Boehner Resigns, Leaves Congress, Pope Is Global Warming Hypocrite

House Speaker John Boehner is resigning from Congress: news just in.  Boehner, after weeping when Congress, for the first time in history, decided to have a foreign Pope lecture everyone about morals and weather conditions, suddenly resigned.  He is retiring from Congress!  This is shocking news.  The GOP was taken over by religious fanatics who want to turn back the clock as does the Pope.  Women’s right to choose whether she as children is at the center of this business.  The GOP religious fanatics are joining the Muslims in demanding women have zero control over their own bodies.


These fanatics are now going to shut down Congress and send our economy and everything into a tailspin unless women give up basic civil and human rights and become slaves again.  All the adulation of the Pope by our press and politicians hides the fact that he is intent on both enslaving all us women plus he is demanding that women who have no right to birth control should send all their excess children to our schools, our neighborhoods, and displace our children and Congress applauded this demand for the right to invade our country which we protect by not overproducing unwanted, ill-cared for children.


This overt attack on our good system by both Muslim and Catholic fanatics and rulers is an invasion.  A literal invasion.  It is sponsored by these cruel rulers and their plans for dominating the planet are based on huge reproduction rates/enslavement of women so they can sit on top of a gigantic population of desperate, starving people who can’t fight back but instead, are used as sex slaves, cannon fodder and cheap labor.


The Pope and all Popes are evil.  So is anyone demanding women be slaves.  They enslave our boys, our men, too.  Are Catholic men free?  Or are most Catholic countries (unlike France, though Catholic, overthrew the Church during the Revolution) crummy places where there are peasants and rich rulers?  Absolutely.  Notoriously so.  The Protestant revolution was all about the masses gaining power over the Church.  The Catholic Church is run very secretively (VERY SECRETIVELY) and is top down giving orders to the masses and is also all about magic run by the elites who have the ear of god and everyone else is basically a dumb slave.


My ancestors in England overthrew the Catholic Church and then came to the New World due to fights with the King over who was boss.  That is, we left and decided to be our own bosses, here and then had a revolt and became bosses, totally.  We then let in lots and lots of Catholics and there was a huge debate 200 years ago about this, fears that Catholics would come here and enslave us via their Pope business.


And this is now happening.  I am VERY insulted that Congress invited the Pope to lecture us all about society and poverty.  He wants all of us poor and enslaved to fetuses and living with roaring slums all over the place and too many mouths to feed.  And he wants draconian laws that punish women to get this, too.  He is pure evil to me.  He is my enemy.


YOU’RE FEO’D! Masses waiting to see Pope Francis roundly boo GOP Prez hopeful Donald Trump, call him ‘ugly’ in Spanish because he wants to stop the flood of illegal aliens.


Now for other news: Swedish kids asked by school to write a suicide note… while thinking about their moms — RT reports.  Sweden has gone totally insane.  It allowed in hundreds of thousands of angry Muslims who hate women’s rights and want to kill all the Swedes and it has destroyed the ability of Swedish boys to be men (they can’t fight anymore) and it is now a suicidal society setting out to eliminate itself.


I am a very strong proponent of getting men to be real men including the need to fight.  I fought with medieval weapons all my life and am extremely good at it all, from sword fighting, horseback fighting, archery, etc.  Men need to be real men and this includes fighting like men and the training of ancient forms of fighting makes men manly.  In my case, I just wanted to be Joan of Arc only she didn’t really fight, I actually got full training in these skill which proved useful in Life when I had to take down adult male criminals.


Sweden is dying as is Germany and will be replaced with very angry Muslims who are ruled by very angry Muslim males who love to fight.  We know what will happen next.


NewsREAD MORE: ‘Porn is not real life’: Danish schools should show blue movies to students,  and..READ MORE: ‘Start slow, then go faster’: Norway debuts explicit sex ed show for 8-year-olds (PHOTOS)professor says.  HAHAHA.  No comments necessary for this insanity.


