Several Football Pros This Week Are In The News Due To Severe Brain Damage

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Football Injury Statistics | Injury Prevention

The #1 sport in the US by far is football.  It is also a very dangerous sport. Many injuries at the pro level but also below pro. Even with modern helmets, this problem has grown worse because players use the helmets as battering rams which cause other injuries and which don’t entirely protect the head itself from injury.  This week, some top players have died or gone into a coma in the middle of major personal messes due to loss of intelligence and loss of control of sexual/survival skills due to brain damage.  This week is rife with brain damaged football player stories.


Story #1: there is this thing called ‘reality TV’ which isn’t real at all but the actors are actually victims of delusion who think they are creating something wonderful when in reality, they are falling off a huge cliff to complete destruction.  EXCLUSIVE: Lamar Odom’s ex and children arrive in Vegas to join Khloe, Kim and Kris as details emerge that he took cocaine with prostitutes, wept about his ‘broken’ life and was ‘freaked out about Khloe’ before collapse.  The Kardashian family became famous because of another retired football player story, the O.J. Simpson murder of his ex-wife, he was the lawyer.


Once he rose in fame, his entire family went hog wild with being on TV all the time and they infest a lot of media attention mainly because they are all falling apart rapidly as they play a living soap opera but for real with disastrous results including murder and deaths.  Unable to understand the spiral into destruction, the lure of infamy and money lures them all into worse and worse ‘scenarios’ not that murder hasn’t already intruded.


Lamar Odem’s marriage was a complete disaster as the poor man played the ‘cool, party dude’ on ‘reality tv’ and now he is in the hospital, dying, after doing his worse to himself in Vegas.  He ended up hanging around one of those dirty, scrappy little whore houses out there which reminds me of a true story.


When I was a teenager, I was escorting one of the witnesses for the Chicago Seven trials by hitchhiking with her from San Francisco to Chicago.  We were dumped in the desert near Vegas and there was this flashing sign saying ‘Rosie’s’ which looked like a truck stop so I entered and asked for some drinks and food.  ‘We don’t serve girls here,’ said this flashy woman with a tall fire-red wig and tons of make-up.


“What?” I said with indignation.  “Why are you discriminating against me?” I then noticed two other heavily made-up ladies who began laughing hard.  “Honey,” said one, “This is a whore house.”  I turned red and started to go when the other girl said, “Let’s take care of them, OK?” and so they fed and and took care of us and we had a lot of laughs about this whole adventure.


On to another football player in today’s news:  Tyler Sash died after accidentally overdosing on painkillers, report says | Daily Mail Online


The autopsy determined the cause of death was an ‘accidental mixed drug toxicity involving methadone and hydrocodone’. Both painkillers are legal, but can also be highly addictive… The 27-year-old also had a history of painful injuries, including a recent dislocated shoulder, which was a contributing factor, officials said.


A very, very young athlete in the prime of his life, a destroyed has-bin, unable to control himself anymore.  Nights are long when you are in pain and have no hope of a future and your brain is scrambled eggs.


And yet another this week, too:  Adrian Robinson Jr., NFL Ex-Player Who Killed Himself, Had Brain Injury


“He went from being one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to talk to, to having a darker edge at times,” Andreozzi said. “The family started noticing changes in his behavior, and didn’t know why.”


The family has not filed a lawsuit over his death in May. But thousands of former players have sued the NFL over concussions, claiming the league withheld information about damaging effects of repeated head blows.


The NFL, without acknowledging wrongdoing, has agreed to pay into a fund that could top $1 billion to settle injury claims that include Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and CTE-related suicides. A federal judge has approved the settlement, but the deal is on hold while critics of its terms appeal.


One billion dollars seems like a lot of loot but it isn’t.  If you end up having 1,000 people hitting it, the amount is greatly reduced and there are many more than a thousand and this fund is supposed to last a long time, it is a one-time thing, not ongoing.  #1 billion is a weekend’s take for the NFL, the TV people and all and sundry like the stadiums and advertisers, etc.


The game is basically dangerous and luring young, strong, healthy men and bulking them up into monsters is destroying them all for TV entertainment of a passive audience increasingly out of shape.


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7 responses to “Several Football Pros This Week Are In The News Due To Severe Brain Damage

  1. Petruchio

    You’re gonna have to drag the NFL into reforming their moneymaker kicking and screaming. they won’t do it on their own; it’s too profitable for them. And they don’t really care; the NFL can cherry pick their replacements every year. It’s called the Draft. One other thing would speed up reform and that is black unemployment. More young blacks that get jobs, the less violent black culture becomes and by extension the dangerous game of pro football becomes less appealing.

  2. Maddie's Mom

    Odom is a former basketball player according to the article I read.
    I really don’t know though. I have zero interest in pro sports.

  3. Lou

    Angry BLACK UT footballer [ex college team] kills random YT [whitey].

    NFL. negro felons league.

    negro football player who stabbed a white male jogger Monday. Police say it was “totally random”.
    Attacker said he was “angry about his situation in life”.

    Translation: I killed YT because he is always keeping a brother down.”

  4. Petruchio

    The Romans had Gladiators. We have the NFL. Same thing; the NFL is the modern version is all. And of course, like in Ancient Rome, the NFL keeps the collective minds of the masses occupied.

  5. Lou

    Will Smith, former Saints player, shot dead at scene of crash
    CNN‎ – 2 days ago
    (CNN) Will Smith and his wife, Racquel, were “having a blast” at a city festival mere hours before they were both shot, leaving the former New …

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