prevent this terrible jet setting business that is wafting CO2 and killing polar bears.  Just like Obama jetted off to Alaska to demand we stop heating our homes in winter.


The Vatican has this fiction that it doesn’t own any jets.  But according to the news, Alitalia has a special brand new jet set aside for the Pope which flies only when he and his scarlet gang of co-conspirators need it to gad about the planet, yapping about how CO2 is evil incarnate.


This lunatic who lives in a giant palace complex and has private jets will chastise us all for being ‘consumers’.  We are to cease and desist.  We are to produce more babies who exhale CO2 instead except that is evil since more humans consuming oxygen and replacing it with CO2 means polar bears will die!


French Farmers Demand End to Anti-Russia Sanctions –reality bites.  The NATO attempt at destroying Russia is destroying French farmers who drive tractors and the Pope wants them all annihilated since their tractors spew out CO2 even if the crops create O2 which we breathe.  Anyways, the boycott of Russia along with the attempt at overthrowing all socialist Muslim leaders is backlashing on  Europe very hard.


I read EU papers a lot and the public consensus in the comments sections are running 1,000 to 1 in favor of deporting the hundreds of thousands of male ‘refugees’ who are all running away from wars caused by NATO policies.  These young males are going to wreck EU society since they will have either no jobs or will kick out citizens who are or need work and replace them being cheaper labor, either of which will enrage everyone who is a ‘citizen’ and has lost their civil rights to foreign interlopers.


The Pope is demanding more open borders so non-citizens can flood into countries and displace the citizens there.  Along with stopping global warming that doesn’t exist, the army of humans from anti-birth control cultures which the Pope heartily encourages to not use birth controls, this army is exhaling lots of CO2 and using them to displace citizens who are responsible and careful and not flooding the planet with excess population…and the Pope wants us to all step back, cease consuming and let in a flood of aliens!


The Huffington Post highlighted this stupid story in a magazine I once subscribed to but don’t touch today:  The Year Humans Got Serious About Climate Change — NYMag is all about how evil we are, exhaling and using birth control and using modern transportation which Mrs. Huffington Post loves to jet set around with her buddies…we are getting serious about global warming!  We are going to destroy the US to do this and then let in millions of illegal aliens and let them live here in our homes because we are evil to live in homes and travel anywhere whereas illegal aliens and Popes and Al Gore and Obama can jet set multiple times around the entire planet and consider this a wonderful thing.


Denmark places ads warning refugees to go elsewhere – NY Daily News: at least the government of Denmark has some sane people running the joint!  ‘Today everything changes’: Huge protest in Moldova demands new government, president, constitution — and NOT aliens.  And no global warming restrictions on using energy or travel.


EU referendum: Majority of British voters want out for first time, claims shock poll – UK Politics – UK – The Independent: they are scared to death, want out of the EU and know that the flood of aliens is aimed square at London and are terrified and furious and the Brit leaders are ignoring this, UKIP will win the next election! I looked at Finland news and reader are terrified of the army of military age Muslim males invading Europe but look at the loopy leader there:  Refugee crisis: Finland’s prime minister pledges to give up his home to accommodate refugees.  That will be hilarious to see but he won’t take in a dozen angry unattached males, will he?  Nope.


I predict he will be out of office, too, and his party deserted by voters.  No Jew is going to lift a finger, too:  Benjamin Netanyahu rejects calls for Israel to take in more refugees – and pledges to build 18-mile border fence instead   Furthermore, Israel plans to tear down 13,000 Palestinian Buildings in Palestine claiming they have no building permits on the West Bank but then the clever Jews who believe in being very tricky just like the anti-semitic stereotyping by Nazis, have claimed that since the Jews give no building permits, the buildings are illegal!


Just found this news that was not reported in the US:  UK rabbis denounce Israel’s ‘unjust’ demolition of Palestinian villages …which is a nice gesture but not enough to change history.


