Francis: Atheists Will Go To Heaven…hahaha…Where We Will Tell Poor God He Doesn’t Exist

Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven: it is official now.  The Pope isn’t the Pope.  First, they had a Nazi Pope who resigned for this guy.  The Devil is having a blast at the Vatican. Heaven is a human concept created to make us less afraid of the Outer Darkness, aka, Death.  Our ‘souls’ are shared by all living things and it is an odd thing indeed since it is simultaneously nothing and everything and is not attached to any bizarre personal belief systems of humans who use the gods as an excuse to be really, really nasty to each other and all other living things.


Every time we elevate humans to explain all this to us we turn them into monsters.  This paradoxical thing is an iron rule.  All humans explaining the cosmos to us and wishing to protect us from Death and the Outer Darkness are actually or become demons who are out to destroy us.  This is why all of them end up ordering us to murder each other, yes, all the religions without exception, once they gain temporal power, go out to kill people.


Anyone reading bloody history can see this process.  No matter how peaceful the leader launching a new religion is, personally, or like Jesus, is murdered and kills no one, the followers always end up with a sword in one hand and a flaming torch in the other.  The Pope isn’t bringing peace, for example. He just announced that he wants to force us to take in many millions more of his followers from foreign lands or else, for example.  How dare he?  And he is applauded by Congress which promised to not allow yet another flood of aliens!  Talk about insane not to mention treason.


Pope: Workers Have ‘Human Right’ to Refuse Same-Sex Marriage Licenses which is treason.  That is, the Pope is telling his followers they don’t have to obey US laws.  How dare he?  Did the press mention this?  My ancestors who founded this nation didn’t trust Catholics precisely because they obeyed a foreign Pope.  All new people coming to the US had to swear to uphold the Constitution and to foreswear all allegiance to alien powers and this was designed so if someone came here and said the Pope’s laws were to be obeyed, they would be deported!


The Pope just threw down the gauntlet in regards with our nation and far from being a hero, he is egging on treason.  The lady who went to jail for refusing to do her duty now feels vindicated by the foreigner from South America.  Muslim leaders hate gays, too.  They also hate women’s rights and guess what the Popes believe?


They, too, hate women’s rights especially our reproductive rights.  All Popes all my long life have been my enemies.  They all want to run my life while at the same time, they do as they please including raping small children if they so choose and a shocking number of these creepy priests do exactly that.


Now on to international news.  Russia and Iran declare victory as Western leaders accept Assad will stay  while the New York Times, a top Zionist mouthpiece for our top elite rulers whines that Russia Surprises U.S. With Accord on Battling ISIS.  HAHAHA.  I predicted all this, the US and NATO allies in dying Europe now overrun by a million very angry Muslim males, has been outwitted by the Russians yet again.  They have the good part of Ukraine and the US has the insane part, for example.


Nationalists in Finland Hurl Rocks at Iraqis Seeking Asylum – The New York Times reports.  All over Europe, the far right is gaining power as they are resisting the Bilderberg leftist conspirators who stupidly decided letting in  millions of angry Muslim males is a great idea at least for propaganda purposes.


The Zionists who enabled all of this via media power, are now hoisted on their own petards.  They wanted to destroy Putin, he is now ten times stronger.  They wanted to isolate and destroy Syria and Iran and now both are allies with Russia and soon, China, yes, China!  And…hahaha…Iraq has joined, too.  The Russian alliance now surrounds Israel’s eastern side!  And guess who is friendly with the Palestinians?  Russia.


Syria crisis: David Cameron says Assad is a ‘recruiting sergeant for Isis’ – but won’t call for him to stand down…I am going to die laughing.  This is too funny.  After all the hysteria aimed at Assad, now Britain is backing down, fast.  The British people see the million Muslim male flood and are terrified it is coming to London, fast.


Iran-EU trade rises 9%, hits €4.44b in 7 months: Eurostat: and money talks. Europe is facing economic annihilation. The disaster hitting the very rich and powerful automakers of Germany is still unfolding in a very nasty way.  Internal transportation is collapsing due to the Muslim male invasion.  The bills for all this is astronomical at a time the rulers were telling the citizens inside the EU there is no money for social services which have to be ruthlessly cut so the rulers can fly all over the planet in private jets howling about how we are all going to roast to death.


Leader: Saudi leaders must apologize for deadly Hajj incident says Iran.  The US and EU are both excusing this mass murder caused by the royals who deliberately shut a main road to the rock throwing festival so they could walk there alone.


Iran to buy $21 billion in Russian space equipment and aircraft: Sputnik: another Putin win, win, win.  And this is another win, very funny:  Vladimir Putin taunts Pres. Obama for failure to stop Islamic State on ’60 Minutes’.  The US created ISIS.  Obama should be charged with war crimes but then ever since LBJ’s war crimes, the US has been busy bees…EXCEPT FOR CARTER.  I am serious, I know Jimmy via my dad who was a dear friend of him.  He is a wonderful human.


