Two Economic Disasters: US Student Loans And EU Borders Shut

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We are seeing the collapse of two major economic systems.  Europe is seeing massive fences spring up first in Hungary and now all the eastern EU nations are erecting huge fences on borders and trains are no longer running on time as illegal immigrants take over these, the entire continent is now under great stress from armies of mainly Muslim men overrunning all public systems.  Meanwhile, in the US, we have 50% of our youth taking on immense college debts that cost as much as a first house mortgage which they can never escape even though many of the degrees earned or those never finished are nearly useless for getting good jobs.


The student loan scam means that at least 50% of the students will never see any value from these debts and will end up in low paying jobs with zero chance of ever buying a home, for example.  This group who worked to become ‘middle class’ will instead be exactly as bad off as high school drop outs who plan to be either criminals or on welfare.


The new poor ‘university’ students will have to live with the people who never plan to leave welfare, the multi-generational welfare families who earn money by never marrying and having as many out of wedlock children as possible.  Only these poor saps will gain nothing.  The students owing the government tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in school loans will see their welfare checks cut to pay for these loans so they can’t go on welfare and live nicely, not even that is allowed to them.


Students who went to the top schools like say, Sanford University, Princeton, Yale, etc. all do very, very well.  The ones going to state schools have less bright prospects but still, at least half of them will do very well with a degree or even not a degree.  But the vast bulk of ‘new schools’ set up to suck in maximum student loans while teaching them nothing useful, have created a future depression as our economy collapses due to a bigger and bigger portion of our youth can’t pay off student loans created by these often openly bogus operations.


I majored in German at the university level and I won the National German Scholarship program hosted by the German government when I was only 16 years old and went to school in Germany on this scholarship then went back to the US and took my first graduate level course when I was only 17 years old.  I then nearly died of a terrible disease and lost my mind after 3 days at 105 degrees fever and lost two years but came back and was working towards becoming a professor when two things happened to me: I, who was told at 13 I could never have babies after my uterus collapsed back then, was successfully pregnant and I desperately wanted to keep the baby.  And the #2 thing was, suddenly all the universities in quick succession, cut their language programs to the bone!


My professors were all fired!  My thesis which was an examination of ‘Dr. Faust’ by Goethe and the Faust novel by Thomas Mann, was tossed in the trash.  I applied to NYU to continue my work but they eliminated their language programs the following year so…I was in NYC and decided to…rebuild houses there. Made a lot of money, too.  But the main thing is, I had zero student debt. I lost a lot of time in school but didn’t get yoked to a lifetime debt for nothing.


The future economy will collapse due to an increasing population of former students who can’t get credit, buy houses, go on vacation, build families.  The 70% out of wedlock birth rate of black families will plague white and Hispanic families since no one wants to marry someone deep in debt since you have to pay it off if that person refuses to pay it off!  This is a social, economic catastrophe!  And it gets worse each year as cynical adults fleece more and more ‘students’ who can’t possibly gain anything from a university education.


Then there is the mess in Europe: Thalys train evacuated in Rotterdam after terrorist ‘locks himself in toilet’ en-route to ParisNew York man arrested after making ‘relentless’ attempts to join ISIS as this rot spreads. Croatia close border with Serbia as they struggle to cope with migrant surge shutting down public transportation as Muslims illegally climb aboard trains, etc.


Two of Paris’ biggest illegal refugee camps are evacuated by police as the crack down spreads. Refugee crisis: Croatia has closed seven of eight border crossings with SerbiaLessons from history? One man’s colossal answer to Europe’s post-WWI refugee crisis has this map he made that will drain part of the Mediterranean Sea so there is ‘more land’ for the millions of Muslims who have zero birth controls.

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The scheme is to settle all these extra people as near as Europe as possible.  The idea that there should be more birth control such as China has, isn’t even entertained nor do any of the stories of the armies of excess population mention birth control laws in Muslim lands that severely punishes anyone using or giving out any form of birth controls.


Before modern medical care especially vaccinations, up to half or more children would die before adulthood so populations grew much slower than today.  Once the modern systems were set up, the need for birth control is mandatory.


What is particularly ironic here is, all these migrants invading Europe are coming through the very same once quite stable and even flourishing dictatorship states that were all very ‘liberal’ with lots of women’s rights stuff.  That is, Libya and Syria, for example.  Now, NATO chaos reigns and it will destroy Europe’s economic system as well as cause chaos and street fighting and terror inside Europe, ripping apart everything there.


Talk about boomerang justice! Europe passively went along with Jewish neocons in the US demanding that all the strong Muslim leaders be annihilated and replaced with Saudi religious radicals all in the name of helping Israel crush the natives of Palestine and steal more useless land.  The goddess of History is laughing herself silly over all of this.


