US Rulers Have Decided To Restart The Cold War With Both Russia And China

The CIA attempt to overthrow Assad of Syria, the one ruler Israel fears the most, has begun to unravel as Russia has now stepped in to stop the al Qaeda/ISIS operation cooked up by the Zionists.  Syria lies in ruins now but is beginning to see some sanity again, for the operatives hired by the US (and obvious others!) has shown themselves to be exactly like the people we are supposed to be fighting because ‘They hate America and freedom.’  This confusing situation is actually rather hilarious except for all the innocent dead people, the bystanders who are being destroyed.  Therefore, this entire business is a crime against humanity.


US official claims Russia’s Syrian campaign is not focused only on ISIS and has killed CIA rebels | Daily Mail Online


Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Washington had informed Moscow that it will not meet the Russian delegation – and will only agree to military talks to avoid clashes.


He said the offer was made last month when presidents Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama met during the United Nations General Assembly. However, Russia launched airstrikes in Syria after that.


The senior U.S official told Fox News today’s talks will only discuss how to de-conflict airspace over Syria and there will be no discussion on co-ordination with Russian forces.


Our ‘guys’ are there to kill civilians and destroy Assad’s country!  Yes, this is exactly who they all are.  Which means, they are ‘terrorists’.  It doesn’t matter how a government arises, anyone attacking the entire population of a country is brutal oppression.  The US has a long, long history arming terrorists, as we all know.  These are disguised as ‘freedom fighters’ as if they are fighting the Nazis.


The US can’t stop Russia now and Iran is entering the fight due to the need to protect Shi’a populations inside of Syria.  SecDef: We Will Deter Russia’s ‘Malign’ Influence as Obama’s staff throws in the towel seeing how popular Putin’s moves are with people living in the Middle East who are not Israelis.


Obama to Halt U.S. Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan but won’t say why.  Evidently, it is because of this news: After Kunduz, Taliban is now targeting other Afghan cities and how, pray tell, is the Taliban different from the ISIS guys the US is supporting?


One of the world’s most vicious, evil empires is Saudi Arabia:  UK’s troubled ties with Saudi Arabia under growing strain | World news | The Guardian


The case of Karl Andree, 74, who may face a public flogging for possessing homemade wine, is one of those calculated to set the stiffest of Foreign Office upper lips quivering. Combined, coincidentally, with news of a cabinet row over a now cancelled contract to provide advice to the Saudi prison system, it throws a harsh and officially unwelcome spotlight on the often troubled ties between London and Riyadh.


In bilateral terms, it is a relationship that is valued by both sides. Saudi Arabia is Britain’s primary trading partner in the Middle East; 200 joint ventures are worth $17.5bn (£11.5bn); some 30,000 UK nationals live and work in the kingdom. It is also Britain’s largest arms market by far, receiving almost £4bn from sales between May 2010 and March 2015.


There is another young man slated to be beaten to death:  Saudi blogger Raif Badawi may receive second set of lashes on Friday.  My mother was a guest of the King of Saudi Arabia way back in 1976.  One day, a Dutch lady who got locked out of the gates of her compound, rode her bike across a road to reach the compound where my mother was living.


A Saudi religious cop car saw her and ran off the road to deliberately run the poor woman over, killing her and my mom saw this.  She stormed off to the King’s palace to confront him about this and he was utterly indifferent about the murder.  So she left the kingdom.  The State Department knew about this and said nothing.  No one said anything, except for her.


Here is news not in the mainstream today:  WikiLeaks Reveals How the US Aggressively Pursued Regime Change in Syria, Igniting a Bloodbath


On August 31, 2013, US president Barack Obama announced that he intended to launch a military attack on Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack in that country that the US blamed on the Syrian government. Obama assured the US public that this would be a limited action solely intended to punish the Assad government for using chemical weapons; the goal of US military action would not be to overthrow the Assad government, nor to change the balance of forces in Syria’s sectarian civil war.


A December 13, 2006 cable, “Influencing the SARG [Syrian government] in the End of 2006,”1 indicates that, as far back as 2006 – five years before “Arab Spring” protests in Syria – destabilizing the Syrian government was a central motivation of US policy.


(The charge d’affairs officer at the US embassy in Syria) Roebuck’s proposed actions to exploit Syria’s “vulnerabilities” carried the same message:


Possible Action:
“The regime is intensely sensitive to rumors about coup-plotting and restlessness in the security services and military. Regional allies like Egypt and Saudi Arabia should be encouraged to meet with figures like Khaddam and Rif’at Asad as a way of sending such signals, with appropriate leaking of the meetings afterwards. This again touches on this insular regime’s paranoia and increases the possibility of a self-defeating over-reaction.”

According to Roebuck, if Egypt and Saudi Arabia met with Khaddam and news of the meetings were “appropriately leaked,” that would send a signal to the Syrian government that these countries were plotting against Syria, perhaps trying to organize a coup.


US media mainly avoid like the plague anything the Wikileaks leaks because this screws up the propaganda narrative so the only people who see these documents online are us few geniuses who have figured out how to extract information via the internet.


