Putin Brings Real War To Syria, US Rebels Run For The Hills

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‘Russia kills US-backed Syrian rebels in second day of airstrikes as Iran prepares for ground offensive’ and pray tell, who are ‘our rebels’ anyways?  Recently, a troop of these ‘rebels’ turned all their weapons over to ISIS for example.  Does anyone have the right to violently overthrow the government of Syria?  How about Saudi Arabia run by depraved ‘royals’ installed by the British during WWI? I can’t imagine a nastier government system than that! Syria, on the other hand, is closer to Europe than Saudi Arabia, it being a socialist government.


Putin has embarrassed us all in Syria. Welcome to the age of Russian power whines the British press.  The mess in the Middle East comes directly from British policies before and after WWI. They created Syria in the first place.  Syria is quite liberal compared to…all the Gulf states who are despotic dictatorships that gives zero human rights to women and foreigners and anyone of different religions.


Russia Is Said to Target Rivals of ISIS in 2nd Day of Airstrikes according to the Zionists who own and run the New York Times propaganda machine.  ALL the armed bands running wild in Syria are illicit and illegal.  There were no peaceful petitions for change say, brought to the UN.  The last thing NATO and Saudi Arabia want is for people to petition the UN for basic human rights in the Middle East especially Israel doesn’t want this at all so no one does this, they simply do various violent regime changes.  Russia denies Syrian airstrikes targeted U.S.-backed rebels and there is no real proof so far since the issue of ‘who are these US rebels’ still is very, very murky, to put it mildly.


Now onto another developing matter concerning our own rather vile government:  After congressman scolded Secret Service official, there was anger and an this led the SS to engineer an ‘embarrassing’ leak designed to destroy their critic.  “Some information that he might find embarrassing NEEDS to get out,’ Assistant Director Lowery wrote.


This requires highest investigation if true. Heads must roll.  Secret Service Combed Files of Jason Chaffetz, Congressman Probing Agency reminds us all very much of Watergate when Nixon and his gang did exactly the same dirty tricks.  DOZENS of Secret Service agents illegally combed through the Congressman’s information and files and everything seeking something to nail on him and thus, punish him for probing them.


Chaffetz is a Republican and of course, the GOP will run this all the way up to the White House and all is fair in elections and wars.


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16 responses to “Putin Brings Real War To Syria, US Rebels Run For The Hills

  1. Jim R

    It’s twitter, so there’s no real verification, but this tweet looks legit. Apparently the Russians have wrecked a US base inside Syria. It looks as if they mean to call the bluff of the CIA.

    Here’s hoping Russia can quickly restore some measure of peace to the area. Oh, another tweet:

    The Assads and the Kerrys in 2009. I don’t suppose they’ll be doing that again…

  2. Jim R

    Maybe the CIA should have the “US-backed” rebels wear a bell around their neck, like a cat. That way the Russians can know which ones they are.

  3. Christian W

    I don’t think the Russians care much which “rebels” they bomb; Al Qaeda, ISIS or whatever mercenaries/Western/Israeli special forces happen to be running around on the ground.

    Saudi Arabia has claimed they will increase the weapons flow to their little darlings in Syria as a counter move to the Russian bombing campaign. I wonder how Putin will react to that if the Russians start to take casualties from advanced anti-aircraft weaponry.

  4. Jim R

    Just guessing here, as I’m not that much of a war nerd. I don’t like it, actually.

    But my guess, based on what I’ve seen happen to the Ukraine, is that the Russians will supply their allies with advanced MANPADS and ECM devices etc., which will reduce it to a ground war between armies.

    They will also work on cutting supply lines (duh), which are currently sort-of circuitous. Because the US is pretending that it is not actually doing this, the weapons are routed through third-party places like Turkey and Saudi.

    With supply lines cut and air power gounded and communications jammed, I expect Al-ISIS-ISIL-Qaeda-Daesh-whatever to wilt in just a few weeks.

    Unless the US wants to have an open, hot war, that is.

  5. And the Saudis are LOSING their war with the Yemen fighters who are tough, hard nosed and can fight with their bare teeth if necessary unlike the lazy, fat, slower Saudis who would rather hang out in Europe or the US molesting women.

  6. Petruchio

    I noticed the headline (page 1) which reads, “Russia Increases Tensions”. Well at least it is succinct. Not really accurate, but it is to the point. It is getting more open about how opinion is being presented as news.

  7. Jim R

    I see that our ambassador to the UN has corrected Russia with a scolding tweet. I’d put the tweet here, but I did that in a previous comment, and it is still ‘awaiting moderation’ … the tweet is in this article:

    Foreign Policy In 140 Characters Or Less: US Ambassador Tweets Warning To Russia

    Yeah. That’ll do the trick.

  8. The ‘moderation’ is entirely due to the programming of this site and I don’t control it and it is most annoying.

  9. Jim R

    The ‘moderation’ does not annoy me as much as the foreign policy, or lack thereof.

    An interesting contrast in war stories this morning: while the ‘news’ has been eager to criticize Russia for bombing the wrong targets, the US war machine has bombed a hospital in Afghanistan. Therefore, the ‘news’ has largely stopped reporting on the war and is focusing on the shooter in Oregon…

  10. Petruchio

    I need to modify my #6 comment. What I meant to say is, “I noticed in the local newspaper where I live the page one headline reads, “Russia increases tensions'”” Pure BS. Lots of studies show that most newspaper readers only scan the headlines of newspapers because they are in a hurry to get to work or have to get someplace else and don’t have time to read the article.

  11. Christian W

    @10 Petruchio

    We have the same headlines here in Norway: “Putin’s dangerous escalation” hollers Dagbladet on it’s front page.

    It is obvious the “News” is being coordinated both in content and in timing in the West. So much for the “free press”.

  12. The NATO country press owners mostly belong to the BILDERBERG GANG.

  13. CK

    Russia was asked in by the current Syrian government. Any rebels against the current Syrian government are rebels and within the purview of the Russian Invitation. It doesn’t matter which wallet is behind which rebels, if they were trying to destroy Assad, now they have to destroy Russian military as well as Assad. Oh frabjous day oh callee oh callay.

  14. Jim R

    Yeah, but I’m still worried about, ahem, a nuclear ‘exchange’.

    We have discussed it here, and it is fairly apparent that the top levels of NATO and the Pentagram are certifiably insane. The ‘media’ are obviously complicit as well. The hospital thing — “mistakes were made, bombs fell” … with no one to blame. But when the Russians intervene, responding to a request from the legitimate, recognized government of Syria, and it is “the evil devil’s spawn, Putin”.

    To tell the truth, I am hoping and praying for Putin. If anything happens to him, Russia has (in waiting) its equivalent to our psychopathic generals, and the probability of that ‘exchange’ goes up to approximately 100%.

    And, as Elaine has pointed out, did you ever look at a map? Russia is big, really big. If anyone survives, it is more likely to be in Russia. They already know where all the important cities are in the USA.

    I’ll be a part of a nuclear fricassee if it happens.

  15. emsnews

    AND the Russians are used to being ‘annihilated’ by Germany.

  16. Kajugupazi

    Finally da gave is over in Syria
    Thanks, Putin.

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