Peaceful Demonstrator, When 17, Was Sentenced To DEATH By Vicious Saudi Royals

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Ali Mohammed al-Nimr faces execution in Saudi Arabia for taking part in protest | Daily Mail Online: yes, our darling allies are going to execute a very young man for a peaceful demonstration against the monsters who rule Saudi Arabia with an iron fist and which is one of the nastiest dictatorships on earth, NO ONE beats them when it comes to being really obnoxious.  The US has decided to not protest all this and has also decided to let Saudi Arabia investigate itself for crimes against humanity.  This is after some in the UN tried to curb Saudi cruelty.


 ‘If I die I’ve had a happy life’: Astonishing bravery of the boy who faces being beheaded then crucified in Saudi Arabia for taking part in protest when he was 17…Ali Mohammed al-Nimr arrested for participating in protest in Qatif in 2012.

He will be beheaded and his body will be crucified in public for three days.  Source close to family said Ali, 21, remains optimistic in the face of death.  They say government is making an example of Ali in wake of social unrest.


The young Saudi who could be executed at any time – BBC News he is now 21 years old so the US is probably OK with this execution. After all, killing anyone who demonstrates against government policies is just fine with the Democratic power people who yap all the time about ‘human rights’ except if gross violations happen in Saudi Arabia and or Israel.  Presidential Candidates Silent as Saudis Prepare to Crucify Activist


Over 200 asylum seekers clash in German refugee center as violence rises in Europe.  Merkel is silent about all this.  She is now very highly unpopular which is why she is now demanding all of Europe suck in these violent Muslim males instead of them all parking themselves into the homes of elderly German ladies Merkel is kicking to the curb.


NATO’s Baltic Piranha ‘assurance drills’ kick off in Lithuania — RT News:  Troops from Belgium, Luxemburg and Lithuania, all Lilliputian sized states that would vanish forever in the first minutes of any real war after the first nukes go splat…are doing war games.  Talk about delusional!


Hasn’t anyone in NATO played real war games on a computer???  I could design one for them.  It is very simple.  The first ten minutes of WWIII will see NYC, Washington, DC, London, Paris, most of Germany (no one likes them) etc. etc. will vanish.  The few remaining industrial parts of the US will be toxic dust, too but not Detroit.  We already bombed Detroit.


Moscow might also vanish but what of that??? I suggest anyone who thinks the Russians won’t be stopped due to this should review the famous novel or movie made by Russia called ‘War And Peace.’  Most of Texas would be bombed by Russia, by the way, so the Texas will cease to exist, too.  All the rough, tough cowboy talk by our demented rulers is just hot air and Putin knows this because the US cannot win WWIII.  Russia really doesn’t care who ‘wins’ since the US and EU will cease to be habitable or have any power for the following 500-1,000 years except we will probably have another Ice Age which means maybe for the next 600,000 years, no EU or US.  Definitely Canada will cease to exist if that happens.


So why are there no stories about the dangers of WWIII?  I see none.  Way back when I was young, we had many stories about all this.  Now, none.  We are supposed to be hysterical about it being slightly warmer even though it isn’t warmer.  We are supposed to tremble with fear if winter doesn’t assail us every year freezing everything solid.  But worries about WWIII?


Dead silence.  The US public is told, we can push hard for WWIII with Russia and no one will be incinerated even after 9/11 showed clearly how the people in Manhattan will be annihilated even without nuclear bombs.  With these, all will be fried instantly.


WWIII will happen very, very fast.  Whoever feels they must strike first, they will strike first and as hard as humanly possible.  This is why playing the stupid international games of ‘chicken’ are so insanely dangerous and our media owners who are all monsters wanting WWIII, egg this on even though NONE of them will survive since they love living in Manhattan and London, etc.  All places that will be fried first.


Dummies, all.  Suicidal dummies and I can’t stop them.


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7 responses to “Peaceful Demonstrator, When 17, Was Sentenced To DEATH By Vicious Saudi Royals

  1. JimmyJ

    No Hollywood films, no PR against WW3 because the Dominionists have been in power since the last of the antinuke activism in the 1980s. When the environmental activists had their ship sunk and the photographer killed, and they realized they better sellout or die so went to protecting furry critters and railing against breathing and farting. You know, the moral high ground.

    Since then the PTB figure Heaven or Hell its up to God now. And Putin came to that same conclusion last year during his “sabattical” when people thought he was preoccupied by personal time. I am enjoying my life now because…

  2. Latest models show that even a limited exchange of nukes (2,000 of them) and giving off 150 gT of smoke will result in an ice age with a MINIMUM length of 20 years. A local exchange in India-Pakistan with 200 nukes giving off 50 gT of smoke, an ice age AT LEAST 10 years long. Now how many nukes do Russia and her allies have; and how many do the demented United States and its allies have? Wikipedia says 5,000 or so, but I don’t trust it. The amount possessed will be the number of nukes that will be thrown.

    So we should enjoy our global warming whilst it lasts.

  3. emsnews

    Israel alone has around 2,000.

  4. And I’ll bet the United States never cut back on its nukes as it was supposed to per treaties with the Soviet Union and later with Russia. Which means a lot more than 2,000 will be cast if and when WWIII goes nuclear.

  5. And on the Saudis executing this protestor and then suspending and displaying his body for three days, well that is just plain sick.

    It could have turned out to be even sicker — the way the Romans crucified people was absolutely disturbing and utterly perverted.

  6. emsnews

    In the Middle Ages rulers executed even their WIVES and stuck their heads on castles and bridges. All the way up to the 1600s.

  7. Lou

    My understanding of Israel is it has 300-400 nukes.
    Its official number is 0.

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