Saudi Arabia Torturing And Beheading Anti-war Students


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Putin Universe Exhibition Opens in Moscow and London


Second Saudi teenager set to be beheaded for ‘protesting’: this news barely appears in US media.  The news that the main 9/11 attackers were Saudis is also ignored and has been ignored since day one.  The execution plans by this very corrupt ruling family are carefully hidden from US voters.  The refusal to take responsibility for the trampling deaths of almost a thousand visitors to Saudi Arabia after Saudi royals capriciously shut a main road down so they could walk comfortably is also ignored by US media and our own rulers.  We are simultaneously at war with some Muslims while allowing illegal actions by other Muslims and while supporting ethnic cleansing of various Muslims including the hideous Jewish activities of this illegal nature.


The Jihadists are nearly all funded and supported by the very cruel, vicious, anti-women’s rights Saudi royals.  Now, the Saudi clerics call for jihad against Russia in Syria – to back ISIS? — RT News reports in Russia.  We don’t get this news because we are supposed to believe all jihadists are evildoers if they fight Jews stealing Palestinian lands and homes but are heroes when fighting to kill off non-Sunni Muslims living in much freer nations that give women far more civil rights and whose leaders really do support Palestinian rights.


Ukraine official backs idea ‘to help ISIS take revenge on Russian soldiers in Syria’ — RT News reports and I believe this report since Saudi Arabia runs ISIS and many ISIS fighters are Saudis, too.  And Ukraine’s coup leaders are insane enough to actually say this.


West Couldn’t Care Less About Ukraine is hilarious news.  The rulers of Europe, in between destroying their home states by flooding these with illegal Muslim alien males who are very angry and dangerous, has collectively decided that Ukraine isn’t all that important after all.


Just two of 57 Russian airstrikes in Syria have hit Isil, says Turkey – Telegraph of England reports.  Um, ALL the fighters trying to overthrow the ruler of Syria are Isil allies and all are allied with Saudi Arabia and secretly funded and allied to the CIA and Israel.  They all are legitimate targets of other governments supporting the much saner government of Syria.  Syria is a thousands times more liberal than Saudi Arabia.


4 Russian warships launch 26 missiles against ISIS from Caspian Sea — RT News reports as things escalate.  The US and Saudi Arabia and Israel declared a secret war against Syria which is ILLEGAL and a WAR CRIME.  Using proxies to hide their direct connections, they have accused a legitimate government of war crimes when it tried to defend itself from foreign invasion.


The excuse that the government of Syria which is a thousand times more liberal and kinder than Saudi Arabia, is evil because it ‘hurts people’ is the height of insanity and double standards.  How, in what way on earth is Syria worse than Saudi Arabia?  On any sane scale of human rights, democracy or morals, Syria is far ahead of all the other Gulf States and Israel.  Yes, Israel, the ultimate in ethnic cleansing/warfare of the well armed against totally unarmed populations in the name of religious bigotry, blaming Syria’s president of being intolerant is lunacy.

Aid group seeks independent probe into U.S. attack on Afghan hospital – The Washington Post finally is beginning to admit the bombing of this clinic was wrong but it is more than wrong, the attack lasted for half an hour during which the staff frantically called the US headquarters begging them to stop and they refused to stop since it was a planned attack because the foreign doctors treated all people alike including anti-US puppet fighters who got wounded.


And now more news from poor, ailing Europe:  Syrian gang rape victim who fled to Germany is stabbed to death ‘in honour killing’ by her own father.  Europe’s economy is now beginning to collapse thanks to Merkel announcing that Germany was going to take in unlimited illegal aliens.  Internal transportation is collapsing thanks to all this, borders are shutting down, roads stopped entirely, barbed wire going up all over the place and the number of Muslim males assailing Europe has shot upwards eventually to top 2 million a year which is a total catastrophe for Europe but the rulers there keep up the stupidity because they were ordered to do this by the Bilderberg gang.


These people are the real enemies, the real crooks: our own very rich and very powerful rulers.


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