Trump Warns All US Candidates To Not Start WWIII Over Syria

BREAKING NEWS: Iraq Signs Collaboration Deal With Russia, Iran, Syria on ISIS Fight.  ISIS was created by NATO.  This is hilarious news, actually.


MORE BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump is free to cherry-pick his polls. But his decline is clear.  He is only up 2%  after nonstop media attacks.  His rivals are up more than he but then, the polls ask everyone not party members.


Trump: Rivals Want to Start World War 3 Over Syria.  Amazing man.  Yes, they are all talking about WWIII aka, the Apocalypse.  The entire reason for the invasion of Iraq were deliberate lies by Bush, Cheney and the Zionist media about 9/11 when, with full cooperation from the CIA and Pentagon, four civilian jets were not only hijacked by ‘terrorists’ trained in the US right next to Jupiter Island, Florida which is where more CIA agents retire than anywhere on earth and the Bush clan has lots of homes for fun and games…these terrorists were mostly from Saudi Arabia and were supposedly working with bin Laden whose dad is very affiliated with the CIA.


Ahem…all of this was covered up by our media giants who wanted war with certain socialist Muslim rulers who are all being systematically destroyed while Saudi Arabia grows stronger.  We were attacked by Saudi Arabia on 9/11 and the only people allowed to fly out of the US or in the US after 9/11 when all air traffic was stopped were all Saudi royals.  This fact has been covered up since, too.  Syria has caused a problem for our rulers who are either Skull and Bones black magic rich men or Bilderberg gangsters who are meeting in November in Europe to rape us with huge taxes on energy in the name of saving us from non-existing ‘global warming’ just as our sun is going into a cold phase.


The Pope takes on Trump: Francis makes thinly-veiled swipe at The Donald as he defends Latino immigrants who came to America at ‘great personal cost’ in speech to 40,000 in Philadelphia: how dare the Pope do this???  Why was this foreign agent allowed into Congress and who is now directly interfering in our elections???  This is exactly why my ancestors didn’t want any Catholics in the newly born USA.


‘Violence is spreading like a cancer’: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo calls for stricter federal gun control in wake of shooting death of top aide Carey Gabay: our GOP mayors and governors drove down crime greatly by cracking down on black males who are the #1, #2 and #3 cause of gun crimes not to mention most other neighborhood disorders.  Girls now OUTNUMBER boys in the juvenile justice system and nearly all of these girls are black, too.  Fixing this meess means ‘Black Lives Matter’ should start tackling the true killers of black men and black women: themselves.  As Trump has reminded them.

Here is another reason to support Trump: he didn’t support “starting World War III over Syria” and that if Russia wants to fight ISIS in that country, the US should let them do it.  Wow.  The ONLY candidate of either party to speak sensibly.  Trump has now basically declared war on our military/industrial complex and the Zionist brigade who rule us so ruthlessly.  He is still popular even though they are now desperate to destroy his credibility.  The TV brigade is now out in full force due to their master’s orders, and are attacking him nonstop.


Next: assassination.  He goes about in public little realizing his is a dead man walking.  They will have to find some Muslim guy to do the job.  They will.  The Secret Service will suddenly be incompetent.


So much for ‘democracy’.  I am old at this ‘assassination’ game business.  Been here enough years to see how it works, got educated in it quickly when Kennedy was shot in Texas.  Here is someone our Real Rulers want assassinated: Assad’s enemies may be portrayed as opposition, but he fights terrorists – Putin. Make that two people they want desperately to kill.  Putin is destroying their entire game.  ‘Ukraine in NATO would be declaration of war against Russia’ Putin warns.


Europe is dying!  It is collapsing economically and mentally.  It has and continues to be flooded with millions of Muslims whose world is in chaos thanks to our Real Rulers who wanted to destroy any and all socialist liberal Muslim nations.  Now, with the very odious, evil, cruel Saudi system being installed everywhere, there is chaos, death, destruction and women have zero human rights.  Thanks a load, CIA, Skull and Bones and our Bilderberg bullies!


France has carried out its first air strikes against ISIS in Syria as President Francois Hollande says his country’s ‘national security’ is at stake which is hilarious since Assad protected Paris.  Paris deserves the looming chaos, destruction, social collapse that is going to destroy the entire EU.  It is hilarious how reality works: boomerang time!  What is thrown outwards spins back inwards. The chaos spread to destroy all socialist Muslim nations is going to destroy all socialist European nations.


Assad could STAY as Syrian President for a ‘transition’ to focus on defeating ISIS Britian’s goofball rulers have announced today. How charming of them to allow the victims of NATO/CIA plots to destroy socialism in Syria to defeat the monsters created by our rulers and unleashed on their much saner, nicer dictator who actually tried to keep them safe, alive and fed.


