US Needs More Muslim Terrorists To Attack Russia

Turns out I was right about the Texas briefcase ‘bomb’ boy.  His teachers now came out of the closet and are telling about how he caused this sort of trouble in the past.  Conned again, isn’t this unusual…not.  Trump tells the truth…again…this time about Syria which has enraged the Zionist media giants and the toads in Congress of both parties.  And France accuses Assad of Syria of ‘war crimes’ unlike NATO which…has committed so many war crimes, we need to reopen the Nüremberg war trials.


Ahmed Mohamed’s former teachers say teen was a trouble maker who was suspended several times, ‘He’s one of those that could either be CEO of a company or head of a gang’: Former teachers of clock boy Ahmed Mohamed say teen was a trouble maker who was suspended several times:


He stopped at the Social Good Summit in New York City on Sunday and made a stop at City Hall on Monday, according to the New York Daily News.

There he received a city proclamation honoring his work in tech. The proclamation called him a role model for young people who want to pursue careers in math, science and engineering, and improve the world for future generations‘…

She reportedly said that the teenager was more cooperative with the press than the police.

‘He told a lot more to the reporters than he ever told to the police,’ Mayor Duyne told Blaze TV ‘There’s a problem with that.’


Once it was shown that this foreign Muslim boy and his dad were lying about a number of things and were conning everyone in the media, the gifts and praise should have been withdrawn but no, the President petted this kid yet again and hailed this obvious bomb-type ‘project’ as a wonderful thing so I suppose this kid has a future career working for the CIA to start wars and commit crimes against humanity.


I will note here that all the news about the truth in Texas comes from overseas news.  US news is heavily controlled by people who have an agenda to lie about nearly everything, it may just be reflexive, they have to lie because lying is normal for them.


Reason 100 for assassinating Trump if he remains popular:  Trump Sides with Putin on Syria, Says Putin a Better Leader Than Obama


“If he wants to fight ISIS, let him fight ISIS,” Trump said in an interview taped at his Trump Tower skyscraper in Manhattan.


“I say there’s very little downside with Putin fighting ISIS,” he added.


“Personally, I’ve been looking at the different players and I’ve been watching Assad, Trump said, “and I’m looking at Assad and saying maybe he’s better than the kind of people that we’re supposed to be backing because we don’t even know who we’re backing. We have no idea.”


OK: I am voting for him now.  J.C. in an apple cart!  Daring to say this on national TV means handing out a ‘courage in public’ award.  I am assuming Trump is very naive.  He doesn’t know how the CIA and the Skull and Bones operates.  The Florida Bush has by far and away the most money for running for President of all the GOP candidates aside from Trump.  His poll numbers are in the single digits.


But he announced  last night he isn’t dropping out because he expects to be the next candidate. So we are supposed to get another Clinton/Bush clown car circus show despite both creatures being highly unpopular with the majority of citizens.


If the media giants can’t character assassinate Trump the usual killers will step in, Trump is totally open to assassins because he doesn’t understand the dark underbelly of how our nation is really run and I wish I could sit down for a hour to explain this to him except he hates me…personally.


Seriously!  It is funny.  I decided to visit the Trump gambling casinos for free, he paid me $20 and a free bus ride and free dinner to visit his casino  and he gave me this for two whole months and I never lost a penny of this money.  Normally, people are lured into his trap there and lose lots of loot.  I didn’t.  Because I came out ahead by several hundred dollars, he had me blacklisted.  Hilarious.


So he will walk right into a dangerous situation because he thinks he is rich and more powerful than the Skull and Bones and their CIA powers because the Skull and Bones ARE the CIA from day one.  Getting an assassin is easy peasy for these criminals.


McCain: Russia Is a Gas Station – Not a Country; Putin an Aggressive, Corrupt, Gambler (Video): and they dearly want to murder Putin but can’t.  Unlike poor Trump, Putin is a KGB guy and knows absolutely everything about assassinations.  So our Skull and Bones/Bilderberg gang has to be verbally nasty since they can’t touch Putin with a ten foot pole.


France ‘opens war crimes inquiry against Assad regime’ in Syria: UN debate which is hilarious coming from the NATO war criminals.  France has to pay some dues since they refused to take in millions of angry Muslim males this year.


Showdown at the UN Corral by — Seymour Hersh:


And this isn’t the only time this President hasn’t told the whole story when it comes to the findings of US intelligence agencies: that’s why fifty intelligence analysts are in open revolt at his cherry-picking of intelligence in order to show we’re making progress in the fight against the Islamic State. And now we have former CIA chief David Petraeus, who was forced to resign, openly coming out with a proposal that we ally with the al-Nusra Front in order to overthrow Assad and edge out the Islamic State. Shouldn’t that arouse suspicion that Washington has been covertly cooperating with al-Nusra – the Syrian affiliate of al-Qaeda – all along, and that Petraeus merely wants to formalize his deal with the Islamist Devil?


The tangled webs our rulers weave!  They did this in the 1960s, the 1970s, and onwards.  Namely, nearly all my life.  I no longer have a ringside seat to all these crimes like when I was young and my father was advisor and friend of several Presidents (NOT Nixon!).  Now, I get to watch from my mountain and few heed my warnings about the future.  The future is obvious now: anyone running for office who isn’t a Bush or Clinton will be either bribed or killed.  Unless it is a black Republican, this would be another Trojan Horse Bilderberg gang stunt like the present guy in the White House.


