Sweden Already Reels From Innercity Muslim Violence, Police Scared To Enter Whole Neighborhoods

Must watch video:  Islam in Sweden: Abolish Secular Law – No Go Zone – YouTube: this video shows how weak and helpless the police are in Sweden.  They are so feeble and scared of Muslims, they no longer patrol entire parts of major cities there for fear of firebombs and riots.  This is exactly what has killed many US cities like Detroit or Newark or other black enclaves prone to riots.  The police stand back and let crimes rage uncontrolled and basically, citizens must avoid these areas as much as possible.  Now, Sweden has said, like Germany, they are taking in many thousands of unattached, angry Muslim males who forced their way into Europe. This will end very badly for Sweden.



When it comes to refugees, Scandinavia is deeply divided – The Washington Post claims.  The ‘divide’ there is political like in the US.  Pie in the sky liberals excuse crime and disorder claiming the people who make these neighborhoods hell holes are misunderstood and need help.  But instead of training, integration, rule of laws and not mob rule and other efforts, liberals think pouring money into pockets will stop idle males from tearing up these places.  Instead, it fuels further crimes, seeing how easy it is to get something for nothing.


I used to organize patrols in these sort of communities in the past.  The criminal males would be up all night which is why their murder rate spikes from 11:00pm to 3:00am.  They are very noisy and restless and sleeping is difficult when they are out prowling about, making a racket and attacking closed businesses, etc.  Climbing up fire escapes and running along rooftops, prying on windows and doors, trying to steal cars, etc. they are busy little bees.


The quiet hours are from 6:00am to 12:00pm when they wake up and demand feeding and go out to mug or hold up stores.  Entire cities are run by these thugs and they live in one house after another being always the last to live there as they slash and burn what used to be functional manufacturing cities, all killed by ‘free trade’.  Sweden is no different and bringing in the tsunami of unattached angry Muslims males will seal the fate of more than one city there.


Video:  SWEDEN: Malmo residents must deliver the mail because postmen are afraid to go there | BARE NAKED ISLAM: it is already happening.  Even the government admits there are 55 areas it no longer patrols at all.  To go to fires, the firemen have to drive AROUND these areas which means they come very late to fires, for example.  NYC used to be run this way when I challenged the government to properly service my neighborhood instead of leaving us to the mercy of vicious criminals.  I forced the city to give us full services and to crack down and even kill the monsters assailing us every day.  Yes, lethal force must be used to stop lethal criminals.


Swedish police targeted by gangs | THE SWEDEN REPORT is written by a Swede who recently fled his homeland. He came to the US which has this problem in spades but being very large, most citizens can avoid the dying cities being rendered uninhabitable.  Once and a while, some poor soul accidentally ends up lost in these hell holes.  But generally, if one’s car doesn’t break down in a bad place, they are easy to find and avoid.  Everyone basically knows to never ever visit, say, most of Detroit.  It is mainly a ghost town like Newark where I used to work with some businessmen trying to revive the place (we gave up).


Like in the US, the media plays up various victim of police stories while ignoring the fact that say, 100 cars have been torched by vandals for no reason in one month.  Мигрантите не ја примаат помошта од Македонија – YouTube is a video that our mainstream media didn’t show much, only showing cute children wanting to get into Europe.  In this video, the military is trying to give a bunch of very angry Muslim males free food but there are red crosses on the boxes and the Muslims are threatening to attack the military for daring to give them red cross aid.


Note how the Muslim women and children stand well back while the men scream ‘Allah Akbar!’ at the aid givers.


Here are some other videos: Muslims throw 12 Christians overboard in religious clash on migrant boat in Mediterranean sea – YouTube.  They came not from the Middle East but Africa.  The Muslims on the boat learned that some were not Muslims and threw a number of them overboard but the remaining Christians locked arms and braced themselves and then told the police what happened and the Muslims were arrested in Sicily.


And here are the little children and women…zero…no, this is a bus load of very angry Muslim males and listen to their shouts of joy:  ISIS recruits shout “Allah Akbar” in Refugee trains going to Germany – YouTube.  And here is the US:  UNDERCOVER VIDEO EXPOSES the truth behind the myth of ‘moderate’ Muslims – YouTube where, like the people in the south, Defiant Kentucky clerk’s backers want aides fired over marriage licenses to gays, the Muslims want to butcher all gays after torturing them and the preacher here talks about how they must do this in the US.


Religious fanatics are dangerous but weak kneed liberalism is also equally dangerous.  Back when I fought very hard for strict street patrols and no crime in New York City my direst enemies were not the criminals themselves, they respected me in the end, it was the liberals who attacked me with all their infantile ferocity, demanding I not stop crime because black people were…criminals naturally and had a right to behave barbarically because this is their nature!


This is why the butchering of each other in the black community with blacks killing each other 90% of the time and doing this at a much higher rate than all other ethnic groups, is not only tolerated by liberals but utterly ignored by them!  They don’t care!  Black lives don’t matter in the slightest.  This sad state of affairs leads to annihilation of the black community plus much worse segregation because no sane person wants to live in a black community, not even black middle class people want to live in black neighborhoods, they are constantly fleeing to white neighborhoods which then see white flight after a while and the game rolls relentlessly onwards while no one dares stop the lower class unemployable black males from their wild criminals life style that is rapidly destroying them all.


