NATO Warns Russia To Not Fight Terrorists Attacking Syrians

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NATO warns of ‘troubling’ Russian escalation in Syria –This news shows up periodically.  NATO is constantly warning Russia to do nothing about NATO invasions.  And there have been many such events in the last 20 years.  Russian Airstrikes in Syria ‘Positive Thing’ – Donald Trump says and boy, is he a standout in the pack of wolves running for President who are all Zionist tools.


I am betting now that if the character assassinations by TV ‘comics’ and the Zionist news media owners doesn’t work like magic, he will be assassinated.  They positively hate Trump now and yet his numbers are higher than all his rivals.


US-Armed Syrian Faction Complains Russia Destroyed Weapons Depot run by a group that is allies with al-Queda.  This happens now every other day.  A group allied with the guys who attacked us on 9/11 are being attacked by Russia, not the US.  The US spooks have been running this entire business since day one and then got the US public riled up so we would go illegally into a war with Iraq that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 and here they are again, playing footsie with the very same terrorists and using them, as before, to attack liberal Muslim nations.


Syrian women left behind in refugee camps condemn men who fled to Europe and they want them all to come home.  So, there is now a Secret EU plan to throw out thousands of migrants while the rulers of Europe pretend they are all sweet and kind to ‘refugees’.  But in actuality, they are scared to death.


The media owners in Europe pushed hard to hide the truth of this mass invasion by fighting age angry males but now it is obvious even to liberals in Europe that this is insane and Europe will pay a very steep price for this madness.  The rulers of Europe are now scared of a huge backlash from ‘voters’ and are most anxious to prevent this from developing and expelling half a million ‘refugees’ will have to happen one way or another.


But now the ‘refugees’ are alerted to these plans and will be very violent, very quickly.


How Russia Is Working to Bring Down Saudi Domination of OPEC is about the most hilarious news today.  The EU and US along with the very evil Saudi rulers noticed that Putin’s alliance is of FOUR oil exporting nations which collectively can change world energy markets.


Putin’s Birthday Gift: N.H.L. Teammates and a Victory -yes, Putin is in the US to talk to the UN and do nice things like this.  The hockey players were most amused that he really can play hockey.  Another victory for Putin.  He is slated to win in Syria, too.


China Preparing to Hit Syria Jihadists Hard as the battle lines get stronger.  The EU cannot afford WWIII, no EU nation will exist at all after the dust settles during the first 24 hours of WWIII which is why the EU should avoid this event…big time.


Our wonderful allies in the Middle East: Saudi husband caught forcing himself on his maid on camera and wife faces jail and the maid will be literally beaten to death and beheaded.  Any woman working for these terrible men is raped and if she complains, she is punished.  This event was filmed by the wife and she posted it online so now the Saudis have to figure out how to punish her in public with the EU (NOT THE US) watching closely.


Australian Navy destroys $126m of heroin in the Indian Ocean that was going to be used to fund terrorism in the Middle East is another story hidden from US citizens.  Yes, the Saudis and others are committing various crimes in order to keep up the fighting against socialists in Syria. Meanwhile, As Egypt Floods Gaza Tunnels, Smugglers Fear an End to Their Trade as the US and NATO EU nations conspire to oppress the people of Egypt and steal even more stuff from the sad Palestinians all in the name of ‘freedom’.  This is Nazi-type ‘freedom’ and the Jewish concentration camps filled with the natives of the Middle East is a war crime not to mention crime against humanity.sunset borger

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18 responses to “NATO Warns Russia To Not Fight Terrorists Attacking Syrians

  1. Melponeme_k

    It’s so sad and hilarious watching Putin wipe the floor with all the politicians and spooks from the EU and US. He doesn’t even have to try. This says a lot about the intellectual capacities of our leaders and government drones.

    Did you see the recent story of a young muslim boy screaming for Obama to obey the caliphate? THIS is the heart of the matter. These people are not just reactionary, they are fighting a war for faith and conquest. They were stopped by lovelies such as Vlad the Impaler or Dracula last round. But now Europe is free for the taking. Where is our Vlad now? Oh wait, his name is Putin now, isn’t it? LOL

  2. Jim R

    The Saudis will not be the local bullies over there for much longer. Ten years ago, the situation was sketched for us in Twilight in the Desert. There is no reason to doubt this guy’s analysis, though many in the industry like to pooh-pooh it.

    The fabulous Saudi oilfields have peaked. This does not mean they will run dry next week, it means that they will taper off over decades. It’s hard to wrap your imagination around what a really big geological deposit of oil this was.

    On the old oil discussion site The Oil Drum, some of the punters liked to post satellite images from Google Earth, and analyze them for drilling activity, and GOSP locations. (GOSP = Gas Oil Separation Plant = water separation = wells are producing seawater that was injected to keep pressure up) … Scuttlebutt is that the Saudis are pumping a LOT of seawater to get a LITTLE oil out, comparatively. In the 1960s, they just drilled a well and had to be extremely careful to avoid blowouts because the pure crude was under so much pressure.