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13 responses to “Two Economic Disasters: US Student Loans And EU Borders Shut

  1. Lou

    And college is not what it was 40 years ago. ‘Studies’ majors abound,
    gay studies
    media studies
    film studies
    ethnic studies [black, brown]
    womens studies

  2. Melponeme_k

    According to this story, of all the hordes now invading Croatia, only ONE woman with a child asked Croatia to give her asylum. ONE. That just shows this is an invasion of Europe for civilization and monetary benefits. Then once these ingrates settle down, they will proceed to destroy civilized communities.

    I’m surprised Huffington allowed the information about Croatia’s sole asylum seeker into the story.

  3. Christian W

    Human trafficking into Europe is more profitable than even the drug trade. I bet the CIA took that side of the market too.

  4. Christian W

    Europe passively went along with Jewish neocons in the US demanding that all the strong Muslim leaders be annihilated and replaced with Saudi religious radicals all in the name of helping Israel crush the natives of Palestine and steal more useless land.

    This is so utterly true. Now watch as European nations ape Israel in putting up walls and razor wire to keep the Muslim hordes on the outside. It’s not the Goddess of History laughing herself silly over this; it’s the Zionists who designed this mess to camouflage Israeli expansion and crimes.

    Also Israel is not stealing useless land, it is stealing the good parts, the valuable water resources (Lebanon is in for yet another big Zionist push in the near future if Israel can use ISIS and Al Nusra to weaken Hezbollah enough), the oil and natural gas, Jerusalem etc. The useless land is where they plan to push the Palestinians.

  5. @ Elaine, Merkel has committed the same mistake that Emperor Valentinian did in 378 when he let the Christian Visigoths into the Empire near present-day Serbia and Croatia. Christians inside the Empire slaughtered non-Christians to make room for the newcomers (gotta love that Christian charity!). It worked so well, the Visigoths invaded all over the Empire, trashing everything everywhere they went, until they finally settled down in Spain.

    Christian W, 100% correct. It’s called “Securing the Realm”. Basically that section of the Middle East that Scripture says “belongs” to the Jews: everything between the Nile and the Euphrates and between the Mediterranean and the Desert / Dead Sea. And the Zionists really don’t care if the Muzzies depart for Europe, it’s just payback for Hitler’s scheme to solve the Jewish “Question”.

  6. Petruchio

    What is happening now with the Muslim ‘invasion’ of Europe and the insurmountable student loan debt burden is the net and logical result of what happens when you allow banksters to financialize the economy through deregulation and allowing the (The Fed) to control the money printing. And when you allow a bunch of warmongering, Zionist neo-cons to control foreign policy, you get wars all over the globe. The natural, inevitable result of this is you create millions of refugees. And it is no coincidence either that a large number of these refugees are males, the prime killing targets of the warmongers. Don’t get me wrong; these chickenhawk neo-cons have NO qualms about killing women and babies. Bush Sr. after all DELIBERATELY bombed electrical power plants and water purification plants in Iraq FULLY intending to kill as many women and children as possible. And then Madeline Albright refers to this happening as “collateral damage”.

  7. ziff

    the stupid ‘ it burns’ as KD would say,, ‘western experts’ ???

  8. Elaine Supkis

    This is the Apocalypse business.

    Many groups want this to happen and they will get their wish thanks to wishy washy idiots who think they will survive the Apocalypse.

  9. Anne On Y'Mouse

    Netanyahu and company will not refugees from Syria into Israel because they would have to acknowledge the Palestinian refugees they drove from the region many decades ago and who have been driven from refugee camps in Syria such as Yarmouk by “moderate rebel” groups directly supported by Israel and with training provided by agencies of the United States in Jordan. Israel has been providing direct assistance to Al Qaeda affiliates in Syria through direct bombing of Syrian Arab Army, denying Syrian Army air space in the south of the country, and providing reconnaissance and medical support to Al Qaeda and that’s what we know about.

    There is the ongoing creation of Kurdistan as a newly established country, directly supported by Israel.

    F5om 2004 Israelis ‘using Kurds to build power base’

    Report: Israel using N Iraq base for spying on Iran

    IDF volunteer who served in Kurdish Peshmerga: “We aren’t doing enough to fight Islamic State”

    Israel and the Kurds, silence is golden

    Some background on the current situation Turkey From Sibel Edmonds.

  10. Elaine Supkis

    Quite correct, Anne.

    Syria has a socialist government, too. This is a HUGE reason to overthrow the ruler there. What is funny in a historical sense is, the immense army of mostly male Muslims invading Europe are going to overwhelm the European socialist governments, too.

    The replacement will be Naziism.

  11. Christian W

    The Zionists have no problem with Nazism against Muslims.

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