Merkel Slams Germany’s Open Door Shut With No Warning

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Europe migrant crisis: Germany adds border controls as Merkel backpedals rapidly, now Germany reintroduces border controls amid influx of Syrian refugees, ‘We can’t take anymore,’says Merkel as she suspends her Schengen Agreement promises.  The stories focused on the few dozen small children is now falling apart as anyone can see, this is an invasion of a million young men flowing into Europe. The people crossing the Mediterranean has doubled ever since Merkel announced that Germany was taking in everyone.  Now she has slammed the door shut which she foolishly opened.



I strongly suspect her own followers and buddies told her to do this, in a panic.  The pretense that Germans wanted this flood of angry, unattached foreign males is now proven to be false.  Increasingly, citizens of the EU which is a confederation patchwork of many cultures, languages and economies, are on the move demanding Europe cease taking in this invasion from the Middle East and Africa.


Eastern Europeans complain about the new migrants demonstrators chant ‘Islam will be death of Europe’ as anti-Muslim demonstrations grow in Europe.  The EU media nearly uniformly sugarcoated this invasion making it look like adorable little children are being tossed back into the sea.  Even the little dead boys found on the beach turned out their father was perfectly safe and they were fine but he decided he could get new teeth if they went to Germany instead so he put them into one of the rafts so he could get this medical care for himself.  He easily went back to his real home to bury them and it was obvious he was no refugee once the media followed him there.


Europe’s public transportation and roads are paralyzed right now and tourism is crashing as people flee.  Business is being hurt very badly and the longer this crisis lasts, the harder the hit and I predict Europe will be deep in recession or worse in one year.  Many governments will fall as people become very enraged and will go right wing.

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Momentum of Thought: Their carelessness made yesterday one of the worst days of my life.


When Labour chose a hardline leftist to lead it to the next defeat, this was celebrated by the left as a great victory as they chased out middle of the road politicians many of whom resigned from the Labour bench in protest.  In the US, the Democratic primary is also going leftist.  In desperation, Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump in Ohio for insulting women as she hopes to save her fading run for President, clutching at straws.  Meanwhile, a Shock poll puts Bernie Sanders far ahead of Hillary Clinton in early voting states.


At a recent Hillary rally, virtually  no one showed up and for photos, she had everyone bunched up close to her so she could pretend she had a big crowd but looking at the photos, they were nearly all political operatives who showed up to see if they could support her for future goodies.  She has the personality of a pit bull.  She can’t hide this.  It is OK to be a pit bull politician, I was very much a pit bull politician in NYC years ago and the Daily News called me ‘The Housewife from Hell’ and I was very proud of my title and flaunted it everywhere.


But running for President, you have to either appear very friendly or if you are going to do something about crimes, etc, then you can be a pit bull like myself or Guiliani, former mayor of NYC.  That is, if you are going to appeal to people on welfare or who want more pot to smoke, you can’t be nasty and tough, you have to be a bleeding heart liberal which Hillary most certainly is not.  She is a warmonger, for crying out loud!  How is she going to win any Democratic primary promising more wars and higher taxes and forcing people to work?  Not going to happen.


Her husband pretended to be promising these sorts of things and then did his warmongering, etc. while smiling and blaming Congress for this.  But Hillary can’t pull this off because she can’t help but appear beady eyed and snarling.  It is her nature!  She should embrace it.  But her attempts at smiling is a total failure.


Obama just promised to bring part of the Muslim male flood to the US because he wanted to jump on the suicide bandwagon and since he also thinks all other illegal aliens are good for America this simply extends bad policies since the US also claims we need more jobs for citizens at the same time and our inner cities which once were thriving…Boeing Ready to Move 737 Production to China…!!!…has moved much of our industrial base mainly to China but also Europe which is losing it to China, too…!!!


So our major industrial cities like Detroit are now filled with welfare families who are idle and often very violent with a restive male population, mostly black males who think black lives don’t matter one tiny bit, running wild, killing each other and going in and out of prison while the marriage rate has vanished to nothingness and despair grows leading to riots and burning down what remains…all of this is ignored while liberal jump on the bandwagon to bring in millions of angry young male Muslims from countries we bombed which were once rather quiet, even thriving socialist dictatorships!