  3. Jim R

    And, it’s sort of amusing, in a sad way, that the “news” (comics?) media keep shrieking about how “Russia isn’t going after ISIS”. The Russians never said they were going after ISIS, they were going there to stabilize the country, which is beset by terrorists and insurgents of various stripes. They don’t want it to be another failed state like Iraq or Libya.

    Dmitry Orlov has written another nice essay giving the essential Russian point of view in all this:
    The World’s Silliest Empire

  4. JimmyJ

    I know you suspect possible assassination Elaine but I rather suspect either financial interference or moral scandal as countermeasures to Trump. Once the campaign really gets going and position matters most. Afterall, what group of right wing crazies is sufficiently disgruntled with Trump as to offer a good frame for assassination? He appeals to pretty well all the people who would be candidates.

  5. Christian W

    I saw in the Finnish news that out of roughly 20,000 refugees arriving in Finland this year more than 15,500 are men, less than 3,000 are women some with children and the rest are unaccompanied minors (boys I guess).

    In other words these are clearly economic refugees from destroyed Middle Eastern nations like Iraq and Syria.

  6. Lou

    Gee, CW and I agree on something.
    And in some of those -f-ed up countries, if someone complains about that, they are jailed.

  7. Jim R

    @JimmyJ, since the bloody coup that installed LBJ 52 years ago, assassination has been no problem at all for them. It may not take that much to convince him to quit, however. They will take the minimum-effort course toward what they want (Hil or Jeb, apparently).

  8. Petruchio

    “I am betting now that if the character assassinations by TV ‘comics’ and the Zionist news media owners doesn’t work like magic, he will be assassinated.” Possible, but I don’t think so; that would be too obvious. The elites would be viewed by the mass of potential voters as having their fingerprints all over an assassination of Trump. No, I think there will be more of a “Kiddie Porn” type of scandal for Trump. By ‘Kiddie Porn I don’t necessarily mean actual Kiddie Porn, but the elites will try to find a scandal to pin on Trump that is as bad as a actual kiddie porn headline would be. The elites are a synergy derived when you combine supreme arrogance with total incompetence, but a Trump candidacy is useful to them: it keeps Jeb and Hillary, their two Chosen Ones out of the headlines.


    ELAINE: You have to be kidding me!

    The more OBVIOUS it is the BETTER THE MESSAGE! How many upstarts will try to defy the Zionists and Skull and Bones/Bilderberg gangs if anyone daring to do this even the very rich, will be murdered???

  9. vengeur

    @#4 ” He (Trump) appeals to pretty well all the people who would be candidates (of wanting assassinate him).” Probably the DUMBEST statement ever made here, ever. You really can’t fix Liberal Crazies.

  10. nclaughlin

    Elaine, do you still have the connections to warn Trump?



    Trump absolutely hates my guts, I once outwitted him for three months and made money off of him without any effort on my part. He hates me a lot and I am banned from ever going to any of his places. HAHAHA, again.

  11. tio

    I will see your Orlov and raise you an Escobar ..

  12. Nani

    Provoking a confrontation with Russia in Syria and Ukraine is not enough for the war thirsty Pentagon. Now they are going to deliberately provoke China further in the South China Sea as well:

    This is of grave concern to me personally, and to all people around the world who treasure peace and stability. This incessant warmongering will surely backfire one day, guaranteed! My sympathy will not be with the United States when this happens.

    More and more Europeans are waking up to the fact that the US is not a good friend or partner to Europe anymore, because they only create havoc around the world, and innocent people have to pay the price for it. Enough is enough!!

  13. Ken

    It is time once again for the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama got it before he had even done anything to merit if (apart from being black). Now that Obama has a track record of “saving” all of the Arab states from their elected governments perhaps he will receive a second prize. This time for warmongering.

  14. Nani

    The Nobel Peace Prize has turned into a joke. They gave it to the EU and Obama.. complete utter nonsense!

  15. vengeur

    Next Merkel will be bestowed the honor for opening her country to any third world Tom , Dick and Harry who crosses Germany’s borders.


    ELAINE: Next they will give the new rulers of Japan the award for being the sons of Japanese Imperialists.

  16. e sutton

    @# 15

    Only if they’re black or Muslim. (or both – double points!)

  17. vengeur

    A desperate McCain admits the US is training and funding terrorist groups allied with Isis:

  18. Petruchio

    ” You have to be kidding me! ” No, I’m not. I don’t think that’s how these a##holes roll< These guys like to operate in the shadows. Note the ultra high level of security they take for their Bilderberger annual meetings. Note how secretive the Numbskulls and Boneheads are. Remember when Bush II and Kerry were campaigning for US President and the NBC guy-deceased now-I think his first name was Tim(?) asked both of them about the Numbskulls and Boneheads? They declined to answer. Nope. These guys are secretive by nature; they KNOW they are vastly outnumbered and IF the masses EVER wake up and pick up pitchforks, it is over for the elite minority. These are the guys who spend $5 billion to have somebody else do the coup-making. On the other hand, the elites MAY have to get more obvious about things. Ya never know. I think the elites are confident they bounce Trump out the door anytime they put the screws to him.

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