Over 90% Football Players Suffer Severe Brain Damage, Die Young Or Commit Suicide

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The Unofficial 2014 NFL Player Census – Best Tickets Blog: this shows clearly that the vast majority of pro players are black men who are desperate to hit the jackpot no matter what.


New: 87 Deceased NFL Players Test Positive for Brain Disease | Concussion Watch | FRONTLINE | PBS has a special on TV about the new report that is quite shocking but no surprise to me.  Most mothers have forbidden their sons to play football  much so white participation has dropped from nearly 100% 60 years ago to barely more than a quarter today.  Whites still play the game mainly because they heavily dominate the ‘executive positions with the quarterbacks on pro teams making up over 70% of the players while the violent positions like the CB team has zero, yes, zero whites and 170 blacks and this is where the brain damage is the worst.

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NFL Concussion Settlement Wins Final Approval from Judge | League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis | FRONTLINE | PBS is a upcoming video on TV talking about all this.  Will Congress investigate?  Will ‘Black Lives Matter’ discuss this?  HAHAHA.  Never.  Whites love watching these black gladiators kill themselves and blacks view the NFL as a easy ride to the top of the escalator.  The early deaths, the despair, bankruptcies and horrors that plague black players in particular, are swept under the rug or minimized.  It is all very sad to watch.


Previously, the NFL Board Paid $2M to Players While League Denied Football-Concussion Link.  But that won’t stand long now.  There has to be an investigation.  All the major cities spent fortunes on these stupid gladiatorial arenas, universities make billions on college games, industry and commerce advertise at these games, all the TV money rides on these lucrative exploitive games, every system profits off of these poor saps.  But the black/white divide can’t be ignored much longer.  Eventually, black leaders have to speak out.  This issue has bothered me greatly for many years now, I began to be quite alarmed 30 years ago watching black males stuck increasingly in the most dangerous positions on the teams.


There is zero physical reasons for virtually all quarterbacks to be white guys.  Can’t black men throw balls, call positions, run fast?  Of course they can!  This is pure racism from mainly the coaches and universities feeding this monster system.  They are overwhelmingly white and know perfectly well the blacks are being used as cannon fodder and they protect white players and put them on all the ‘rare tackle/run away’ positions. Why are there no hearings about this race issue?  Why are black leaders silent?  The complicity going on is horrible to watch.  I am furious about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ gang refusing to face any reality while hammering away on stupid things like lionizing obvious criminals who get killed by cops on rare occasions.


Off topic but horrible news:  Over 700 Fukushima waste bags swept away by torrential floods — RT News which I got from Russia.  Um, there was a typhoon that recently hit Japan and MORE Fukushima shit was flushed into the environment and is now all over the place and is thoroughly poisoning northern Japan further even as the fascist right wing government takes over all systems and has reintroduced the idea that Japan can send troops to fight all over the Pacific again!  And near zero news about this in the US.   In Japan, the people are freaking out as the fascists force refugee families to move back into the No Go Zone.  Disgusting.  Not a peep from the hysterics in the US screaming about how we are going to roast to death due to slightly warmer weather than 30 years ago which was bitterly cold…and  today is much, much colder than during the Medieval Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period and certainly the very warm Minoan Warm Period!  Totally nuts.


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14 responses to “Over 90% Football Players Suffer Severe Brain Damage, Die Young Or Commit Suicide

  1. e sutton

    Just a quick question: How is one to know if a black football player is a victim of brain damage due to a concussion?

  2. Elaine Supkis

    They die very young. And not to crime.

  3. Petruchio

    I think of the (black) wide receiver Terrell Owens. The guy at one time was worth upwards of $80 million. Now he’s broke. I know it’s possible, but how in EARTH can someone go through that much money–before they hit 40 years old?? I mean, you can only rent out so many hookers and buy so much drugs… I know there are many more examples of this. Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxer (changing sports here, I know). He was worth more money than Owens. Tyson is now broke. You would think that the thieving, dishonest “advice” these athletes get would EVENTUALLY be discovered by the athletes. Doesn’t seem so.

  4. Lou

    Tyson was a criminal. F him.

    How do I tax thee, let me count the ways to bankruptcy.
    + Managers and a high life.

  5. vengeur

    Quarterbacks get their bells rung (concussion) too. They certainly aren’t immune from getting hit because they are white.

  6. Anne On Y'Mouse

    @Petruchio – deduct as appropriate – management fees, investment advisers, taxes, sports injuries, groupies and various hangers on combined with no sense of fiscal responsibility over time i.e. I have it so I’ll spend it and then the money stops.

  7. Petruchio

    @#6Anne: I can roll with all the above reasons but still….I don’t think it is possible to blow through $80 million on hookers, and hangers on. As far as “investment advisors” go, obviously their “advice” isn’t worth takin’ a sh#t on. Blowing through a couple–as in TWO–million dollars in 3-4 years I can see, but $80 MILLION!!!???? I mean, I know it IS possible, but it takes a helluva lot of stupidity to keep all those parasites around. I think I have heard that NBA players have the quickest route to from-millionaires-to-flat broke, faster than NFL’ers…..

  8. Elaine Supkis

    The horrible part here is, the vast majority of players make very little real money (that is, not multi-millions) and are then rendered nearly totally unable to work after the NFL dumps them, few have long careers.

    The very tippy top rich players are not good examples. The average players earn far, far less and they are the ones who do most of the on the ground grunt work and take on the most brain damage.

    Black players, overall, earn less than white players.

  9. Lou

    Black players, overall, earn less than white players.
    And Whites are far outnumbered, but behave better. Both on field and off field.
    NFL = negro felons league.

  10. Dick

    Blacks are a dime a dozen. If they are able to be domesticated and entertain the white population, it seems like a win-win.

    Not like they were using those brains for any productive purpose

  11. Petruchio

    @#8Elaine: I think a big part of the issue here is that NFL players (probably true in most pro sports today) are bigger, stronger and faster than NFL’ers of 20-30 years ago. The helmets and pads the players wear today, imho, just aren’t good enough to protect the players from injuries like concussions. This speeds a players descent into poverty. If their playing careers are shortened, their money-making years obviously are equally shortened.

  12. Lou

    30 years ago NFL guys used steroids [I supplied some of them with such].
    I dont know if todays crop of guys are bigger.

  13. Elaine Supkis

    They are bigger. I have seen the statistics for this.

  14. Alex Lemas

    They should play without helmets, less chance of head injury, and it would change the game. If you gave 80 million to the average American they would be broke too. There is an entire industry set up to remove money from people not use to having it. Gamblers, movie stars, pro sports etc, etc. A friend hit the lottery for 150k and his family was all over him real fast and took most of it before he could get over the high of winning. He had no chance, no understanding of money. The real applause should go to those who are not broke.

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