Rampaging Muslim Males Assault Germany And Another Saudi Prince Rapes Women In US, Saudi Prince Becomes UN Human Rights Head

Germany in a state of SIEGE: Merkel was cheered when she opened the floodgates to migrants. Now, with gangs of men roaming the streets and young German women being told to cover up, the mood’s changing: chaos is spreading in Germany.  The ‘refugees’ are turned loose in various towns and villages and are now beginning to pillage them.  This is an obvious outcome easily predicted.  It is going to get much, much worse as more pour in from all over the world, all claiming to be ‘Syrians’.  Germany’s Giessen asylum centre rife in rape and child abuse as refugee crisis grows while the German police are under orders to not identify these rapists as invaders.  All over Germany, people are finally waking up to their peril.


Germany puzzles me.  I went to school there years ago.  I challenged the teachers in my history classes, for example.  Germans tend to go all the way one direction or another and after slamming into obvious walls, will go the exact opposite extreme until crashing there.  This suicidal tendency runs alongside great skills in industry and engineering.  The average German loves order and clean streets.  Then they blow up everything and trash not only their homeland but anyone within a 3,000 mile radius!  They plant flowers in windows and along streets and then commit mass suicide.  Japan has very similar build/destroy dynamics which runs right along the same tracks as Germany.


When I lived in Germany with professors and distant relatives there, I noticed that Japanese scholars and engineers got along great with the Germans.  Very friendly, fully understood each other.  Japan is on a suicide march right now, like Germany.  Only they are letting no one into their country, they are simply dying off and not reproducing.  Unlike the Germans right now, the Japanese are a tad ahead in the self-immolation game and are openly egging giant China into a WWIII end of times confrontation which is utterly insane but makes perfect sense since half of Japan is already a nuclear wasteland and most of the people are over the age 40 and are dying off increasingly rapidly while having virtually no children anymore.


South American Catholics and all the Muslims, on the other hand, are madly reproducing and their rulers and leaders demand more and more people to be born and are also traveling around America and Europe demanding we have open borders to let all this massive human population to pour in and overwhelm our economic systems: Pope Francis’s encounter with daughter of illegal immigrants was planned for a year with the connivance of Catholic priests, the entire thing was a staged event.  Luckily for us, reporters followed the cute little tyke to see her go off to the group and did some actual reporting which is amazing considering how we are not told a lot of important information.


EXCLUSIVE: Another FOUR women accuse Saudi prince of sex crimes after neighbors saw ‘bleeding woman trying to climb out of his $37m Beverly Hills compound’: the New York Times, a Jewish Zionist rag, didn’t report this.  Saudi Prince Majed Abdulaziz al-Saud accused of forced oral copulation with adult at Beverly Glen mansion in California – CBS News is reporting.  Turns out, in EU news which is covering the story much, much more, there is a string of rapes but in the US, this news is nearly non-existent since our government pretends this very noxious, cruel regime is our great buddies who we all should love.


Looks like the Daily News is finally carrying this story: Saudi prince arrested for sex assault in Los Angeles – NY Daily News but it is mostly not there in our media.  The Saudi Royals are one of the cruelest, most despicable crime clans on earth.  So…U.S. State Department “Welcomes” News That Saudi Arabia Will Head U.N. Human Rights Panel.  This is sort of like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.  It is insane.  Why does our State Department think this is a great idea?  It is not!  It is disgusting.  Virtually no one has any basic civil rights in Saudi Arabia.  There are actual 100% SLAVES there!  Women have zero civil rights. This is pure lunacy.  But of course, they do have oil.  Oil which is evil and which the delusional President and the cynical Pope claim is pure evil and will destroy the earth and we must stop consuming oil or else.  Yes, see the logic here?  Hilarious.


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18 responses to “Rampaging Muslim Males Assault Germany And Another Saudi Prince Rapes Women In US, Saudi Prince Becomes UN Human Rights Head

  1. Nani

    According to the UN, over 70% of the ‘refugees’ are men. This doesn’t bode well for Germany or Western Europe. Many Europeans are quite angry at Merkel now for allowing this to happen. We want to feel safe in our own streets without the risk of being raped, assaulted or robbed.

    We also want our welfare state to survive for future generations. More and more Europeans are waking up, and smelling the coffee. If Merkel does not halt this, there will be a revolt against her. Guaranteed!

  2. Nani

    Merkel greeted as a traitor with massive booing

  3. Moe

    Russia has had its own Muslim problems, and dealt harshly with them. Wonder what they think of European governments permitting an invasion of Muslim ‘refugees’?

    I would postulate that the Russians regard this as a sign of civilization collapse. Perhaps the collapse of an amoral, materialistic, decadent culture?

  4. melponeme_k

    “Luckily for us, reporters followed the cute little tyke to see her go off to the group and did some actual reporting which is amazing considering how we are not told a lot of important information.”

    I grew up in two religion household, Protestant and Catholic. It was my WASP grandfather who would scream about papists only following the corrupt man in the white dress. Of course this was all confusing to me as a young child. But now, by heavens, I fully understand him. In fact, I’m reverting to his opinions more and more as I get older. Which is odd since I’m a former catholic.

