President Trump: Hispanic Activists Display Anti-American Hate

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 7.23.41 AMTrump says aboard battleship USS Iowa that Americans are ‘disgusted’ and ‘the world blew up’ with Hillary Clinton in office – but neglects ISIS in ‘foreign policy’ speech as protesters BOO the pledge of allegiance: This was perfect for Trump.  The anti-American demonstrators who are demanding we have no border controls stopping illegal aliens proves to the average American that these people are out to destroy the US.  The same is happening in Europe.  Few people really believe the army of mainly young, angry Muslims will benefit anyone in Europe in the future.  But the liberals still try to force people to hand over their countries to hostile aliens.


This along with the global warming hysteria of the liberals is leading people to reject liberalism overall.  Simultaneously telling us we will all roast to death unless we stop heating our homes and driving our cars and that we have to pay a very high CO2 tax to do these things while wages stagnate due to the flood of alien labor pouring across borders which simultaneously hammers any social systems set up to prop up the poor and working class and we have a perfect storm that will bring us fascism, not some liberal triumph.


Joe Biden tells Hispanic audience not to get down about the ‘xenophobia’ in the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s ‘sick’ message because it ‘will not prevail’ it typical of the pandering to anti-American foreigners who have invaded the country.  The same people hissing and sneering at the National Anthem are Biden’s voter base.  The same goes with the black community.


Pandering to black activists who want to blame the police for the horrors that has utterly destroyed the fabric of what was once a strong black community that believed in self-help, getting married and working hard turning black communities into hell holes living on government largess while families collapse totally and the black males are cut loose, homeless, helpless and violent and killing each other at a mad rate that dwarfs all other ethnic groups…the liberal solution is less policing, less restraint, wilder riots, blaming everyone but themselves…all destructive.


I fear the black communities are doomed.  No sane person wants to enter, drive through, visit or live anywhere near black communities for fear of their own lives and property.  This wasn’t always true.  I remember when the black marriage rate was only slightly lower than the white rate and I had zero fear entering or living in black communities and I did live in these areas, as a white person, quite safely but this deteriorated over time.


By 1978, it was nearly impossible to do this.  The Coney Island riot that happened when the electricity turned off one summer forced me out of that neighborhood because my neighbors burned it all down for no reason whatsoever.  Just to loot some local stores!  Wrecked everything for nothing.  No one was punished but we all knew who the arsonists were and all the sane people left.


Fighting off this utter destruction of the black community means turning and facing who is causing a lot of the problems.  Welfare has destroyed these neighborhoods, the refusal to stand and fight for working conditions which requires strong borders and no free trade has not been a priority for black leaders even though all the cities run by black leaders are the exact same cities destroyed by open borders and free trade which removed much of our industrial base.


Liberals want this because it means we are no longer an industrial nation and this means clean air and no ‘global warming’ except this also means the gravy train the black community is riding is going off an economic cliff since we can’t afford massive cities filled with raging, rioting, violent, murderous men destroying whatever is left after industry departed.  There is no tax base left, for example.


And the taxes being raised now are for CO2 hysteria that fixes nothing and benefits no one and the Democrats want to make this ten times worse while keeping the inner city black community on welfare and increasing the violence there.


Style slob? Donald Trump polling poorly at New York Fashion Week as the trendsetters and tastemakers label his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat a major faux pas: the ‘trendsetters and tastemakers’ are making things worse, too.  Clothing now that they are producing tends to be ‘stripper fashion’.  They are pissed off that Trump is claiming to make America great and think this is stupid.


They, on the other hand, want what?  Ahem: to wreck America, of course.  They make this pretty clear, actually.  Again: this will cause Democrats to lose the next election.


How many are genuine? As Europe locks down its borders, eye witnesses claim fewer than a third of refugees who have made it to Germany are Syrian – and some are even ISIS infiltrators: after a tsunami of propaganda by the media and liberals in Europe to shame everyone into taking in this flood of very destructive ‘refugees’, every leader now has decided on their own to block this flood and to take control.


The destruction has already been done and I don’t see Europe recovering from this but rather, great violence will breed now.  Lisa Borch, 15, murdered her mother with a kitchen knife is one example today.  It is legal for older men to have sex with 15 year olds now in Denmark.  Denmark just closed its borders to Muslim men pouring into Europe but let a bunch of them in recently and one of these men, 29 years old, dated this poor girl and lured her into knifing her mother to death, very violently.


They watched ISIS videos together before doing this deed.  All of Europe is now freaking out over this and it is the tip of a very big ice berg. Greek election 2015: Golden Dawn rises on austerity-driven despair as all of Europe’s leaders forced Greece to collapse its social systems for citizens while at the same time forcing Greece to deal with 90% of the furious alien Muslim men pouring across Greece’s borders via landing on islands all over the place.


Now, the right wing is rising there as it will all over Europe.  No shock to me, this is laughably easy to predict.  Coupled with the insanity of the global warming hysteria that is causing Germany to rapidly destroy its first world industrial base, we have a backlash from hell building up rapidly.


By the way, about the floods in Arizona and people drowning: this is quite common.  I used to be part of Search and Rescue and our ranch was the only place people could get help during the 1960’s so I did a number of rescues and most of these were drowning cases.  We get flash floods in Arizona.  I grew up dealing with these.  The floods come with little warning and one has to be alert to this and not travel in a car in stupid places that are at the bottom of mountains and in valleys where rivers overflow.


True story: I used to go out and block roads that flooded.  One day, during a flash flood, a snotty lady drove up to my barrier and ordered my horse and myself to step back or she would run me over so I moved out of the way, she drove right into the raging stream and was nearly drowned.  Reluctantly, I used the rope and horse to drag her out.  I was very sorely tempted to let her drown.