European Union calls for mandatory refugee quotas and will force all the many nations there to destroy themselves.  This is going to end very badly.  Either Europe’s voters will recoil in fear and kick out all liberals or they can live with major cities as dead zones like much of the US ‘rust belt’.  And don’t think the Muslims will stay home in burned out husks.  They will be on the move.


Freddie Gray Settlement Approved by Baltimore Officials as his family hits the jackpot of $6.4 million which will be paid by the remaining taxpayers there.  All the cities with riots over police trying to control out of control youths are forced by juries who view their cities as golden geese to pay millions for any unfortunate encounters further bankrupting these dying cities.  There is no infinite pot of gold out there.  Black homeowners and business people will pay for all this.  And then flee.


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14 responses to “Sweden Already Reels From Innercity Muslim Violence, Police Scared To Enter Whole Neighborhoods

  1. Melponeme_k

    Another video of Illegal Aliens in Europe stealing food and then throwing it away to the shock of naive liberals.

    Unfortunately the cult religiosity of these people will destroy Europe. As in all fundamentalist religions, they are raised from birth to think of themselves as chosen and everyone else are dirty peasants only fit to be slaves. It is telling that the first thing they do in going to civilized places is attack non-Muslim women.

  2. I feel really sorry for the unattached native young men of these countries who will be in competition with those “refugee’s” for jobs, housing and most importantly the opposite sex. Look at Sweden with the most extreme feminist orthodoxy the world has ever seen and the highest rapes of any first world country? Yet a blogger in Sweden risks being arresting for noting who is responsible for the increase in rapes. What is the point of paying taxes if your countries leader’s welcome in invaders without firing a shot? Adios Europa!

  3. Lou


    A few miles away in Oxford town itself, a Muslim rape ring had raped over 300 English girls over the course of a decade or so.

    Yet the sheep still welcome the Muzzies with cow like smiles.

  4. Lou

    Elaine, ‘black lives’….THERE IS A ‘FREDDIE GREY YOUTH CENTER’ and his kin got 6 MILLION SETTLEMENT.

    Grey had a long rap sheet and sold heroin.

  5. Petruchio

    This is all going according to plan. The elites do this trick over and over and over. Create a problem–and then force your solution down society’s throats. The elites are hoping that these Muslim males continue to rape and commit other crimes. The elites will let this issue fester. Then when the elites think the masses are desperate enough to accept ANY “solution”, no matter how heinous, the elites will unveil their plan to “save” the masses. Do not expect broadened individual rights; expect to live in more like what resembles a police state. You can’t get too cynical about the elites.

  6. ziff

    How about trump and his warmongering? he’s going to save israel with a big new military.

  7. emsnews

    And…all the other candidates are…warmongers for Zionism, too, aren’t they all?

    And all of them are calling for Europe and the US to take in millions of enraged Muslim males!!! Ahem.

    This is beyond insane, it is actually becoming comical. I wonder if it were possible for me to be put to sleep for 100 years and then woken up to see the mess finalized.

    Er…no. Second thought, I pass up on that.

  8. ziff

    but trump looks like a winner, least he ‘seems’ not one of the gang

  9. Well Freddy Grey’s family deserves every penny considering what they did to him. But the BPD should be compensated double, plus punitive damages plus interest. Who should pay this? Why the bleeding heart liberals, of course.

  10. Lou

    The tribe is celebrating the demolition of what is left of Christian Europe. They never tired of demanding open borders for white nations while screaming no dark immigrants in Israel.
    For the tribe it was always open borders in white nations and concrete walls in Israel. Try to deny that this is true.

    The tribe is beside itself with joy over the dark inundation of Europe. Every Jew in a position of power demands open borders for every nation but Israel.
    Jewish politicians demanding more bogus refugees so they don’t stand out amongst European Christians:
    David Miliband has launched a furious attack on the government’s handling of the migration crisis and demanded Britain take in more refugees. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new
    M.P. Gerald Kaufman demands more more more more! It’s Britian’s moral duty! Let them in! https://www.youtube.com/watch?…
    David Aaronovitch says let them in, they can become electrical engineers! http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/c
    Naturally, Israel just can’t afford to take them and our politicians all agree that Israel has the right to remain an ethnically pure state. Merkel certainly agrees to their demands and goes to Israel to recieve awards for flooding Germany with brown immigrants. Shimon Peres lauded her efforts to finally exterminate Germans for good by saying that Germany has left its Nazi past behind. Suddenly, Google removed the articles for that search. They do this when it suits their narrative.

    > Drown Boy
    Nearly everything we were told about Abdullah Kurdi and the drowning of his son turned out to be a lie. Daddy wanted free dental implants and Turkey wouldn’t provide. Now they are claiming he lost his teeth to Saddam’s interrogators!
    Where is Kurdi now? Back in Syria.
    Last rumor reported on kurdi in german fringe media/social networks: he steered the refugee’s
    boat himself. That makes him the killer……not a blip in the msm -german or otherwise..

  11. emsnews

    Yes, the drowned children story has changed greatly and yes, the father is back home again and running around howling about how Europe is mean to him.

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