Obama Will Continue Attacking Syria BUT Saudi Defense Minister Meets With Putin, Makes Deal

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There never were any ‘moderate rebels’.  In revolts, ‘moderates’ vanish quickly.  This fiction was used as an excuse to hide the reality which was, Israel wanted to eliminate all socialist Muslim leaders.  This stupid statement by Obama was made while he was clueless about serious diplomacy going on at furious levels…with PUTIN…undermining the entire US/NATO/Israel enterprise in Syria.


Putin: Russia has no intention of mounting Syria ground operation, wants to see political compromise and he got it: Putin and Saudi defense minister meet in Russia, agree on common goals in Syria.  The uprisings against the corrupt Saudi royals is gathering strength and they are now scared.  They see the Russians bringing stability and since the Israelis have used this war to up the oppression of the Palestinians while revolts rise against the Saudis at home, all this scares the hell out of the rulers there, the disaster of the trampling of around a thousand worshippers in Saudi Arabia haunts the royals who were responsible for it happening.


All this is part of a major force at work sending all the US/Israel plans plummeting to earth in flames.


Intercepted ISIS comms show ‘growing panic’ after Russian airstrikes in Syria.  Many of the jihadists are not Syrians at all, they are foreign. Any citizens of Syria are seeing the horrors of mad, insane, hideous activities of these US-supported barbarians.  Europe is now being assailed by a million angry Muslim males and this is causing the collapse of NATO which Putin rubs his hands, gleefully, waiting for Germany in particular to surrender to him like the Saudis just did.


ISIS leader al-Baghdadi injured in Iraqi airstrike on terrorist convoy as the Russians eliminate the weapons depots and stashes and materials used by the mercenary/foreign army the US enabled.  And to think that all this is very attached to al Qaeda which we supposedly were going to annihilate after 9/11 but then9/11 was a CIA/Mossad secret event designed to scare us into declaring war on…liberal Muslim leaders who gave women legal rights and education for everyone.  Our government eliminated all this, when possible, using al Qaeda as an ally.  This leads us to say, the original 9/11 attack was a CIA/Mossad operation using foreign terrorists lured into doing this attack.


The news tonight is HUGE.  I don’t expect to see hardly any of this in US media which is run by Zionists.  They are furiously scratching their heads, wondering how to twist the news to allow Obama to continue these disastrous warmongering.  This, our ‘Peace Prize’ winner, no less.  He should return the prize but of course, won’t.


Here is proof:  U.S.-made missiles raise the stakes in Syria the Washington Post says.  Yes, we are giving al Qaeda allies sophisticated weapons.  Putin’s model of success – The Washington Post editor writes a ridiculous story about how evil Putin is very clever by…supporting sane people, not crazy terrorists!  The editor, a Zionist, claims that Putin and Assad are terrorists while the people destroying Syria are nice, civilized people, all 10 of them since that is the actual number of mercenaries in the US ‘army’ left after the original 100 ran off.


The NYT, on the other hand, is pretending nothing is happening tonight.  No stories or editorials.


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31 responses to “Obama Will Continue Attacking Syria BUT Saudi Defense Minister Meets With Putin, Makes Deal

  1. Jim R

    Thank you for writing the truth.

    The most insane part of this, is that Washington now wants to support Al Qaeda, which supposedly knocked over the WTC in 2001.

    Total insanity.

  2. Christian W

    There is method in the madness of course. Washington knew all along it wasn’t Al Qaeda behind 9/11. Among the multitude of proof is the simple fact that Washington attacked Iraq that had the grand total of 0 (zero) Al Qaeda operators when Saddam was in power.

    Now, after the US invasion, the whole region is absolutely crawling with (US and Israeli supported) Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is everywhere, in Turkey, Jordan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Chechnya, Israel and so on.

    It’s a wonder that the heads of Americans who supported the invasion of Iraq on the grounds that the US was going after Al Qaeda haven’t imploded a long time ago.

    Al Qaeda truly is Al CIAda.

  3. Nani

    Putin has gained quite quite a lot of admirers here in Europe over the years, because in him people see REAL leadership as opposed to our own vassal rulers who always bend over for their overlords in Washington.

    More European experts and commentators and even politicians are now becoming more supportive of Putin and his policies.

    In Putin we see a saviour, something Europe desperately needs right now to save us from this insanity.

  4. Floridasandy

    I would not look at Putin as a savior, although he must be given credit for trying to deal with terrorists threatening the future of Russia.

    Obama seems to be trying to p,aye both sides, probably as a war profiteer like others before him.

    He allegedly sent a message to Khomeini that he would not take out Assad, even though it has been said otherwise by our media.I found a very interesting website on the subject. Maybe that is what he meant when he was whispering to the Russians about waiting until his second term.

    I love how Obama says that he would get reflected again if he ran. He has always had no shortage of confidence.

  5. Why would you want Russia and the U.S to dump on the KURDS?????

  6. emsnews

    No way! The Kurds are one of many minority religions in the region of Intolerance and I understand why they are revolting all the time against the Sunni Turks.