Not content with massively interfering with Syria, Obama’s staff also is in a big boxing match with China while making enemies with Putin who is right next to China thus pushing Russia and China closer and closer:  Sailing in South China Sea not provocative, US says


Beijing has warned it will not stand for violations of its territorial waters in the name of freedom of navigation. The United States says international law prohibits claiming territory around artificial islands built on previously submerged reefs.


Restarting the Cold War with half the planet dead set against us might make some wretched sense except we have little to no allies this time around.  In Europe there is near zero desire to be confrontational with Russia and China as well as half of the Middle East.


Amazing news: Abe won’t visit Yasukuni Shrine during autumn festival for the first time, he is backing off displaying his fascism.  I guess the US warned him to cool it.


China’s slowdown casts a long shadow over luxury groups as US stocks drop; Wal-Mart slumps on weak guidance.  Every ten years or so, we have recessions.  This is how capitalism works.  Ten fat cows followed by ten skinny cows as the Old Testament said referring to ancient Egypt.


Making wars possible all over the place is no solution.  The US cannot afford this solution, we import a lot of our energy whereas Russia EXPORTS, a gigantic problem for the US, big time.


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7 responses to “US Rulers Have Decided To Restart The Cold War With Both Russia And China

  1. Jim R

    Every ten years or so …

    The difference this time is that we are at the end of an approximately 150 or 200 year fossil fuel party. Production is on the downslope, and the many popular myths are getting tested by reality (that tar sand will save us, or nuclear, or solar, or some coal to liquid process) … and, in economics or geopolitics, in a system based on conquest (this really is the legacy of Rome), if you aren’t expanding you are shrinking.

    So, it’s worse than a ten-year cycle. The Russians understand this very well, and indeed have a cultural legacy of enduring long intervals of economic stagnation.

    But the US does not. Please return your tray-tables to the upright and stowed position.

  2. Seraphim

    Assad “had to go” because he was, like Saddam, Khaddafi and others, slated for extermination as a “Haman”, the descendant of the Amalekites, the hereditary enemies of the Chosenites. The Chosen ones design their policies after the Book of Esther, as Bibi-Mordechai made clear to Obama. He must be punished. Besides, the existence of Syria is an “existential threat” for the Center of the World and the main obstacle on the road to total dominance of the extended Promised Land. So, the orders given to their pretorian troops are: you must get him, no matter what. Failure is not admissible. That explains the situation in which the Americans are and their impotent fury. The Oded plan crumbled. The myth of the invincibiliy of Zion is in tatters.

  3. Jim R

    When the Empire of Chaos can no longer afford (financially, politically, militarily) to support the Chosenites, their Middle Eastern stronghold will close like a hole in the ocean. In an astonishingly short time interval, the region will look like it never existed.

  4. Christian W

    A couple of comments from Norway.

    The leading paper here, Aftenposten, actually published an anonymous (of course) letter from someone working at the State Department who said his superiors “were in a position to know better” than to join the US/NATO bombing campaign of Libya. Of course the leaders knew better but it is a striking theme that when Uncle Sam calls all EU leaders fall over themselves in their eagerness to please. It’s a sickening spectacle.

    However, recently, with the flood of refugees starting to hit Norway, some commentators have started to voice unease and displeasure. Not that it will change anything since these are just comments in the “opinion” pages. This is the exact way the US neutered debate, anything that challenges the US policies is simple someone’s opinion, while whatever the US government does is the Holy Unassailable Truth and if you challenge this “Truth” you are automatically an odd cookie to put it mildly (hence the need for anonymity).

    Also, the Norwegian Prime Minister, has declared that Norway will dip into the Oil Fund (a kind of Golden Egg that Norway has saved up for future generations with parts of the profits from the oil production) and take out Billions of NOK to bring in ME and African refugees. (See the part above where I said EU leaders, especially the NATO ones, march in lockstep to whatever the US demands of them).

    Sweden, apparently, is already so full of “refugees” that every nook and cranny is filled up, including hovels deep in the darkest forests far, far up in the north. The majority of the 20,000 or so refugees that have come to Finland last year actually came through the border between Sweden and Finland in the NORTH, in Lapland… Sweden is flowing over, literally.

    I am not against refugees as such, but this manufactured situation is beyond ridiculous and dangerous, it is deliberately destructive, as is most typical of the US policies at this point.

  5. Christian W

    It is totally insane, that because of the underlying momentum behind comment #3, the Zionists deliberately create the situation described in comment #4, yet that is only a tiny spin off from the whole Zionist project.

    When will the US take the Zionists in hand?

  6. Christian W

    From RT:

    Merkel’s stance on refugees ‘naive, irrational’ – former Czech president

    “The former Czech president stated that the hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan flocking to the EU in recent months was not a spontaneous crisis.

    “Those massive movements of people are organized somehow, are motivated by something,” Klaus said.

    That’s the first time I’ve seen an official figure say basically what seems obvious to me, that the Horde of Refugees is a deliberate battering ram aimed at Europe.

  7. hblinken

    Christian W
    October 15, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Pax Britiana -> Pax americana -> Pax Judia, except the Odeo plan is stopped in it’s tracks as pointed early, the only solution for this Pax Judia is a nuclear war.

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