Putin Begins Crushing ISIS And Rebels In Syria While EU Evicts Citizens For Illegal Aliens

Russia will succeed where West probably didn’t want to – Assad’s aide to RT: the NATO alliance to violently rule the Muslim world and overthrow and kill all socialist leaders there and replace them with either radical violent right wing Muslim dictators or just simple total chaos is now being openly challenged by a rising alliance of Shi’ite Muslims with Russia and Syria.


The entry of Russia in all this is a key factor.  The US and EU thought they could romp all over this planet overthrowing governments that stand in the way.  When the Cold War ended, this alliance thought they could rule as they pleased and what pleased them was to illegally invade various countries based on false charges and then to rape these places ruthlessly leaving ruins in the wake of all this.


The Zionist owned media in the West has promoted these illegal invasions and when rulers ask another country like Russia for support, this Zionist media machine goes into full scream mode that this is evil and wrong whereas US support of vicious radical terrorist groups is perfectly fine.


Obama administration says it will not be bullied by Putin. How dare Putin  help the government of Syria!  Israel wants Syria destroyed and the US is funding this effort and Russia won’t let it happen.  Europe should thank Putin since a victory there will mean an end to the chaos and destruction and refugee flood.


Russia ‘launches more air strikes’ targeting rebel alliance in Syria as this is correctly seen as the only way to stop the chaos there.  The US wants Russia to let the US overthrow the government of Syria using terror and murder in this effort.  All my long life the US has supported the death and destruction of entire nations so that our ‘rebels’ can gain power.  The history of the Vietnam War and the secret war on Cambodia shows how evil and futile these US efforts at using bombs to control populations is and these were war crimes and no US war criminal stood trial so we have a continuation of these policies which are in total violation of UN principles that the US itself set up in the first place.


French Raid in Syria Kills 12 Child Soldiers which is OK with the US and NATO and Israel because killing kids who are not in the pay of the US is not a crime, is it?  And why is France whining about Russia in Syria when they are in Syria?  Who, pray tell, invited French troops into Syria in the first place?


8 ISIS targets hit during 20 combat flights in Syria – Russian military: the US denies this and claims Russia is bombing US terrorists which is naughty.  The main point is, the US wanted a cold war with Putin over Ukraine and now has a hot war with Putin.  The collapse of US diplomacy and the hubris of US policies of ‘our way or the highway’ is stark to see.  The stupidity of not using diplomacy is obvious.  I remember when Kennedy was shot in Texas.  LBJ immediately rammed the US into Vietnam and he tossed out all the diplomacy of Kennedy and we ended up going bankrupt in the useless Vietnam war.


ISIS HQ, command point, ammo depot destroyed in Russian military Syria night op and note it took Russia exactly ONE DAY to stop ISIS.  Why didn’t it take France or the US one day???  Obvious answer.  They were never fighting ISIS.


US Troops Fight Taliban Around Afghan’s Kunduz instead as troop numbers go up as the corrupt dictators we installed go down the toilet.  Exactly like Vietnam.


Second German woman evicted from her home to make way for refugees –Germany is going to blow up now.  Evicting citizens to replace them with illegal aliens is very, very highly unpopular with the people of Germany and the government there is going to fall now.  If not, then the German people deserve to be eliminated from History and end up a legend from the past.


Low-income Germans being evicted to make room for immigrants …this news is a warning to all of Europe’s citizens.  They are going to be replaced with aliens coming in illegally and their own governments plan to do this to them.  Wow.


Ukrainian extremists ‘terrorize’ Greek delegates, disrupt meeting with Odessa minorities setting an example to the rest of Europe.  NATO supports this sort of activity…in Ukraine.  But not in Germany!  Of course, the cat is out of the bag.  The US and EU ruling elites can’t have one rule for one group and another one for citizens.  Won’t work long, will lead to a violent backlash and European citize


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ns have little time to fight back.  It is now or never for them.



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16 responses to “Putin Begins Crushing ISIS And Rebels In Syria While EU Evicts Citizens For Illegal Aliens

  1. Sunger

    We need to get out of these MIddle East wars. Now. Before we are bankrupted and totally lose all basic American freedoms.

    This should be a priority for US Prez voters to elect a Prez who makes a committment to end these wars.

  2. Melponeme_k

    We are going to see a rising of little Hitlers all over Europe and in the US. And it won’t be just Muslim Illegal Aliens or South American Illegals feeling the heat. They will go after ALL minorities. Those of us who are non-white are going to get an up, close and personal look at how little a group we are…hence the name minority.


    EXACTLY! My family has Jewish members, Chinese members, all sorts of connections which is why I am utterly furious about the stupid things our rulers are inflicting on us knowing full well, they are causing a terrible mess in the future.

  3. Jim R

    One minute before the Russian military jets took off, the entirety of ISIS was transformed from stinky bearded grumpy young adult men with automatic weapons, into angelic innocent Syrian civilian children with halos floating over their heads.

    And if they find parts of CIA-supplied US weapons in the ruins of their hideouts, it is just evil propaganda from Putin, who stays up at night with his crayons and a bootleg copy of Photoshop to create these phony lies.


