France Desperately Tried To Cut Back On Muslim Immigration In 2012

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An open letter to anyone who ever talked down the refugee crisis: this cartoon leaves out one piece of very important information.  The boat is filled with people who come from places where birth control is totally illegal.



France faces emergency housing shortage as it prepares for refugee influx but Refugee crisis: Hollande says France will take 24,000 refugees even though he and Sarkozy both decided in 2012 to cut Muslim aid by 85% to discourage them from pouring into France by the hundreds of thousands.  French say au revoir to France: Over two million French people now live abroad, and most are crossing the channel and heading to London because of high taxes.


Female cartoonist on indecency charge for shaking man’s hand: Thousands petition to free Atena Farghadani in Iran.  In Saudi Arabia, this sort of thing can get a woman beheaded.  Today a construction crane crushed many Muslim men worshipping in Saudi Arabia which has people praying in a very dangerous construction site!  The lack of interest in protecting their own people is so obvious.


The bleeding hearts of Europe don’t understand jihad. It isn’t gone, it is growing! And Saudi Arabia which is bombing Yemen mercilessly, is also the power behind 9/11 which our own government covered up and the only planes to fly on 9/11 and the days afterwards were all carrying Saudis out of the US so they could hide from the rest of us and all anger about 9/11 was directed at two places that had nothing to do with 9/11: Iraq and Afghanistan.


I was furious about that back then and nothing has changed since then.



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3 responses to “France Desperately Tried To Cut Back On Muslim Immigration In 2012

  1. vengeur

    I notice in the German press, that stories about the Fluechtling tsunami rarely allow reader comments. But when they do, the comments are OVERWHELMINGLY NEGATIVE, with many deleted posts. The average german knows they are going to be saddled with immense costs to pay for this insanity for years. When Merkel was running for Chancellor, she said “multiculturalism has failed “. Today she speaks the PC bullshit,” Islam is a part of Germany”. So now the gates are open, and an unending tide of anybody wanting to escape war and poverty in africa and the middle east will head for Germany. Brilliant!

  2. melponeme_k

    Yes, many Europeans are fleeing their countries. It is unspoken. No one writes news stories on it.

    A great many are here in NY, the majority from the UK, France and Germany.

    I now think that it is very possible that the vast illegal alien push into many countries will lead to collapse and fracturing between communities. We will further see areas where areas that still favor hard work and civilized social interactions will break off into their own allied states or something like Ancient Greece’s city states.

    There used to be talk that New York and its sister states of NJ, CT and PA could effectively break away from the United States and survive. But, of course, that would effectively kill off the USA as a whole since these states pay the bulk of the country’s debts via taxes.

  3. melponeme_k


    Jewish editor tries to tell the truth at NY Times. Is subsequently forced to take the twitter walk of shame.

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