  7. Petruchio

    “Obama Will Continue Attacking Syria BUT Saudi Defense Minister Meets With Putin, Makes Deal” The Saudi DM likely looks at Obama as many other leaders do: a powerless order-taker who simply does as he is told. Obama doesn’t have any REAL power; he doesn’t go to the bathroom without first getting permission.

  8. e sutton

    @# 7


    Outside of America, Obama couldn’t get a job as a washroom attendant, let alone a leader of a first world, industrial country. Everyone knows he’s nothing but a well-paid lackey, a shoeshine boy who nary merits a pat on his head when he does the Israeli Zionists’ bidding.

    Once again we see Putin step up, take charge, and get things done with ……….wait……for…….it…….DIPLOMACY. Cool headed, rational, clear thinking, open to dialogue and compromise – all the things our “leaders” don’t do. America is a laughing stock on the world stage. Obama is the village idiot, the court jester, if you will, in this unfolding drama. I will say one thing, however, about Obama. As directionless and stupid as he is, he doesn’t hold a candle to “W” when it comes to being a dummy.

    Someone once described ‘W’s little brother, Jeb, as looking as though he had a mouth full of marbles and was afraid to swallow. He doesn’t even LOOK as though he truly wants to be president. Sort of like that kid at the junior high school science fair who submits a project his daddy made for him, trying to pass it off as his own. I sincerely hope we never find out what a disgrace HE’LL turn out to be, should the PTB put him into office. Or we’ll get Hitlary, a shrill, self-important, handmaiden to the Zionists if there ever was one.

    Against this backdrop, we have celebs and the media taking turns making pot shots at Trump, with Aerosmith’s lead singer Steven Tyler demanding Trump stop using his song. The only presidential candidate who at least attempts to voice the concerns of the common man and he gets shouted down at every turn. If that doesn’t show the depths of corruption to which we’ve fallen then nothing does.

    I sincerely hope the European “leaders” are fully awake now. The alarm clock has rung and time is running out.

  9. e sutton

    Looks like our Zionist pals are trying yet again to stir the pot and distract Putin.


    Lawd, Jeebus dey must be scared!

  10. csurge

    The Saudis could be paying lip service while holding a knife behind their back. I’m doubtful that they will concede so easily.

  11. Lou

    e sutton, have you read the rumors on Obamas past?

  12. nclaughlin

    Paul Craig Roberts has a different take on Obama. Basically he’s saying that Obama now recognizes that the neo-con program is a failure and is acting accordingly. Here’s the headline and the link:

    Has Obama Come To His Senses?
    Obama Shows Strength By Recognizing The Failure Of The Neoconservative Policy


  13. Christian W

    Obama can’t do anything really. He is captured. He sold his soul to the demons in order to become president and now he is stuck with the crumbs they throw him. Every now and then he does or says something to show he is not one of the fanatics, but he doesn’t have the backbone to take them on directly. Mind you that is what the Kennedy brothers tried to do.

    What can any President do in the wonderful US system? Whereever he turns he is surrounded by institutions with a momentum all their own. The CIA, the Pentagon, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Wall Street, the MIC and all the CEO’s of companies like Halliburton and hordes and hordes of paid and bought for politicians and lobbyists in Congress, not to mention the MSM apparatus etc… and then there are, of course, the Zionists and the neo-liberalconservatives that are stitched throughtout the system at key points.

    It would take a truly brave and visionary person to smash through that system. Then again how long that person would live is anyone’s guess.

    (ELAINE: less than 24 hours!)

    The EU leaders are not much better. The US (read the Zionist/Mossad/CIA) system controls much of the EU through the interwoven intelligence services, NATO and the rotten financial system where the core banks are financial zombies. Look at the Blairs, Hollandes, Zarkozys, Millibands, Merkels, Fogh Rasmussen, Stoltenberg, Generals like Breedlove and Hughes and on and on. Hand picked stooges and foot lickers, hand picked because they lack backbone, integrity and vision outside of what they are told to do by their masters.

    Obama and Merkel both know that their every move and every word is being monitored and supervised. And they are supposed to be the leaders of their nations. Nothing is further from the truth.

  14. Christian W

    Germany is also being attacked by an increasing plague of think tanks. This is simply a way to control the political process by having bought and paid for agents pre-write the policies for the political system.

    This is a large part of how the US system was destroyed and they are using the same method to destroy the UK, Germany and the EU.

  15. Christian W

    And Volkswagen is being punished because they dared to approach Russia and build a factory there. It is no surprise that the attack on VW came through the US system.

    For the US/Zionists it is paramount that Germany and Russia are not allowed to join in alliance, that has historically been a key point in US/UK strategies and that still remains key.

  16. Alex Lemas

    It’s all good until you tell me who brought down WTC #7

  17. Christian W


    There is no point in being anal about how the towers and WTC #7 were brought down. Looking at the operation in it’s full context and the full strategic impact of what took place it is crystal clear who the real operators were.

