Chinese Immigrants To Germany And Europe Are Beneficial


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For graying Germany, refugee crisis could be a needed boon to its population according to the people who are pushing for Europe to absorb a million Muslims.  I have a family that has Asian, Jewish, European, etc. members, we are very mixed and this is great for genetics as well as social reasons, we are international in nature and at the same time, we have to protect and preserve the nation we all live in, namely, the United States.  This means learning language skills and other skills to work hard to make this a better place.  The flood into Europe this year is bringing social and political and religious conflicts, it is a disaster for Europe and may even destroy Europe and force it into another Dark Age.


I lived in Germany in 1968 and was deported for political reasons.  Now, Germany is being told, due to a low birth rate, they must have people move there to save them from ruin.  I looked up who has been emigrating to Germany before this gigantic influx of mainly angry Muslim males of military age: Europe Attracts More Migrants from China and like the US, this has been very beneficial.  Study: New immigrants mainly from Asia are better qualified than Germans because..Germany is Losing One Million Scientists, so Germany Turns to Migrants from…China!  And this works.


The Chinese are practical people. They don’t have some sort of violent religious or ideological belief, they want to make money, prosper and have no problem of integrating their children who are encouraged to master multiple languages, do well on tests, work hard and do well.  So it is with my own son-in-law who works very hard and is very good at what he does and who is quite happy to be a full American citizen and who pays taxes and causes no problems for anyone.


Kerry: U.S. will take in more refugees because we are suicidal.  We already have destroyed a number of huge, major cities when our rulers stuck us with Free Trade deals that killed places like Detroit.  Many of these dead/dying cities still have luscious social services left over from when the cities were rich and had a good tax base.


The states stuck with these dead cities are struggling to stay above bankruptcy as our nation as a whole goes steeply into debt.


Many English media are pushing very, very hard to force Brits to take in hundreds of thousands of angry Muslims.  John Spicer is a 92-year-old veteran who was so moved by the plight of refugees that he’s clearing out his spare room. He wants you to do the same urges the Independent, for example.


Here is the plan:  Private landlords urged to provide quality housing to UK-bound refugees – Home News – UK – The Independent


The rent will be paid by local councils, who get Home Office funding for the first year, or under a EU scheme for placing vulnerable refugees.


This has enraged many subjects of Queen Elizabeth.  This is due to huge budget cuts this last year and the horrible results:  Death has become a part of Britain’s benefits system | Frances Ryan …   Disabled man starved to death four months after being declared ‘fit …‘10600 people died within six weeks of being declared fit to work…etc.  Lots of headlines from the last year about how helpless people such as this lady who has severe brain damage and thinks it is 2004, in May, every day for she has no way of remembering anything new.  She was told, since she can walk, she can work.


NHS workplace stress could push 80% of senior doctors to early retirement because the system is falling apart and doctors are fleeing to the US and other saner places.  The lunatics who claim they can take in hundreds of thousands of mostly male Muslim foreigners also claim these interlopers should get immediate medical care while the subjects of the Queen who has a private hospital for her family and staff, have to wait months or years for treatments.


Teachers at Islamic school jailed for 12 months for beating 10-year-old pupil in England. These children are NOT integrating at all in England or anywhere else.


Thousands of migrants battle with riot police in Macedonian quagmire after storms batter eastern Europe as bankrupt Greece can’t cope.  But help is on the way:  Saudi Arabia offers Germany 200 mosques – one for every 100 refugees who arrived last weekend – Europe – World – The Independent.  Isn’t that wonderful?  And each mosque will come with a Saudi preacher who hates modern life in Europe and wants to impose Sharia laws on everyone and kill gays, etc.


Last of all, there is this madness:  Marine study finds women suffer more injuries, shoot less accurately than men and most give up quickly when exposed to male levels of training.  No surprise to me.  I used to fight medieval style and wore full steel armor.


It was hard work.  I did construction work and was much stronger back then compared to today, alas.  But very very few women fought in full armor like myself, maybe less than a dozen.  Most women gave up.  I used to train mainly young men how to do medieval warfare and make armor and I used to conduct ‘death marches’ in the woods and fields.  This is harsh and takes a lot of muscle power and guts to endure.  Just as most women are eager to do construction work until they learn how hard it is.


