President Hosts Muslim Teen Who Built ‘Clock’ Very Similar To Suitcase Bomb Mechanisms

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A quick sample from Google showing how most real suitcase bombs.  All of which look nearly exactly like the briefcase ‘clock’ made by this kid who was arrested and now is a hero at the White House.



Screen shot 2015-09-17 at 10.31.03 AM

The top pictures are real suitcase bombs.  Look at the ‘clock’ built by this kid!  IT IS THE SAME.  All the other pictures of suitcase bombs look like this kid’s ‘project’.  His family is now smirking after fooling everyone.  I am really outraged by this story.  Obama hosting this family is a dangerous thing because the police acted properly in arresting and questioning him as were the teachers who were justified to be horrified.


I used to belong to the ‘Fire Society’ at the University of Arizona which was run by mainly mining engineers.  We set off explosives for fun.  I have a lot of experience with high explosives before then due to living on say, Kitt Peak where we played with fireworks and mining caps, etc.  I know bomb equipment and the wiring in the student’s brief case, this is exactly what we use to blow up say, huge boulders.  You don’t want to be near the dynamite.  So rigging up electronics to set it off is standard procedure.


This story about the ‘innocent child’ being abused is the biggest BS on earth.  I, as a child, would never have brought explosives to school nor rigged up an obvious bomb detonator kit to show off.  I did bring a monkey to school one day (his name was Little Elmo) to illustrate evolution.  That was a lot of science fun!  But no, I never brought in my other toys.


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24 responses to “President Hosts Muslim Teen Who Built ‘Clock’ Very Similar To Suitcase Bomb Mechanisms

  1. emsnews

    By the way, normally I space stories here but a police photo of the actual ‘clock’ just appeared in the news in Britain today and I just saw it and blew my stack.

    All the US photos showed only a tiny part of this thing which looked entirely innocent. The lies we are told have consequences and people in the future will die due to lying about this briefcase ‘clock’ which is identical to bomb usage.

  2. Lou

    News online, ‘Google and Facebook celebrate Muslim Boy’….yikes.

  3. emsnews

    Yup. They were all conned. I knew more than one bomber in the sixties/early seventies because they would come to me or my friends to aks about how to build bombs.

    We told these guys to go to hell. One of the guys was the Unibomber, by the way, to our horror.

  4. Melponeme_k

    He is even getting an offer from MIT all for an unspoken threat toward his school.

    The elites are truly disgusting.

  5. ziff

    oh foo, ,, real trouble is people are so ignorant about science and how things are made or what things are they would be fooled by that, briefcase or not. you could see in your photo there was no explosive.

  6. emsnews

    Yup, how many minutes does it take to attach an explosive to the devise made in the brief case?

    Hint: Less than two minutes.

    I know a LOT about explosives, have played with these since early childhood and through college and the FBI questioned me about this more than once. I am very responsible about blasting equipment.

    True story: One of the places where the mining company kept explosives in a cement bunker which we used to get stuff from due to employees for the mines having access, was attacked by a group of idiots who thought it would be funny to hide behind a rock and shoot at the metal door.

    IT BLEW UP. The remains of the idiots shooting at it were scrapped off the back side of Mt. Lemmon.

  7. ziff

    yes i guess the kid could get c-4 off the internet

  8. A little investigative reporting by a liberal media outlet reveals the school officials could have put the teachers and pupils into extreme danger! If that clock had explosives in it, the whole place could have gone sky-high.–They-didn-t-think-he-had-a-bomb?

  9. CK

    Or he could make Nitro and soak it into diatomaceous earth.
    Easy peasy don’t need no C4 don’t need any super-duper spiffy new shit, just good old TriNitroGlycerine and some talc or soft earth and bb’s.
    Did that crap in 1958 while I was in Junior High. Ain’t no bit thang dummy.
    You need an ice bath because the making of it gives off a lot of heat, it helps to have access to sulfuric acid to suck up the water given off as the nitric acid reacts with the glycerol alcohol. Eventually you get a really sweet tasting layer of Nitro floating on the acidulated water in the ice bath. From there to BOOM is not too far.
    Now C4 home manufacture takes a lot more high priced crap and the purchase of same will draw a lot of unwanted attention towards you.
    On the other hand C4 is basically inert to external actions, you can drop it, use if to toast marshmallows and s’mores, kick it around like a hacky-sack
    play catch with it, hit it with hammers and it just sits there and ignores your dumb ass. Stick a fast primer in it and set that off and Boom’s Your Uncle.
    Since it has the consistency of silly putty or play dough, stuffing C4 with .125 or .25 ball bearings is both brain dead simple and considered militarily sporting, flechettes too make good stuffing, shape it with a THIS END TOWARD THE INDIANS front and fun can commence.

    EMS’s anecdote about the clowns shooting the explosive shed, the shed probably had either nitro and/or blasting caps in close proximity. Old blasting caps were Mercury Fulminate a compound that can kill you several ways simultaneously and is not fun to eat either.

    Kid’s dad is/has run for the Presidency of The Sudan several times, this is a scam and our brilliant soft headed asshats have been duped again.

  10. Elaine Supkis

    It certainly had many blasting caps and sticks of dynamite. This was an open pit mining operation, after all.

    And yes, we used to make explosives for fun until the Feds visited us and warned us they knew about our games. We never broke any laws, by the way, this was all about playing in the desert for fun.

    And yes, I recognize the equipment for rigging up a bomb very well and the instant I saw that photo yesterday, I ‘blew up’. It was very obviously done to ape a suitcase bomb minus the explosives. This kid isn’t stupid.

