Hedge Funds Buy Drugs So They Can Loot Sick People And VW Commits Eco Crimes In Germany And More Muslim News, All Bad

Big Price Increase for Tuberculosis Drug Is Rescinded – all the corporations are now on a major looting expedition.  In the drug company ranks, buying various necessary drugs and then raising the cost by 1,000 or more per cent is the latest scheme for getting rich quick mainly off of government money which flows into healthcare. WATCH: Ex-hedge funder who hiked AIDS pill cost by 5,500 percent says drug ‘still underpriced’ because it made only $5 million in profits before he bought it and turned it into instant gold, 90% of the money coming mainly from taxpayers since people with AIDs struggle to work and are often quite disabled. ‘How do I sleep at night? You know, Ambien’: Hedge fund trader takes on critics after raising price of HIV drug by 5,000% as this crook complains about how tough it is to steal money.  It is time for the government which is paying the vast majority of the costs of this drug, to take over the company and accuse the hedge fund creep of racketeering.


Green’ Cars Meltdown As VW Emissions Scandal Rocks Car Industry | Watts Up With That?: the Germans who are all big on being ‘environmental’ cheated!  Who would have imagined that?  Will executives go to prison for this fraud?  I doubt it.  But VW might go bankrupt.  This would harm Germany greatly so I doubt that will happen, either. The usual solution is a tap on the wrist with a damp cloth.  This isn’t a mere ‘mistake’ it is deliberate:  Volkswagen: 11 million cars fitted with pollution cheating software and this is a huge black eye for Germany that is reeling under an army of invasive mainly male Muslims:  Made in Germany, ‘screwed up’ in America: Volkswagen admits 11 million cars worldwide may be affected by rigged emissions tests.


Now on to our moral war against Muslims while we tell Europe and US voters to take in millions of unregistered Muslim males:  US soldiers say they’re ordered to ignore Afghan soldiers who sexually abuse young boys.  This abuse of boys has been known for years.  Every once and a while it makes the news. At the same time Muslim radicals are butchering men and boys all over the place accusing them of being gay or having illicit sex.  The hypocrisy of child abuse in many Muslim countries: the Muslim nations have a long, long history of man/boy sex. None of this is new news: State Department: Sexual Abuse of Boys on the Rise in Afghanistan was investigated back in 2011 and a report issued a year and a half ago.


Europeans Shut Borders, Block Bridges, to Halt Migrant Surge as chaos engulfs Europe. The economy of major countries there is now on the verge of collapse with Germany teetering on the edge of this abyss with the latest news about big money maker, VW. Internal traffic is now tied in knots, trains are deluged with illegal aliens who pay nothing and wreck everything.  This is a literal invasion.  And since the vast majority of invaders are men of fighting age, we know the end result already.  Europe will be in total chaos for the foreseeable future.


So, the US to bring in new advanced nuclear bombs to Germany – report: HAHAHA.  Great move here! Give the Germans nukes right when their country faces internal collapse due to economic stupidity and letting in millions of illegal alien males.  Way to go.


A word from the author of this blog: I didn’t write yesterday because a very dear friend came back into our lives.  He is also now on disability like my poor husband and is now moving in with us so I was quite busy working things out.  I am delighted about this because Rob can help me survive this winter for I heat my home with firewood which I have to cut and split and stock and I do all the snow plowing, etc.  And I am still very weak and struggling to do things due to my illness which is getting better but very, very slowly.  I am now looking forward to winter instead of dreading it!


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10 responses to “Hedge Funds Buy Drugs So They Can Loot Sick People And VW Commits Eco Crimes In Germany And More Muslim News, All Bad

  1. wellwell

    Every time I read about one of these corporate sleazeballs, I’m reminded of Martin Short’s great character, Nathan Thurm, the sweaty, lying corporate lawyer:

    “… that seems rather generous, a million tons per child …” lol

  2. Lou

    How young are the boys?

    Muslim nations have a long, long history of man/boy sex

  3. Melponeme_k

    The finance business is nothing but locusts. The controls against profiteering make speculation too difficult for them. Which is why they blasted them away by their bribed politicians.