The curious truth about Syria war refugees in vast camp: Bestselling author’s gripping dispatch from the ‘Mad Max’ makeshift city that shelters 80,000 people because moving into NATO nations isn’t as nice as living pleasantly under a socialist dictator who provided safety and social services.


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22 responses to “Trump Warns All US Candidates To Not Start WWIII Over Syria

  1. vengeur

    It is very important to note that Trump is on record for OPPOSING Bush II’s illegal war on Iraq. Very few politicians can make that claim (Obama is one of them). Trump is very unique among ALL the Pres. candidates because he does not need to defer to THE CORPORATE WARLORDS who have a stranglehold on American politics and thus rule the US. Which is why BOTH the Dem and Repub hierarchies CONSTANTLY vilify him. The white hot hate they have for him is because he DARES speaking off script.

  2. ziff

    trump trump trump trump , europe will pray for Putin save them.

  3. ziff

    MOST bizarre ,where is the war on IS ??? this is the first ‘war?’ that has not been covered ad nausem by the media [ cept i guess central america, but that was meant to be secret]

  4. Jim R

    ziff, I think it is because of the difficulty of weaving the official narrative of unicorns sh*tting freedom-and-democracy-sparkles, while at the same time arming training and financing IS.

    And the only ‘bad’ thing they can say about Assad is ‘barrel bombs’. The poor man is mixing cow dung and saltpeter in barrels in his garage, apparently. Now that he has requested some help from Putin, it highlights the media lies over the past months/years, as the elites rush to DEFEND the terrorists.

    All those nice terrorists who knocked down the WTC. They need your help and support now. It’s just really hard for the media to report on that with a straight face.

  5. csurge

    I’d swear Trump is reading your blog. The assassination gambit is obvious to a hard guy like Trump. He assumes the worst of people, Elaine. He’s said it himself. I think he can take on the establishment and win. He’s even sworn to bunker down in the White House all through his presidency. No unnecessary trip for him

  6. Christian W

    It is hilarious how reality works: boomerang time! What is thrown outwards spins back inwards. The chaos spread to destroy all socialist Muslim nations is going to destroy all socialist European nations.

    How is that hilarious? That is the PLAN! Just like Ukraine etc. It is part of the War on Europe. Socialism must die so the the Oligarchs can loot the ruins and float on top. The US aims to be King of the Global Rubbish Heap rather than let other nations pursue their own destiny in freedom.

    The US reached it’s limit for growth, so everybody else must shrink. The US has lost control of itself, so everybody else must collapse too.

    Also, Saudi Arabia is not a real nation, it is just an appendix to the US. In that sense the US was not attacked by Saudi Arabia on 9/11. The US attacked itself.

    See? ALL of these actions and consequences lead back to machinations from Washington. That includes the waves of desperate ‘barbarians/illegal aliens’ storming the gates of ‘civilization’.

  7. Alex Lemas

    How the hell did those guys knock down wtc 7 ?

  8. nclaughlin

    And now Trump has been rewarded with a collapse in the polls!

  9. ziff

    @ jim , who knows? , maybe its just hard to switch naratives mid stream

  10. Floridasandy

    Trump is not collapsing,.That is just more media BS, in their push to front Carly for the nomination. If that fails, they will push Rubio next.

    It is fascinating that Russia declares the Muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization, and Obama meets with them in the White House. Bin laden was a Muslim brotherhood member, so it is all very confusing what our game plan is supposed to be. The only thing I see is that we keep funding weapons that keep getting turned over to our new enemy.

    Certainly the Iran deal was idiotic at best, and they wouldn’t even release our hostages. Yikes!

  11. Building #7 fell after tons and tons and tons and tons of stuff from WTC 1 and 2 fell on it. It was NOT a ‘strong built’ tower, it was flimsy like the WTC buildings. Houses of cards.

    I speak as a woman who builds houses and knows physics and watched these buildings being built and warned people way back in 1980 to avoid these buildings due to their flimsy construction.

  12. Floridasandy

    If anybody is interested in reading an account of the bin laden killing, this is worth a read

    Some stories make sense, and some just don’t. The Obama version never made sense.

  13. Jim R

    I was talking about the media narrative, and not failure modes in buildings. We all know that Elaine has an opinion on that, but it’s largely a waste of time to just keep kicking it around. Most everyone who has given it any thought has made up their mind by now.

    But the media narrative isn’t even consistent with itself. How many times did they kill the “number 2 guy” in Al Qaeda? Forty or fifty? And now they’re all bent out of shape because Putin wants to eradicate ISIS (simply the re-branded Al Qaeda) over there — the empire of chaos was hoping for another failed state in Syria, and it isn’t happening, at least not right now.