  11. Jim R

    Interesting story. I hadn’t seen this picture in the news.

    Considering that the recent surge in paranoia will cause them to call the bomb squad to haul any forgotten backpack off to the range and dispose of it, the school did the right thing.

    That “project” could have been anything.

  12. Jim R

    Also, why was this kid supposed to be such a braniac? It looks like all he did was to take a digital clock out of its case and mount the circuit in a briefcase.

    In what way did he “build” a clock? The news story made it sound like he was skilled in the arts of springs and gears and ratchets and whatnot.

  13. Elaine Supkis

    Correct. As someone who actually built stuff when in high school and I won a state wide science project award when in 9th grade when i built and designed my own spectrograph which broke up light and then using prisms, re-oriented it to show if minerals or gases of various sorts were being burned…

    This is a piece of GARBAGE. The kid didn’t create a scientific instrument that illustrates how matter and light works. It is an exact copy of how one should build a terrorist bomb. Obvious as can be!!! I wasn’t fooled for one minute.

    By the way, back in 1964, I was one of the very few girls to win a state science award and no one invited me to the White House.

  14. RainbowUnicorn

    Maybe you’re just jealous he’s getting to meet the president while you’re drowning in hate.

    How about actually looking at this topic from a different perspective? An unbiased one?

    I’ve chatted with many former specialists in explosives and they said the thing looked not one bit like a real bomb would. Besides, he was doing it for a project. He showed it to his engineering teacher before, he had no problem with it. Then it was the English teacher who called the police on the case.

    Pathetic, you talk down on a 14 year old student who made something for a project, that it’s nothing but scrap and garbage, and you brag how you used to explode things for fun, and you’re despising the kid for not being as talented as you seem to have been.

    Such bigotry, you’re saying he built garbage, while that’s not the main issue here. How can it be a bomb with no explosives? Now figure that out. You’re trying to justify what that teacher did and it’s embarrassing, simply nonsense.

    You’re trying to blame the kid for building a crap clock. Now THAT is scum. I hope you, and all people like you, suffer the embarrassment Ahmed had to go through in front of all of his schoolmates. I hope you suffer the amount of discrimination and bad treatment Ahmed got not just from the school and the PD, but from all the people who looked at this case and came out to curse the little guy.

    Final words, man up, grow a pair, look at the real world. Now open your mind and imagine yourself, surrounded by hate. Repeat after me: “I’m scum of the earth. I’ll learn to love all humans, no matter what shape, what size, what color, or what standpoint.”

    And goodbye.

  15. vengeur

    “Or what standpoint”… LOL. Wow. Such a hateful diatribe by the Rainbow! He must save his love for his unicorns!

  16. Elaine Supkis

    Rainbow Unicorn, I know bombs really well…due to belonging to a club that played with explosives many years ago.

    I know was these things look like. More and more people having seen the pictures of the actual briefcase/bomb built by this kid, it is increasingly obvious that he wanted it to look exactly like a briefcase bomb. It was not ‘innocent’ nor creative.

    He aped this nearly perfectly minus the actual explosives. I am betting he did what I did: googled pictures of briefcase bombs. There are dozens of these online, mostly from police or FBI stories.

  17. vengeur

    Elaine you were WAY ahead of the media on this. Bravo!

  18. Luke

    The truth about him and his kin,

    In case you’re not familiar with the story (it’s already dying on the vine), Mohamed El-Hassan Mohamed is a Muslim prankster and publicity hound who is constantly harping about Islamophobia.

    His daughter was suspended for making bomb threats at school. His brother started a company last year called Twin Towers Corporation. He has made very public campaigns about running for president of Sudan even though it’s a dictatorship. He drove to Florida after Pastor Terry Jones threatened to burn the Koran and represented the book as its lawyer (he failed—the Koran burned).

    The guy is a complete idiot who debates like a teenager lying to his dad. A week and a half ago, Mohamed’s son Ahmed brought a clock to school that had been torn out of its case and put in a new case in such a way, it resembled a bomb. The first teacher he showed it to told him to put it away. Then, in English class, he either plugged it in or affixed a battery so the alarm would go off. It did and the teacher did what she was supposed to.

    When the police arrived, Ahmed was so elusive they were forced to detain him. The crime they were accusing him of was creating a fake bomb to cause a disturbance. This is a misdemeanor, and I haven’t seen any evidence he’s innocent. Despite the case being a no-brainer, the entire country screamed ISLAMOPHOBIA and lay prostrate before the Mohamed family. MIT and Google invited Ahmed for a tour. Mark Zuckerberg offered an internship. Microsoft sent him $10,000 of merch. Hillary Clinton tweeted Ahmed and the president of the fucking United States invited him to bring his “cool clock” to the White House. The boy smiled a big toothy grin and said, “I am pleased that they’re part of the action—the movement.”

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  19. Lou

    Refugee Resettlement Watch – facebook

    So it turns out that the father of Ahmed “the clock kid” is a Muslim political activist. What a surprise. His political page call September 11, 2001, “an American media creation.”

    Excerpt: “Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed

    finally succeeded in creating something he’s sought for a long time: a national media event that can be used to shine the light on alleged crimes of the United States, from accusations of ‘Islamophobia’ in Irving, Texas, to American complicity in the 9/11 attacks.

  20. emsnews

    AND they both obviously conspired to make this thing look exactly like a briefcase bomb. All the pictures I saw online of ‘brief case bombs’ looked the same as this thing! They obviously used Google image search to plot this scheme.

  21. Lou

    diversity destroys

  22. Jim R

    False, a LACK of diversity destroys. For example, inbreeding.

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