  18. e sutton

    @ #11


    Regarding Obama , I know what everyone else knows. A member of the “Choom Gang” in high school, Obama’s academic records are sealed – a middling student at best. He had a professional student and mudshark mother, Kenyan father who like so many black men, delighted in siring children they have no intention of supporting or raising, instead leaving it to da white folk (in Obama’s case, the mudshark’s parents). Not to mention the homosexual dalliances, which are probably more based in rumor than actual fact, but who really knows?

    I tend to give him a pass on most of it, seeing as how we’ve had dumber Commander in Chiefs than him. He jive talks at least as well as Bill Clinton.

    Many years ago when I was in my thirties, I worked with a guy in a Fortune 500 company who reminds me a lot of Obama. He was a tall, good looking, light skinned lawyer, married to a beautiful blonde white woman (also an attorney), who was at best a mediocre intellect. He ended up cheating on her and got caught.

    I remember this guy well because he was extremely affable, easy to like. I joked around with him a lot. I guess I just don’t understand blacks. With Affirmative Action, they can climb the corporate ladder as high as they choose and get off at any level they feel comfortable at. The way they throw their lives away on drugs and crime when there have been so many doors opened for them simply amazes me. Say what you will about Obama, but at least he took advantage of what this country handed to him (on a gold plated platter, no less).

  19. Petruchio

    @#!8 e Sutton; notice how many tv commercials have at least one devoted family man who is black in it? Sure there ARE black men like that, but it is NOT typical at all. And of course, in these same commercials you have the almost obligatory white male character who is a clueless nincompoop. Yes it is tv and it’s propaganda, but still it is nauseating.

  20. Ercel

    @ Elaine,
    The Kurds are not a religion but an ethnic group and they are completely sunni. The Kurds revolting against Turkey,(PKK), are sunni in their background and also PKK is a marksist organization (Kurdistan Workers’ Party). Their goal is to establish a national kurdish state. No religious demand…

  21. kenogami

    The majority of Kurds are Sunni moslems. However there are also amongst them, Shia and Alevis moslems, christians, yazedis, zoroastrians, yarshans, …
    They seem very tolerant about religion.

    See Wikipedia

  22. Lou

    Petruchio, who controls the media? Jews?

    Ever read what Sarah Silverman says? Is she so atypical of her tribe?

    The Cheerios commercial is a hoot.
    Riche people, lazy black husband, mulatto child.

  23. CK

    Every doctor and dentist in a tv commercial is either a white woman or a black man.
    Campbell’s soups is now advertising to the mixed gay male marriage contingent. Baby is always white.
    There is no such thing as race (SNARK).

  24. Maddie's Mom

    “There is no such thing as race (SNARK).”

    And yet the Census Bureau must know your race and the race of all those living in your home.

    Why? Which is it?

    Does race matter or doesn’t it?

  25. Christian W

    That’s not gonna help.

    The US/Israel just want to maximize the death and carnage.

    Heaven forbid that the Russians manage to put an end to the misery in Syria and chase the foreign mercenaries out of the country. The ‘rebels’ remaining could probably be counted on one hand if that happened.

  26. emsnews

    This is how the CIA/USA system has worked since WWII. We are still at war with Russia and China while doing business with them both. The ‘power sphere’ game continues.

  27. Jim R

    True, Elaine. But a big difference between now and WWII is that the USA was the biggest EXPORTER of crude oil before and after WWII. Bigger than Saudi. But now, our oil consumption is up while our production is down. The US has been a net IMPORTER of crude oil since about 1975 or so. It isn’t that we have run out of oil, it is just that we can’t afford to squander it the way we did in WWII (which is also why the US can’t really afford a manned space program any more).

    Meanwhile, Russia has built up its own oil industry (and that is probably the biggest reason the neoconlibs hate Putin so much, for taking Rosneft back from the international oil companies), and the Saudi fields have just about reached their peak. So now, the old CIA voodoo that worked on Chile is going to fail against Russia.

    They were going after Russia incrementally, by overthrowing old allies in the ME/NA region. The latest gambit, to overthrow Syria, is now in the process of failing altogether. The US can’t afford to waste oil.

    But the Russians can.

  28. Petruchio

    @#28 Jim R: what the US also did, after the fall of the former Soviet Union, was promise the new Russian state that the US would NEVER expand NATO closer to Russia’s borders–which the US promptly reneged on.

  29. Jim R

    Reneging on promises was nothing new for the US. Just ask any Native American.

    As for oil, of course it isn’t the only thing, but it may be the most important thing. A nation also needs a competent military, and some technology. The Saudis have the oil, but they are still stuck in the stone age. So it gets extracted and taken somewhere else. Ditto for Iraqi oil. Not so much for Iran, and not for Russia since Putin took over from Yeltsin.

    Those cruise missiles launched from the Caspian were a way for the Russian military to say “See? Look at us, we can do that ‘precision’ shit, too!” Even if as claimed by the Pentagon, four of them crashed en route, that means another twenty-some reached their targets. Pretty good average for a proof-of-concept demo like that.

    All the warmongering has been disgusting to watch, especially among the candidates. If some sanity doesn’t take root, we are heading straight towards WWIII at full gallop.

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