  4. Luke

    off topic

    EMS, you have mentioned that the Elite offer symbols and clues to us commoners.
    You will enjoy this,


  5. Petruchio

    @#1Sunger: the next US Presidential candidates will be Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. The elites have already selected their next President The prospects for Peace do not look good.

  6. e sutton

    I really wouldn’t worry about any white backlash. The negroes can sleep safe in the knowledge that their handlers have everything put in place. As long as YT gets up, goes to work each day, and pays his taxes like a good boy, the EBT and other welfare goodies will continue to be direct deposited into his account. Look at the way whites in Europe are laying down, letting the Muslims have their homes. I’m surprised they haven’t reinstituted the concept of “Comfort Women”, with Europeans offering up their daughters (and perhaps sons) to the invading Muslim hordes. After all, what could possibly go wrong, giving free sh*t to a population that breeds like rabbits and doesn’t believe in the concept of hard work.

  7. e sutton



    In a sane world governed by the rule of law, Hillary Clinton would be wearing a striped jumpsuit, splitting rocks under the noon day sun. Bush Junior, not to mention Senior, would be wasting away quietly in Gitmo. The fact that they and the other monsters who have wrecked this country are free and worshipped in the media proves that our country is completely finished.

  8. Ziff

    Heard some expert on CBC just now, says IS is Saudi backed, US weapons new. Also lots is mystery to him.

  9. Well the Zionists always wanted to Secure The Realm — reducing all the Arab countries round-about to squabbling failed states run by thugs like Daesh (ISIS) — including the Palestinians.

    Now it’s gotten so bad in Syria and Iraq that Russia needs to secure the realm for her OWN purposes — hence the propping up of Syria and Iraq, and being friends with Iran. Putin knows what’s what!

  10. @#5 Petruchio: and the elites will make damn sure that Hilary won’t get the nod to enter the Oval Office. She’s not “low-energy” enough to suit them. Plus, she has that pesky emails scandal dragging her down. This would never had come out had the elites chosen Hilary to be our next, and first Madame, President.

  11. Christian W

    Low-income Germans being evicted to make room for immigrants …this news is a warning to all of Europe’s citizens. They are going to be replaced with aliens coming in illegally and their own governments plan to do this to them. Wow.

    Welcome to the New Neoliberal World Order. Forget about democracy, real jobs and the welfare state. Hello Oligarch rule and chaos, Ukraine style.

    Elaine had a chart a few years back showing Germany and Russia absolutely BOOMING with economic growth up until the 2008 crash. It is obvious Germany and Russia are targeted to never ever be able to form an economic and strategic partnership. Instead both are squarely in the sights of the US elites to be “cratered” as Elaine used to put it.

    The Muslim/African Horde is a battering ram set up to destroy Europe and make the populace fall in line behind the elite policies, which will be a xenophobic rush to war against imagined and manufactured enemies (bogey men).

  12. Petruchio

    @#7 e-Sutton: you may be right, but in a truly sane world, sleazy types like Hillary and Bill and the Bush Crime Family wouldn’t get elected City Dog Catcher let alone National political Office. Truly astounding. And they get away with it too! No negative consequences for them-EVER.
    @#10Ed-M: Hillary’s email scandals-among other scandals-merely shows that when you back morally and ethically bankrupt people like the Clintons, you can’t cover everything up–even when the elites have near complete control of the media. I think the elites are reluctant to exert total control over the news. After awhile it becomes too obvious that the news is fraudulent. They want to maintain if they can the myth of “Fair and Balanced” news reporting. So, the elites have to deal with some damaging news about their chosen ones getting out. The elites figure that the American people’s attention span is about two days and that bad news will blow over after a short time. And, the elites are going to be just as happy with Jeb Bush in the Oval Office, so if they have to throw Hillary under the bus, they won’t hesitate to do it.

  13. Floridasandy

    i bet Obama is irate about Russia right now. Our Secretary of State seems so incredibly weak when he whines about riussia and their invasion, while willing to do actually nothing.

    It is better for us when our leaders do not talk.

  14. EUROPE IS UNDER SIEGE…big time. A million angry Muslims males are invading it and spreading chaos rapidly. It is going to tie up Europe in knots for the foreseeable future, violently. The EU economy will collapse due to the breakdown on all fronts as transportation collapses, city centers are burned down and crime shoots through the roof.

    The EU can’t attack Putin over all this…the masses in Europe will ignore the propaganda from their owners and instead, figure out the obvious: Putin is saving them from disaster created by their own rulers!

    He is showing them how to resist our rulers! Thanks!

    Syria had zero refugees until the US and Europe attacked him with an army created by the CIA and Mossad.

  15. Christian W

    The anti-Putin propaganda here in Europe is tremendous though. People are still only beginning to wake up.

    Syria had zero refugees until the US and Europe attacked him with an army created by the CIA and Mossad.

    Syria had already accepted hundreds of thousands of refuges, not sure about the exact number but probably in the millions, from Palestine (Israeli invasion) and Iraq (US invasion). Many of these refuges are now kicked out into Europe by the machinations of the US/Israeli/Saudi war lords.

  16. Lou

    The blame is on Barbara Spectre and her tribe.

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