WordPress Has Been Redesigned And Is Now AWFUL

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Shortest Melt Season On Record In The Arctic | Real Science

I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress when Blogger changed for the worse.  I was totally happy with WordPress for years and years and then without any warning or asking for feedback, WordPress recently redesigned their entire coding systems and added lots of junky things that interfere with my writing on my own blog, pop-ups that perform no useful services being the most annoying.


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Also, my ability to post you tube videos has collapsed and other issues now abound and I now find it increasingly agitating and irritating to post anything at all anymore.  This is INFURIATING.


These meddlesome people who think things have to change all the time don’t realize it can change for the worse.  I note now that other bloggers using WordPress are now beginning to complain and perhaps we can sue them?  There has to be some sort of way to prevent someone from degrading services.


The only hope we can have is to collapse WordPress by leaving.  Leaving creates many problems for me but the problems using this wretched new service is now so overwhelming, I must make the move.  The ‘new improved’ service advertised on the bar above is hideous, ugly and useless.  I can’t imagine anyone using the older system wanting to change to the ‘easier’ system which is even worse than the present mess of the older system.


UPDATE:  The staff working for WordPress are quite a crew.  I suspected, reading their comments to users in the ‘forums’ that they are a cocky bunch.  Here is their reply to my complaints:


Screen shot 2015-09-12 at 10.03.16 AM

I tried to figure out where to complain at their forums.  The staff should have assisted me instead, they THREATENED me.  Now I am not ‘allowed to complain’ because I bother them.  Well, duh!  I am bothering them because I want some service, fast.  They need to read my complaint and say, ‘Oh, oh, some of our paying users are angry about our changes!’  Instead, they act as if this were a goofy internet forum where they can boss people around and act like smart alecks.  I am going to have to change my service now since I get zero service from them.  What a bunch of jerks.


ANOTHER UPDATE: I just got this in my email:

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sunset borger

side picture begging boneEmail:




209 Greenhollow Rd

Petersburgh, NY 12138

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sunset borger


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24 responses to “WordPress Has Been Redesigned And Is Now AWFUL

  1. Ken

    My personal experience with technical “upgrades” in the office is that they always make. matters worse initially.

  2. emsnews

    Quite true.

    I have been on the internet ever since it was began by NASA and the CIA. My dad was one of the creators of this system of communication and I would go into his office when he was overseas or away and use it to plot with other students across the US at Berkeley, NYU, etc. Very amusing.

    Have been posting online for around 40 years now. WordPress is wrecking my blog this month and I am going to have to do something about it.

  3. Hi,

    I’m sorry, but I was looking at your post from the WordPress.ORG forums and I accidentally clicked “Like” via my phone. It was completely unintentional and I undid it quickly.

    It’s not some sort of passive aggressive move on my part and I’m not trying to wind you up.

    Here’s the thing: you have a complaint about WordPress.COM and you posted your complaint on WordPress.ORG. The .ORG has nothing to do WordPress.COM. You were posting your complaint in the wrong place. Multiple times in unrelated topics.

    This is the forum you should have used.


    The forum that you posted to is for self-hosted WordPress.ORG software installations.

    This link explains the differences between WordPress.ORG and WordPress.COM.


    WordPress.COM is a service and the moderators on WordPress.ORG (I’m one of them for .ORG) do not have anything to do with .COM.

    Your additional .ORG posts were deleted by me; that’s considered spamming when you do that. No one threatened you at all but the .ORG moderators do moderate the forums. And as I said, you were spamming.

    I really hope that you get your WordPress.COM problems solved and looked at. But please refrain from bringing .COM complaints to .ORG. We’re not being obtuse but we really cannot help you there for your problem in .COM.

  4. emsnews

    So you are not in the same corporation at all? You are in a totally different company???

    Ahem. Who is your boss? I know you won’t tell me who heads this corporate multi-headed monster.