Man’s suicide caused Tassajara wildfire that destroyed 12 homes, burned over 1,000 acres in California: authorities: this was no natural event.  The fires were human.  Most of the plants around the homes were hardly touched by the fires, this is common with houses built next to ‘fire zones’: they explode with fire while the surrounding trees are just fine.


Last of all:  EPA official spent $70k flying home EVERY weekend and charged the tax payer for this and he spends all his energy telling us we will all roast to death unless we stop doing what he is doing and ALL the stupid global warmists are the same sort of evil clowns lying to us about simple things and then demanding we destroy ourselves while they party like fiends in hell.


This man should be sent to Saudi Arabia and be beheaded.  By the way, the stupid Pope flies all over planet earth…telling us we will roast to death unless we stop flying, driving, living first world lives.  He too, should go to H…E…L…L.


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22 responses to “Boehner Resigns, Leaves Congress, Pope Is Global Warming Hypocrite

  1. melponeme_k

    The few women and children among the illegal aliens invading Europe are being attacked in migrant camps.

    Quick they need to be “integrated” so they can attack European female citizens.

  2. charlottemom

    As a Catholic I am stunned by this over the top adulation of the Pope on his visit to the US. Religous royalty!
    The Catholic cynically rebranded itself when it switched popes – new personality, new bag of issues, better optics/image (a friendly-faced geadpa Latino pontiff in an “eco-responsible” car) and presto a completely fawning treatment by the press. I would love to know the resolution on clergy pedophilia, expansion of women’s role in the church, church’s actions re refugees,etc. No reporter is asking about any of this!!!
    Instead really laying on thick with Pope and hope and change themes!
    There are big geopolitical movements afoot…. Last time a pope got this treatment, it was John Paul working with fellow brat packers Reagan and Thatcher to dissemble Soviet Union.

  3. Jim R

    And the Catholics sided with the Nazis in WWII. They deny it now, and just got rid of a horrible Nazi Pope to maybe prove something, but in WWII they were Nazi right up until it wasn’t fashionable to be Nazi any more.

  4. charlottemom

    My head is about to explode!!! Why is a quasi-interfaith multicultural ceremony being held at the 911 site? This ritual is giving me a creepy feeling. I cant help but think great turmoil ahead!

  5. Lou

    Catholics sided w Nazis? Which Catholics, where?

  6. Hitler was a Catholic.

    So was his buddy dictator in Italy!!!

    ALL Popes for generations fully approved of anti-semitism. Ditto, witch burning.

  7. vengeur

    The women’s “right to choose” has been decided by the Supreme Court. THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE. GET OVER IT. There have been approx. 53 million abortions in the US since R vs. W The issue today is giving 500 million per year to an organization that cuts up and sells aborted (fetus or babys) like cut up chicken parts for MUCHO DINERO.

  8. Sunger

    “The Protestant revolution was all about the masses gaining power over the Church. The Catholic Church is run very secretively (VERY SECRETIVELY) and is top down giving orders to the masses and is also all about magic run by the elites who have the ear of god and everyone else is basically a dumb slave.”

    Now you are thinking straight, Elaine. Go get ’em.

  9. Sunger

    “I fought with medieval weapons all my life and am extremely good at it all, from sword fighting, horseback fighting, archery, etc. ”

    Wow. Where did you get your training on these weapons? Did you ever get cut when you were swordfighting? Did you ever cut somebody down with your sword while on horseback?

    ELAINE: Oh, I have been injured! Broke my arm fighting in armor, for example.

  10. Nani

    The Russians and the Chinese must be laughing their heads off at the stupidity and self destructive behavior of the Western world. Unlike the West, Russia and China are fiercely protective of their borders, sovereignty, Independence, culture and traditions. They will never allow themselves to be overrun or invaded by hostile foreigners. Never.

  11. Maddie's Mom

    First…Elaine, I couldn’t agree more.

    The pope isn’t lecturing me, because I haven’t heard a thing he’s said. HA!
    He needs to go back to where he came from. I think his purpose is to take the focus off the issues previously concerning the church. He’s become a politician!!! Presto!-Change-O!!!