I never, ever asked any man to do something for me, I had to do what they did including moving huge beams, dragging cement bags around and building and climbing scaffolding, roofs, etc.  Most women give up because it is easy to give up rather than lift weights, train their bodies or build up the bone structure to endure what men do naturally, for the most part, thanks to testosterone.


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10 responses to “Chinese Immigrants To Germany And Europe Are Beneficial

  1. Lou

    ‘I lived in Germany in 1968 and was deported for political reasons. Now, Germany is being told, due to a low birth rate, they must have people move there to save them from ruin.’

    Chinese and other non White, non Christians will only ruin Germany, not ‘save it.’ They will make a new non German place. If given a chance.
    It may be called Germany, but it wont be Germany.

    Much as I dislike ‘all things Israeli’ I see they will not take any more ‘suicide bombers, this time from Syria, disguised as refugees.’

    In UK, a Jew named Mr Kaufman is pushing for ‘more mussies for UK’ [but non for his heartland, Israel].

  2. Peter C.

    Can’t deny biology, men on average have twice the upper body strength as a woman.That’s a big difference!

  3. emsnews

    The Chinese are famous for integrating and taking up other cultures. We have ‘Chinatowns’ in the US but their children integrate easily. After all, anyone except native tribes are aliens to the US and our previous success was to have good public schools which worked tirelessly to integrate all new people.

    This is falling apart now as many newcomers refuse to have their children integrate and learn the main language or even bother learning to do anything useful, look at all our former manufacturing cities which now lie in ruins and schools are failing to bring anyone up to snuff anymore due to lack of interest in the idle population to make even the slightest effort to learn and change.

    This is in very stark contrast with nearly all Chinese coming to any country.

  4. wellwell

    A former professor who taught me Ancient Mesopotamian History had what he called a “paint pot theory” that newcomers are like one shade of paint which mixes with the overall colour of a society to create a slightly different shade. Even invaders typically end up inter-marrying with the locals, e.g. the Anglo-Saxons appeared to have married the Celts in Britain. You have to destroy an awful lot to eradicate an existing society – and bear in mind that if a “Renaissance” in Islam is to happen (resolving the Sunni-Shia divide) it may originate from a diaspora living in Europe or elsewhere. I’m somewhat pessimistic in the short term, but the paint pot theory leads me to be more optimistic over the long term.

  5. emsnews

    The Normans ruled England for nearly a thousand years. The present Queen who is so ‘beloved’ is German. As were all the others for the last 300 years.

  6. Lou

    The present Queen who is so ‘beloved’ is RICH. Perhaps the richest old bitch on the planet.

  7. Petruchio

    “…we are very mixed and this is great for genetics as well as social reasons, we are international in nature and at the same time, we have to protect and preserve the nation we all live in, namely, the United States.” Seems like a nice sounding theory, but as a practical matter very difficult to achieve. What must happen in this scenario of ‘blending’ of cultures, races and backgrounds is for EVERYONE in this grouping to abandon what they previously learned, had faith in and believed to be true–and then adopt this belief system that requires EVERYONE to accept everyone else. Not gonna happen!!! Too many prejudices and economics to get around or through. I refer the reader to immigrants they encounter in their own daily lives–don’t take my word for anything. Do they act like they want to ‘blend’ or do they cling to their original identities? Yes, yes, I know. Give it time. The immigrants we know now will meld together and we can become one big happy family. Well…sounds like daydreaming, pie-in-the-sky to me…

  8. Lou

    Elaine, USA was a melting pot. 90% White and mostly middle class.
    The Jews [yes, I will name names, Javits and Teller + Teddy K] changed all that in 1965. Kennedy said ‘6000 or so will enter USA.’
    Now with 150 million ? entered, what can I say?

  9. Well I know what to do with all those Muslims. Most are fleeing Daesh, no? So just conscript the angry young men, put them in uniform, send them back and go tell them to fight. They’ll probably fight Assad instead, but at least they’ll be out of Europe and Europe’s hair!

    And even the photos the bleeding heart MSM post, show the majority of the refugees are single young men.

  10. Lou

    EMS, yr states report card,

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