  5. emsnews

    I just looked it up and both are the SAME ENTITY with different functions.

    Is there no head of this organization? This is what I want and can’t find. Headless, indeed.

  6. I don’t have a boss, or at least one related to WordPress. Honest.

    There is a Support Team Representative, which isn’t a “boss” and the teams don’t really have representatives anymore. The last support rep was selected about 2 years ago. I’m that person.

    WordPress.ORG (notice I didn’t say .COM) is 100% staffed by unpaid volunteers. No one gets paid to support users at WordPress.ORG. All of the volunteers there provide support on their own time out of the goodness of their hearts.

    I’m an unpaid volunteer trying to help you out on my own time. Your reply was to ask for my boss. I’m going to assume you didn’t mean that any negative way.

    I just looked it up and both are the SAME ENTITY with different functions.

    Is there no head of this organization? This is what I want and can’t find. Headless, indeed.

    Again, you are seeking answers from the wrong people. I encourage you to post your problem and WordPress.COM issue in the WordPress.COM support forums.


    This link will take you directly to the support form.


    See the .COM part? That is the correct forum to post any issues related to your WordPress.COM blog. Please consider posting there, I am sure you will get a reply.

  7. JimmyJ

    The WordPress folks try to spin the convenience of it but the ORG vs COM thing is definitely confusing.

    Note that any content posted to WordPress.COM is owned by them and they can shut you down arbitrarily. You’re better off getting your own site hosted anywhere else and use the WordPress software, or another blogging software, on that. Make sure the host sites content ownership terms are favourable.

    Ideally you have your own web server at home and you own content and how its served over the net but it can be pricey for bandwidth if you have a lot of traffic. Check with your local geek for how you can do this.

    A fairly useful explanation of WordPress pitfalls.


  8. emsnews

    Wow. Volunteers??? No employees??? And what am I paying for??????

    This is just crazy. Now I am very motivated to change this site to save it from these volunteers.

  9. Ken

    I think the volunteer was saying that the .com folks are not necessarily volunteers. That may be what you are paying for.

    I wonder if it is possible to switch over to .org? Jan? Anyone?

    JimmyJ’s idea of having your own server has a certain appeal. However, I question whether the phone/cable lines to your mountain will support it.

  10. CK

    For what it is worth:
    Blogger is morté, Google+ likewise, Microsoft actually had decent blogging software but they claimed they owned all the content therein … morté and well deserved.
    Wordpress.com is the paid version of wordpress, wordpress.org is the free version and you get to host it yourself and pay for all the bandwidth yourself, your ISP may have codicils and restrictions in your service contract about self hosting a blog. On the good side, if you can self host, you avoid all the restrictions and corporate butt covering that goes with the .com version.
    They do have very different functions, one takes money monthly and the other doesn’t. Pays ( uses for free ) your dime; take your choice. But at least if you have a gripe or a concern or a bitch to pitch; pitch it to the correct catcher.

  11. Atrocious grammar / syntax, too! They can’t even use a proper singular personal pronoun to identify the person who they said liked your post. They had to use the third person plural, instead. Destruction of the language in the name of political correctness!

  12. emsnews

    I just got some email complaints from other users who are very angry with how the ‘staff’ responds to any complaints. I am far from the only person.

  13. Jim R

    I think the .org version allows you to use your own domain. So you would get a name like emsnews.com from godaddy or somebody (and you have to pay a small nominal rent on that), and then you find a host, and rent some server space there. You can run your own server in your closet or something, but that will be slow and unreliable.

    And then, you get the software from wordpress.org, and you can download it and configure it any way you like. But of course, that is an order of magnitude more complicated than what you are doing now. Oh, also, you’ll have to spam-filter the incoming comments somehow yourself. I have no idea how hard or easy that is.

  14. Sunger

    Elaine said-“I have been on the internet ever since it was began by NASA and the CIA. My dad was one of the creators of this system of communication”.

