US And NATO Attack Putin For Not Supporting Total Chaos In Middle East

The huge effort by the US, NATO and hidden partner, Israel and its Jewish-controlled media in the West have declared war on the few liberal/socialist leaders of Muslims getting rid of each one by one and leaving their once-functional countries a destroyed wasteland has now focused on destroying Syria.  This effort is now flagging and failing and the troops created by this vile troika of powers is turning on Europe instead, with the destruction of the EU rapidly rising.  Meanwhile, Barack Obama spars with Vladimir Putin at the UN over Syria, ISIS and Ukraine | Daily Mail Online:


“1. Showdown: Obama gives Putin an icy stare during luncheon toast after dueling UN speeches over Syria, ISIS and Ukraine

2. Putin shamed the United States for attempting to ‘export’ its version of democracy to Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011

3. Obama slapped Putin for supporting Syrian ‘tyrant’ Bashar al-Assad, who he said ‘drops barrel bombs to massacre innocent children’

4. Shortly after 5 pm Eastern, the world leaders were meeting in private, but they came face-to-face during a luncheon

5. The two heads of state have not had a formal, in-person conversation since Russian separatists invaded Eastern Ukraine last year”

Russian ‘separatists’ never invaded anything.  Half of Ukraine broke off after a NATO-sponsored coup overthrew a democratically elected government exactly like another NATO/Israel coup in Egypt overthrew a popularly elected government there, re-enslaving the population.


Obama, like all US Presidents, loves to pretend he is pro-democracy but the US has a long, long, LONG record since WWII of overthrowing popular elected governments and backing vicious dictatorships in Asia, Africa, South and Central America and EUROPE.  Yes, Europe, starting with Greece right after WWII.  The entire Vietnam War was due to the US overthrowing an elected government that voted for more socialism and replaced it with fascist military dictators who were finally wiped out by the communists who gained great power thanks to this unpopular coup.


The US and its rulers (guess who!) are furious that Putin has outwitted them. His alliance that broke into the news yesterday surround the eastern half of Israel.  The pro-Israeli powers such as Saudi Arabia, are to the West.  And the Saudi royals try hard to hide the fact that they are in this alliance against Muslims so Israel can expand its own borders by enslaving and displacing millions of Muslims.


This fact is known by Muslim rebels who hate the Saudi royals who are fighting a losing battle with them on the borders of Saudi Arabia in Yemen.  The Saudis copy US tactics by bombing civilians and torturing women and children.  Yes, the US tortured women and children in Vietnam, for example, this was an open war crime and I was one of quite a few people who petitioned the UN to put LBJ and Nixon on trial for crimes against humanity back in the late 1960s-1970s.


US troops could stay in Afghanistan as Barack Obama considers Taliban revival and he is too stupid to figure out why the Taliban are revived.  The story about the US general who was demoted and then fired for punching out an Afghani general who kept a 12 year old child male sex slave chained to his bed…where is this story in the US???  It is all over Europe.


The Zionist Jews running our media aren’t featuring this story.  The general is demanding news time in the US to point his finger right at Obama, Mr. Human Rights creep.  Obama doesn’t give a damn about Palestinian human rights, either.  If he did, he would be assassinated.


Sixty hurt in mass brawl over food at German refugee camp | Daily Mail Online

“…as clashes with masked extremists rock towns over Berlin’s open-door migrant policy.  The police used tear gas to break up riot between 400 refugees at tented camp…German police union called for new ‘apartheid’ system in migrant homes.


Spy chief warned of radicalisation of right-wing groups amid migrant influx.  Xenophobic rallies and clashes shook several German towns at weekend.’


Yes. all over Europe, people are flipping out about the flood of alien males who hate Christians.  In Sweden’s Ikea attack, two migrants, two slayings and rampant fear of refugees – The Washington Post reports.  Finally, the huge rise in all crimes in Sweden has made US news.  It is an ongoing news story in Europe.


The WP story is all about the poor, misunderstood ‘migrants’ and there is a half a sentence mentioning the victims with no pictures of them or back story.  Why does the WP which is run by Zionists, so sweet on Muslims flooding Europe and killing Christians there?  Ahem.


Anyone who believes Jews have forgotten Christian/Jewish history is nuts.  I was married into a Jewish NYC family and they made it crystal clear to me, I was not a family member, I was not trusted, and I got absolutely nothing from them and if anything was given to the entire family, they cut me out of it as ‘alien’.  Their open hostility was so naked and bad, I ceased visiting them after trying in vain for 5 years to break down the barriers to social harmony and pretended they were all dead. Within 5 years of that, they were all dead.


Even the younger one.  It wasn’t old age, it was their sour attitude towards other humans that destroyed their health.  Their son who I married, on the other hand, is loved by family (the non-Jewish side) and is very much alive and this makes me happy he is doing well.