Crimean referendum was ‘valid’ and ‘democratic’ – Silvio Berlusconi announced today.  Oh boy, the EU front accusing Putin of being an evil man is rapidly collapsing.  Italy is being assailed by Muslim aliens, too, like Greece.


And so far, the media assassination of Trump rises in volume and his numbers no longer are through the roof while the media is peddling the idea that this black Republican is going to beat Trump in the primaries which is insane, won’t happen, no way.  Here is the latest story:  RIGHT BACK AT YA, BIG MOUTH! Trump blasts journalists as ‘worst people I’ve ever met’ in ’60 Minutes’ sitdown which is true.


They are doing a character assassination of him now.  The orders are out: he is not a Bilderberg or Skull and Bones therefore, he is to be destroyed.  The sudden resignation of the GOP leader in Congress and his bitter words about how the real system works, that is, he conspires in private with other Bilderberg/gangster types to say one thing in public to voters and then…vote for whatever the Bilderberg team demands…he won’t talk about THAT. He talks about how the lower level bench members are out to stop him from doing this (aka, ruling in secret!) and he is now running away.


Hilarious.  The public has no idea what is going on. They think their leaders represent them.  They don’t, of course.  None of them do this.  I  vote in elections but do this holding my nose just to keep up the farce, I rebelled openly in the past only to have everyone run off in the opposite direction.  I am always for reforms taking things back to where they began, with the first disputes in the writing of the Constitution which centered around two things: labor (slavery/exploitation of workers) and religion.  And here we are, surrendering on all fronts.


Donald Trump promises millions of Americans ZERO per cent tax | Daily Mail Online


“He plans to cut tax for the poor, middle classes and corporations, soak the rich… and pay for it all by ‘taking jobs back’ from China.  Trump has pledged to make some Americans tax exempt if his is President.  He said those on ‘low incomes’ would be included with cut for middle classes. Also promised to cut corporation tax as a way to get the economy growing (typical of rich candidates) and he said it would be paid for by growth in jobs and increased taxes on the rich.”


Same old story, cut taxes and the economy would grow and it does grow but so does the government deficit and he can’t get any jobs back from China because the #1 nation that holds our debt is China and so they rule us, not the reverse and Americans are never told this by any politicians but the Chinese are highly aware of all of this and it is their 50 year plan for taking over from the US which was hatched way, way back in 1984.  I was there when they came up with it.


I warned everyone in the government back then and Reagan’s staff laughed at me.  The Chinese are laughing, too.


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16 responses to “Francis: Atheists Will Go To Heaven…hahaha…Where We Will Tell Poor God He Doesn’t Exist

  1. Luke

    ‘My ancestors who founded this nation didn’t trust Catholics precisely because they obeyed a foreign Pope.’

    –I do not trust this Pope.
    I dont trust your violent ancestors
    I dont trust too easily anymore.

    Usually the media doesnt like the Pope. This one is for carbon taxes, so the media likes him, I guess. He is one of them. tax the poor.
    Oh, Obama is sending 1/3 billion aid for aids and wants to eliminate poverty.
    Obama is so stupid. Is there any problem that he can fix?

  2. wellwell

    Elaine, have you heard of the prophecy of the popes, written half a millennium ago? Apparently, Francis is the 112th and last pope, referred to (cryptically, of course) in this final passage:

    “Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.”

  3. Sunger

    Elaine said: ” Heaven is a human concept created to make us less afraid of the Outer Darkness, aka, Death. Our ‘souls’ are shared by all living things and it is an odd thing indeed since it is simultaneously nothing and everything and is not attached to any bizarre personal belief systems of humans who use the gods as an excuse to be really, really nasty to each other and all other living things.”

    Yes! You have this concept right on.

  4. Petruchio

    I’m waiting for the headline that reads, “Rupert Murdoch attacked by Syrian Immigrant”. Then sit back and watch the 180 degree turn by Fox and other Murdoch news outlets who will then proclaim, “something must be done about the immigrant problem!”. Quelle surprise! The elites will have made the discovery that they are not immune from Karma. Ram a taste of their own medicine down their collective throats, I say–and I make no apologies for it.

  5. Dear Elaine,
    The bad news first, the Papacy will survive both you and I. It is really good at marketing and it really does take the long view. It has survived, the period of Theophylact and period when women ran the Church, the time of the three popes, the Reformation (and the Counter-Reformation) and bribery from the Nazis and See Eye Aye.

    The Good news is that you are still eligible to be made a Saint. It might take 800 years or so.

  6. Floridasandy

    Heck, the U.S. Is buying Russian space equipment, and we beat them.

