Richard Dawkins, Famous Scientist/Writer Figures Out Ahmed’s Briefcase Bomb Project

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I was one of the first people to notice that the kid who made the ‘protobomb’ briefcase was doing exactly that: making something that could be turned into a bomb.  Now more and more people, after seeing the picture of the briefcase made out to look identical to dozens of briefcase bombs that one can find via Google Images, things are heating up.  After all the gifts, honors and goodies showered on this kid from Egypt, more and more people are noticing that he isn’t all that innocent at all, his ‘project’ involved nearly no real work unlike say, what I made for science fair when I was young.  It was definitely a simple rig for making a briefcase bomb.  Now, the famous scientist, Richard Dawkins tells the same truth I said day one:  Richard Dawkins lays in to Texas schoolboy Ahmed Mohamed on Twitter: this is a ‘fraud’.



Apple’s co-founder, jumping on the ‘worship the kid’ bandwagon said, ‘Ahmed is a modern day hero.’  Meanwhile, the school the boy was suspended from still is suspending him because he did something dangerous.  What is even more astonishing is, Wozniak, the Apple cofounder, once built a similar thing to take to school that was ALSO a ‘pretend bomb’ and he was also arrested. He even spent the night in jail and was not lionized for doing all this.  Instead, he grew up and ceased doing dangerous stunts. Now, Wozniak didn’t end up a terrorist and perhaps this child will also avoid this, but the fact is, lionizing him for his little stunt isn’t a good idea.  The gifts being showered on this kid is amazing and very dangerous.


More and more people after seeing the actual ‘device’ made by this kid and plainly see it was made to mimic a suitcase bomb.  Minus, of course, the explosives.  But this was no ‘genius’ design, he copied it off of the internet for many of the briefcase bomb pictures put up by the police and FBI looks exactly like his ‘invention.’  Rewarding a child for doing this sort of obvious copy-cat trick is going to backfire on this kid in the future.


Right now, I suppose he will enjoy his free car, free games, free dinners and invitations to fancy schools but I suspect the schools will reconsider him in light of rising recognition that he and his family have pulled a stunt on everyone, pretending this was a ‘clock’ thing the kid made and not a perfect mimic of a terrorist tool.  I notice, when reading reader’s comments in the mainstream news, more and more people are figuring out what I figured out on day one.


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18 responses to “Richard Dawkins, Famous Scientist/Writer Figures Out Ahmed’s Briefcase Bomb Project

  1. Jim R

    The timer for such a device doesn’t have to be so large and awkward.

    A timer circuit, and associated linear components, can fit on a postage-stamp sized board, and can run off a hearing-aid battery. Or maybe a digital garage-door opener or keyfob battery.

  2. Lou

    Which leftist fool GAVE HIM A CAR? [EMS could use a new, free car].

  3. ziff

    jeez were none of these adults ever young? He is just a kid, tinkering about with stuff , Dawkins jumps him for not personally manufacturing electronic components. Everyone knew it was not a bomb. We should be making a fuss about how this BS ever gets started.

  4. vengeur

    What a hoot. Our news media, who have ZERO scientific or technical brain cells, falls for the hoax :
    Elaine nailed this from the get-go!

  5. ziff

    well vengeur that’s exactly my point, some ‘technical expert’ beats the kid up ’cause his tinkering wasn’t sophisticated enough ! What a BIG SHOT !

  6. ziff

    and KD nails it

    not that i give a FK about karl.

  7. Jim R

    His tinkering wasn’t sophisticated AT ALL. A fourth-grader could have done that — pull the parts out of an old digital clock an mount them on something else.

    And KD is right, too. The officials never THOUGHT it was a bomb. They had no cause to do anything more than take it away from him and throw it in the dumpster…

  8. Lou

    His father is a muslim infiltrator. I think the incident is a fraud, a set up to sue.
    And thats what the father is doing.

  9. Lou

    from Ziffs link, As for President Obama and his White House invitation? Have you ever seen the President not take the low road when it comes to exploiting something for political purpose? Oh hell no — so why should his actions be a surprise?

  10. Sunger

    If the kid was a ISIS recruit or whatever, he would keep such a dangerous device hidden until needed.

    Why would he bring it to school and show his teacher & class?

  11. Elaine Supkis

    He was provoking the teacher knowing perfectly well it looked like a ‘bomb attempt.’

    I have TONS of experience with all this and I played with explosives when I was a child, thanks to my dad’s work and my brother in law being a mining engineer. AND the FBI visited me about all this several times when I was still under 21 years old. Big time.

  12. vengeur

    He DELIBERATELY brought something he KNOWS looks like a bomb to school. BOOO HOO, poor lil’ muslim boy gets himself arrested. What a freaking crock of sh*t.

  13. Floridasandy

    The media pity party certainly has started for little mr.. No-talent-non-clock builder.
    Epic fail for that nothing of a project.

    There probably was a good science project, but we will never hear about it.

  14. Jim R

    A lump of off-white putty in his briefcase probably would have gotten the real bomb squad involved. Of course, it would be hard to describe it as a ‘science project’ in that event.

  15. Lou

    Twitter: The hashtag “#IStandWithAhmed” took off and among the many offers the Muslim teen received was an internship from Twitter. The company said its employees also love building things.
    Foursquare: Foursquare said it stood with Mohamed “because we love to make things too.” The company reminded him to “never stop inventing the future.”
    Reddit: Alexis Ohanian, one of the co-founders of Reddit, asked how to get in touch with Mohamed because the site wanted to introduce him to some of their “friends in science.”
    Autodesk: Carl Bass, the CEO of the software company Autodesk, invited Ahmed to “come hang out” at the company so they could “make something new together.”
    123D Circuits: Ahmed was also offered a free circuit kit from 123D Circuits so he could continue to build things
    MIT: Mohamed, who aspires to be an engineer, built the alarm clock out of a pencil case. In middle school he was a member of the robotics club and won awards for his inventions.
    Mohamed said his dream was to attend MIT. During an appearance Wednesday on MSNBC, he was surprised by a special guest from the university.
    Prescod-Weinstein also extended a tour invitation from her former advisers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and prompted an offer from an astrophysicist at UT Austin.
    On Thursday, MIT’s president, L. Rafael Reif, tweeted that the university was “delighted” that Mohamed was interested in STEM and MIT.
    SA: Former NASA astronaut Daniel Tani offered Mohamed a NASA shirt that was worn in space

    Music career: And R&B artist Ne-Yo tweeted that Mohamed should let him know if he had aspirations of getting into the music industry

    And Homer Hickam, a former NASA engineer and the inspiration for the movie “October Sky,” was part of a group that offered Ahmed a scholarship to Space Camp USA.

    Business school: Ahmed even got a scholarship offer from the international business school, the New European College
    –his familys ‘problems’ and his lawsuit, well, what can I say?

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