The EU Is Doomed, Foreign Invaders Try To Destroy Borders


First this news: Nobel panel saw Obama peace prize as ‘mistake,’ new book claims as one of the men who did this stupid thing, giving a peace award to someone who had done absolutely nothing to deserve it, now regrets what he did.  Too late now.  The damage to the award has been done and is finished.  It should be terminated as useless.


But then, the inventor of TNT who created this after feeling guilty about war use of TNT, was creating something impossible and even dangerous since over time, politicians were given this award for ridiculous reasons.


Refugee crisis: UN Secretary General urges compassion as Hungary fires tear gas at refugees: the South Korean leader, Ban-ki Moon lives in a divided country which bristles with military bases and weapons including nuclear bombs on both sides and a crazy leader in North Korea threatening mass war every month and what is he doing about all that?


Nothing, of course!  Instead, he is demanding Europe take in endless foreigners who are rushing in for economic reasons.  He is not organizing a way of dealing with all these people from all over the Middle East and much of Africa.  Instead, he lectures everyone to open their borders and here in the US we are told the same thing as millions of aliens assail us.


The Government has quietly cut money to house and educate orphan child refugees living here – but look at the data:


“Young children under 16 have had their daily funding cut from £137 to £114, a £23 fall, while older children have seen their rate cut to £91.”


But…here is a comment from a reader that exposes the truth:


“DAVEDAVIS 4 hours ago

£41,610 a year to keep ONE child. What private school are they going to?

This is how the Government wastes taxpayers money.”



How ridiculous.  Of course, the majority of this 41,000 pounds goes to the people running these schemes.  The fact is, funding to citizens of the UK have been ruthlessly cut and thousands of citizens who are disabled have died due to this and yet there is endless funds for ‘refugees’.


From 2011, already Germany was reeling from letting in an army of foreigners who are Muslim.  There is tremendous hostility from these newcomers which is very visible in all the EU nations and which is studiously ignored by the rulers of Europe: The Effects of Recent Immigration in Germany – YouTube.  This video shows the riots, the crime and the abuse of say, school staff by self-assured Muslims who now think they can muscle their way anywhere they wish just like they now set up ‘police no go zones’ all over Europe so they can run their own countries inside of say, Sweden or France.


Tory MP Sir Bill Cash calls Syrian refugees a ‘tsunami’ that could ‘swamp Europe’ and of course, he is chastised for saying this in public.  But looking at comments in most EU papers I browse every day, the readers are nearly unanimous that they are terrified of this flood of often very violent, nearly 90% all young males coming in.


Tax credit cuts: Millions of families to lose £1,000 a year as cuts passed despite threat from Tory rebels: this is tax credits for the middle class.  I predict a general uprising against coddling foreigners who invade versus citizens who are told there is no money for them.


MailOnline reporter buys Syrian papers being sold to ISIS fighters sneaking into Europe with the refugees which illustrates what is obvious: most of the rioters forcing their way into Europe have deliberately ‘lost’ their papers and ones that need papers are using fakes.  No controls on stopping any of this are in place thanks to Merkel.


Croatia will struggle with refugees as Hungary faces condemnation for using tear gas but there is near zero condemnation from citizens.  The present leadership of the EU will be eliminated pretty soon thanks to these huge errors.  They do not have a thumb on the pulse of the citizens, they are mouthing off liberal cant thinking this is what everyone wants.


This is quite delusional.  Fascism rules Japan now: Japanese parliament fights as politicians claim a vote on pacifism was held without them as the right wing party which thinks Japan should have won WWII and is totally unapologetic about massive war crimes that killed many millions of people, has decided to violate basic parliamentary rules but then, in Israel this happens too.


Fascism is on the march now.  This is a standard reaction to mass population movements coupled with liberal governments cutting funds to citizens while at the same time, ignoring real problems or chastising people for noticing deterioration in education, standards and safety.


I was in NYC when my darling neighbors decided to loot and then burn down our entire neighborhood because the lights went out.  Our liberal mayor at the time boasted about how the police didn’t shoot anyone and withdrew so the rioters could run wild.


I was furious.  I wanted them shot dead.  They were trying to kill me! I spent a very scary night on the top story of our wooden building with a hose to keep it from catching on fire as the embers flew overhead.  Didn’t need any lights, everything was very lit up as all of our neighborhood nearby (up to one block away!) burned for no reason at all.


Then the creeps who did this whined they had no homes and demanded the city house them again.  They also wanted food after looting and burning our local supermarket.  Fun stuff.  Took 10 years to get a new super market built and I had to engineer this and work hard to convince Key Food to come in and give it a try again.


Fixing these sorts of disasters takes a long time and all can be destroyed in one night.  We have to think ahead and Europe hasn’t done this at all.  Europe is, after all, a totally unworkable patchwork of languages, economic systems and hostile histories that can’t be erased easily as we now see obviously.  It is unworkable.  The confederation is a disaster.  As all confederations in history failed.


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4 responses to “The EU Is Doomed, Foreign Invaders Try To Destroy Borders

  1. Melponeme_k

    The horde invading Europe is a direct continuation of the medieval wars of invasion led by the Ottoman Empire. The goal of all fundamentalist religions is to conquer and subjugate. For many of these illegal aliens the aim is to destroy. And all of Europe’s history will be put to the torch just as the extremists blow up history and artifacts in their own backwards countries.

    The same goal is used by Illegal Aliens in the US. The southern invaders believe that CA, TX and the other border states belong to them. The goal is to destroy the US sovereignty in these states.

    All of these people are stuck in a mindset that is quite common to the human animal. We keep repeating bad behavior based on cultural myths that destroy more than they create.

  2. ospa

    Gaddafi warned Europe that the Mediterranean ‘would become a sea of chaos’ if he was removed by force. Our infantile, stupid, arrogant leaders here in Europe did not listen. Nor did the US. Now we are paying the price..

  3. hblinken

    a brave syrian girl talking about the “migrant” problem

  4. hblinken

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