    Let Russia and China handle the militant problem–they are closer to it than us.

    Carter was a bad president, who got very bitter when he lost and went around badmouthing America, like some other liberals actually. There was an article on the awful panama canal treaty written for a magazine that pointed out a lot of carter failures at that time (forget the name but available online) Now he will probably be remembered more nicely for his habitat work than his policy failures, and maybe he did redeem himself a little.

    If God is a “creation”, I wonder how so many people call for or to God as they are dying or in such trouble that it isn’t a conscious thought at all in their heads, yet hard wired evidently. I guess it is easier to ignore God though, because a lot of bad behavior is tolerable then. Many religions do good, but there are always hijackers hell bent on destroying goodness and light in the world. What monstrous group drives their own crying young men to their deaths, taking innocent people with them, and films it — or the beheadings, or lighting people on fire in cages while they watch. Evil will not win because good people refuse and REJECT it.

  7. Christian W


    “Heaven is a human concept created to make us less afraid of the Outer Darkness, aka, Death. Our ‘souls’ are shared by all living things and it is an odd thing indeed since it is simultaneously nothing and everything and is not attached to any bizarre personal belief systems of humans who use the gods as an excuse to be really, really nasty to each other and all other living things”.

    This is the core teaching of Buddhism. 🙂

  8. Sunger

    billibaldi said: “The Good news is that you are still eligible to be made a Saint. It might take 800 years or so.”

    I have always wanted to be a Saint. Where do I apply?

    Unfortunately since I am atheist, I will need to contact the pope about a personal exclusion.

  9. Jim R

    800 years ago, if you knew the Pope and had lotsa money, Sunger, your personal belief system would have been no problem. Right now, I’m not so sure. The Pope isn’t quite as powerful as he used to be.

    Saint Sunger-the-atheist — has a sort of ring to it.

  10. Yes, let’s make a shrine to St. Sunger! 🙂 What ills does he heal?

  11. Melponeme_k

    I’m no longer a Catholic. But if I must pray, I pray to the Great Attractor. It giveth life and it taketh away. It will one day eat our poor little galaxy in one gulp. If anything can say, ” I am that I am”….It is the Great Attractor.

    Oh and St. Sunger cured by carpal tunnel syndrome, let the canonization begin!

  12. Your friendly pontiff holysh*t

    Carter was only a “bad president” only because he more or less told the American people the truth about their situation, i.e., the so-called “American way of life” is predicated mainly on killing, bribing or coercing folks and taking their stuff (i.e., living by the sword) rather than any sort of exceptionalism, and that must change to avoid utter ruin. Obviously, it hasn’t changed. That is REALITY in a nutshell.

    For example, the American economy is comprised of roughly 30% military and 70% consumerism and THAT’S IT. That should be a huge red flag, especially to anyone that believes in the “live by the sword” warnings in the Bible.

    As far as “God” goes, whether there is some part of the Universe that “loves” us and wants us to be happy and thrive , well, I guess its possible; but as far as the Christian concept of an entity that is all knowing, all powerful, and all loving, that is an obvious logical impossibility and one would have to be a really, really gullible to swallow that horsesh*t. I.e., the clergy have been lying to you for thousands of years.

  13. Anyone who reads the Bible should become aware that this god has a very nasty disposition and throws regular temper tantrums that kill a lot of creatures in very nasty ways.

    Remember Noah where this crazy god promises to never ever annihilate 99.9% of all living things? Then it goes on to say it is going to annihilate EVERYTHING eventually? HAHAHA.

  14. Petruchio

    @#’s8,9,10 and 11: I want to throw the name Petruchio into the ring here. I am declaring my candidacy for Sainthood. Why? Oh, I dunno. It’s just that Saint Petruchio sounds pretty nice. Sunger, no offense, but Saint Sunger just doesn’t sound like a Saint, imho. Oh and btw: do I have to go through all that jazz with the performing of at least two miracles thingy?

  15. John

    While I do not believe in organized religion, or its conception of Heaven, I definitely do believe that there is a creative principle. Call it Brahmin, call it God, call it Deity, call it whatever you wish; names are irrelevant. But I cannot and will not subscribe to a “shit happens” view of life.

  16. And then there is the Outer Darkness…

    We need our gods to save us. I just happen to think there is a huge variety of such things. Mine is at the top of my blog, I met Pegasus when I was hit by a massive lightning bolt when I was just a child.

    At Yerkes observatory in Wisconsin, where I was literally born…at night at the observatory, has a mosaic of Pegasus on the floor and I used to play on that when inside the observatory and so I was not surprised to see Pegasus come out of the Outer Darkness as I was flipped into that dire place by the lightning bolt and he flew off with me and dropped me back on the Earth again.

    So…eventually we will fly off together in the end. See? Everyone has such a thing available if they wish.

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