Ta da! Perfectly legal reason to make tens of thousands of families with small children, homeless!  Then there is the denial of water to Gaza, another Jewish tricky thing that is so typical of the stereotype of grasping Jews squeezing their victims taking blood from stones…YIKES.


Acting exactly like Nazis attribute to Jews is insanity! Cannot they see how terrible this is?  My family is half Jewish and we will be victimized by this disgusting behavior of the Zionists.  They endanger my own family, big time, and it is infuriating how this is protected by powerful Jews in the US who should be cutting off all money and political support to Israel for behaving in such a disgusting manner.


But no, dead silence over here.  100% support for this noxious behavior.  This backlash like all the others that are brewing are ignored by ‘liberals’ who think they can be utterly contradictory (hating humans while demanding we let in armies of illegal aliens, for example) forever: no.  that is impossible.  It ends badly as we saw during the 20th century.

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11 responses to “Pope Flies All Over Earth Screaming About CO2 From Jets

  1. Petruchio

    I have always wondered: Does His Holiness (and those like him, like Al Gore) consciously NOT realize what hypocrites they are or do they just not care that people notice they obviously don’t practice in the extreme what they preach? ###” These young males are going to wreck EU society since they will have either no jobs or will kick out citizens who are or need work and replace them being cheaper labor, either of which will enrage everyone who is a ‘citizen’ and has lost their civil rights to foreign interlopers.” Isn’t it AMAZING how the basic rights of established residents in countries are NEVER a factor when it comes to immigration, especially if it is hordes of unemployed immigrants? THEIR plight is the sole topic of discussion. For these people, the primary focus is, “What is the humanitarian thing to do?” I’ll give the answer as I see it: the answer almost ALWAYS arrived at is to essentially strip ‘pre-existing’ residents of ANY rights or protections and find ways to cater to the problems of other countries problems which are represented by hordes of poor immigrants. There is, imho a very deeply unfair and unjust policy going on here. If a resident has been a taxpaying member of a country, they SHOULD have every right to expect their Social Services system to kick in for them–should they need it. And IF there is a strain on these Social Services, you MUST either make choices OR raise taxes to accommodate the increased need. If you don’t want to raise taxes, you MUST, in order to apply basic fairness, grant Social services benfits to those who have paid for them AND reject claims on these same Social Services by people who were living–and not paying taxes–in a different country. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is going on here: the elites are flooding the Social Safety nets of European countries in order to impoverish them. People will see a VERY fierce anti-immigration policy the very FIRST time immigrant gangs form AND start attacking elites.

  2. Sunger

    Petruchio- could you translate this into English?

  3. Sunger

    Elaine- just because you don’t like the Pope and Catholic hypocrisy is not a reason to demagogue climate science.

    We need to realize that the catholic church is a bunch of medieval primitives but that this pope is an improvement over past models. For the first time we have a high-level catholic bureaucrat who actually is defending the natural world versus supporting facist political regimes around the world.

    It’s called progress in catholic land.

  4. emsnews


    He is demanding YOU stop heating your home, driving your car and share what you have with foreigners who have too many children!!!! This is progress????

  5. Jim R

    We’ll know the end is near when the Pope comes out in favor of family planning.

  6. Petruchio

    @#2: You have two choices with social services: you can DENY benefits to folks who move to your country because of the Social Service benefits, you can raise taxes to meet the need OR you can spread existing benefits to everyone, watering them down to be not worth much. I believe that there should be residency requirements to qualify for Social Service benefits.

  7. Lou

    Obama wants us to ‘stop heating your home, driving your car and share what you have with foreigners [READ NON WHITES or perhaps Muslim Whites] who have too many children!

    See my post above this.

  8. Anne On Y'Mouse

    Next two years hottest, says Met Office

    This is blatant propaganda from the BBCs climate activist Roger Harrabin

  9. emsnews

    Yes, we are all going to roast to death. This is why everyone is moving to Florida and California and especially the beaches of both.

  10. Lou

    Yes, Much of Siberia, Canada and Tibet have very low population densities.

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