    So, Elaine, now we know that Al Gore did not invent the internet. That was your father who invented the internet.

    And he also is a key diplomat with the Chinese.

    And a key diplomat with the Saudi Arabians.

    And he is an astronomer- ” My grandparents were astronomers, my parents were astronomers, too.”

    And a high-level OSS Officer- ” My father had another life: he was an OSS officer in WWII in charge of the rocket program,”. This really sounds out there.

    Oh and he also authored a paper long ago on climate which is the only correct interpretation of climate events- “It is now variable. My father’s paper on this topic was censored and fellow scientists repudiated him when he tried to get it published.” Now he is a victim of the scientific plot to disseminate lies in order to get grant money-LOL.

    Sounds like somebody likes to tell fish stories.

  15. Melponeme_k


    Except she isn’t lying. She was part of the power elite run by old families in the US.


    Do you think she had any say on what the Optical Society put on their website?

    How about the American Astronomical Society?


    The Meinel family is truly a strange but true story.

  16. JimmyJ

    Thanks Melponeme_k for those links.

    The obit written by Helmut A. Abt for AAS is particularly detailed and generous about Elaine’s Dad. The author’s mention of unfinished paper on the cosmic rays extinction effects from the Cats Eye nebula is intriguing.

    And Aden coming up with the OXCART name for what eventually became the amazing Blackbird is a real bit of history. Let alone that Aden would have to have very high security clearance to be involved in U2 and successor camera design at Area 51 no less!

    Elaine has actually understated her Dad’s achievements so its funny Sunger needed a rebuttal, but it’s good too as I learned more about Aden Meinel.

  17. emsnews

    When the Cuban missile crisis happened a military helicopter flew to where my dad and I, incidentally, were FISHING IN THE MOUNTAINS on the Animus river which was recently destroyed by the EPA…

    It flew him to a military airport and a military jet flew to DC and he met and confirmed the missiles.

    We got a free parachute out of this which my dad used as a tent for many years.

  18. emsnews

    PS. All of my dad’s stuff in Germany during WWII I learned from a number of Nazis I tracked down and bribed with booze (and being a young lady with a tad bit of charm) to tell me all about his many exploits there.

    For example, Roosevelt disliked General Patton so much, he gave my dad orders (in the White House SECRETLY) that said, ‘You must follow all orders of LT. Meinel without question.’

    Patton nearly passed out when he read this. And worse, Roosevelt, a Navy Man made my father A NAVY man on the spot, too!!! HAHAHA.

  19. coopersita

    Seriously, it’s not that hard to understand. You are paying a company called Automattic, which runs WordPress.com. That company is owned by Matt Mullenweg.

    WordPress.org is an open sourced project, where there is no “boss”, it’s all done by volunteers. At WordPress.org anyone can download the software for free, and use in their own self-hosted web site.

    WordPress.com, who you are paying, does have employees, and they are the ones you should be contacting. They use the free software from WordPress.org, added features, manage the hosting, etc. as a business.

    Just Google “WordPress.com vs WordPress.org”. They are 2 different things. You can also Google Automattic, and Matt Mullenweg. There is nothing secret, you are just confusing 2 things.

  20. emsnews


    After yelling like crazy, finally I get information which is NOT clear anywhere on the main site. And how could I google Matt when there is no place anywhere with his name????

  21. CK

    Being unable to tell the difference between a .com and a .org is really daft.

  22. coopersita

    Sorry, I misunderstood what you meant with Matt not being any where, but he actually is mentioned at the bottom of pages in WordPress.com. For example, if you go here https://en.support.wordpress.com, and scroll all the way down, under “Company” there is a link with his name, and other company info.

  23. Stroppy

    JIm Stone has much to say about WordPress and the alternative media – have you read his thoughts?

  24. Elaine Supkis

    CK: no it is not obvious the .org and .com especially since they are the same organization with two addresses.

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