    Now they just eat and will eat until everything is gone. Then they either jump out their office windows or shoot their families then themselves in their ugly ass McMansions.

  4. Ziff

    Back when we had ‘aircare ‘ a car that knew how to cheat would have been great !!

  5. Anne On Y'Mouse

    And who is giving these Gordan Gekko wannabes free money to run riot like this? Zero and negative interest rates have several consequences including breaking pension funds, give these guys no risk loans and they will act callously looking for margin.

    Meanwhile the auto maker Government Motors pays a token fine.

    GM Still Faces Exposure in Flawed Ignition Switch Suits That Seek Billions

    VW is probably the tip of the iceberg as regards rigging tests, I wonder why the powers that should now be deciding to zone in on them? Surprise, surprise there is a connection with foreign policy.

    Volkswagen bets on long-term Russian growth with new engine plant

    Volkswagen faces lawsuits over emissions deception

    Volkswagen Scandal Sparks New U.S., European Investigations

    So this is where is gets interesting . . . Some US allies lose money.

    Volkswagen emission cheating scandal has already cost Qatar nearly $5 billion.

    Here is my theory, the powers that should not be in the US have re-ignited the cold war with Russia and intend to isolate Russia economically. German corporations that have power with Merkel see Russia and its satellites as a market to be opened up, and the Germans and French are not cool on more sanctions. Why not bring pressure to bear on Germany?

    The other aspect is the US foreign policy (or more accurately Tel Aviv’s policy, the US does not actually have a foreign policy in the ME other than keep the oil flowing) in Syria is to breakup and eliminate that country, which they have so far succeeded. The Russians have had problems with Chechenya which they have suppressed, however the insurgents have resurfaced in Syria backed by the powers that should not be and are fighting Assads regime. Russia has recently provided some new equipment to Syria to nullify the US allies of evils planned air campaign to finish off Assad and are setting the groundwork in place where the US allies have no choice but to turn on their own sponsored insurgent groups.

    The refugees have already tipped the balance of power in Turkey and have been moved on to Europe through Greece. The Greeks (and Italians) are saying nothing, they are not documenting they are just waving the refugees through and sending them on to Germany and the Scandinavian welfare states as part of a political gambit with Germany.

    Bottom line is German foreign policy is trying to walk the line between the USA and Russia, it is being manoeuvred into a corner where it must decide which horse to back. That is why VW is being singled out.

  6. Germany is committing suicide…AGAIN. I am half German, I went to school there for a year when 16 years old, ich kenne Deutschland sehr gut…this mass suicide is sad to watch, it is Gotterdammerung Zeit there yet again, this time, the Germans, like the crazy Japanese, are self-destructing by not reproducing their own children while running a vast, valuable manufacturing empire that is the #3 and #4 economies of the entire world both are doomed to die very swiftly internally, Japan literally, going suicidal with China whereby a mere 4 nuclear bombs will kill off 90% of Japan while the northern half is already nearly totally dead due to Fukushima and Germany is going to be overrun by aliens who hate Germany more than Europeans hate Germany and Germany can be annihilated by a mere 8 nuclear bombs so they can’t fight WWIII.

    The US and Russia and China can fight WWIII due to sheer size of country and population. All the tiny ones will be annihilated.

    Most of Europe can’t menace a baby boy with a pop gun so they can crouch down and duck and hope no nukes kill them all off except for England which is totally delusional about power.

    Five nukes will destroy Brit power.

    WWIII has interested me all my long life due to my dad being part of the secret committee set up by Eisenhower way back in the 1950’s to study the effects of WWIII and who will survive it, etc.

  7. Lou

    Kunstler —–July 17, 2017 at 9:13 pm #

    ‘Largest medical fraud take down in American history’: More than 400 doctors, nurses and pharmacists are arrested for health care and opioid scams worth $1.3bn in false billing

    US attorneys announce they will prosecute over 400 in medical fraud case

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions calls the action the ‘largest medical fraud takedown in American history’
    More than 52,000 Americans died of overdoses in 2015
    Nearly 300 health care providers are being suspended or banned from participating in federal health care programs


    I wonder how many of the MDs are foreign born or jews?

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