VW Scandal Grows Worse As Germany Also Struggles With Million Muslim Men

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Tübingen, Germany, this picture is of the Neckar River just a few blocks from my Gymnasium where I went to school.


Back in 1968, I won the National German Scholarship contest.  Actually, I came in second but my German teacher learned the winner was actually a German boy who was going temporarily to school in America.  So she protested this and I won.  I ended up being deported a year later because I was very, very active in the student uprising in Europe that year.  It was tons of fun!  Anyways, in the news this month is Germany’s fabled engineers and designers and business wizards caught with blood on their hands for rigging the fuel tests to improve the results for diesel vehicles.  Heads are rolling and everyone replacing the heads that rolled turn out to be just as complicit.


Germany’s FBI raid Volkswagen’s HQ and seize computers and data files relating to who ordered emissions cheating software to be installed| Daily Mail Online:


‘Whether and to what extent this software actually attacks in an unauthorized manner, is currently still subject to internal and external audits’, VW announced on Thursday before the news of the raids.


Daily newspaper Bild pointed out that the sprawling Wolfsburg plant has been designated by the VW board as the place where most repairs to affected vehicles in Germany will be repaired.


US Volkswagen boss admits he knew of the emissions scandal last year as firm halts delivery of new diesel cars: this news just appeared and it looks like the picture is darkening greatly.  Germany, as they did after WWII, will, like Japan, sweep all this under the rug but then, the US has been doing this for a long, long time, too.


The belief we are going to roast to death led Germany to have ‘stringent rules’ for CO2 which encouraged the use of air-polluting (in other ways) diesel vehicles.  This infantile belief we will roast to death if there is ‘too much CO2’ (aka: plant food) has caused more than one EU nation to push for other real toxins that trees don’t eat to survive.


Then there is the really dumb EU politics foisted on the natives of Europe that are leading straight to extreme violence:  West-led Color Revolution backfires as refugee crisis worsens the Chinese news, Xinhua reports.


Merkel Under Fire: German Conservatives Deeply Split over Refugees while the center-fet Social Democrat Party says, ‘The Number of Immigrants Has To Fall’Close Quarters Asylum Shelters in Germany Struggle with Violence.  Looming Doubts  Merkel’s Grip on Refugee Crisis May Be Slipping as her popularity is plummeting.  Germans are increasingly scared and they better be scared.  They have tormented and killed in the name of ethnic cleansing to an amazing brutal degree under the Nazis and now they are doing the exact reverse which is typical of the German mindset: one extreme to the other bouncing back and forth tirelessly, wrecking everything in sight while doing this.


Video: Eurotunnel services suspended as migrants storm tunnel: click here to see the carnage.


Protesters fill Berlin streets to demonstrate against Europe-US TTIP trade deal.  The right wing backlash will be ugly.  The liberals made a total mess in Germany.  Merkel will be kicked out soon.


MOMENT OF EXPLOSION OF A BOMB IN ANKARA, TURKEY – YouTube: the video shows the celebration in the streets, all very peaceful and innocent.  Turkey bomb: Almost 100 dead after attack in Ankara – BBC News: hundreds are injured.  The ISIS monsters are claiming they did it but we don’t know if that is a lie.  The fact is, the Kurds and the Sunni rulers of Turkey are at war with each other and it will be very much more bloody after this.  Meanwhile, NATO wants Turkey to attack Russian jets and harry them.  This is also very insane.


China condemns terrorist bombings in Ankara, Turkey but the Police crack down on mourners after bomb blasts rock Turkish capital because the government wishes to destroy the Kurdish freedom party.


Meanwhile, the continuing disaster in Syria: UK still seeking to conduct Syria airstrikes, says Michael Fallon  in London.  Yes, we are now going to openly attack the Syrian military which now has a powerful protector.  No Gaddafi nonsense here, the ruler of Syria knows the US intends to murder him.  Putin wants him to be alive, well and keeping Syria strong.   Israel, on the other hand, wants Assad dead and Syria turned into the sort of ruins such as Libya or chained up like Egypt.


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9 responses to “VW Scandal Grows Worse As Germany Also Struggles With Million Muslim Men

  1. Petruchio

    I’m just suspicious of this VW scandal. Does it help to deflect attention from GM’s ignition switch recall/scandal? I have to question the timing of it all. It could be just a coincidence, but my guess is no, it isn’t . Since the regulators won’t regulate here in the US prosecutors have to do the work regulators are too corrupt to do (http://www.latimes.com/business/autos/la-fi-general-motors-fine-20150917-story.html). I suppose VW will, like GM, pay a fine and move on. No jail time for anybody. But there should be prison time for some of these Auto Executives. Only prison time with cellmates named Bubba are going to change the way business does things. The $900 million fine GM has paid for the ignition switch scandal is company money. The fines have to come out of Executive pockets. Auto executives forced to wear an orange jumpsuit for 18 months would do wonders for the dispositions of most Auto Executives. Same thing for the Wall Street a##holes like Jamie Dimon.

  2. Jim R

    Beautiful town, Tübingen. I have never been there, but recall a picture of an old university there, of the stone steps inside the 1000 year old building. They were worn down into rounded shapes from centuries of student’s feet on them. I would like to see that some time.

    Thanks to being in the eastern sector of Germany, it was unaffected by “progress” in the 2nd half of the 20th century.

  3. Jim R

    Oops, my mistake. Just looked it up, and it was in West Germany. Still, it has preserved its history wonderfully.

  4. Lou

    The right wing backlash will be Wonderful.

  5. Christian W

    The right wing backlash will be ugly. The liberals made a total mess in Germany. Merkel will be kicked out soon.

    Good lord. You still haven’t figtured this one out?

    It is not the liberals who have made a total mess of things. It is the liberal world order that is under systemic attack (the destruction of Germany, in many ways the heart of Europe, as a global economic power is very much part of this attack). The attackers have wrapped themselves in the liberal flag of course, that is how they work. But that doesn’t mean they are liberals, it is simply one of the oldest and most effective political tricks in the world.

    I said when the Ukraine coup was taking place that Europe is under attack.

    Now please tell me you can figure out who the attackers are.

  6. Ken


    You have mentioned on a few occasions that you were invited to Germany as a guest, but then kicked out for rabble rousing. why in the world would you abuse their hospitality that way? It seems so out of character for you.

  7. emsnews

    Good lord, the US and all of Europe erupted in demonstrations and riots that year! Thanks 100% to the VIETNAM WAR!! And I was 100% against that war and for the correct reasons.

  8. Jim R

    I was against that war because I didn’t want to get my as shot off in the jungle somewhere. Which I was pretty sure would happen if I didn’t somehow avoid the draft…
    There may have been other reasons, but that one seemed pretty good.

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