This story illustrates me true attitude: I really get annoyed sometimes and think it is better people learn the hard way but then I feel guilty and issue warnings but then no one listens.  Oh well.


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15 responses to “President Trump: Hispanic Activists Display Anti-American Hate

  1. Petruchio

    It is kind of amazing to me to watch these “no or open borders” protestors. Where do they get the nerve to openly protest and carry pickets? For many of them, if they were to do this in their native countries, they would be arrested, jailed, even murdered. That’s one thing that amazes me. The next thing that is so surprising is these immigrant classes, at least some of which are here in the US illegally, have such a DEEP sense of entitlement! WHERE do they get this idea that, no matter how bad it is in their native countries, there is no need to protest there. They can just bail and head to the USA. And of course, if you oppose open borders immigration, you are considered a racist or a person who hates foreigners. The mass media used the SAME tactic when/if someone criticized the black community in the US. You would be called a racist if you said a majority of violent crime was committed by blacks–and that most violent crime was black-on-black crime. One other item that I find incredible: many of these immigrants–legal and illegal–come from countries that have NO sense of obligation for its citizens welfare and neither do most of the immigrants that come to this country. It is only in the USA where these newly-arrived immigrants discover their DEEP sense of entitlement.

  2. tio

    This place sits atop my blogroll for good reason, a beacon of sanity (not too much though because that is just poor form) in an increasingly dystopian crap heap of illusion and danger that passes for a political economy. Thank heavens you feel guilt.

  3. Melponeme_k

    Violence at the Serbia/Hungary border.

    I’m sure we’ll see the return of Vlad the Impaler style policies. The elites have now opened the door to future serious ethnic cleansing.

  4. vengeur

    Totally agree Tio. This NC Police Chief has to resign for telling the truth:

  5. Jim R

    Dmitry Orlov just wrote a hilarious rant about the Trump campaign:

    Trump for Prezz

    Lastly, I recommend that the royal couple dispense with the usual White House nonsense—the press conferences, the sound bites and all the rest. Instead, the rebranded “Trump White House and Casino” should operate as a reality TV show.

    In the first episode, Trump summons the Federal Open Market Committee and tells them: “You’re fired!”

  6. Ralf

    Elaine, your use of the MailOnline ( as a resource leaves a lot to be desired. It’s just about on the par of the National Enquirer or The Sun in the US. Don’t your readers deserve better?

  7. vengeur

    Yes , we should only watch MSNBC and read the Huffington Post and the NY Times.

  8. emsnews

    HAHAHA. I use the Mail because it carries the water so well.

    I do read a ton of other papers but they pussy foot around nearly everything.

  9. Christian W


    A deep sense of entitelment is endemic to the very idea of the “indispensable nation”, no?

    Also, an equally and quite insane individual and collective narcissism is exploding throughout the US on all levels and in all political classes. It is darkly amusing to see Elaine point the fingers at Black and Hispanic narcissism from the point of view of White narcissism.

    The US is drowning in entitled narcissism.

  10. Floridasandy

    The U.S. Just got a lifeline from outsiders. Will they use it?

    Trump was under assault and stood his ground. I am starting to see this billionaire as an American hero, who knew?

    I also thought Carson was great. This is only his 2nd debate ever, and he smoked many of the long timers up there. The first debate group needs to drop out niow. Jake tapper was an idiotic moderator, and every time the candidates stopped bashing trump he moved on.

    What an embarrassment cnn has become. Don’t they get that conservatives like underdogs? Guess not!

  11. emsnews

    Yes, Carson is a credible candidate.

    And yes, the media is shrieking crazy now, it has to do with the physics of hysteria. The world is going through an upheaval CREATED BY NATO. There was no refugee crisis until NATO overthrew legal governments that were generally helping their people or even LIBERAL compared to say, the medieval monsters ruling Saudi Arabia.

    This mess is now on our doorsteps and there is no good fixes for it. And the EU was doomed from day one and now it will cease to exist in ten years. No shock to me, I lived in Europe years ago and know the place extremely well.

  12. Petruchio

    @#11 Christian W. : Your point is well taken. Many Americans certainly DO feel a ‘deep sense of entitlement’. The real question, imho, is WHAT exactly do they feel entitled to? American elites, for example, feel entitled to invade, bomb and drone strike every country in the world. They do not have this right! No matter how “exceptional” they think they are. Do American citizens who have been paying taxes for years have a right to feel entitled to expect something in return? Yes!. Taxpayers should feel their taxes are not being wasted and that these tax revenues are being used constructively. Do non-residents who have not been paying for it be allowed to enter a country, legally OR illegally and expect to be greeted with open arms and IMMEDIATELY begin receiving all of the benefits of a country’s social services? No! Imho, they are NOT entitled to anything. This is because of a basic, unbreakable law of economics: if you can’t afford something, you can not buy it. Of course, you can see what happens when this rule is violated, the US Government is a supreme example. You run outrageously high deficits and then when you run out of money, you just tell the Fed to print more money. Eventually, this country goes bankrupt, never a good thing. As far as those entitled elites, they should be tried in an international court as war criminals although that might rule out the death penalty.

  13. ‘Stripper fashion’, humph. Have you seen what young men are wearing these days? ‘Skinny Jeans’. They look like they are literally painted on! Since no one wants to see their junk, they wear their shirts untucked. And don’t get me started about the women’s fashions on the runway; I’ve seen them and they are an insult to all womanhood.

    Now on Golden Dawn: if they ever managed to win or otherwise get Greek to repudiate austerity, a lot of Euro Zone creditors will stand to lose billions. Serves them right.

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