The irony of all this is historic, even sadly comical.  The NATO nations hated these socialist dictators and wanted any excuse even utterly illegal excuses, to overthrow them and now we will all be destroyed by the hubris of the ‘liberal’ leaders of Europe and America who seem suicidal and the right wing wanted these wars badly so Israel could steal some more acres of really crummy, violent real estate thinking that millions of angry Muslim males won’t turn up some fine day but then this is what nuclear bombs are for, isn’t it?  Population control of civilians.  We showed the way back in WWII.


This brings up Japan which has very severe border controls and like Sweden and Germany, the population has collectively decided to not reproduce.  There is no flood of foreigners there.  But the country is rapidly dying, too.  Eventually it will be taken over by China or Indonesia, whoever can bring over the most people the fastest.  The voluntary termination of populations is interesting because this happened to the Romans who ceased reproducing and embraced Christianity which said they should prepare for the End of Times and not have children.  So the barbarians replaced the civilized Romans pretty thoroughly.


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10 responses to “Merkel Slams Germany’s Open Door Shut With No Warning

  1. John

    “When Labour chose a hardline leftist to lead it to the next defeat…” Don’t bet on it Elaine. We are not all brainwashed here like you yanks. That’s why we have a national health service, and look likely to have a national rail network once again.

  2. emsnews

    EXCEPT the liberals want to flood England with angry refugees and how will this be paid for again? The support for socialism always always always depends on simultaneously closing the borders to indigent poor who will otherwise swamp the system.

  3. Ralf

    Elaine, your comments about the family of Abdullah Kurdi, saying he only wanted new teeth from Germany, are suspiciously without links to any articlee. I’m an inveterate reader in 3 languages, English, German and Spanish, and have yet to come across this story. Please, can you link this so I may read it myself. Thanks.

  4. wellwell

    Merkel has a lot to answer for in creating this mess, although I doubt she will take any responsibility. What did she think would happen when she promised to take in more than 3/4 of a million refugees, no matter how they got to Germany? She didn’t care about the half dozen countries between Turkey and Germany. She created what in immigration circles is called a “pull factor” by promising sanctuary to so many.

    As for the Syrians, I do feel for their plight. They took in four million Iraqis during the chaos in that country, often housing them in their own homes. Now their own country is torn to bits, and no one is there to help them.

    Western meddling in the Middle East is the root cause of all this evil – it’s sad that the Europeans are currently paying the price, but then again, they rode on American coattails throughout the Cold War, so perhaps this is their last payment of the installment plan of American protection.

  5. Ken

    I also heard the story about the father wanting to go to Germany to get new teeth. It was reported in the Australian news.

  6. Petruchio

    ” But Hillary can’t pull this off because she can’t help but appear beady eyed and snarling. It is her nature! She should embrace it.” That’s what I’m afraid of. This is why the elites have rigged the US Presidential elections so they win if either a Repug or a Demacrook wins. The people who own and control the US electoral system are aware of THEIR candidates shortcomings. Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, no matter what scandals strike these two WILL be the nominees in 2016 public be damned. And really, the elites will be perfectly happy with either a Bush or a Clinton in their White House. I have to note here how obviously rigged can an electoral system get? Since 1980, with Bush Sr as VP, there has been either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. Or near the White House, meaning the “service” Hillary gave as Secretary of State under Obama. “Under Obama”? Just as an aside, can you imagine the type of children Hillary and Barack would have had if they had gotten married 30 years ago? YIKES!!!!!

  7. emsnews

    The elites do NOT own Trump. They hate him. He is truly ‘his own man’ here and note how the GOP lineup is collapsing due to this. Everyone knows the other candidates are pandering to the elites.

  8. Lou

    Is Donald a zionist?

  9. CK

    Tonight it is Carly, the destroyer of value, Fiorina’s turn to try to derail The Donald. As he rightly called her the ugly face of destruction for her wonderous work at Lucent and then at HP, she is the current ” lady” that the WSJ and the SJW’s hope has the cojoñes to at least slow the avalanche..

  10. emsnews

    They are all kind of…ugly. Trump celebrates his ugliness which is actually refreshing.

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