Palestinian/Jewish Warfare Accelerating In Middle East


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The perpetual war over the tiny slice of land called ‘The Holy Land’ is erupting once again.  World stock markets are increasingly nervous as NATO confronts Russia over equally ridiculous territorial problems.  The US has decided diplomacy is for dopes and has been simply bulldozing everywhere doing as we please and who drives our bulldozer?  Jewish power brokers, for the most part.  They control a huge hunk of our media, for example, and own many politicians.  AIPAC is one of the most powerful lobbies in DC, after all.  All this is going to blow up in our collective faces and time is not on the side of the Zionists but then, they don’t really care, they are willing to launch WWIII.


Attacks by Palestinians Kill 3 Israelis and Wound More Than 20 – The New York Times reports delicately:


The State Department condemned Tuesday’s attacks “in the strongest terms” and called on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides to take steps to restore calm and prevent actions that could escalate tensions…


“An Arab boy critically wounds a Jewish boy, and after the security forces stop him so that he cannot continue with his stabbing spree, he is turned into a martyr who was supposedly executed, having done no wrong,” Mr. Netanyahu said…Adding to the unfolding sense of chaos, the police reported on Tuesday that a Jewish resident of Kiryat Ata in northern Israel stabbed another Jew, apparently mistaking him for an Arab,

This shows growing insanity.  Whenever Palestinians attack, the police and the Jewish public respond very violently which is why the Muslims have to do suicide attacks.  The Jew who stabbed another Jew will probably get a slap on the wrist and this sort of racist, reactionary, Nazi-style double standard will not be exposed or condemned by US authorities who are very quick to denounce any Muslim attacks of similar nature.
This is how the Deep South operated for many years, oppressing black people mercilessly.  Far from learning from that evil era (I lived in Texas for a year during the Jim Crow rule and saw first hand how it worked!) our nation continues to support Jim Crow in Israel.
Lavrov, ambassador from Russia: Unclear what exactly US is doing in Syria & why results so insignificant…the Russians are running circles around the US which mindlessly supports Israel no matter who wrong Israel is.  The ripping apart of Syria is something Israel wants to happen.  The idea that a state that is nastier than Assad’s doesn’t occur to the Jews unless they really have a ‘Samson Plan’ to pull down the entire Middle East on everyone’s heads.  Actually, it is obvious this must be the ultimate plan.
ISIS lost most of its ammunition & heavy vehicles in Russian airstrikes –as Russia systematically does the right thing.  Stopping ISIS is heroic labor.  This organization has committed grave crimes against humanity to the point that the US and Israel have to pretend they are not the sponsors of ISIS.

18 US-led airstrikes hit ISIS targets in Iraq, Syria the US media reports.  HAHAHA.  It is OK for the US to do this but not Russia?  And how do we know this even happened?  And is ISIS the target for everyone?  Then the US should be thanking Putin for doing a stellar job of fighting a mutual enemy, no?


Combat report: Russian jets make 41 sorties against ISIS in Syria, cut off its arms supplies (VIDEO) from Russia.  The US should watch this video and be relieved that someone is competent.  Russia has noting to do with Afghanistan but note the news from there: Up to 3,000 ISIS militants operate in Afghanistan.  Great job we did over there, no?  No.


Then there is Turkey:  Russian, American envoys in Turkey warned against helping Syria’s Kurds because the Turks don’t want to have a separate state for the Kurds but they can’t control the Kurds, either.  Turkey is a NATO ally, by the way.


McCain: Obama ‘floundering’ in wake of Putin’s buildup in Syria and what is McCain’s solution?  WWIII, of course.


The Ukraine jet crash is back in the news:  BUK manufacturer says Russian-made air defenses ‘absolutely’ not involved in MH17 crash right after the US proudly announced they had proof positive that a Russian missile took down the civilian jet.  ‘Unanswered MH17 questions need criminal investigation’ as the Dutch claim they know that Russia did the shoot down.  The question is always diplomatic: there was warfare and chaos when this flight went overhead as if nothing was going on and something happened that was very bad.  This is true in any warfare situation.  Acting as if this was ‘normal’ was stupid.


If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging: Ukraine bans Russian airlines because of all this.  No surprise, the Catholic Ukrainians hate the Orthodox Ukrainians and so this pleases them.  The US, far from getting both sides to reconcile and cooperate, has openly exploited this to create division and hatred.


Slovak govt sends police to guard Hungary’s border over refugee influx as the former communist nations continue their chaotic collapse.  If a bad recession hits Europe, this will all accelerate and all the silly global power games being played will blow up, in a bad way, too.


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6 responses to “Palestinian/Jewish Warfare Accelerating In Middle East

  1. Melponeme_k

    The truth of the matter is, all of the elites have played every hand and soon the markers will be called in.

    They don’t want to pay and they have totally tapped the wealth of nations they used to host their parasite bodies. Of course they will launch a war before the whole world is awash in rubber money turning their assets into trash. That is the only ploy they can play. Every war is the same story…someone, somewhere going bankrupt and not wanting to pay. You would think they would learn by now.

    Well, most of them are inbred…so I guess not.

  2. Jim R

    Of course, the US shot down an Iranian jet in broad daylight a while back, during one of its many adventures in the ME.

    Was there a UN tribunal, and blame and punishment? Hah. The Pentagon just said “Oops, collateral damage, ..” and went on without apology. Like when the bombed the MSF hospital the other day.

  3. emsnews

    Quite true. The double standard is very obvious. When reporters talk about the possibility of “Russians” (they were the other half of Ukraine) doing the possible same thing, the history of the US doing this is never, ever mentioned.

  4. Christian W

    The double standard is sickening and highlights how all pervasive the US grip on media and any official narrative has become. Democracy has been murdered by the CIA. The White House’s official position on what happened to MH17 is that they have “faith” the Russians shot it down. Sick bastards. It is clear MH17 was a US operation to force EU into adapting sanctions against Russia.

    As PCR points out (I had the exact same thought) the Dutch MH17 report is as useless as the 9/11 commission’s report, obviously deliberately so.

  5. Kevin

    Check the propaganda, the chart is in ENGLISH.
    And ‘they shot at the rock throwers’…yikes,

    via Drudge,

  6. emsnews

    Imagine a police force in the US shooting dead little kids throwing rocks.

    Actually…in the 1960’s under dear Nixon they did exactly that….

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