    Unfortunately, growing up in a deeply religious catholic household is odd. My grandfather must have felt he was deep inside enemy lines. One thing I will say, I’m grateful to my devout grandmother who, after much thought, told me that evolution was fact when I asked her about it. That admission made my eventual freedom possible.

    The South American catholics are a total different breed of religious fanatics. They don’t question, they just follow. And not because they are unable but they were raised in a culture that didn’t allow it. They will follow the cretin dressed in white…to the letter.

  5. vengeur

    The video of Merkel getting booed is from 2012 in Stuttgart.

  6. Lou

    South American Catholics – on the other hand, are madly reproducing —

    China, Billion plus people
    India, may be first country with 2 BILLION people
    Muslims = billion worldwide
    Africa = billion?

    South America = 1/3 billion.
    Your claim looks false.

  7. The problem is, WHERE ARE THEY GOING????

  8. Lou

    The ones in Mexico and CA are moving here to get benefit$. And this is not the popes fault but whoever signed NAFTA.

    This is from Kunstler.com, thought yd get a kick out of it,

    Are you a Global Citizen? (not just a CFNation citizen) If the answer is yes then you were at the ‘Global Citizen Festival’ in NYC yesterday. Its stated main goal was to “raise awareness of Global Inequality”, and it was free.

    Many celebrities were in attendance, either as speakers or entertainers: Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Bill Gates, Stephen Colbert, Katie Holmes, Selma Hayek, Cold Play. Sting, the Queen of Jordan, many more, all the luminaries showed up, the beautiful people, but beautiful people with an exquisite social conscience, too.

    A special guest was Leo DiCaprio, who flew in on his private 747 to speak about ending the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

    The comic opportunities here are endless.

    The festival coincided with the UN Summit convened to fight Global Poverty, and transform the world, which they figure will cost about $5 trillion per year for the next 20 years. Where the annual $5 trillion is coming from isn’t specified. There’s also a lot in there about Gender Equality, Gay Rights, immigrants, refugees, sharing the wealth, minorities, the whole gamut, pretty much what you would expect from meglamaniacs bent on saving the world.

    [EMS, is Gate Foundation a scam? and if so, how?]

  9. Jim R

    Lou, the Gates Foundation is a philanthropy scam.

    It’s a way for Gates to have his fortune completely exempt from taxes, and most of the money-(‘laundering’)movement restrictions, anywhere on the planet. They also give out some vaccinations or buy some schoolbooks, to keep the scam going. These things cost a lot less than the taxes they’d be paying if it were a non-tax-exempt hedge fund.

    It has worked for the ultra-rich since the Rockefellers or before.

  10. Luke

    But, I thought he was going to give his money away????

  11. Jim R

    He gave it to the foundation, and who controls the foundation?

  12. Luke

    where does gates money go, except to negroes? Scholarships to blacks, aid to Africa, etc.

  13. As the world burns, as the US starts wars all over kingdom come, as Europe collapses…we are to sing kumbaya and kiss each other and dance with children…while butchering them, stealing everything and taxing everyone to death and driving us all deep into debt.

  14. Luke

    Obama wants more taxes, money for africa, money for the poor.

    ‘deep into debt.’…when does the dollar die? or does it?

  15. Jim R

    The dollar is likely to do better than the empire. This happens at the end of empires …

    Money will get you through times of no empire, better than empires will get you through times of no money.

    … and if you know who I’m paraphrasing here (without looking it up), you are one twisted sista 🙂

  16. wellwell

    haha Mish Sherlock just posted that refugees are turning up their noses at Finland because it is too cold and boring. Others are complaining because their placement in France has no WiFi. Some Eritrean refugee claimants are going on holiday … to Eritrea. There is massive benefit shopping going on.

  17. Yes, Europe’s rulers did one of the dumbest things on earth. And now the right wing there is surging in popularity, huge, big time.

  18. Luke

    Europe’s rulers did one of the dumbest things on earth. — They are obeying their jewish masters.

    47,000 results (0.39 seconds)
    Search Results

    “Anti-Semitism in Europe”—Caused by Jewish Lobby …

    Jan 30, 2015 – In France, for example, the Charlie Hebdo attack and the “Jewish … exactly who is responsible for the violent attacks against Jews in that country. … Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster: Muslim Invaders in Europe Turn on the Jewish …
    Rabbi Wants an Islamic Europe as Jewish Revenge! – With Dr.
    David Duke
    Nov 12, 2012 – Rabbi Wants an Islamic Europe as Jewish Revenge! …. It was their most powerful weapon in their efforts to invade and steal from that nation.
    1,400 Years of Islamic Aggression: An Analysis – CBN.com
    Christian Broadcasting Network
    To give just a few examples — the Persians invaded Europe in an attempt to … Christians and Jews could not bear arms — Muslims could;; Christians and Jews …
    Dr David Duke explains how Jews are responsible for the …
    Sep 12, 2015 – Dr David Duke explains how Jews are responsible for the Muslim invasion on Europe. (mediaarchives.gsradio.net). submitted 24 minutes ago …

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