    Yes, Sweden has gone insane. And we are right behind them. The destruction of our country is happening in real time, right before our eyes. The speed with which it is happening is mind-boggling. Like charlottemom, my head is also about to explode!!!

    Males are being portrayed on teevee, in programs and commercials, as stupid, useless ninnies. And I can see that just from the occasional glimpses I get when my husband is watching. Unintentional? I don’t think so. If they can’t get our guns, just emasculate our men. They won’t fight. And I think it’s working.

    Yes, all the hypocrites who wish to rule over us can go to hell, if the Devil will even have them.

    I think I’ll buy myself a big ol’ gas-guzzling SUV and turn down the thermostat!!!!

  12. Lou

    Sweden has gone totally insane.
    It allowed in hundreds of thousands of angry Muslims who hate women’s rights and want to kill all the Swedes and it has destroyed the ability of Swedish boys to be men (they can’t fight anymore).

    and it is now a suicidal society setting out to eliminate itself.
    All countries that allow 3rd world immigration are ‘going 3rd world’ – logical.

    As far as NYS goes, there was an article online claiming that Upstate NY is the ‘worst place in USA to live.’ I doubt it but wanted to share.

    Upstate New York ranked worst place to live in … – Reddit…/Albany/…/upstate_new_york_ranked_w…
    Sep 1, 2015 – Upstate New York ranked worst place to live in America ( submitted 23 days ago by cybermageI’m from the Capital Region.

  13. I was never a ‘leftist’. I am a ‘realist’. I am also a female and love having full civil rights including the right to do stuff men do, for example, all of which I had to fight to gain.

    In 1964 when the Civil Rights Act passed, I contacted my local ACLU lawyer who I babysat for and said I wanted to sue for the right to take auto mechanic classes, woodworking classes and all other ‘boys only’ classes. We won but I was already in college by then.

    I sued over sports issues, I sued to open various professions to myself. It was a HUGE fight all the way, every step. Conservatives hate me for this.

    ON THE OTHER HAND…doing suicidal stupid liberal stuff is not me and never has been me. I am against making men into eunuchs, for example. I want boys to fully explore their natural inclinations and think they should all learn how to fight in the old fashioned methods including the CHIVALRY parts.

    Seriously! Most people try hard to be stereotypes. I am not.

  14. Petruchio

    Why is Boehner resigning? I mean the real reason, not the ” I want to spend more time with my family” bs. Members of Congress do NOT voluntarily jump off the Golden Bribery Train otherwise known as serving in Congress without being forced to leave. People as morally and ethically bankrupt as the typical member of Congress is do not voluntarily stop lining their pockets with bribe money. And then here’s the bad news: the person who replaces Boehner will be just as sleazy-if not more so-than Boehner.

  15. Your friendly pontiff

    The idea that men have to fight to be “real men” is a wish for extinction. For example, if someone tries to fight me using “old fashioned methods” I will defeat them easily using MODERN WEAPONS. See the problem?

  16. Lou

    I consider someone who supports abortion in the 3rd trimester a leftist.
    You have shrugged off the murder of live infants [by tax payer supported] at Planned parenthood as ‘unwanted fetuses’. You also luv FDR.

    You posted here that ‘Mittens would have been worse’ [I doubt that very much].

    Call yrself whatever you like, but at least you are inconsistent.

  17. Lou


    I did glace at photos. Sweden looks way more black and brown than White, as judged by the photos.

  18. Petruchio

    @#7 Elaine: Joseph Stalin was originally a seminary student! The only difference being Stalin was studying to be a priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church, not the Roman Catholic Church.

  19. Wait until AIPAC, the lobbyists from K Street, the MIC and the real rulers tell the Teabag GOP Congresscritters that they don’t represent their constituents, but rather THEM.

    These Congresscritters will have quite the temper tantrum, probably shutting down the central government for a MONTH. The US economy and nation will be in a world of hurt. And where will the real rulers go then? Russia!?! Hahaha as if Putin would let them.

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