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16 responses to “US Needs More Muslim Terrorists To Attack Russia

  1. Sunger

    “when I was young and my father was advisor and friend of several Presidents (NOT Nixon!)”

    When did he find time to be a friend to US Presidents and also an astronomer and also a high-level diplomat to China and Saudi Arabia.

    Of course he would also need to find time to “create” the internet.

  2. He knew lots of people just like I have known lots and lots of people and both he and I lived overseas in the past, too.

  3. JimmyJ

    Some climate change propaganda hedging with research news about ocean surface and sunlight “abiotic” (by other than living processes) created VOC isoprene atmospheric aerosols abetting cloud formation and cooling things down. Pine forests, once thought to be the biggest VOC contributor, have to take a back seat.

  4. Luke

    Turns out I was right about the Texas briefcase ‘bomb’ boy.

    Yes, and his father is the ‘power behind the boy.’ The family is trouble. More muslim trouble.

  5. vengeur

    @#1: I have an acquaintance whose father was President of a certain university in the southwest and was also a brilliant scientist. His family name is known to all Americans, a very wealthy clan. His son told me that it was very common to have all sorts of dignitaries and famous, influential people sitting at his dinner table, having conversation with his father. I am quite sure it is the same as with Elaine’s childhood.

  6. CK

    Once upon a time I knew a magician.
    He had an assistant who had the most fabulous hourglass figure
    Who had the most long and shapely legs
    Who wore the least coverings that almost revealed much
    And her hands and her body moved … appealingly
    Just a second before her Magician did his tricks.
    His name was Francis, or Jimmy or Tricky Dicky or Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, Bush, Obama or Raygun. Because the magician’s name is legion and it is Parasite and its employer is Screwtape.
    The Assistant’s name was CBS, ABC, NBC, Harvard, Yale, NYT, WaPo,
    Time, Newsweek, National Review … etc.. For the parasite’s parasite has fewer names but the same employer. The Pope quotes Satan’s scripture; and Satan pays rotten royalties.
    And yet you still comment about things as if they were meaningful and worthy of discourse and rational thought.
    So a itty bitty Sudanese pol’s son gets to be the “leggy assistant” this week, someone else will wear the costume next week and we will all be agog again.

  7. csurge

    You mean… assassinate him before the nomination? Yikes. Risky, even for them. Trump would make an excellent martyr for the movement building behind him. Is he naive? I doubt it. He knows he’s stepping on a lot of toes. Surely he realizes the kind of people he’s dealing with. We’re talking about a 69-year-old veteran of the dog-eat-dog business world. He’s not JFK that’s for sure.

    I’m not saying it can’t happen. I’m just saying a public killing of Trump is not as simple as it seems. The circumstances have to be right. They need to control the narrative after his death, or risk a popular uprising.

  8. Christian W

    Re: Trump

    They will find some sleaze on him if he refuses to go away. He will get Swiftboated or Assanged, never mind the truth.

  9. Christian W


    They need to control the narrative after his death, or risk a popular uprising.

    Or they wait until he is President (I doubt Trump seriously wants to become President), then blame some “Muslim” or “Russkie (read “Commie”)” and all the Republican idiots will be ready to stomp off to another war.

  10. csurge


    They’ve tried a lot of that already though, and none of it has stuck. He’s still standing and bellowing into the public microphone. A difficult man to shut up if ever there was one

    After election? Maybe. But I get the feeling they don’t want him in the White House at all. Once Trump gets through the door, he’ll wield his new power as ruthlessly and effectively as Putin has

    I’m giving Trump the benefit of the doubt because I’ve seen telling signs of a master strategist and shrewd politician in all the ‘clowning around’

    We shall see how the game plays out

  11. I fooled Trump in the past and pissed him off. He is easily fooled.

    Look, the Machine has no difficulty in killing off even the most popular or highest set up leaders. They have no scruples, of course. Cold blooded monsters, they are.

    Right now, Putin and Assad are openly laughing at our rulers.

    The rulers are totally pissed off about this. The EU is no longer supporting the Rulers of the West who opened the doors to a flood of illegal aliens.

    Now, Merkel is kicking out GERMAN CITIZENS from their HOMES to put in illegal Muslim aliens! Talk about setting off a bomb! The US and EU rulers will have their hands full as EU citizens erupt in rage over the flood of rapists and robbers let into Europe this year and everything is going to literally blow up or burn down just like the Balkans during those ethnic/religious wars.

    NATO is a dead duck. Won’t exist in ten years or less. Neither will the EU, for that matter.

  12. Luke

    Neither will the EU, for that matter./ and what percent of Europe will be White and Christian, in 10 years?

  13. csurge

    Fine. I’ll just wait for the inevitable gun shot during a Trump speech then. :-/ Such a shame. I think he would have made a pretty good president

  14. Assassinations are ridiculously easy.

    By the way, a very true story, when Dr. Spock decided to run for President…he really did…I was one of his bodyguards. He had me do this because I know the Secret Service guys really well and he was assigned one so I watched the SS guy for him, kept him entertained, I being very young and rather lithesome sort of…hehe.

  15. csurge

    XD Maybe you can be Trump’s REAL bodyguard if you make nice with him somehow. Or maybe a Skull and Bones insider will find shred of decency in their black heart and tell Trump how much danger he is in. Wishful thinking probably. I’ll hope for the best, and expect the worst

  16. I am an old lady now. Can use the umbrella as a weapon, of course. 🙂

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