  14. Floridasandy

    Many many times, Jim r.

    This administration cannot keep the lies straight.

    Let Putin—-who has the sense to declare the Muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization—eradicate ISIS and we can thank him afterwards. Our president is only making things worse in the Mideast, as we continue to see with the alleged Arab spring, and more lost and probably sold weapons thrown into the mix.

  15. It doesn’t matter how much inside information I have, no one believes me because they can’t understand how our government really works. This is why all real insider whistleblowers are seldom believed by the public but outsiders who know NOTHING are believed lock, stock and barrel.

    This is all kind of sad but also rather amusing to me. This is why our rulers can work with near total impunity.

    Elaine Meinel is known very well by the ruling elites. The CIA and KGB know this dame very, very, very well. I was so dangerous in Europe, I had to be arrested and deported before I could give an illegal speech in Prague.

    I was so toxic, they held me at the German secret police headquarters before sending me back home where LBJ was pissed off at me so much, he chewed off my poor dad at the White House.

    I used to be able to go into the UN and discuss plans with world leaders. And…all my many activities and they are many, are totally hidden from view, the media cooperated in erasing everything. Everything! I am now an official ‘nobody’. A non-person and I ain’t the only one.

    There are a shocking number of us. And no one sees or hears us in public. When I was Elaine Meinel in NYC, I organized one of the biggest demonstrations in NYC history. But the politicians told me in my face if I were on the main stand for a speech, they would attack the demonstrators and have a riot and blame it on me.

    I used to go to Congress and Senators would freak out seeing me such as when the US election counting was SUSPENDED and Congress was toying with the idea of not counting the votes. Remember that?

    They were TERRIFIED to see me show up and warn them to count the votes. Then…THEY DIDN’T. The crisis became a disaster and 9/11 was inevitable.

    At the NYT I told hundreds of thousands of people to go there with me and NO ONE SHOWED UP. People were either too stupid, too terrorized, or too lazy to show up. I did. The Speaker of the House had a violent argument with me in the halls witnessed by reporters and NPR even covered this in the evening news which was then ERASED.

    I am not ‘nobody’ to 5 Presidents. The only one I trusted and loved, Jimmy Carter, you are all trained to hate and despise. He is dying and I am very sad. I bet none of you are sad about this news.

    This is how you are manipulated. I know him personally. Most people who hate him don’t know him personally. And this is all so sad, it makes me sick.

  16. Jim R

    I voted for him. And again in 1980. And I still like him, and yes it is sad.

  17. Maddie's Mom


    Jimmy Carter is the one and only President, in my lifetime thus far, that I feel is an outstanding human being.

    And as a former President, he has devoted much of his life to helping others.

    I cannot think of a single other former President who has done the same.

    The news of his illness was very sad to me.


    Thank you!!! Of course! The readers here are very sensible people… naturally!!! We, the lucky few.

  18. Maddie's Mom


    I think the game plan is to destroy this country. Period.

  19. He is tender in person. Shy, even. I am loud and rather belligerent and even I calm down around him.

    My dad was also very, very shy which is why he was wildly successful at secret missions, by the way.

    The two of them got along great. They really enjoyed each other’s company. My father was going to flee from the US when Nixon put him on the enemies list. Suddenly, the IRS was investigating him, the phones didn’t work well due to wiretaps (I told my dad the phones were tapped, he didn’t believe me at first, I am used to being tapped…funny story, one wire tap screwed up my service so I visited the NYC FBI headquarters to demand they fix it and then stood outside while they fixed it!!! HAHAHA!)

    Nixon was a monster and revealed the true nature of the Beast and then fools thought the sock puppet, Reagan, saved us. Hell’s bells, that was pathetic.

  20. True story: I once proved to everyone my phone was tapped. I had people watch me make a fake phone call about a foreign issue and I talked about how the Chinese were going to do something unusual (this was when the Chinese first moved in with me) and voila: it became a little side story in the Washington Post the next day! HAHAHA.

    This deliberate plant my myself was most amusing and when I called the WP to tell them I had tricked them they pulled the story so I can’t show you it now, and pretended nothing happened.

    The CIA knew what the trick was, I was warning them off. The still tapped my phones but the Chinese knew this so they would cook up stupid things to say to trick the CIA and this is why the CIA is so stupid.

    I assume the Muslims running rings around the CIA are using the same tactics.

  21. Luke

    you need to proof a bit better. a few mistakes just above this.

  22. Petruchio

    “…. he chewed off my poor dad at the White House.” I think you mean ‘chewed out’. Just sayin’….

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