Hate kills.  The hate the US is stirring up kills.  Taliban storm Afghan city of Kunduz and free hundreds of militants as the corrupt US regime totters and will fall by the New Year.


Now on to other news in my home state.  We were run by Republicans for a decade and crime collapsed and thousands of black males are alive thanks to the GOP saving them from themselves.  Zero gratitude for this boon.  Instead, we now are run in the City and state by the Democrats and black males are killing each other at a mad rate so the people who created this situation are yelling for help:  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo calls for stricter federal gun control | Daily Mail Online


‘Violence is spreading like a cancer’: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo calls for stricter federal gun control in wake of shooting death of top aide Carey…Governor Cuomo delivered the eulogy at Gabay’s memorial service on Saturday…Cuomo said that stricter federal gun controls are needed”


Naturally, the governor wants everyone disarmed.  I have guns and I use them.  I live in the countryside.  We have cougars and coyotes, for example not to mention, no cops.  I am the ‘cop’ here and I use my guns to enforce the laws of the land.


Everyone I have taken at gunpoint was violating various laws and had to be arrested and put in prison and it is a lot easier to explain this fact to them all by aiming my shotgun at their chests and ordering them to lie down on the ground.  It works.


I have made more than one ‘citizen’s arrest’ in my life, indeed, when I was running a citizen’s patrol in NYC and was called ‘The Housewife from Hell’ by the Daily News, I made dozens of these sorts of arrests.  This was back when Democratic mayors refused to enforce the law.  This is also back when I got to be Rudy Giuliani buddy when he was a Federal Prosecutor.


I got him to tap my home phone during a time when the mayor, city council president, a Congressman, the borough presidents of NYC were all attacking the Housewife from Hell and making vile threats against me on my phone and at the front door all of which were secretly recorded by Giuliani with my blessings.  They all, except for Koch, the mayor, went to prison except for the president of Queens who committed suicide.


It is hilarious watching the Democrats struggle with crime in between committing crimes.  Sheldon Silver, Assembly Speaker, Took Millions in Payoffs, US Says and is now standing trial.  I knew him in the past and when he was a ‘reformer’ only to be sucked into the same vortex as the guys I put in prison over two decades ago.


Andrew Cuomo Was ‘Totally Shocked’ By Sheldon Silver’s Arrest which is hilarious.  I know Andrew and I warned him way back when his daddy nearly got dragged into my net to watch out for Democratic crooks.  He thinks he is smarter than the rest of us.  He will fall, too.  Anyone looking at Manhattan can see the flood of loot the super rich have available for bribes.


I used to have a sign in my office that was given to me by a political party that said, ‘When are you going to bribe me???’ and it was a joke because everyone in NY knew this meant I would be turning anyone doing this into the Feds for correction and punishment.


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7 responses to “US And NATO Attack Putin For Not Supporting Total Chaos In Middle East

  1. Jim R

    While poor Bashar is mixing cow dung in barrels in his garage, our free democratic and egalitarian ally, Saudi Arabia, is using modern high-eplosive versions of the ‘barrel bomb’:

    38 Dead After Saudi Arabia – Head Of UN Human Rights Panel – Bombs Wedding In Yemen

    Why haven’t we been continuously bombing Riyadh for the last ten years? Or twenty, if you count the WTC (first attack was in 1993)? Why does that country even still exist!? And of what use is the UN, if it can’t even keep maniacal sociopaths like that out of the Human Rights Panel?

  2. Christian W

    President Obama loves his Predator drones too. He is personally a big time child killer.

  3. Your friendly pontiff holysh*t

    Country or not, we all need guns to protect us from—all the crazy people with guns! Strange irony, huh.

    Cops or not makes no difference. Police have no general obligation to protect you:

    Yet another strange irony.


    ELAINE: Rapists in Europe terrorize women there and no one can stop them. If they tried it in my tiny town of Berlin, NY, they would be dead in 10 seconds or less.

  4. Carol

    Shit. Did not realize you are Republican.

  5. My voting record: nearly uniformly for THIRD PARTY candidates. Some were very liberal and some were quite conservative.

  6. Petruchio

    “US troops could stay in Afghanistan as Barack Obama considers Taliban revival and he is too stupid to figure out why the Taliban are revived.” Barack Obama doesn’t go to the bathroom without first getting permission from his owners. Obama’s owners are too stupid. That comes from all that coddling they get while growing up (think “Dubaya” Bush). And it comes from all that inbreeding. The elites do not want to marry beneath their (perceived) station in life. I’m surprised the Bushes and Clintons haven’t lntermarried. YIKES!!! Can you imagine what the children from a Bush-Clinton marriage would look like? They would make the character “Damien” from the “Omen” movies look like the purest Saint that there ever was. Eeeeeesh.

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